Political Games and Rewriting History About Wisconsin’s Wolf Slaughter


Forget North Korea, since this past Friday following the federal court ruling that reinstated Endangered Species Act protections to wolves in the Great Lakes, the wolf haters and extreme right wing have been on an internet rampage. The wolf haters are openly promising to defy the ruling of the “radical liberal judge” and “emotional city folk” and threatening to kill every wolf that they see. Their arrogance and brazen threats know no bounds and they do not limit these threats to their hate sites. Several anti-wolf zealots have been posting comments on various mainstream news websites threatening “S.S.S” (shoot, shovel, and shut up) and open defiance of the “city folk” and “liberal government.”

One thing that wolf/wildlife advocates need to remember is that while we have achieved a “victory” with this ruling the root of the problem is still firmly entrenched and the vitriol is still growing. We must remember not to engage the wolf haters and trolls online. Let them stew in their hate and toxic anger. They are digging themselves into a deeper hole with their threats and disgusting comments. By responding to the vitriol on internet forums wildlife advocates are legitimizing the trolls and their nonsensical arguments. This battle will not be “won” in an internet comment section. It will be won in the court of public opinion. We need to call out their hypocrisy in “letters to the editor” and in blogs like this, not in internet comment sections. By even responding to their poisonous bomb throwing we are allowing them to control the message. DO NOT fall into that trap. If anything their vile comments show exactly why the gray wolf needs PERMANENT federal protections and that they will always have the threat of eradication hanging over their head if those protections are weakened or removed.

Anti-wolf zealots are also trying to rewrite history and the mainstream media appears to be playing along. Articles that appeared in news outlets since Friday are publishing quotes from known anti-wolf zealots and not even bothering to point out the affiliations of these people to anti-wolf groups. One example of this was published by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s “outdoors writer” Paul Smith.

Ralph Fritsch of Townsend in Oconto County, a hunter and longtime member of many state conservation organizations, said he feared the ruling would increase illegal killing of wolves.

“I think the state was doing a good job,” Fritsch said. “Now, a judge from out-of-state has made a decision that could make things worse for wolves. People in northern Wisconsin with low tolerance for wolves might handle it themselves, outside the law.”

What Smith fails to mention is that Fritsch is a former president of the anti-wolf Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, board member of that group, anti-wolf Wisconsin Conservation Congress delegate, and represents the WWF on the hunting group stacked DNR “Wolf Advisory Committee.” This was from the June 2014 “Wolf Advisory Committee” meeting:

The harvest level of 156 will not have a “significant effect in lowering the population of wolves towards the 350 wolf management goal,” said Ralph Fritsch, representing the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation.

The federation wanted a harvest quota of 250 wolves.

So Ralphie Boy is just a “simple hunter” and “group member” according to Smith? Funny he seems to forget comments like these from Fristch and how he literally begged the lobbyist stacked Natural Resources Board to remove the prohibition against killing coyotes during the 9 day state gun deer killing season.

Ralph Fritsch, who sits on the advisory committee, and represents the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, which is comprised of hunting, fishing, trapping and forestry-related groups, supported the new quota for making progress toward the target population of 350. He said the wolf hunt in 2012 was ineffective in reducing the wolf population, which the DNR estimates at just over 800, at minimum.

“The Wisconsin DNR has the ultimate responsibility to properly manage the wolf population in the state, which is currently at least 2.5 times the management goal of 350,” Fritsch said. “The goal was based on the social carrying capacity of wolves in the state and was made as a commitment to farmers, hunters and citizens of Wisconsin.”

Fritsch has been persistent, beginning with a petition to the Board in Dec., 2011 to reopen the coyote season during the nine-day gun deer season.  This eventually led to a question on the 2012 spring hearings where voters approved opening the coyote season by a vote of 2,501 in favor and 1,048 against.  A total of 71 counties supported opening coyote hunting, and only 1 was against.

Fritsch also spoke to the board in May, when the board was taking information on the wolf season, to reinforce his message that coyote hunting should be allowed during the gun deer season.

There is much more out there about this “simple hunter” and “member” of state “conservation” organizations but I would say this is enough to show how the media tries to paint anti-wolf lobbyists as just “simple” folk fighting for their “heritage.”

Then we have this article where a “great white hunter” and taxidermist, whose “expertise” comes from the fact that he kills wildlife all over the world, pretends that the wolf kill bill was written with “biology” in mind:

Randy Mayes, owner of Mayes Taxidermy Studio in Stevens Point, has hunted for most of his life and has traveled to places like Africa, Alaska and Canada to hunt for a variety of animals over the years. Mayes said he had a tag to hunt wolves last year in Wisconsin, but was unsuccessful in killing one.

