Fallacies of Balance, Barstool Biologists, and More Trolls

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

One of the most common arguments used by wildlife killers is that they are doing the rest of society a “favor” by “managing” wild animals. They claim that if they don’t kill them they will die. Yes, that is the “logic” that they use. They pretend that society owes them something for killing all these vicious wild animals and that they only do it to “help” us. The sad thing is that much of our society buys into this fallacy. Does anyone truly think that these people aren’t killing animals for sheer enjoyment or greed as in the case of trapper sadists? Or a little of both maybe? Why do these people have to be so dishonest? Why can’t they just admit that they get off on killing defenseless animals? Of course we know that those admissions will never come out because then society will see these monsters for the sick cretins that they really are. The killing factions have largely succeeded in brainwashing much of society with their propaganda and twisted justifications for the wholesale killing and torture of wildlife. But some of us are not buying it and it is up to us to expose the true sick and twisted agendas of these people.

Another fallacy used by wildlife killers and their exploiters is that they exist to keep a “balance” in nature. This is the justification that they use for the push to eradicate wolves in states like Wisconsin. Again this is another lie brought to us by the very factions that have turned Wisconsin into a giant “game farm” for “hunter opportunity” so that hundreds of thousands of deer can be killed each year. If “balance” is what the Wisconsin DNR and lying politicians like Wisconsin Congressman Reed Ribble want then it shouldn’t be wolves that they are looking to eradicate. This is the ridiculous response to an inquiry from a constituent of Ribble’s about his anti-wolf legislation:

Thank you for contacting me about delisting wolves across the United States. I appreciate you reaching out to me about this important issue.

As you know, a federal judge in Washington, D.C. recently struck down a 2012 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) decision to remove gray wolves in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota from the Endangered Species List.

Proponents of the court’s decision argue that gray wolves have not reached a high enough population to be removed from federal protection. Critics, however, argue that ranchers and farmers are seeing their cattle herds and other livestock being attacked by these wolves in large numbers.

While I respect both sides of this debate, I am personally opposed to efforts to return the gray wolf to the Endangered Species List. I believe, as you do, that it is critically important to ensure endangered species are carefully protected, and I recognize that the gray wolf was once in need of such protections. However, this species has made a remarkable rebound across the nation in recent years and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has had a program in place since 2012 to responsibly manage gray wolf populations. For these reasons, I do not believe it is necessary to keep the gray wolf on the Endangered Species List any longer. However, I will keep your thoughts on this issue in mind in the coming weeks and months.

I am thankful you made your voice heard, and I hope that you continue to do so. Our nation and its government are stronger when citizens are willing to engage with one another on the important issues.

This guy claims that our nation and government are “stronger” when citizens engage each other on issues. Funny that he says that as he apparently thinks that “engagement” is fine except through the courts as his proposed legislation strips the rights of Americans to challenge the potential wolf delistings in the Great Lakes and Wyoming. I would also like to know where this guy is getting this nonsense about livestock being “attacked in large numbers.” That seems to be the big ag BS line of the moment. Funny how these people NEVER back up this assertion with any facts. The DNR posts their “livestock depredation” reports yet the vast majority of alleged depredations are on dogs used to torment other wildlife. Where are these “large numbers” of cattle herds being attacked?

The reality is that it’s not “balance” that these people are looking for. Wolves make a convincing scapegoat for simple yokels and the barstool biologists that fuel their hate. Wisconsin has suffered through some brutal winters over the past decade coupled with more and more unchecked deer killing encouraged by the DNR and pushed by the big ag factions and killing cartels that control them. The yokels like to claim that they “never” see deer yet see thousands of grandchildren eating wolves everywhere. But when pushed to provide evidence they only say that they have seen “wolf tracks.” Of course they see these “wolf” tracks often in areas frequented by rampaging packs of vicious dogs set loose by hounders going after every imaginable species in our state. Funny how the barstool biologists can tell the difference between wolf tracks and those of the thousands of hounds rampaging through our wolves yet even wolf trackers and the DNR aren’t always sure.

The argument that wildlife killers are doing is a “favor” is destroyed by this simple comment posted to a news article comment section:

“You sound like the fireman bragging about how wonderfully he extinguished the fire that he HIMSELF has ignited!”

The modern Wisconsin "sportsman."

The modern Wisconsin “sportsman.”

The Northern Wisconsin “Economy” 

The killing cartels and lying politicians like to pretend that the economy in Northern Wisconsin is exclusively based on money from wildlife killers. This may be true but not for the reasons that they think. From personal experience many of the people in Northern Wisconsin are openly hostile to those that they view as “tree huggers” or “liberals.” Why would any tourist want to be subjected to threats and intimidation by yokels that despise these people just for existing? I traveled through Northern Wisconsin on my way to hike in the Porcupine Mountains in 2012 prior to the Walker Recall. All I saw was “I Stand With Scott Walker” yard signs and “Ted Nugent for President” on a lighted sign outside of a tavern. Nothing says “welcome” like advocating for a draft dodger and convicted poacher for president. Yeah it seems real welcoming for any person wanting to partake in eco-tourism. Then they wonder why the only “tourism” revenue they get is from wildlife killers and destructive pursuits like ATV and snowmobile use? Non-killing wildlife tourism would be a goldmine for these areas but the openly hostile attitudes among many of the locals do not allow for this. How can any of us enjoy a hike in a state park or national forest in northern Wisconsin when packs of dogs are allowed to terrorize wildlife 24/7/365 and trapper sadists are allowed to set their torturous land mines almost year round on public lands? So I have no sympathy for the economic woes of northern Wisconsin and similar areas. If your entire economy relies on blood money and pillaging of the land then the locals may need to rethink their fiscal models and be more accepting to the “tree huggers” and “hippies” that could bring a financial windfall to these areas.

Barstool Biologist Stupidity of the Day

As I have made abundantly clear this website is a pro-wildlife place and anti-wildlife kill everything trolls will not receive a warm welcome here. The spam folder is full of all kinds of insulting, threatening, and just plain stupid comments from anti-wildlife trolls. I refuse to allow their bullying and offensive garbage to be allowed in the comment section of MY blog. As I have stated before Freedom of Speech is a wonderful thing that protects individuals from government censorship but don’t use that argument here. I am not the government and I will block and delete any anti-wildlife, threatening, or comment that I deem to be offensive. Don’t even waste your time posting that garbage here as no one will see it. However, every once and awhile a comment comes along that others must see for the sheer ridiculous nature of it. This is one such comment that was left by a “Donald Beechy” following my last blog post:

“I’d love to say, shut up. These people trap to get the furs and sell to name money. Plus they use all the meat up. I don’t see anything wrong with trapping. I see kids getting education on how to stay alive if needed. How to make some money. Peta. Get your nose out of everyone’s business. K? Thanks.”

