The “Wolf Depredation” Scam Continues and Your Stories Wanted

This is "tradition" and "heritage" in Wisconsin.

This is “tradition” and “heritage” in Wisconsin.

Lately this blog has been gaining a significant crop of new readers and wildlife advocates that have been elated to have found a source that will actually report the thing that I do. I am both proud and humbled at the positive feedback I am getting for publishing this blog. I am willing to bring to light the issues and opinions that many of us harbor but are afraid to put out there. One of the best things about increased readership of the blog is that wildlife advocates and average citizens from Northern Wisconsin finally feel that they have an outlet to express their frustrations and disdain over what is essentially the extremist hunting group and hounder based anarchy that the Wisconsin DNR turns a blind eye to or even encourages. As a follow up to my blog post yesterday about livestock interests scamming the wolf “depredation” system I am going to share an email that I received from a northern Wisconsin resident, that I know to be of the highest integrity, and her interactions with farmers up there.

As I was reviewing the depredation figures from year to year on the DNR chart, red flags started popping up big time. Taking into consideration years prior to wolf hunting and comparing the past three years; numbers substantially grew. Interesting considering wolf population should have decreased due to hunting or did the population rebound so significantly, that more depredation took place? With this in mind, read on.

Whenever I run into a local around here; I pose a few questions in friendly conversation to see how they respond. Yesterday, I ran into a farmer who raises beef cattle north of me. He stated he lost many cattle last year due to the hostile winter. His neighbor also raises livestock. He lost 15-cattle due to wolves. His neighbor tried convincing him to make a buck and claim the losses were due to wolves. He would not do it. Solid proof…you cannot trust farmers or the USDA. More importantly, this must be the same farmer who claimed 15-cattle killed by wolves on the DNR chart. It is the only claim for 15-cattle. How ironic is that? Now who do you believe? This kind of deceit is what controls Congress. It WAS nice to know there are some honest farmers around here though. Another recent conversation was with a (position removed). He knows I’m a wolf advocate. He is not. We were discussing wolves; his argument was about his friend who operates a hunting outfit out west. His business is dwindling due to wolves hunting all the elk. The (position removed) travels out there to hunt and has no luck. He stated, “Every time we call the elk in, the wolves come”. I wasn’t sure how to comment because it seemed like a natural thing to me. What do you expect? He also stated he believes a wolf would eat a child. I walked away waving him in disbelief.

This kind of confirms what many of us have been speculating about all along. The whole “wolf depredation” program is one giant scam for irresponsible ranchers and hounders and is used as propaganda whenever talk of delsiting wolves or opening a killing season approaches.

I would also like to share the experiences of a Northwoods resident that I received a few weeks back about how hounders have ZERO regard for property rights and the toxic mindset that revolved around their “sport.”

I live in northern WI in a remote spot. Acres away from anyone. I live w/wolves. Their numbers have decreased substantially in the past 2-yrs. I’ve caught poachers and reported them to the Federal warden and WI DNR as my property butts Nicolet National Forest. I’ve chased poachers with my shotgun. The quota for wolf harvest had been met 4-months prior. I have met w/Andy, Game Warden in my area on several occasions and he is very receptive to the problem. I spoke w/Dave MacFarland, DNR Large Carnivore Specialist and shared my concerns. Other than law enforcement, natural resource enforcement, Sierra Club and a handful of concerned individuals it seems WI residents show little or no concern regarding poaching or maintaining a healthy ecosystem. They seem oblivious to the government playing Russian Roulette with the preservation of our wildlife. Wolves are necessary to complete our ecosystem. Delisting them again is pure ignorance as WI US Representative Reed Ribble is currently pushing through congress. It seems the DNR has had their hands tied as the Bear Hunters Association gathered accomplices from NRA, Hunters Rights Coalition and Safari Club International to write a wolf hunt law and get it passed previously. The ATV clubs are even regulating the DNR as to where ATV signage should be placed. Apparently, DNR personnel w/degrees in enforcement and biology, etc are somewhat powerless to the less educated clubs who are dictating the policies. Obviously, the sport and recreation is more important than the science.