Mayes said he felt the judge’s decision overrules the research of many state officials who studied the issues of a wolf hunt and ultimately decided to move forward with one in Wisconsin.

“The judge is not an expert, and her decision had nothing to do with sound biology. We had experts who came up with an educated response to control these wolves, and it was working,” said Mayes, 51.

Experts? Who are these “experts? The “official” author was disgraced former state Representative Scott Suder (R-ALEC). Is he an “expert?”  How about the go to lobbyist for extreme right wing groups and the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, Bob Welch? Is he an expert? How about Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association and Wisconsin Wildlife Federation board member, and anti-wolf zealot, Laurie Groskopf? Is she one of these “experts” that Mayes is talking about?

Who are these people trying to kid? This bill, like every other bill passed in Wisconsin since 2011, was written by special interest lobbyists as a revenge/sport hunt. There is nothing even remotely pointing to “biology” or “management” in Wisconsin’s plan. If there were factors such as 24/7/365 hounding, and reckless killing quotas would never have been allowed. Remember this?

The bill’s co-authors, Sen. Terry Moulton (R-Chippewa Falls) and Rep. Scott Suder (R-Abbotsford), said the bill was necessary for public health and safety. Suder claimed that, “This is a wolf management bill. It allows our citizens to protect their land, property, and livelihood,” while Moulton said, “The wolf population is out of control! The population has increased 300% in 12 years”

Four representatives from the Bear Hunters Association testified in favor of the bill. A few times they came close to admitting that they wrote it. Bob Welch, lobbyist for the Bear Hunters and other extreme blood sport organizations said, “We believe the stars are aligned at this time and the process was done right this time to get the bill passed. We hired the best lawyer in D.C., the former head of US Fish & Wildlife, to defend delisting. We support the hunting techniques in the bill because hunting wolves is difficult. Without those tools you aren’t going to be able to harvest wolves.”

Scott Meyer, a member of the Bear Hunters Association and lobbyist for United Sportsman, went even further. He said, “”Seven attorneys were involved with drafting this bill to make sure it didn’t put delisting in jeopardy. The bill is not liberal enough, but unfortunately, these are the cards we’ve been dealt. The idea that we’re going to extirpate the wolves is ludicrous.”

Funny I don’t see one thing about “biology” in any of those statements. Do you? Now the anti-wolf zealots are trying to rewrite these facts by pretending that the DNR and state are acting with “science” in mind and other nonsense that has nothing to do with the facts on the ground. I didn’t know that being a rabid partisan or worldwide animal killer made one an “expert.”

The anti-wolf Federal Government 

From the beginning of the Obama Administration wolves have been used as a political scapegoat marked for persecution and used for scoring political points for fake Democrats. The fact that the judge who made this ruling is an Obama appointee should make his administration realize how much damage they are doing to our wildlife and environment by pandering to the right wing extremists. Of course the hidden anti-environment provisions in the recently passed spending bill don’t give me much optimism. What does Obama hope to gain by continuing to pander to those that would never vote for him or his party to begin with? With this ruling Judge Beryl Howell thoroughly eviscerates the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and their methodology for the delisting of the gray wolf in the Great Lakes. The Obama Administration has shown from the beginning that they care nothing for wolves and other wildlife and view them as nothing but an inconvenience. Frankly all environmentalists and progressives should be incensed at Obama and his administration for essentially spitting in our faces. Obama pandered to his supposed opposition time and time again while scoffing at his supposed “base.” With this ruling I think that all environmentalists and progressives need to realize that we were duped by voting for this man.

The Near Future

So where do we go from here? The anti-wolf zealots are on a rampage with their threats of poaching and intimidation tactics. We cannot let them succeed. We also need to keep our eyes on Congress and the Obama Administration. Obama has shown that he has no respect for the Endangered Species Act and will sell wolves out again in a heartbeat if he thinks that it will give him some political gain. We cannot let that happen. It’s time for the pro-environment factions in the Senate to stand up to the GOPers in charge and President Obama if they try to further weaken the ESA. The GOP blocked and filibustered legislation non-stop since 2009 and it’s time for Democrats to do the same thing.