Now I have to say that coming to another person’s blog and telling them to “shut up” takes some balls. Then to claim that trappers “use all the meat” is an even more disingenuous claim. Funny with all of the online bragging and snuff pics from trapper sadists not once have I ever heard of one eating the wolf, coyote, bobcat, etc. that they killed. Not once. And using sadistic traps filled with bait will somehow keep these “kids” alive? Really? Let’s see how they are able to tote along these metal torture devices and pre-manufactured bait in the post-apocalyptic world of your fantasies. Next we have the old standby “attack” from anti-wildlife/pro-killing factions by invoking PETA against those that care about wildlife. I have been a wildlife advocate for a long time and not one legitimate wildlife advocate that I know has ever been a supporter of PETA. I personally find PETA and like minded groups to be deplorable and the very definition of hypocrisy just as I do groups like the National Wildlife Federation. PETA likes to pretend that they care about animals and how they are treated while systematically killing the vast majority of animals that go to their “shelters.” This is no different than the NWF raising money on the backs of wolves and other “imperiled” wildlife while supporting kill everything and anti-wolf “state affiliates.” PETA employees have even gone so far as to take dogs from homes without permission and proceed to kill them. So no I, nor the vast majority of legitimate wildlife advocates, support PETA. HSUS yes. PETA no. As for getting “my nose out of everyone’s business?” Uh no again. It IS my business and that of every other citizen of this state. Wildlife is part of a public trust and therefore we ALL have a stake in how they are treated. K? Something leads me to think that the person making this comment probably wouldn’t tell anti-abortion, anti-immigration, or anti-healthcare dissenters to mind their own business. Would they? I highly doubt it.

K? Thanks and enjoy your email’s new home in the SPAM folder.



Monsters in Training: Wisconsin Sadism Gets a National Audience in Magazine Fluff Piece


There are plenty of wildlife snuff magazines and television programs for people to get in touch with their inner sadist. Many of these violent exploitation outlets like to throw around words like “tradition” or “heritage” to justify the sadistic behaviors that they glamorize. No where is this more evident than in a recent snuff/fluff piece written about a group of “sadists in training” Wisconsin youth trappers in the kill everything “Outdoor Life” magazine:

This is the story of the No-Name Gang. It’s a tale of kids and trapping, and a program you’ve never heard of that aims to pass on the age-old skills of fur gathering to a brand-new generation.

The No-Name Gang is really more of a camp held twice a year at different locations around Wisconsin. In June, the basic camp provides an introduction to trapping. Advanced trapping topics are covered during an August session.

“Our camps aren’t about sitting around and being told how to trap,” camp director Nicke Shumaker says. “We make them very hands-on. Everyone who goes to camp is going to get pinched by traps; they’re going to get their hands dirty. And the kids absolutely love it.”

Yup. This kids just love it. Nothing like honing the killing and torture skills at a young age so that they can tackle the ’15 job market. Too bad they are preparing these monsters in the making for the 1815 job market and not the 2015 one.

During the weeklong experience, the kids will set their own traps and run their own lines. They decide which baits and lures to use and where to position their traps. If they catch something, they dispatch it themselves. They skin their catch, dress it, and prepare it as they would for a sale. Since the camps are held in the summer months, the furs aren’t prime.

Kill just to kill unless of course they “have to” release the animal that their medieval torture devices caught.

“Yeah, it’s a little different,” says Shumaker. “But we’re able to get nuisance permits or special education permission on state land. Some years we catch a lot; others not as much. But the kids do it all. They kill what they catch unless it’s something we need to release, so they learn about releasing as well. They skin it. They learn how to trap by trapping. And that’s the best way to learn.” 

That’s right. You can’t become a heartless killer without practice, now can you?

“The Shumakers weren’t going to let that camp die, and the instructors were behind them all the way,” says Travis Bartman, a trapper-education instructor whose son, Wyatt, and daughter, Belle, are camp alums. “They’ve taken it from a camp to being a community, a family. Those kids aren’t just learning to trap, they’re making lifelong friends.”

The family that tortures and kills together stays together. Right? Kind of like Game of Thrones except that these recreational sadists torture and kill when not in school during the day.

“We talk about the price of furs, but it’s not a money-making deal for most of them. What we’re trying to do is continue the trapping lifestyle, and we’re seeing that now with the season underway,” says Shumaker. “Tracking down the kids is tough, and it’s not because they have basketball practice or other school stuff. They’re out trapping.”

Money can’t buy you the love of torture and death, now can it? But trapping not only allows you to make a few bucks in blood money, it apparently also may cure autism. At least according to trapper sadists:

“We’ve had autistic kids attend, and it’s great because trapping is something that you can do alone or with a very small group,” says Shumaker. “We’ve had kids with behavioral issues, and when they go home, their parents are like, ‘What did you do to my kid? He’s different now. He’s taking responsibility.’ And that’s what’s so great about trapping and the No-Name Gang. It teaches these kids about ethics and responsibility. And with today’s technology, those kids are able to stay in touch. They’re not alone anymore.”

Because as we know kids with behavioral issues that like to torture small animals always turn out well. Don’t they?

This is the future generation in action. Not only is Wisconsin a paradise for sadistic animal killers it is getting national attention from this wildlife snuff magazine for it’s “monster in training” program. Be proud fellow Wisconsinites. Be proud……..

The Devolution of Some Humanity and the Evolution of Others


The bonobo, or “hippie chimp.” Photo via Wikimedia Commons

The most common question that I am asked is whether I am anti-hunting or not. The simple answer is that yes, I am anti-hunting. At least the modern incarnation of hunting. It is obvious that at one time humans needed to hunt wild animals to survive. That argument is not in dispute. However, since the industrial revolution and the widespread availability of food and clothing, the “need” to hunt is probably nonexistent. This is not to say that I approve of the horrific nature of “factory farming” and the myriad of other ways domestic animals are exploited. I don’t and never will. The vast, vast, and vast majority of “hunters” (I prefer the term shooters) today like to pretend that they are killing wildlife to “put food on the table,” “control the population,” fund “conservation,” and an endless number of justifications for why they kill wildlife. The reality is that the vast majority of wildlife killers are killing wildlife for three main reasons: bloodlust, sport, and profit.