Fact is, it is science and biology that feed the sport. Then there are the hateful, crude comments from wolf haters who hunt them because they are evil or because they blame deer population reduction to wolf kill. This category if idiots are delirious. More deer are killed from road kill than wolf killing deer. During hunting season, I have half dozen or more hounds trample through my property for 2-weeks straight every day at the same time causing havoc with no hunter in sight. Whether these are bear hounds or illegal wolf hunting hounds they are illegally trespassing and chasing wolves, migrating birds, young sand-hilled cranes, and a long laundry list of wildlife. I hold a Scientific Collector’s License w/the state & US Fish & Wildlife. I also photograph wildlife and this outburst is destructive to my work and landscape much less my dog. They roam unattended. In my opinion, it seems our recreational clubs are intervening where and when they should not be. Farmers/ranchers are blaming wolves for lost livestock. And the general public…where are you? Science is not in the best interest of the clubs, wolf haters, or US Reed Ribble, etc. Look what Idaho is doing…making a contest out of wolf slaughtering. The real issue is economics. The planet is over-populated causing the need for more food. Many ranchers are honest, working hard to produce meals to put on tables. However, wolves have always lived here and farmers/ranchers were aware of that when they made the decision to raise cattle, sheep, dairy cows, etc. The percentage of wolves killing livestock isn’t even substantial. Ranchers get reimbursed. Bottom line: delisting again is just an ugly excuse to slaughter wolves for sport. The real issue is over-population of the human race. What will it take to keep wolves on the endangered species list and balance our ecosystem? Brains.

If you are a northern Wisconsin resident and wish to share your experiences with hounders, trappers, and anti-wolf people, I encourage you to comment on this post or use the “Contact Us” link at the top of the page. Your name and information will not be published but we would love to hear your stories and share them with other like minded wildlife advocates on this blog.

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U.S. Rep. Sensenbrenner’s Staffer Claims that “there was no wolf hunt in 2014” and Continued Big Ag Lies and Fear Mongering

According to Rep. James Sensenbrenner's staffer "in charge" of the wolf issue this never happened.

According to Rep. James Sensenbrenner’s staffer “in charge” of the wolf issue, this never happened.

Many people in our society often wonder how colossal mistakes such as the 2003 Invasion of Iraq and other world changing blunders have been allowed to occur throughout history. Most Americans foolishly believe that politicians overall care about this country and look at all sides of an issue before taking action. The Iraq War disproved this to the max and now we are seeing the exact same thing when it comes to wolves and the reckless eradication bills currently before Congress.

As I have mentioned before there are currently two very dangerous and disingenuous bills that have been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives. The first bill, H.R. 843, with the fluffy title,  “Western Great Lakes Wolf Management Act of 2015,” seeks to permanently strip wolves in the Great Lakes of all Endangered Species Act protections and prevents them from ever being relisted in the future. A better name for this horrific bill would be the “Western Great Lakes Wolf Eradication Act of 2015.”

The other bill before Congress, H.R. 884, is an attempt to reinstate the severely flawed 2011 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service delisting order that led to the mass slaughter of wolves and the legalized dog fighting that Wisconsin allows. This delisting order was struck down by a Federal judge in December 2014. This bill should be called the “Wolf Eradication, Legalized Dog Fighting,and to Hell With Your Rights Act of 2015.” This bill takes the disgusting approach of telling American citizens that we are not able to exercise our rights to challenge laws and agency rules in court. How “American” of them.

Both of these bills have support from anti-wolf Tea Party extremists and fake “Democrats” like the Teahadist in drag, Colin Peterson, of Minnesota. One of the overlapping supporters of both bills is far right Wisconsin Representative James Sensenbrenner. Yesterday a northern Wisconsin wildlife photographer and wildlife advocate posted an update regarding her contacts with Wisconsin federal representatives regarding the wolf bills and she reported this very disturbing contact with a staffer from Sensenbrenner’s office.

Saw a wolf this morning. A young one. Wondered if it will have a chance to grow up. How much time do the wolves really have? I’ve called Senator Tammy Baldwin, Senator Ron Johnson, US Rep Sean Duffy and US Rep Jim Sensenbrenner. I have written Baldwin and Duffy numerous times. I am still waiting for their return phone calls…yeah, right. I noted several interesting facts while calling. Tammy Baldwin’s female assistant took some notes as to why I was calling but stated Tammy cannot call everyone back who calls. Ron Johnson’s female assistant was very interested in my call and took many notes. Sean Duffy’s male assistant was short off and uncaring as if public input was not wanted. Sensenbrenner’s male assistant argued with me stating there wasn’t a wolf hunt in 2014 because the Gray Wolf was an endangered species (OMG. Is this dude for real?). He also stated HE was handling the Wolf situation for Sensenbrenner (that IS scary!). He stated there were wolves in southern WI. REALLY! I lived in Southern Kettle Moraine for 30-yrs. Lots of coyotes, no wolf packs.