In the meantime wildlife advocates should not engage the rabid anti-wolf factions in internet forums. Let them spread their vitriol and threats. That becomes more “ammunition” for us and will lead to court decisions like we saw last week. This battle is as much about fighting back against right wing extremism in our state and country as it is about our wolves. They will not let up and neither should we. We just have to make sure that we are smarter and not get sucked into their vile “conversations.” This is where many on our side fail. They get sucked into online arguments with these poisonous cretins and play their game. We cannot do that. Those opposed to us also like to paint all “liberals” and wildlife advocates with a broad brush. We are all “emotional,” “city folk” and, “liberals” that are “uninformed” about those grandchildren eating wolves. If I were to play their game I would present “evidence” showing that white males in rural Northern Wisconsin were deviants that liked to do things like this:

Wausau man accused of sexual contact with horse

Oh boy! Or should I say whoooooa boy?

Or this:

Man convicted of molesting a dead deer and shooting horse to have sex with it ‘assaulted female cop after shoplifting from Walmart’

See how easy that is? But let’s not play that game, as funny as it may be. The tide is turning and the court rulings about Wyoming and the Great Lakes wolves show that, but we must remain vigilant. The anti-wolf factions will pull out all the stops to get this decision overturned. The fear mongering and lies will intensify and we need to counter that through facts and science. Not by responding to trolls on the internet but by writing to our local media and by contacting our political representatives. Besides without wolves those grandchildren sure aren’t going to eat themselves. How else can us “city folk” impose our liberal tyranny on those oppressed rural folk without the big bad wolf being around?


Thrown to the Wolves: Finally a Small Victory But the Threat Remains


Photo via Cindi Micheau


“Your an idiot.”– Comment left by anti-wolf poster following news article about wolves yesterday. The irony burns here.

In a stunning and forceful repudiation of the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service and the state wildlife agencies of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan, a federal court in Washington DC returned Endangered Species Act protections to gray wolves in the Great Lakes. The court found that the USFWS had major flaws in their 2011 rule that stripped ESA protections from wolves in the Great Lakes. That delisting led to an all out war against wolf populations in Wisconsin and Minnesota and later Michigan. Through lies and fear mongering these states over a three year span allowed in excess of 1500 wolves to be slaughtered “legally” with untold more killed illegally. All along these states claimed that they were following their antiquated “management” plans while ramping up their war against these animals to push them back to the brink.

Drew Charpentier 

Every wolf, coyote , bobcat etc. should be exterminated!!!Predators are decimating our deer herd, and they will be hunted!! The wolf/coyote population is out of control, and it needs to be managed.- Comment left on this blog last week. Current location? Spam folder. 

The states claimed that their “managed hunts” would allow for increased “tolerance” of wolves among the wolf hating elements that inhabit the rural areas of these states. This did not happen. In fact calls for poaching and increased killing reached a fever pitch on the various anti-wolf hate sites that sprung up across the Internet. The most vile of all these sites, the Facebook hosted “Wisconsin Wolf Hunting” page, became a bastion for the hate of not just wolves but ethnic minorities and everything perceived to be “liberal.” One of the more vile posters to this and other anti-wolf pages even sent private messages taunting wildlife advocates by threatening to rape them and calling them “timber niggers.” Other posters continued with the death threats against wildlife advocates and “liberals” with apparently no oversight from Facebook. The people running that page continue to post gruesome photographs of killed wolves along with “memes” urging their readers to “smoke a pack a day” along with calls from posters to continue poaching wolves with no regard for the law. If this is the “tolerance” that the DNR felt their slaughter would bring I would hate to see what their idea of “intolerance” would be. If the courts or USFWS need any evidence as to why permanent federal protections of wolves are needed they should spend five minutes perusing the comments posted to that site brazenly and openly threatening poaching. Even more disturbing is that these threats and boasts come directly from residents of Northern Wisconsin and can easily be traced yet the DNR and law enforcement do nothing to follow up on them. Along with the tried and true “they done be eatin’ all the deer” nonsense some comments about how wolves are “eating grandchildren” at bus stops and huffing and puffing and blowing houses down are showing up following mainstream media articles. Here are a couple of examples of the fear mongering, lies, and false equivalencies that wolf haters posted following this Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article:

It’s interesting that the vast majority of those here on the forum that are in support of wolves – which are animals that cause much pain and suffering as they rip apart the bodies of their prey – are the same people that are in support of the abortion process in which developing human being’s bodies are ripped apart as a form of birth control.

Compassion for the pain and suffering that the victims go through as they’re being killed doesn’t seem to be the wolf/abortion supporter’s strong suit, does it?

Wow. I would bet that this guy doesn’t have a problem with packs of vicious dogs ripping apart a wolf,coyote, bobcat, or bear though. Then we have this one that apparently thinks Little Red Riding Hood is non-fiction:

First of all I don’t hate wolves. I want the govt. to live up to its word that there would be only 350 wolves. That’s not hate, that’s holding the govt. accountable.