When modern hunters use the argument that they are killing wildlife to “put food on the table” they should explain how “rack scores,” grinning snuff photos, and hanging heads on a wall relates to food acquisition. If “putting food on the table” is their main objective why is the deer/elk/moose not measured by weight? Why is is measured by the size of the “rack,” or referred to as a “trophy?” Why do modern “hunters” make sure to have smiling photos of themselves hovering over the dead body of an animal as if they accomplished something? Do they take grinning photographs in the grocery store aisle when they acquire food to “put on the table?” Finally, if it is about “putting food on the table” why do they need to have the head preserved and then mounted on their walls as some kind of grisly “trophy?” Do they put the head of the slaughtered pig or cow that they purchased at a grocery store for their ribs or steak on a wall?

Modern “hunters” like to brag that they are keeping alive “traditions” and “heritage.” They use archaic and brutal traps to catch wildlife and later shoot, drown, or bludgeon them to death to make a few dollars for their skins. They use packs of vicious dogs to chase down all kinds of wildlife from wolves to turkeys. They use electronic calls mimicking prey species or pup distress calls to lure in unsuspecting wildlife to be ambushed and slaughtered. They use bait piles and plant “food plots” to fatten up and lure in “trophy bucks.” They use remote cameras to “scout” areas so they can lay traps for predators, or know where to ambush that “trophy buck.” This is “hunting?” This is “heritage?” This is “tradition?”

When pondering the question of how some humans can be so violent and cruel while others are peaceful and caring one only has to look at our closest relatives, the chimpanzee and bonobo. Both species are great apes and part of the same Pan genus. The common chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) is a social species but also a very warlike, violent, and territorial one. The males of the species are dominant over the females, violent toward other chimp social groups, other primates, and are even know to form “war parties,” attack neighboring groups, and cannibalize the vanquished opponents and even infants of the same species. Like humans they also wage war over land.

Then we have the bonobos, or Pan paniscus. The bonobo is a very peace like member of the same chimpanzee genus. From Wikipedia (backed by sources):

Primatologist Frans de Waal states bonobos are capable of altruism, compassion, empathy, kindness, patience, and sensitivity,[3] and described “bonobo society” as a “gynecocracy

Bonobos are of similar weight and body stature to common chimpanzees, yet their social structure and behaviors are completely different. Females are dominant, disputes between neighboring social groups are settled peacefully, and sex, rather than violence, solves internal and external disputes. Bonobos are often referred to as the “hippie chimp.” Both the common chimpanzee and bonobo share 98 percent similar DNA to humans and even more among each other yet both evolved to resolve conflict in different manners.

The parallels between our chimpanzee and bonobo cousins and our own societal and species evolution are staggering. Like the common chimpanzee some humans are inherently violent, territorial, and kill to prove a “point.” On the other hand many humans are like the bonobo and attempt to live a peaceful existence, express empathy toward their fellow humans and other species, and find non-violent ways to solve conflicts.

Which one did you evolve from? Which one did the brutal and sadistic fellow members of our species evolve from? Is this how you want to see a puppy?

Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Or is this?

Photo used via "Fair Use."

Photo used via “Fair Use.”

Which one evolved from the chimp and which the bonobo? The bottom picture shows one of the myriad of reasons why I am anti-hunting. What kind of person proudly smiles after impaling a PUPPY with an arrow and then with a straight faces calls it “conservation?”

Some of us humans are not evolving they are devolving and trying to take the rest of us down with them. Which evolutionary path will you take?

Shall Not be Subject to Judicial Review: How Anti-Wolf Hatred is Destroying YOUR Civil Rights

Does this document matter to you?

Does this document matter to you?

Following the shameless Democratic Party sellout to big agriculture, extremist gun groups, and trophy hunting cartels with the 2011 wolf delisting “rider” an even more disturbing element was contained within that legislation. The “rider” was attached to a “must pass” spending bill and it stripped Endangered Species Act protections from gray wolves living in the Northern Rocky Mountains. Included at the end of this disgusting political pandering piece were these words that forbid court challenges of the delisting.

“shall not be subject to judicial review”

While most of the anger over this pandering piece of garbage bill was directed at the act of the delisting, not too much was made about the stripping of a fundamental right of American citizens: the right to challenge laws in the federal court system and the separation of powers. A constitutional challenge was filed against this onerous provision by several REAL conservation groups but for some inexplicable reason the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that giving away the court’s own powers was “constitutional.” I find it rather disturbing that the judicial system would allow their powers to be whittled away by overzealous factions within Congress.

“The rider goes against a bedrock principle of our democracy: checks and balances between branches of government,” stated Nicole Rosmarino of WildEarth Guardians. “Legislators can’t pick off specific court decisions they don’t like. That’s not fair for the wolf, and it’s certainly not good for our democracy.”

Now, history is repeating itself as anti-wolf legislators in Congress are preparing to introduce an equally onerous bill that will strip ESA protections from wolves in the Great Lakes and Wyoming following their relisting in December by a federal judge. This is a summary of the proposed legislation that is about to be introduced by anti-wolf politicians in the House. This bill is supported by anti-wolf elements from both sides of the political aisle:

· The Ribble/Lummis legislative fix would require the Fish and Wildlife Service to reissue the respective 2011 and 2012 rulings. The reissued rulings would not be subject to judicial review.

· This language does NOT modify the Endangered Species Act, NOR does it prevent the Fish and Wildlife Service from deciding to relist the gray wolf in the future if it determines that the wolf population is in need of federal protection.

· There is recent precedent for this legislative approach. In 2011, a similar, bipartisan fix was signed into law to protect the Fish and Wildlife’s decision to delist the gray wolf in Idaho and Montana.