So according to the person “handling” the wolf issue for Sensenbrenner, there was no wolf hunt in 2014? This is the moron in charge of legislation that may very well lead to the eradication of a species? So did the 154 wolves slaughtered in Wisconsin and the 272 killed in Minnesota during the fall of 2014 just kill themselves? THIS is how lies and misinformation make it into law. This is how bankrupting wars that kill hundreds of thousands of people start and this is how imperiled and demonized species get laws that help to eradicate them passed. There are also no documented wolf packs in southern Wisconsin. An occasional disperser goes through the area but there are no known packs. Again another fabrication and misinformation from the person “handling” the wolf issue for a U.S. Representative. The post continues continues:

I wrote Dave MacFarland, WI DNR Carnivore Biologist to get a response. He stated, “Wolves are occasionally sighted in south east Wisconsin, but the furthest south that we have confirmed an established pack is in northern Columbia County”. This is Portage/Poynette area. I questioned Sensenbrenner’s assistant as to the primary reason for delisting. Their reason to delist the wolf is primarily due to livestock depredation by wolves in WI. I do not think he had any idea that in 2014: 2-sheep, 26-calves, 62-missing calves and 15-cattle were considered to be wolf depredation claims. These figures are directly from the DNR website. This is 00.1% total depredation? So, with this gigantic percentage humans should hunt/kill/slaughter/trap wolves? I questioned Dave MacFarland on evidence proving the livestock depredation was death by wolf. He stated: “We do not conduct genetic testing following livestock depredation events. We do require that all reported depredations be evaluated and confirmed by USDA Wildlife Services agents”. (I’d be interested in seeing a report by USDA). Dave said, “In order to be listed as a wolf related event there must be evidence that wolves were responsible (tracks, scat, bite wounds that match the dimensions of wolf teeth and jaws, etc.). You are correct that reported wolf conflicts are not always wolves, in fact approximately 50% of investigations do not show signs of wolves. That said, the numbers you report above are of confirmed wolf events”. How does one prove 62-missing calves were truly due to wolf mischief? I have added a link to a PDF page from the DNR that depicts damage payouts to farmers in WI. In 2014: $151,333.36 was issued due to losses. Are the new Bills sitting in Congress to delist the wolf an economic issue? If so, back to the fact that wolves were here first and we all make choices…farmers make choices to raise livestock knowing the risks just as farmers who grow crops know weather is a risk. Many farmers agree to this analogy and have dogs that patrol their livestock. There are solutions. How many are willing to accept them? After speaking with a county board official and several business owners in northern WI, it is clear the older generation who is uneducated believes wolves are getting in the way of their hunting opportunities; deer in WI, Elk in western states. DNR wants to introduce Elk in WI. Is that yet another reason for delisting the wolf? Wolf kills Elk, no Elk to hunt. This is not biodiversity or how one controls an ecosystem. Nature can be one tough mother. Leave her alone.

If there is an “established pack” in the Portage/Poynette area then why is this area still in the what is essentially the “free for all” “Zone 6?” Also this same USDA Wildlife Services is the exact agency under fire for their reckless and brutal slaughter of wildlife across the country that prompted a recent lawsuit calling out the agency’s secretive and reckless killing methods. Would you take the word of an agency like this? From Western Watersheds Project announcing their lawsuit regarding WS activity in Idaho:

The gruesome war on native wildlife is done primarily to benefit private livestock and agricultural interests and is just another public subsidy to support those industries.

Are we supposed to trust the word of this disgusting agency as to whether or not something was a “depredation” or nothing more than wolves scavenging a carcass that died by other means? Wisconsin has long used very dubious methods for paying out “depredation” claims for livestock, especially for “missing claves.” I dug into this deeper in a piece I wrote back in June of 2012 for my old blog.