Second, wolves don’t just prey on the weak and old. A pack of wolves can run down, overpower the best and strongest deer, etc. in deep snow. The pack operates in gang fashion.

And my comment about the judge was to illustrate that you city folk, including judges don’t know jack about reality in rural WI, and know even less about wildlife management. You’re thinking with emotions instead of real knowledge. There’s plenty of other habitat for wolves in the wilds of Canada and Alaska where they do not conflict with humans and agriculture. Eventually, there will be a tragedy where some young child gets killed by a wolf pack if we don’t continue reducing their numbers.

“Gang fashion?” “City folk?” Am I the only one getting some “bell whistle” vibes from this guy?

Earlier this week their hero, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, threatened to call out the National Guard in the event of protests following the eventual decision on indicting a police officer for killing an unarmed man in Milwaukee. Any sane person taking look at the toxic vitriol coming out of the anti-wolf hate sites would probably assume that the guard would be better suited patrolling the woods in Northern Wisconsin to protect against these anti-wolf/government radicals threatening everything short of war against those different from them.

While yesterday’s ruling was a victory, no matter how short lived it may be, we need to remain on the offensive and pay attention to how the Obama Administration and his anti-wolf allies in Congress may try to undermine the court ruling. They did it once with the infamous 2011 budget “rider” that delisted wolves in Idaho and Montana and I fully expect then to try the same here. Ones to keep an eye on are the two fake “Democrats” next door in Minnesota. They are no fan of wolves and are essentially owned by big ag and mining interests. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them try some underhanded tactic to further erode the Endangered Species Act in favor of big money interests. I to this day do not understand why supposed “Democrats’ pander to rural yokels that wouldn’t vote for them anyway. Maybe they should realize that pandering sunk them in November and it will further erode their standing with their “base.”

I leave you with these phenomenal words from yesterday’s court ruling:

“The D.C. Circuit has noted that, at times, a court “must lean forward from the bench to let an agency know, in no uncertain terms, that enough is enough.” Pub. Citizen Health Res. Grp. v. Brock, 823 F.2d 626, 627 (D.C. Cir. 1987). This case is one of those times.”

I would say that is as close to a judicial “bitch slap” as one could legally get. I guess the USFWS was “thrown to the wolves” here. See the complete ruling below:

12/19/2014 Great Lakes Wolf Ruling

Wisconsin DNR’s Conundrum: How to Eradicate Wolves and Pretend That We Aren’t

The true Wisconsin "sportsmen."

The true Wisconsin “sportsman.”

The wolf hating and bear hounder pandering Wisconsin DNR now finds themselves in a conundrum of their own making. The task at hand is to pretend they don’t wish to eradicate Wisconsin’s wolf population while continuing to pander to the bear hounders and the other anti-wildlife extremists that control their agency. The first mistake they made was to stack their “Wolf Advisory Committee” with rabid anti-wolf groups that continue to make more and more extreme demands to push our wolf population back to the brink. 

Their second “mistake” was the commissioning of their own study that showed overwhelming support for maintaining Wisconsin’s gray wolf population at the current level before the recent mass overkill. So now this blatantly anti-wolf agency and the extremist kill everything groups that control it must find a way to continue their eradication agenda while pretending that they care about public opinion. Here is what DNR Carnivore Specialist Dave MacFarland said before the special interest stacked Natural Resources Board yesterday:

MacFarland also told the board the agency plans to release draft revisions to its wolf management plan next month. That plan calls for a wolf population of 350 animals. The new plan presents four options — holding the population at its current level of around 650 wolves; maintaining the 350-wolf goal; holding the population between 300 and 650 animals; or setting a minimum of 350 wolves.

Gee I wonder which one they will choose? I put my bets on pretending that they are going to “hold” the population between 300 and 650. This means that they can continue their eradication program by wiping out the new born pups each year as they are doing now and still be able to provide targets for the sadistic trappers and hounders. This view was espoused by Natural Resources Board Member, extremist hunting lobbying group founder, Scott Walker campaign advisor, former SCI president, hunting “outfitter,” and former head of various anti-wolf hunting groups, Greg Kazmierski, at yesterday’s NRB hearing:

Board member Greg Kazmierski asked MacFarland how the agency could ensure the season lasts longer and whether the DNR’s quotas are too conservative. MacFarland said the DNR is considering assigning hunters to management zones next year rather than letting them roam the state and flood more productive zones. He also said the agency may limit permits per zone.