Legislative Language

SECTION 1. REISSUANCE OF FINAL RULE REGARDING GRAY WOLVES IN THE WESTERN GREAT LAKES. Before the end of the 60-day period beginning on the date of enactment of this Act, the Secretary of the Interior shall reissue the final rule published on December 28, 2011 (76 Fed. Reg. 81666) without regard to any other provision of statute or regulation that applies to issuance of such rule. Such reissuance shall not be subject to judicial review.
SEC. 2. REISSUANCE OF FINAL RULE REGARDING GRAY WOLVES IN WYOMING. Before the end of the 60-day period beginning on the date of enactment of this Act, the Secretary of the Interior shall reissue the final rule published on September 10, 2012 (77 Fed. Reg. 55530) without regard to any other provision of statute or regulation that applies to issuance of such rule. Such reissuance shall not be subject to judicial review.

Funny how proponents of this bill claim that it will not “modify” the ESA. Indeed, it won’t modify it at all. It will eviscerate it just as the 2011 rider did. The ESA is now just a shell of itself because anytime big money special interests are bothered by a court ruling or the listing of a species they can run to Congress and the pandering politicians up to and including the President will strip those protections away for political “gain.” It is not just wolves that this is occurring to. At the end of the year the “lame duck” congress a spending bill was passed, with presidential support, that blocked the federal government from listing the greater sage grouse as endangered:

Among one or two other things, the spending bill that President Obama signed this week forbids the federal government from listing the sage grouse as endangered.

What should be horrifying to wildlife advocates is that time and time again this president and his administration gives anti-wolf/anti-wildlife factions whatever they want and no one can figure out what their endgame is. The complete and total disconnect and lack of caring about wildlife from this president and his administration should be an affront to each and every environmentalist or real conservationist that voted for him. This is what Obama’s choice as Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Dan Ashe, had to say about how important wildlife is to his agency and Obama’s Administration:

Director Ashe told the small group that he sees a “giant clash” between those who favor conservation and those who favor economic development and that he believes that conservationists “must accept a world with fewer wolves, salmon, and spotted owls.” The Director of the very agency most responsible for protecting the nation’s biodiversity went on to say that, in the name of compromise, we must accept “a world with less biodiversity.”

Is it any wonder why Obama and his allies in Congress sells out wildlife any chance that they get when THIS is the type of person they put in charge of the agency directly responsible for the overall well being and survival of our wildlife?

That a president would sign a bill that blatantly discounts the separation of powers and tells Americans that they cannot challenge onerous legislation in the court should have constitutional scholars and civil rights advocates across the country horrified. YOU should be horrified as well. Can you imagine if such a provision were included in the Affordable Care Act legislation? How about a “rider” to a “must pass” bill that eliminates all legal challenges to Roe Vs Wade? How about a “rider” that legalizes all illegal immigrants in the country without judicial review? See where this is going? Congress and the Obama Administration have started to whittle away at the very foundation of our constitutional principles in order to protect the seat of a fake “Democrat” like Jon Tester so that he could show the yokels in Montana that he hates wolves as much as them. This should infuriate each and every American regardless of where they stand on the wolf debate.

As for the current attempt to undermine the Constitution and ESA this is what anti-wolf Tea Party Wisconsin Representative Reed Ribble had to say:

In the last two years, a combination of legislative and legal actions have heightened debate over the extent to which gray wolves should receive federal endangered species protections. In December, a federal judge overturned a US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) decision to remove gray wolves in the western Great Lakes Region from the Endangered Species Act.

Now, in response, a Wisconsin Congressman is sponsoring legislation to return management of gray wolves back to the state regulators in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, and Wyoming. The bill, which has been drafted but has yet to be introduced, would delist the approximately 4,000 wolves in the region and allow them to be hunted.

“Wisconsin’s wolf population has significantly recovered over the last several decades, and I am confident in our state’s ability to manage the population,” Wisconsin Representative Reed Ribble, a Republican, told VICE News. “I am pursuing a bipartisan legislative fix that will allow the Great Lakes states to continue the effective work they are doing in managing wolf populations without tying the hands of the Fish and Wildlife Service or undermining the Endangered Species Act.”

Effective work? Mass overkill. 24/7/365 hounding. Plummeting populations. Ignoring public concerns. I suppose if eradication is your goal, as it likely is, then it certainly is “effective work.” I would also like to know how Ribble can make the claim with a straight face that his legislation wouldn’t “undermine” the ESA. The point of this legislation to undermine the ESA. A federal judge, appointed by Obama, made a sweeping and thoroughly backed up ruling showing that the anti-wolf U.S. Fish and Wildlife service did not follow the tenets of the ESA when it decided to delist the wolves in the Great Lakes and that the various state “management” plans did not provide adequate protections as is the intent of the ESA. Now Ribble and his coalition of anti-wolf GOPers and fake “Democrats” want to strip those reinstated ESA protections from wolves in the Great Lakes and Wyoming. If that isn’t the very definition of “undermining” I don’t know what is.

ALL Americans should take a step back and ask if giving up one our fundamental Constitutional rights to challenge onerous agency rules and legislation in courts is worth it just so freeloading big ag interests and trophy killing interests can eradicate a species they hate for a second time? If that is the case maybe when REAL progressives finally take power then every pro-environment, pro-woman, pro-social program, pro-healthcare piece of legislation should include that little stipulation at the end stating: “shall not be subject to judicial review.”

Find Your Senators and Representatives

Contact the White House

As Expected Anti-Wolf Members of Congress and Fake “Democrats” Plan to Sellout Wolves Again

"Wolf by Brooks Falls" by BlackburnPhoto from Overland Park, KS, USA - Wolf by Brooks Falls.

Congress is looking to push wolves back to the edge. “Wolf by Brooks Falls” by BlackburnPhoto from Overland Park, KS, USA – Wolf by Brooks Falls.


Less than a month after a federal court ruling reinstated Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves in the Great Lakes, the fear mongering from big ag factions and anti-wolf extremists has reached a fever pitch. Now the anti-wolf/environment factions in Congress are jumping into the fold hoping to strip protections from these wolves and allow the states to resume their reckless second eradication (or near) of of the species.

This will not be the first time that anti-ESA factions, along with fake “Democrats” (see Manchin, Joe, Tester, Jon) in Congress, have discounted all principles of the Endangered Species Act and stripped protections from wolves. In 2011 President Obama, along with a coalition of anti-wolf Representatives and Senators, authorized the inclusion of a “rider” into a “must pass” spending bill that stripped all ESA protections from gray wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountains. From the New York Times in April, 2011:

A rider to the Congressional budget measure agreed to last weekend dictates that wolves in Montana and Idaho be taken off the endangered species list and managed instead by state wildlife agencies, which is in direct opposition to a federal judge’s recent decision forbidding the Interior Department to take such an action.