When I looked into the numbers for 2012 I found something that caught my eye. In 2012 the DNR paid out a total of $214,794.16 for alleged wolf depredations. Of this number an astounding figure of $190,702 were paid out for 257 missing calves. Last year there were only 25 “missing calves.” So apparently in just one year wolves suddenly became responsible for 232 more “missing” calves. Remember these calves are “missing.” There was ZERO trace of them. But of course these were automatically blamed on wolves because all the rancher had to have is ONE confirmed wolf depredation during the grazing season and “evidence” of wolf activity near their operation. So by just seeing or hearing a wolf the rancher can have any “losses” blamed on wolves and be reimbursed by the state. I was astounded by this so I sought out official comment from the Wisconsin DNR about what their reimbursement policy is. What I found was even more astounding. Here is the official “missing” calf policy from the DNR:

Missing Calf Policy

There must be at least one calf verified as wolf kill during the grazing season by the department, and there must be evidence that wolves continued to be present on the property.

Reimbursement would be provided for calves that are lost above the normal loss rate for a beef cow-calf operation.  The normal loss of 2.3% would be used, unless research in Wisconsin has determined that another figure is more reasonable for the specific operation.  If all the conditions listed above are met, the department will reimburse for missing calves that exceed the normal 2.3% level.

You read that right. Any losses over the normal 2.3% will automatically be blamed on wolves if there was ONE confirmed calf killed by wolves and if there is “evidence” of wolves on the property. So conveniently 257 wolves end up “missing” and they all get blamed on wolves, with no remains, and ZERO evidence that wolves “took” them. We also were told by a retired DNR wolf biologist that over $90,000 of the $190,702 claimed for “missing” calves went to one operation. The DNR told us that they could not confirm this without checking with their lawyers because they didn’t know if it was “public record.” That’s right this is not public record. If you signed the Walker recall petition your name, address, and personal information is out there for ALL to see, but the records of those who received government money for “missing” calves is confidential. When questioned about why the “missing” calf numbers skyrocketed this year this is the response that we received from Davin Lopez of the DNR via e-mail:

“It is hard to say why missing calf claims jumped this last year…it may due to better reporting, increased number of “depredating packs” due to no lethal controls in those areas for several years, or something else.”

Something else? Perhaps fraud? So if a rancher just happens to “lose” or illegally sell these calves they can blame it on wolves and get a nice fat check from the DNR. Can you say gravy train?

If this “reimbursement” program is not the scam of the century, it is pretty close. All we heard from the proponents of the wolf kill bill was how the DNR were making record payments for wolf depredations and that was why we needed to have an “emergency” wolf hunting season. When you look at the numbers things aren’t quite so clear cut. Does anyone else find it a little convenient that the “missing” calf numbers go from 25 in 2011 to 257 in 2012 when the anti-wolf factions are pushing for a killing season? How can the DNR justify blaming ANY loss of livestock over 2.3% on wolves with no evidence? Basically their policy is that if livestock dies of ANY cause over 2.3% wolves get the blame for it if there was ONE confirmed wolf depredation. This is the perfect propaganda for anti-wolf groups, individuals, and legislatures to justify their upcoming mass slaughter. “See, wolves cost us $200,000 this year, so we have to kill them” I guess wolves are even more amazing than I thought. I didn’t know that they had the ability to make 257 calves just disappear without a trace.

I wrote the above back in 2012 and not a damn thing has changed. Check out how the same game is being played in Minnesota for propaganda effect:

Farmer Troy Salzer of Barnum lost five calves to wolves last fall, and with another calving season coming soon, he’s worried he could lose more.

More Big Ag fear mongering:

Mark Thell, who has 150 cattle and is president of the Carlton County chapter of the Minnesota Farmers Union, was one of about 50 farmers who gathered recently with state and federal officials to discuss the problem.

“We’re stuck in limbo,’’ Thell said. “You can’t even protect your own animals. It’s not a good situation.’’

Yeah you can protect your animals. There are these inventions called fences along with actually watching over your animals. But that would constitute work and not expecting the government killing every predator nearby wouldn’t it?

For Salzer, the Barnum farmer, the loss of five calves last year was a financial hit. He valued them at $1,500 each. “That’s significant,’’ he said.

He never found the carcasses, and there was no state compensation money available then anyway, so he didn’t file a claim with the state.

“I’m very lucky. There are people with much worse situations,’’ he said.