Considering that Kazmierski is the founder of the anti-wolf “Hunters Rights Coalition” that also employs Bob Welch, the lobbyist for the the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, wildlife advocates should be very concerned as to what this guy and his affiliated groups have planned for our wolves. The Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association is also part of the “Hunters Rights Coalition” that Kazmierski founded and pays Welch to lobby for. Welch then gives testimony before Kazmierski and the Natural Resources Board. Nope no conflict of interest there. Wolves certainly will get a fair shake from old “Kaz” and his boys……..

It is also concerning that only one member of this board showed any concern or interest in the fact that Wisconsin remains the ONLY state in the country that allows dogs to be pitted against wolves:

Board member Jane Burns asked MacFarland how many days hound hunters had this year and whether Wisconsin remains the only state that allows using dogs on wolves, but no other member offered any comment on dogs.

What I take from this is that the NRB has apparently decided to do nothing to set “training” rules or rules concerning the use of dogs against wolves. This is HIGHLY concerning considering that currently hounders can run their dogs against wolves 24/7/365 under the guise of “training.”

Apparently none of this matters to the citizens of Wisconsin because things like football games garner front page coverage while legalized dog fighting is ignored. The Wisconsin DNR also does nothing to counter the rampant poaching in our woods or the advocacy of poaching that occurs all over the anti-wolf hate sites on the internet. In fact the vitriol that used to be reserved for the anti-wolf hate sites are now featured prominently in the comment sections of major newspapers. Like this one from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: 

Wolves are indiscriminate killers and need to be totally eradicated from the state of Wisconsin. Wolves kill game animals, live stock, pets, and if given the opportunity they will kill children. This is why the settlers of our state got rid of them in the first place. The people of Wisconsin will need to take it upon themselves to do the same.

So where is the DNR to counter this kind of toxic vitriol and threats of poaching? Nowhere. Nothing. Absolute radio silence. They allow their kill zones to double the kill quotas and do NOTHING to address or stop it. Then they even went as far as to hint that they knew the kill number would go over the statewide quota which indeed it did. In fact the Wisconsin DNR’s own Facebook page allows these type of comments to be published:

Curt Anderson All I want for christmas, is less wolves and more deer
Like · Reply · 3 · November 28 at 6:52am

Troy Cunningham The complete incompetence of the WI DNR is astounding. The whitetail deer population is on the verge of complete collapse and they are only allowing 165 wolves to be killed statewide. S.S.S.
Like · Reply · November 29 at 6:19pm

The DNR allows threats and encouragement of poaching (S.S.S. = Shoot, Shovel, Shut Up) on their own page. Really? What does this tell you and how for one second can we trust anything this agency says or does? The anti-wolf extremists and advocates of poaching take right to the DNR’s own page and push for illegal activity and the DNR allows it. Be proud Wisconsin. This is the government that the majority of you voted for.

Public hearing are expected soon after the DNR unveils their eradication “management” plan. I will keep you updated here when this will occur. We need to be loud and we need to make sure that our voices are heard. So much so that they have to take the MAJORITY view into account and not just pander to the anti-wolf extremists.

What Exactly are “Conservatives” Conserving?

No caption needed!

No caption needed!

I never understood why the modern incarnation of fascists choose to call themselves “conservatives.” What exactly are they “conserving?” They rewrite the 1st Amendment to make corporations “people” so that unlimited amounts of big money can buy elections. They want to twist the 2nd Amendment and turn it into an intimidation tool rather than as it was intended. How is that “conserving” anything? They want to rape and pillage the lands of minerals and wildlife for greed. How is that “conserving?” They want to rewrite every law on the books that help disadvantaged people and protect workers rights that have been on the books for decades. Again, what exactly are they “conserving?” They also work to penalize those that actually make an effort to CONSERVE energy by increasing their fees and taxes. Then they turn around and want to throw hundreds of millions of dollars to road builder unions. What are they “conserving” here? It sure isn’t money.

The only thing modern “conservatives” seem interested in “conserving” is racial hatred and their own greed. The right wing in this country are masters at twisting the meaning of words from their real intent. They use words like “freedom,” “liberty,” “prosperity,” and “family” in the names of their fascist front groups when they are for nothing of the sort. They want to control everything you think, believe, and teach your kids yet pretend that is somehow “freedom” or “liberty.” They want to eliminate science and freethinking from schools and replace it with superstitious nonsense to instill fear and bigotry into kids at a young age. Then when they make claims about “prosperity” they neglect to mention that there will indeed be prosperity but not for you. You will do the dirty work for a slave wage while the oligarchs get the prosperity. Just don’t get sick in the process and “conserve” your health because you won’t get any of that good “Christian” love to make you healthy because going to the doctor is evil “big government” unless you are a right winger in state government or congress and have the taxpayers pay for your golden healthcare benefits. Then they create laws like “right to work” legislation that sounds all fluffy on the surface but in reality means right to work for less. They take away the meager protections that workers have, cut their wages and benefits and then pretend that they are doing them a “favor” by protecting them from those evil “union bosses.” Again “conserving” money for the oligarchs at the expense of the workers.