While the language on the Rocky Mountain wolves was a tiny item in budgetary terms, environmental groups said it set an unnerving precedent by letting Congress, rather than a science-based federal agency, remove endangered species protections.

The “rider’ was widely seen as a political ploy to help fake “Democrat” Senator Jon Tester (R-Big Ag) of Montana in his reelection bid for 2012. Even more disturbing than so-called “progressive” Democrats selling out wolves and the ESA was a provision in this “rider” that forbade any challenging of this ruling in the courts:

The budget rider on the wolves, backed by two Western legislators — Senator Jon Tester, Democrat of Montana, and Representative Mike Simpson, Republican of Idaho — requires the Interior Department to adopt its earlier plan, removing wolves from the endangered list in those two states because it deemed that the states’ management plans, which include hunts of the animals, were acceptable.

The rider also precluded judicial review of this provision.

Not only did this “rider” destroy the underlying principles of the Endangered Species Act it also took the blatantly undemocratic approach of refusing to allow citizens their right to challenge this reckless legislation in the courts. What almost immediately followed the stripping of protections for wolves was a mass slaughter in Idaho and Montana. Both states instituted killing seasons with no quotas in the vast majority of their states with the intent being to push wolves to the brink if not another all out eradication.

Now, once again, history is repeating itself following the court relisting of wolves in the Great Lakes. Anti-wolf big ag factions, killing groups, and politicians are already pushing out legislation that would strip all ESA protections from wolves in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, and Wyoming.

Several members of Congress are preparing legislation to take gray wolves in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Wyoming off the endangered list in an attempt to undo court decisions that have blocked the states from allowing wolf hunting and trapping for sport and predator control.

U.S. Rep. Reed Ribble, R-Wis., is leading the effort, his office confirmed Tuesday. Co-sponsors include U.S. Reps. Collin Peterson, D-Minn., Dan Benishek, R-Mich., and Cynthia Lummis, R-Wyo.

Ribble spokeswoman Katherine Mize said he hasn’t decided exactly when to introduce the bill, but the lawmakers are circulating a draft.

“At this point it’s already a bipartisan bill, but we’re building bipartisan support,” Mize said.

Already we have fake “Democrats” on board with this along with the usual Tea Party rabble, or shall I say “Ribble?”

Ribble’s bill uses a strategy that succeeded in taking wolves in Idaho and Montana off the endangered list after court challenges by environmentalists blocked those efforts. Congress took matters into its own hands in 2011 and lifted the federal protections for wolves in those two states, which then allowed hunting and trapping to resume.

Peterson, the most senior member of Minnesota’s congressional delegation, said he didn’t know what the prospects are for this legislation, but he said they’re probably better than they were in 2011 given that Republicans now control the Senate. He said he’s working to line up support from other lawmakers.

Another fake “Democrat” lining up to sell out the ESA, I see. I am sure many others will follow. Of course no wolf article would be complete without a big ag representative talking about how wolves are just hurting “small family farms” without ZERO evidence to back this up or mentioning that the federal USDA “Wildlife Services” goons can still slaughter wolves with impunity when there is a “threat” or “perceived threat” to livestock operations.

Doug Peterson, president of the Minnesota Farmers Union, said he believes the ruling is already affecting farms and ranches, particularly smaller family farms where the loss of a cow or calf or two puts a big dent in incomes.

“At some point people are going to do what they’re going to do to protect their livestock. That ends up being a problem,” he said.

Sound familiar? This is exactly what big ag shill and Wisconsin “Wolf Advisory Committee” member, Eric Koens, said last month when essentially advocating the poaching of wolves following the court order:

Eric Koens owns a cattle ranch in Rusk County and represents the livestock industry on a state wolf advisory committee. Koens said many landowners don’t think non-lethal ways of controlling wolves work very well, and are debating what to do now.

“Well, I guess everybody is going to have to do what they feel is best for their operation,” said Koens. “I certainly believe that we as livestock producers have a right to protect our interests on our property … That’s our business. We pay taxes on our farm to raise livestock.”

The “group think” and “group speak” among these anti-wolf factions is as horrifying as it is laughable. They all use the same fear mongering rhetoric and give a “wink and nod” to poaching. That leads us to wonder why the Obama Administration and numerous fake “Democrats” in Congress are so eager to eviscerate the Endangered Species Act and protections for a species that the vast majority of American citizens support? What do they hope to gain from people that won’t vote for their party anyway?

Need a reason why states SHOULD NOT be allowed to “manage” wolves? 

No other species, with the exception of cousin species the coyote, has the vitriol and hate directed at it like the gray wolf has through history. What other species has websites devoted to promoting poaching and eradication of them? The states charged with “managing” this species are openly hostile to them and refuse to listen to the citizens and groups that have been shown time and time again to overwhelmingly support the species.

Need proof? Following the decision by the Wisconsin DNR to allow mass overkill of wolves in their “Zone 2” the DNR upper management were informed that citizens were furious and wanted action taken to stop the slaughter. The response? This is an email chain from various DNR employees to DNR Assistant Deputy Secretary Scott Gunderson (R-WBHA/HRC) about the public response to the mass overkill. These emails were obtained via Freedom of Information Act requests by state wildlife advocates.

Gunderson Email

The above email shows that Wisconsin DNR Carnivore Biologist David MacFarland made Gunderson aware that there was mass outrage at the DNR allowing 29 wolves to be killed in a “zone” that supposedly had a quota of 15. MacFarland stated:

“I am receiving a flood of emails on the Zone 2 issue, as is the general webmail address and facebook page. There is a lot of anger over this. I expect significant media and citizen attention over the next few days.”  

Gunderson’s response:

“The concern is from folks that don’t support a hunt as a management tool. That’s expected.”

In excess of 1500 emails were received by the Wisconsin DNR just THAT WEEKEND. See below:


The arrogance of Gunderson and much of the DNR is infuriating but not unexpected. Gunderson, like most of his ilk, make the assumption that those bothered by the mass overkill in their “Zones” are just “folks” that don’t support their reckless “management” plan. The “management” that allows 24/7/365 hounding, barbaric trapping, zone over kills, and rampant poaching? That plan? How could anyone be upset at “that” plan? Nice to see that citizen concerns are not being taken into account or seriously by Gunderson. Of course should we expect anything different from an agency that deliberately stacked their “Wolf Advisory Committee” with anti-wolf lobbying groups and admittedly excluded pro-wolf groups? Should we expect anything less from an agency that allows “Advisory Group” representatives to openly brag about poaching or having “bloodbaths in the woods” if they don’t get their way? These are the people that anti-wolf/ESA factions in Congress want to allow to “manage” wolf populations?