So wait. This guy claims to have “lost” five calves, there are no bodies to prove this, he never reported it for compensation, and makes the assumption it was wolves? Really? This is the kind of blatant crap fear mongering that the mainstream media is reporting? This is the kind of garbage that our bought and paid for politicians use as a basis for species eradication bills? Is there ANY other business that freeloads off of the taxpayer and refuses to accept any responsibility to protect their “product?” If these calves even existed and did die, who says wolves did it? What if it was disease? What if they were stillborn? What if packs of hunting dogs killed them? The possibilities are endless, but wolves and their federal protections make the perfect scapegoat.There are no bodies or anything else connecting wolves if this even did happen. Even more IF it happened why didn’t this rancher submit a claim? According to this page Minnesota does indeed “compensate” for livestock killed by wolves. If you or I start a business we need this little thing called insurance to cover damages or loss, if you are a farmer you get the government to subsidize your product and pay for any loss. Nice gig if you can get it. Then you get anti-wildlife politicians like the fake “Democrat” senators from Minnesota to buy into your fear mongering and push to kill off any “threats.”

Meanwhile, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has filed notice that it will appeal Howell’s ruling, and bills have been introduced in the U.S. House to remove wolves from the endangered species list in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. Rep. John Kline, R-Minn., introduced one of the bills, and others in the state’s delegation have indicated support.

“Senator Klobuchar has supported delisting the gray wolf, and believes the science and the facts support the delisting,’’ said spokeswoman Julia Krahe.

Said Sen. Al Franken: “Our farmers and ranchers are rightfully concerned about losing their livestock — their livelihood — to wolves.”

Can’t let a little thing like facts get in the way of a little fear mongering, can we senators? These two, like so many other so-called “Democrats,” are bought and paid for by the big ag and killing cartel interests that want to see wolves eradicated from our landscape. Shame on them and shame on the media for running with lies and dubious accounts like the ones reported above. Fear mongering and lies from the media and anti-wolf politicians illustrate exactly why wolves need continued federal protections.

Please contact Rep. Sensenbrenner’s office and set his staffer in charge of the anti-wolf legislation straight about the fact that there indeed was a wolf killing season in 2014 and that his information regarding pack location in the state is a flat out lie.

Also please keep up the pressure on Congress and the White House to make sure that they get the facts and not the lies and misinformation from misinformed staffers and fear mongering media.

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Yep, “No One” Wants to Eradicate Wolves and Wisconsin’s Killing Culture in Action


In addition to the hue and cry of wolves needing “management” by the great white hunters, anti-wolf factions constantly say that “no one wants wolves eradicated,” yet they scream about hordes of rampaging wolves, now protected from traps, packs of hounds, guns, and arrows, “decimating” livestock and “pets.” Your grandchildren aren’t even safe at bus stops from the thousands of wolves that apparently now know that they are back on the ESA list.

These are some comments made by representatives and lobbyists of anti-wolf groups about how they claim “no one” wants to eradicate wolves and they only want them “managed.” Take these comments from a 2012 “Wolf Stakeholder Meeting” about what their plan has been all along. This comes from Ralph Fritsch of the deceptively named hunting group, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation.

“Wished long time ago it could have been delisted. It would have been a better process. FWS gave state authority back, not the whole issue. Need to be Federally  (congressionally) delisted to give states time and so that everyone does not fee l they are running into a revolving door. Not all in agreement, sportsmen in state that care, and I mean sportsmen not people who just go out and shoot animals, we were biggest influence that wolf population grew because we made an agreement with the DNR that we would not harass wolves despite the fact that the population is three times over what was agreed upon. Illegal shootings not done by sportsmen, done by slob hunters. Hunters support wolves.”

Where exactly are these “hunters” that openly support wolves? I would like to see and hear from them. I am not holding my breath. I also like the line about how the wildlife killers “made an agreement” not to harass wolves? Really? So now “agreements” are needed with so-called “sportsmen” so they don’t break the law? The arrogance of these people are astounding. They really believe that the laws do not apply to them if they are not in agreement with them. This is exactly why congress should not return management to the states with people like this having influence. Next we have the 2012 words from the lobbyist for the disgraced Koch front group “United Sportsmen of Wisconsin,” Scott Meyer, making this claim:

Scott Meyer, a member of the Bear Hunters Association and lobbyist for United Sportsman, went even further. He said, “”Seven attorneys were involved with drafting this bill to make sure it didn’t put delisting in jeopardy. The bill is not liberal enough, but unfortunately, these are the cards we’ve been dealt. The idea that we’re going to extirpate the wolves is ludicrous.”