Then you have the ultimate twisting of words when it comes to the raping and pillaging of our lands and wildlife. Sport killing of wildlife is called “harvesting” and animals are not even given the dignity of being known as a life form. They are called “resources” that are “produced,” “recruited,” and then “harvested” by killers that call themselves “conservationists.” Then the ones full of “prosperity” go to continents like Africa and practice their “conservation” there while killing species already on the brink and twist it to pretend that if the “great white hunter” wasn’t there to “help” those ignorant dark people they would starve.

Amazing how humans, especially the right wing, can twist and distort words to mean the exact opposite of their true intent yet society apparently accepts it. These people are not “conservatives” or anything even close. They are the textbook definition of fascism and nothing more. How much damage are they going to be allowed to do before society finally wakes up to this grand deception?

It’s not “conservatism” or anything even close. Call it what it is:


an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.
synonyms: authoritarianism, totalitarianism, dictatorship, despotism, autocracy; More
(in general use) extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practice. (From Google Definitions)

Sound familiar? They only thing these modern “conservatives” are conserving is their own power, bigotry, and greed. All under the guise of being “patriots.” Remember the old adage about when fascism comes to America? We have long passed that point and it is already here wrapped in the very same cloak warned above. They just now call themselves “conservatives.” Words have power and those in power now are so arrogant that they even try to change what words mean right under our noses. If we as a country don’t wake up that “freedom” and “liberty” these fake “conservatives” are trying to foist upon us will destroy what is left of our nation. If there is anything left to save.

Wisconsin Wolf Slaughter Goes Over Quota Again and Why I am a Wildlife Advocate

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Since Scott Walker became governor in Wisconsin in 2011 there are some things that are pretty much guaranteed each year. These include legislative paybacks for campaign contributors, job appointments of unqualified cronies and supporters of our esteemed Governor, and that the yearly sport kill/revenge season on wolves will exceed the the statewide quota. The “legal” killing season for Wisconsin wolves will come to an end today at noon after hunters, hounders, and trappers “reported” killing at least 152 wolves since October 15th. Not included in these kill numbers are the numerous illegally killed wolves resulting from the rampant poaching encouraged by members of the sham “Wolf Advisory Committee” and the numerous anti-wolf hate sites plaguing the internet.

News story comment sections are not immune to poaching encouragement and the spreading of anti-wolf hysteria and misinformation either. This comment appeared this morning after a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article about the ending wolf slaughter:

Kill them, kill them all and NEVER reintroduce them to WI again. Those that support the wolves seem to have this romantic vision of these predators. They think they are majestic creatures that “only kill the sick and weak” animals. The truth is they kill EVERYTHING. Deer, rabbits, grouse, bear cubs, etc., etc. On top of those wild animals they love to attack dogs. I was there when a friend lost two dogs to a wolf attack. When the warden came to investigate he said this was his 22nd dog kill investigation THAT WEEK. These are the one’s that were reported. How many people believe they’re dog ran away and for that reason did not report it to the DNR? Fact is wolves hate dogs so forget about walks in the woods with fluffy and spot because not only are they a target but so is the human with them. There have been several wolf attacks on humans, some resulting in death. Don’t believe me? Do a simple web search and the newspaper stories pop right up. Not uncommon at all.

For those that want to see a wolf in the wild, go to Yellowstone; they are alive and well there. Why we have to soil our woods with this predator is pure foolishness. BTW, did you see the article that said the deer kill was at a 30 year low? There are multiple reasons for this but one big reason is the wolves are eating them. They kill the fawns to train their young on how to kill and theye attack the mature deer for food for the pack. WI worked very hard to eradicate this killing machine. Now that they have been reintroduced we ought to kill them all again before they destroy our natural wildlife and Northern tourism with it.