Over 1500, mostly Wisconsin residents, took the time to send an email to the DNR to express their outrage over the reckless manner in which wolves are being “managed” in this state. What did those 1500 citizens get in return? A dismissive sentence and a half from the “number two” at the Wisconsin DNR. That is all and we wouldn’t have even known about that if it wasn’t for a Freedom of Information Act request due to the complete and total silence from the DNR following the overkill. Is it any wonder that that Judge Howell stripped “management” from this and other similarly reckless states? Both Wisconsin and Minnesota allowed mass killing over their established quotas and Minnesota allows free for all wolf killing in the majority of their state. The Minnesota issue was mentioned in the court order as a major reason for relisting but the reckless nature of Wisconsin’s wolf slaughter no doubt played a major role in the how the judge ruled. For one state to allow unlimited killing in two-thirds of the state and another to allow 24/7/365 use of dogs against wolves one has to wonder how they were allowed to have “management” responsibilities this long. What happens when they are called out on their reckless and brutal “management” plans? They run to Congress and ask “big gubmint” to step in and allow the resumption of their eradication plans.

For anyone that thinks Minnesota hasn’t been just as reckless as Wisconsin with their slaughter and mass overkill read this quote:

The Department of Natural Resources announced Monday it was closing the late wolf season in northwestern Minnesota as hunters and trappers approached the 82-animal target from the area. But the DNR says now that 103 kills were reported.

“The harvest varies by day, but in that northwest zone it varied between 6 and 12 most days,” said Paul Telander, chief of the department’s wildlife section.

“But in the last day, 32 animals were registered. That was surprising. But our closure work, we initiated our closure, and the season ended the following day, at the end of shooting and trap tending hours.”

Hunters killed 103 wolves in that part northwestern Minnesota, 21 more than the DNR’s goal. The kill in northeast Minnesota also exceeded the state target. Hunters and trappers took six more wolves there than the 35 animal target.

The “closure” worked? You has mass overkill and your closure “worked?” And these people wonder why the court stripped state “management” from these people? But never fear, the MN DNR mouthpiece explains that a “quota” really isn’t a “quota.”

Telander downplayed the effect of the kills above and beyond the state’s target.

“We set target harvests, which is a number that we shoot for in the harvest, but it’s not an absolute quota; it’s just a target,” he said. “So if we are either under or over, it’s not an issue biologically for the wolf population.”

Not an issue? It sure is for the wolves that were killed after languishing in traps, choked to death by snares, impaled by arrows, and “gut shot” as anti-wolf factions claim they like to do. So yeah, it is an “issue.” These are the people that are (were) in charge of “managing” this species? The utter incompetence of these people grows stronger by the day yet apparently Congress is determined to return “management” to these reckless state agencies.

ZERO Trust in the Democrats to do the right thing 

It’s time for the Democratic Party to stop pandering to the anti-wildlife special interests and selling out the ESA and Wilderness Act each chance that they get. Any Democrat that signs onto a bill stripping ESA protections from wolves in the Great Lakes and Wyoming are not worthy of our support or respect. The same goes for President Obama. Not in my wildest nightmares did I ever think that an allegedly “progressive” president would sell out the ESA and wildlife in the manner that Obama has. I am afraid that if “management” of wolves are returned to these states we will see their killing efforts ramped up to a scale not seen since the first eradication of wolves over a century ago. Despite their own surveys and voters telling them that the general populace overwhelmingly support wolves these state agencies will continue to pander to the anti-wolf killing cartels and further push wolves to the brink with Congressional backing.

I also fully expect President Obama to sign off on such a measure to further cement his legacy as “Panderer in Chief” and the president that led the way for the complete and total evisceration of the Endangered Species Act. How “progressive” of him.

Make sure to let your Congressional representatives, senators,and the White House that if they sign on to this bill they are destroying the Endangered Species Act and with it any faith that remains in government basing wildlife decisions on science and not politics. I personally WILL NOT vote for any politician that supports these reckless types of legislation. Use the links below to tell these people NOT to sell out wolves and the ESA over fear mongering or for political “gain.”

Find Your Senators and Representatives

Contact the White House

Political Hypocrisy, Group Hypocrisy, and an Abundance of Stupidity and Sadism

Photo via: Wikimedia Commons

Photo via: Wikimedia Commons

Democrat and “Environmentalist” Hypocrisy 

One thing that I have a hard time understanding is how supposed “environmentalists” preach about issues like climate change yet have am almost complete and total disconnect when it comes to wildlife protections. Our president is a blatant example of this. Doug Peacock of the Daily Beast also noted this in a November 2014 article about the potential for removing protections for grizzly bears in the Western United States:

“The polarity between Yellowstone grizzly advocates and the government’s position reveals the heart of the flawed relationship between American environmentalists and the Obama administration: First, the Eastern, urban-based Obama White House remains largely unresponsive when it comes to the rights and welfare of iconic animals like grizzly bears, bison, wolverines, or wolves—why the president has turned his political back on efforts to protect wilderness animals continues to baffle supporters, especially in the West. Second, the federal agency that advises on grizzlies, the FWS, has failed to confront the considerable and urgent threats presented by global warming.”

I am astounded that President Obama stands before millions and preaches the perils of climate change while his administration undermines the Endangered Species Act and the Wilderness Act each chance they get. The hipster cause of the day is climate change yet those pushing the hardest seem to care nothing about the wildlife that is most impacted by it. What is the reason for this disconnect? Wildlife advocates need to start pushing the idea of the entire ecosystem and not just feel good elements that the phony “progressives” and hipsters cling onto. While we as humans have f—ed up everything and plague this planet like a mutated disease we need to start working with nature instead of trying to control/destroy it. That is what the modern crop of Democrats seem to forget or ignore. Without a healthy environment there is no hope for us or our offspring. Is short term greed more important than the survival of our species and other species?