Contrast those comments to what members of these same groups are saying on the Facebook hosted anti-wolf hate pages and news articles and tell me that “no one” wants to see wolves eradicated.

“This is so frustrating,the wolves have there place in the upper Midwest. No one wants to eradicate these majestic animals. The dirty little secret is their former range
was in most of Americans back yards including these misinformed or activist Federal

I would bet “activist judges” are just fine when they shoot down immigration proposals and the Affordable Healthcare Act, right? No one wants to see them eradicated huh?

“I still don’t understand why we need to have any wolves at all. What do they do to benefit us. If you can’t hunt or trap them what are they actually benefitting. Do we gain state revenue for someone taking a picture? Do you have to buy a license to take a picture? Where does all the money to do the studies on these things come from? There is obviously a problem here when the season can’t even stay open for half of the time allotted. It is a different world then years ago. There are not the huge tracks of undeveloped land in the north anymore. These animals are traveling farther from where they belong in search of food since they have pretty much cleaned out everything in their home range. It’s really funny to me that the people who are making all these decisions don’t have a clue about what is going on in the north woods and the state in general when it comes to wildlife.”

Don’t have a clue? Maybe they don’t because if they really did know what was going on in the north woods with the sick hounder culture, they would be even more horrified. What this is appears to be another barstool biologist spreading lies and misinformation about how wolves are “eating everything.” These people never stop with their flat out lies and propaganda. The DNR’s own predator/prey studies show that wolves have a minimal at worst impact on deer populations. The seasons end quickly because wolf haters bait known wolf habitat for months and then saturate the area with traps to kill them. That doesn’t even take into account the 24/7/365 hounding on wolves that allows the anti-wolf people to pinpoint their exact locations throughout the year. Then we have these comments from some of the “sportsmen” that indeed want wolves eradicated. Here is just a taste of all those “sportsmen” who apparently do not believe that “no one wants to see wolves eradicated, “misspellings and all:

“I love how these extremist liberals argue how protecting an animal that murders livestock with its face is a must. Shoot them all and make a nice duvee cover.”

“Looks like another tree hugger. Smoke a pack a day!”

“Let the lead fly take them all!!!!!!”

“Who cares what size they are, it’s a wolf KILL EM ALL”

“KILL THEM ALL I have lost a few deer to them damn wolfs and coyotes”

“I was stalked by one up there two years ago bow hunting hope they shoot them all.”

“there are too many of them, our ancestors were right to not have them, and eliminated them!!!…kill them all!!!”

“My coonhound thanks you all. Keep smokin them!”

“Wipe them off Wisconsin along with pit bull dogs.”

“About 10 miles from there now, watching the Wi badgers kick ass, love Wi, and love smoking a pack a day” 

This is just one small sample of Wisconsin resident comments taken from a Facebook hosted anti-wolf hate page over the span of a few minutes. Nope “no one” wants to see wolves eradicated do they? Is it really “ludicrous” that wildlife advocates believe that the wolf haters want the species extirpated? Take this comment allegedly made by the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation representative to the state Wolf Advisory Committee and you decide:

“Maybe shooting those damn things in the gut ain’t kind, but it sure is fun”.

Nope. Wolves don’t need federal protection. Do they?

Need some more proof that this is a “jihad” against wolves and eradication is the ultimate goal? Take a look at the websites selling the skins of killed wolves in North America. Wolf skins appear to be selling anywhere from $500 to $1000. If what the Wisconsin DNR calls “harvesters” and I call bloodthirsty sadists, can get $500 to $1000 for each wolf they torture and kill, why wouldn’t they want more wolves on the landscape for them to “harvest?” We know that trappers are some of the most heartless and sadistic types within the hunting community so why wouldn’t they want an endless stream of income from making sure there are plenty of wolves to kill? This is an instance where sadism and ideology take precedence over money apparently. The comments on the anti-wolf hate sites, from anti-wolf politicians, and from killing cartel lobbyists show that they will only “accept” a token number of wolves on the landscape and only if try are able to torture, hound, and kill them pretty much year round. There is no other species in Wisconsin, or most other states for that matter, whose population is mandated to be kept at the bare minimum or next to nothing. Only wolves. Imagine if Wisconsin treated deer in the same manner that they treat wolves.