Is this is an example of that “tolerance” the DNR and other wildlife “experts” claimed would follow the opening of a wolf slaughter season? I guess if you repeat a lie enough it becomes “true” especially in the world of wolf haters and right wing extremists. Unfortunately by stacking their sham “Wolf Advisory Committee” with people that share similar views to the nonsense posted above, the Wisconsin DNR seems to be endorsing it as well. The DNR has also done NOTHING to address the encouragement of poaching that appear all over the anti-wolf hate sites. What does that tell us? It tells me that at best they don’t care and at worst they are encouraging the behavior through their silence.

In the Shakespearean musings of the troll above they claim that 22 dogs were killed in one week? Really? Not according to the DNR stats. I guess anti-wolf smear artists like to take something and twist it to their own agenda as usual. There have been 22 dogs owned by hounders killed since January 1, 2014. These dogs were allegedly being “trained” to go after bears and each hounder receives a nice fat $2500 check from the DNR for the “sacrifice” of their “loved ones.”  We can’t let a little thing like facts get in the way of lies and propaganda can we? The only thing missing from the blather above is the tried and true line about wolves “stalking grandkids at bus stops.” That may be missing but every other cliched fear mongering tactic is included along with the usual poor grammar and misspellings. Remember that these are the type of people the DNR listens to and allows to sit on their sham committees.

So how do we fight this? Being a wildlife advocate is not the most rewarding cause that a person can undertake. You deal with someone of the most vile, violent, and hate filled cretins that walk this planet. You have to constantly screen for internet trolls and even take extra precautions for your own physical safety at times. If that isn’t enough we have to contend with many less than sane people supposedly on our own side. Okay, I mean we have to deal with raging nutballs that try to undermine any progress that we make to fluff their own egos.

So why do I and others do it? We do it because we know right from wrong. We do it because we share this planet with other species that deserve to live and prosper as much as humanity has. We do it because no species deserves to be exploited and killed for entertainment. We do it because no living species deserves to be tortured in archaic torture devices and brutally killed for their skin or for some sick sense of pleasure or revenge. We do it because dogs are our friends and NOT four legged weapons to be used against other animals for sick and brutal entertainment. We do it because we are the only voice that these animals have in a sick and sadistic world controlled by a twisted sense of dominionism that ignores the pain, suffering, and exploitation of our fellow inhabitants on this planet.

There is little if any reward for being a wildlife advocate. In fact there is mostly heartache and a constant feeling of doom and failure. While that is certainly the case it has also been 100 percent worth all the time, tears, and abuse that I have endured. If I can save ONE animal or change ONE mind it has all been worth it. Our opposition are some of the most repugnant and vile people that inhabit this planet. Unfortunately they are also inexplicably politically connected and have the voice that we have been denied. We will not change anything by appealing to our various government institutions, especially in the case of wolves. The state of Wisconsin hates wolves and most other wildlife and the same goes for the Obama Administration. We have to fight this on the ground and through the court of public opinion. The opposition tries to bully us into submission through trolling, threats, and intimidation. While discouraging for many I and many others like me will not back down. We also need to demand that the mainstream media stop glorifying the killing of wildlife and pay attention to how that animal gets “harvested,” “bagged,” or whatever fluffy or condescending term hack “outdoors” writers today are using. We need to demand that they tell the truth about hounding, trapping, and baiting and stop acting like these activities are something worth glorifying.

No one ever gained anything by giving up. I know that I will not rest until everyone sees what these diseased Wisconsin “traditions” are all about and how there is nothing “humane” or “sporting” in them. Just as killing is not a form of “conservation” sadism should not be celebrated as “heritage” or “tradition.”

The fight is just just beginning. Will you join me?

Wisconsin Wolf (and maybe Deer) Populations in Major Peril Due to DNR Arrogance and Incompetence


By the day it is becoming more and more clear that the Wisconsin DNR does not to intend to close the wolf slaughter season once the statewide quota of 150 is reached. Wildlife advocates are understandably concerned and the alarms raised by a group of scientists back in August about the fragile state of the wolf population hold even more weight today. By ignoring the established state wide wolf kill quota the Wisconsin DNR is setting a major and highly disturbing precedent that exists for no other species.

For the past three years since the January 2012 delisting of wolves from Endangered Species list wildlife advocates have raised alarms about the reckless and brutal “management” techniques applied to the Wisconsin wolf population. Wisconsin allows massively high kill quota ratios compared to the population and is the only state in the country that allows dogs to be used against wolves. Also rarely mentioned is the total lack of rules governing the use and training of dogs pitted against wolves. Wisconsin currently allows dogs to be “trained” against wolves 24/7/365 with no restrictions other than the never enforced provision that the dogs cannot kill the wolves. Only a naive fool would believe that confrontations between dogs and wolves are not occurring.