I think that a major goal of wildlife advocates across the country should be to make sure that our disconnected politicians realize the connection between climate change and wildlife protections. Fake “progressives” like President Obama and many Senate Democrats have this major problem where they cannot seem to grasp that wildlife are the “canary in the coal mine” for climate change and that their protections are vital because without wildlife what exactly is the point of any environmental protections? A dead planet is a dead planet. There won’t be an environment without wildlife and there won’t be human life without wildlife.

When is the last time anyone has seen President Obama make an appearance at a National Park or wild area? Maybe it’s time for true environmentalists to ask him why he and his allies like to differentiate between the cause of the “environment” and wildlife protections. They are the SAME thing. Without one you cannot have the other.

“Wildlife” Group Hypocrisy

Major “wildlife” groups like the “National Wildlife Federation” use climate change and cute fuzzy pictures of wolves and other imperiled wildlife to raise money while undermining wildlife protections in the background. One look at their website will make you think that the group is pro-living wildlife and wants to “educate” children about the wonders of nature. On the NWF website you can even symbolically “adopt” wildlife species like the gray wolf, black bear, red fox, and various other wildlife species that just happen to inhabit the state of Wisconsin. Then after “adopting” one of these species please take a look at what the National Wildlife Federation’s State Affiliate, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, likes to do with these species

The Wisconsin Wildlife Federation is the only statewide organization dedicated to protecting fish and wildlife habitat, fishing, hunting, trapping, and other outdoor sporting and recreational opportunities. We develop and advance policies that protect fish and wildlife habitat, and that promote public access to lands and water for outdoor recreation.

The National Wildlife Federation proudly begs on their website homepage to “Help Wildlife Safeguard America’s Wildlife and Wild places and Donate Today.” Behind this plea is a beautiful picture of a wolf. The NWF wants you to believe that they exist to “protect” species like wolves. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Their state affiliate, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, has rabid anti-wolf people on their board and loudly proclaims their wish for allowing only a token wolf population to remain in Wisconsin. The WWF also openly supports the use of dogs against wolves and flaunts that hunters, trappers, and hounders are exempt from animal cruelty laws in Wisconsin.

Notice the hypocrisy?

Notice the hypocrisy?

Wildlife advocates that donate to the National Wildlife Federation should really reevaluate their support for this group. Do you want your money going to support a group that on the surface pretends to want to “protect” wildlife while behind the scenes supports the wholesale slaughter of wolves and defends the sadism of their state affiliates? I sure don’t. Need another example of the doublespeak from the NWF. This quote came from the group following the recent federal court decision reinstating ESA protections for wolves in the Great Lakes:

The National Wildlife Federation also was critical of the ruling.

“If you care about protecting Great Lakes wolves, you should be disappointed by this decision, which vacates years of hard work by the states and federal government in recovering Great Lakes wolves and conservation efforts within the region,” Andy Buchsbaum, vice president for conservation advocacy, said in a statement.

He said that the ruling eliminates many tools states were using to resolve conflicts between humans and wolves.

This is one of the "tools" that the National Wildlife Federation supports.

This is one of the “tools” that the National Wildlife Federation supports.

What tools are those, NWF? Rampant poaching? Hounding? Trapping (see above)? Anti-wolf hate websites? “Advisory” groups stacked with anti-wolf groups? Are those the “tools” that the NWF considers acceptable? This group makes money off of the illusion that they are for “protecting” wolves yet are in bed with George Meyer, Laurie Groskopf, and other rabid anti-wolf zealots? Really? Like the Obama Administration they want to have it both ways. They want you to think that they actually support living wildlife along with the environment and then undermine it every chance that they get. Quotes like the one above show what the NWF and similar two faced groups are all about. They use words like “protect” yet support bloodthirsty policies and have the most rabid of anti-wildlife sadists as their “state affiliates.” Please consider this before supporting or donating money to this group. Don’t be fooled by their fluffy pictures and their calls to “adopt” imperiled species.

Killing Contests and the Devolution of Humanity 

Our species has impacted the weather and now even the planet’s own geology. We are CAUSING earthquakes now and are not just random victims to the forces of nature. We are the main force in nature now and the planet is revolting. Just imagine if we took that same power and put it into protecting and restoring our planet instead of destroying it? Instead our species has to hold killing contests and use every archaic and sadistic means to torment wildlife. Christopher Ketcham of Vice magazine said it best in his recent article about a predator killing contest in Idaho:

This is not hunting for meat. It is not hunting to prevent threats to human safety. It is killing for the sake of killing. To join in the derby was an unnerving experience for me, an immersion into the ugly side of rural mountain folkways in the American West.

Unfortunately it is not just in the west where this type of archaic and toxic mindset is prevalent as shown by the anti-predator hate sites all over the internet. In the Vice article Brian Ertz, President of Wildlands Defense, summed up this noxious “culture” this way:

“These people honestly believe that sterilizing the landscape of predators will enrich their economy and preserve their culture,” says Ertz. “Events like the derby validate those who have been conditioned to believe that their way of life, or more accurately their way of death, is under assault by environmentalists. They’ve got a point. Americans in general are becoming more compassionate toward nonhuman animals, and our appreciation of ecology and the contributions of wildlife communities is growing. This awareness and compassion threatens any culture that predicates itself on wanton destruction and an appalling disregard for the suffering of sentient beings.”

Ertz could be describing Northern Wisconsin or a myriad of other rural locations across this country. In Wisconsin we see this disregard of life encouraged by the state Department of Natural Resources and among the various “snuff pieces” written in major state newspapers by “outdoors” writers. This vitriol also manifests itself in the various anti-predator hate sites that plague the internet. Not only are wolves and coyotes the target of these disgusting sites but “minorities,” “liberals,” and anyone “different” than the hate purveyors running the pages or their “fans” are as well. This isn’t so much a rural/urban divide as much as it is a toxic and sadistic mindset fomented and allowed to fester in these areas. It doesn’t help that state and federal entities constantly pander to these hate filled factions in the hopes that there will be some political gain as we saw in 2011 with the infamous “delisting rider” for the wolves in Idaho and Montana. Now we see the same process being set into motion for the wolves in the Great Lakes following the federal court ruling reestablishing ESA protections last month.

This recent “letter to the editor” of the Fond Du Lac Reporter says it all about the people who are dictating wolf/wildlife policy in Wisconsin and nationwide:

I read with great dismay that some judge at the prodding of the Humane Society is putting the wolf back on the endangered list again.

How can some person do this? How can someone with no knowledge of habitat make a ruling like this? The system is completely flawed if this can happen.