Just imagine if each year a panel of anti-deer lobbyists and loud mouth killing cartel representatives would sit down and demand that half of the deer population be killed for four and a half months, with dogs, traps, and everything short of artillery. Then when you can’t “kill” them, you can run dogs and bait them 24/7/365. Then automobile owners on the panel would demand reimbursement each time a deer is hit by a motor vehicle causing damage. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? But this is exactly how Wisconsin goes about “managing” wolves. How is it acceptable for a species, 3 years removed from being considered endangered, to be tormented by packs of vicious dogs 24/7/365, be baited, and be killed just for being “seen” by cowardly rancher types looking to make fast buck for their irresponsible husbandry?

Imagine if there were websites devoted to the eradication of deer. Imagine if there were politicians pining for deer to be killed off for no other reason than existing. Besides deer cause significantly more damage and kill many many more people each year than wolves ever have. The killing cartels would lose their minds because as their fallback they always point to how much money deer hunting brings to the economy each year. They NEVER take into account how much money wildlife watchers bring in and the fact that it more often than not dwarfs what hunters bring in.

Wisconsin’s Culture of Death and “Conservation” Congress 

We are mired in a culture of death in Wisconsin and nationwide. Animals are not living and sentient beings. They are “rack sizes,” “pelts,” and “game” to be tortured, killed, and used as backdrops for sadistic photographs from hardhearted people. All the while fluffy terms like “harvest” and “recruited” are used to describe this:

This is "sport" and "heritage" in Wisconsin.

This is “sport” and “heritage” in Wisconsin.

The days of hunting to “feed your family” or to “survive” are long gone. Need proof of this? Major newspapers put any “outdoor” or wildlife related news stories under the “sports” section. The non-human inhabitants of our planet are relegated to lesser importance than the box score for a high school basketball game. Maybe this is because if people actually looked at the bloody snuff pics on these pages that show grinning wildlife killers leering over a freshly snuffed out LIFE, they may be horrified. Dogs as weapons, traps, bait, electronic calls are just some examples of the techniques Wisconsin “wildlife managers” views as “ethical” and part of the state’s “heritage.”

What does this say about our state and our “culture” overall? Where killing other life forms has been renamed as “recreation” and an entire portion of the state economy is dependent on it? Wisconsin has some of the most beautiful landscapes and an amazing abundance of wildlife found in very few other places. Why can’t we seem to enjoy it without seeing it through a rifle scope or clamped down in the jaws of a dog, or trap? At no time during the course of a year is wildlife safe from harassment by dogs, getting acclimated to bait, or being killed during the multitude of state sanctioned killing seasons. When does the killing become enough? Apparently never because the Wisconsin Conservation Congress, like every year, is pining to allow more killing, in more ways, and of more species. This year they want to open a sandhill crane slaughter season, eliminate hour restrictions for trapper sadists, allow more bear killing with dogs in more areas for longer durations, allow the killing of white deer, allow the killing of more fishers, otters, and even TURTLES by trappers, open more lands for killing, and finally make the wolf killing season start at a later date. You may think the last one isn’t a bad idea, but the “devil” is in the details. Hounders are upset because they have had “minimal” opportunity to kill wolves with their dogs the last two years and this would allow them far more killing time before the season closes. The WCC questionnaire shows that Wisconsin is obsessed with killing more, for longer, and without limits. Only the fish people seem concerned about protecting and “conserving” the fish that they go after. That is certainly not the case with the shooters, hounders, and trappers and their destructive killing obsession.

The Wisconsin Killing Conservation Congress advisory votes are on April 13, 2015 at various locations in each county around the state. Make sure you attend to vote against Wisconsin’s killing culture and for once put wildlife ahead of the interests of the killing obsessed residents of this state.

The Boys and Girls Who “Cry Wolf” and the Morons That Believe Them


Fear mongering has become a staple of rural mindsets and right wing politics in general. One week ISIS is going to march down your streets and impose Sharia Law on all the good “god fearin'” Christians in Murcia. The next week immigrants with cantaloupe sized calves are going to stream across the border, take our jobs, and infect us with the disease of the week as part of some socialist plot. The fear mongering tactic of the month for anti-wolf factions appears to be to make us think that our poor poor farmers struggling on the lonely landscape are in danger of having their cattle, their pets, and grandchildren eaten alive by rampaging hoards of wolves. Literally within hours of the December federal court ruling that reinstated Endangered Species Act protections to wolves in the Great Lakes big ag propaganda arms were putting out stories about wolves eating newborn calves and terrorizing the poor defenseless ranchers.