The Wisconsin DNR and their sham “Wolf Advisory Committee” set their kill quota of 150 wolves statewide this year and pretended that this was a “conservative” number after the slaughter last year caused the wolf population to plummet by 19 percent. The DNR deliberately excluded pro-wildlife organizations from being assigned this group and made sure to stack it with rabidly anti-wolf groups like the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association and Wisconsin Wildlife Federation among various others. As of today 146 wolves have been “reported” killed. With the nine day deer gun kill season complete it seems highly unlikely that “only” four wolves were killed during this period. Sources also report that the DNR is aware of at least seven wolves that have been killed illegally since the wolf killing season began on October 15th. In the ultimate show of arrogance the DNR refuses to add the illegally killed wolves to their quota. If the poaching numbers are correct 153 wolves have already been “reported” as killed. An even more highly disturbing aspect has been brought to life as well concerning the signal loss from wolves wearing telemetry collars. While the talking heads at the DNR blow this off to be likely “dead batteries” wildlife advocates know better:

DNR wildlife biologist Nathan Libal, of Rhinelander, said any number of things can cause the DNR to lose track of a collar, including collar failure, dead batteries, illegal harvest, and dispersing wolves that leave the area.

“There are quite a few ‘missing’ wolves that fit into this category,” Libal said. “However, many of them probably have just had the batteries die.”

No, Mr. Libal. You and I both know that it’s likely not just the batteries that are dead.

Despite the reckless manner in which Wisconsin has been “managing” our wolf population the anti-wolf U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has completely blown off the concerns of world renowned scientists and wildlife advocates. They refused to even consider reviewing the ESA status of Wisconsin’s gray wolf population and apparently are content with this state’s eradication disguised as “management” plan. The second eradication of Wisconsin wolves may very well be the legacy of the anti-wildlife Obama Administration. With the reckless nature of Wisconsin’s “management,” indifference from the USFWS, and the non-stop advocating of poaching from anti-wolf hate sites and blowhards like Ted Nugent, the Wisconsin wolf population’s future is indeed in great peril. This is despite huge support for wolves at the polls in neighboring Michigan and a poll commissioned by the Wisconsin DNR also showing widespread support for the species here. I am not over exaggerating when I state that Wisconsin and the anti-wolf factions in charge are pushing not for “management” but eradication of this species. How else can we explain the blatant overkill allowed in two “zones” and the strong possibility that the killing season will be allowed to continue once the 150 statewide kill number is reached?

If the Wisconsin DNR, Obama Administration, and USFWS refuse to listen then it is up to wildlife advocates to get the word out as to what is occurring in this state. Is there another species in Wisconsin that the DNR would so openly allow to be killed over quota? In fact doesn’t the possibility of the DNR allowing the killing season to continue even after the statewide quota is reached set a dangerous precedent for the “management” of other species in this state? Doesn’t this essentially make it a free for all for poachers as well? I mean even the anti-wolf Wisconsin Wildlife Federation has openly complained about the lack of DNR enforcement for wildlife violations. If a kill everything group like that sees a problem with this arrogant DNR and their so-called leadership then everyone else should be alarmed as well.

Where does it stop? When do the supposed “ethical hunters” step up and call out the DNR for their mismanagement of not only wolves but other species? The news today is that deer kill numbers are drastically down all over the state, especially in areas where there are no established wolf populations. By now even the great white hunters of this state should see that there is a major problem with the Wisconsin DNR and how they “manage” not only wolves, but wildlife in general. When you allow the most unethical types of wildlife killers, hounders, baiters, and trappers, to control every aspect of the DNR and their committees, what do yo think is going to happen. Wisconsin has become a “free for all” killing field where not even state parks or areas near buildings are safe. Couple that with rampant poaching and a lack of enforcement for those violations and is it any surprise that wildlife populations are dropping?

During the recall election and this past election the “Sportsmen for Walker” signs were quite popular among certain factions. Well you “sportsmen” got exactly what you voted for and now you too must suffer the consequences of those you put into power. You were warned when Walker hired a canned hunting proponent out of Texas as a “deer czar” to change how deer are “managed” in this state. You can’t blame wolves for the lower deer population where wolves are non-existent or only pass through. The arrogance of the Walker Administration and his DNR regarding wolves and other wildlife should serve as a wake up call for the supposedly “ethical” hunters out there if there are any left.

Wisconsin’s deer are in danger from the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease and endless hunting seasons. Wisconsin’s wolves are in even higher danger from a virulent disease: hate and DNR arrogance.

Please continue to DEMAND an end to this reckless wolf slaughter season:


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