The wolf population has decimated the deer herd in Wisconsin.

Many businesses are losing money because of lack of recreational funds not being spent.

Wisconsin lost many deer hunters because of what the wolves have done to the deer herd.

Each one of us must contact our legislators immediately to stop this.

I would also recommend that no one contributes any money to the Human Society.

Loren Voss

Fond du Lac

The last sentence says it all. Thank you FDL Reporter for not editing this drivel and posting it exactly as written.

Maybe the creationist nutballs are correct when they say that humans didn’t “evolve.” Some of us sure haven’t.

Anti-Wolf Hysteria Reaches New Low in Northern Wisconsin Following Death

Photo by Cindi Micheau of a big bad wolf looking to eat some grandchildren.

Photo by Cindi Micheau of a big bad wolf looking to eat some grandchildren.

I have been part of the Law Enforcement world for a significant chunk of my life. I have been involved in everything from a plane crash response, bank robberies, home invasions with shots fired, to homicide and death investigation calls. Not once has any investigator that I have worked with had even the slightest inclination that wolves or any wild animal were ever responsible for a death in my jurisdiction or anywhere else in the state. That is not to say that wild animals like a bear occasionally kill a hiker or camper in remote wilderness areas but how often does a wild animal venture into an inhabited area, strip the clothing off of a victim, kill them, and leave them dead in the snow? In my world? Never. In the real world? Never. In the wolf haters world? Apparently all the time at least according to the anti-wolf hate sites.

The story that has been making the rounds in the hysteria and hate filled anti-wolf world is that wolves must be responsible for the death of a 61 year old Oshkosh woman found stripped naked and dead outside of a store in Presque Isle, Wisconsin.

The Vilas County Sheriff’s Department says investigators do not suspect foul play in the death of a woman found in Vilas County.

61-year-old Corrine Gerster’s body was found outside the Towne House store in Presque Isle Friday morning. The Sheriff says based on the Department of Natural Resource’s findings, tracks found near her body were made by a domestic dog-not wolves.

Wolves? Oh of course. The fear mongering starts right away and of course wolves must be the culprit. Not the extreme cold temperatures. Not the possibility of alcohol being involved, and certainly not the possibility of a natural death, but of course wolves.

While it has been a few days since Friday’s events took place, residents in Presque Isle are still feeling unnerved. They’ll tell you that normally, the little town is pretty safe. But lately, they feel anything but.

“People are scared to death here in this community,” Pi Pub Owner Karen Swenson said. “We had a couple families here last Friday night. When they heard about the commotion and seen it up the street, they packed up and went back home because they were afraid for their safety.”

Since Gerster’s body was found, people have been asking a lot of questions.

“Was it a wolf attack? Did she pass away first and then a wolf attacked her, was it murder?” Swenson explained.

Regardless of the cause of this woman’s death the presence of canine tracks around her body must of course mean that wolves had to be involved. It certainly couldn’t be loose domestic dogs or one of the thousands of hounds trained to kill by the hounders that inhabit this area, it has to be the “big bad wolf.” Even the rabidly anti-wolf Wisconsin DNR made sure to dispel this ridiculous conspiracy that the evil wolves stripped and killed this woman.

(DNR propaganda minister Spokesman) Cosh told NewsChannel 7 the animal tracks near the body were from domestic canines. In an emailed statement Cosh said, “Upon request by the Sheriff’s Office Dept. staff responded to determine if wolves were involved with this death. Based on Dept. investigation they determined the tracks near the body were that off domestic canines which were tracked back to two different homes.”

A deputy with the Vilas County Sheriff’s Department said their press release about the case mentioned there was no wolf activity in an area to dispel a rumor she was attacked by wolves.

Instead of being able to focus on determining the real cause of death for this woman the DNR and local authorities have to jump through hoops to calm the usual anti-wolf hysteria that comes out of the woodwork no matter the incident. I often wonder how people that claim to be such “rugged” and “independent” types come across as afraid of their own shadow whenever something out of the ordinary occurs? The reports state that the woman was found unclothed. I didn’t know that in addition to stalking grandchildren wolves were also adept at undressing their victims before eating them. Anyone with experience in this line of work knows that the “big bad wolf” isn’t responsible for this woman’s death. This is not the first unclothed person to be found dead outside in brutally could weather and it certainly will not be the last. The vast majority of the time there is one factor that often leads to these type of tragic events especially here in Wisconsin and it sure isn’t wolves. I will let the reader determine what that factor usually is.

The anti-wolf hate sites wasted no time in posting this story and their twisted conspiracy theories. All the while they continue to rave about how wildlife advocates are “emotional” and not “scientific” and then spread their insane conspiracy theories online. I am guessing that now wolves have been shown to have no involvement in the death of this woman the hate mongers will be screaming “cover-up” and that black DNR helicopters dropped off elite packs of liberal Canadian wolves specifically to assassinate this woman and then magically disappear into the night while making their tracks appear to be from domestic dogs? I have read crazier theories from these people.

Doesn’t this crap get old for these people? I guess it is good to let them put their nonsensical hate and fear mongering out there so that the rest of the world can see what kind of scared imps the anti-wolf factions truly are. Any death can put people on edge but to have such an ingrained fear that wolves become an instant culprit is not only irrational but downright insane. The hysterical reaction from some residents in this area are exactly what the anti-wolf hate groups hope to foster with their constant barrage of lies and propaganda. The fear and anti-wolf hate is so ingrained among many people in Northern Wisconsin that these type of responses are no longer shocking. Embarrassing yes, but shocking no.

Remember how I used satire to explain the anti-wolf hysteria and fear mongering about wolves eating grandchildren a couple of days ago? Surely I was just exaggerating right? Nope I was certainly not. Here is the wording in a big ag “press” report from The Minnesota State Cattlemen’s Association last week:

“The ruling that reclassified wolves as threatened places Minnesota farm and ranch families in a concerning situation of committing a federal felony under the Endangered Species Act, should they injure or kill a wolf while attempting to protect a family pet or their domestic livestock. The ruling leaves the citizens of Minnesota without any immediate option to deal with wolves that are in the act of stalking or killing their livestock, family pets or frequenting their front yards and creating a serious danger to their children and grandchildren.” 

The fear mongering never ends with these people does it? Between eating grandchildren and stripping and killing women in the Northwoods how do these wolves find the time to just be wolves and eat all the deer?