“The stories we’ve been hearing over and over from our farmers and ranchers are tragic,” said Amber Hanson, associate director of the Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation. A member this week reported a fatal attack on a calf two hours after it was born, Hanson said, adding, “When your only option is to scream at a wolf, it doesn’t do a whole lot of good.”

Click this LINK and press the big red button to get my response to this.

They seemed to forego the tired and disproven “them wolfs is eatin’ all the deer” crap for the time being to make people believe that these poor defenseless farmers were out on the lonesome prairie trying to keep packs of vicious wolves at bay while the evil “Eco-Nazi” groups laughed at their “plight.” This tactic apparently works because the two so-called Democrat senators from Minnesota and the scandal plagued “progressive” senator from Wisconsin, Tammy Baldwin, came out in support of “state management” for wolves in the past and it appears she is onboard with the eradication program now. The fake Dems from MN even went so far as to buy into the lies and exaggerations from big ag interests in their state.

Klobuchar and Franken responded by email to a request for comment from the MDN.
“Senator Klobuchar has always supported delisting the gray wolf, and believes the science and the facts support the delisting. She successfully led the effort to delist the wolf through the Endangered Species Act and disagrees with the recent court decision relisting the wolf.

“As a result, she believes the Department of Interior should appeal the court decision and she is also considering legislation to address this,” said a spokeswoman in Klobuchar’s Washington office.

“Our farmers and ranchers are rightfully concerned about losing their livestock — their livelihood — to wolves,” said Sen. Franken. “That’s why I supported the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s decision to delist the gray wolf in 2011.

“My office has been in regular communication with the Fish and Wildlife Service about the judge’s ruling and I understand they are likely to press for an appeal. In the meantime, we need to deploy resources to protect livestock, and we have to make sure any losses are adequately covered by the Farm Bill’s livestock indemnity program.”


For all of the years that I worked for law enforcement agencies one of the most frequent calls we would receive were citizens reporting that someone “broke into” their vehicle and stole something. 99.9999 percent of the time when they were asked if they locked their doors the answer was a sheepish “no.” The same analogy applies to ranchers. In all of their freeloading arrogance they expect to leave “their” animals unattended or unguarded and then scream when a wolf or other predator behaves like a natural predator does.I am not comparing wolves to opportunistic criminals that steal from vehicles because the thieves know exactly what they are doing. Wolves see a prey species and see lunch regardless of how it got there. The point is if you lock your car doors it is highly unlikely that your stuff will get stolen. If you provide fencing, guard animals, and various other proven non-lethal techniques you will likely not lose any livestock. Unfortunately that means work and effort and just isn’t as “fun” as shooting, trapping, and hounding a species like the wolf. That and knowing the government is going to come in with a nice fat check leaves little incentive to change practices. Unfortunately it appears Congress feels the same way. Why peacefully solve a “problem” when you can just kill it? Funny how the issue with the wolves parallel our foreign policy failures.

I understand that there is hyperbole on both sides of this issue. But when one side only cares about handing out death based on lies and propaganda and the other side wants to protect a maligned species from this witch hunt, I think it is obvious which side to fall on. The anti-wolf lies and propaganda have reached a fever pitch in local newspapers across Wisconsin. Below are two examples of actual “letters to the editor” in Wisconsin newspapers. These are the people that our DNR and Congress listen to instead of the majority of citizens and world renowned scientists. I warn you now that if you are eating or drinking anything, please stop before reading these:

Wolves present problems

They kill cows, spread diseases and can threaten people.

The letter to the editor from Cheryl Hentz questioning my credibility regarding the threat posed by wolves plays fast and loose with the facts.

Hentz claims that cow depredation by wolves in 2014 amounted to 0.001 percent of the cattle in the state. In fact, cattle killed by wolves in 2014 occurred in 11 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties, primarily in the northern forested counties. If the total number of cattle are proportioned equally among the 72 counties, there would be 48,600 per county; thus, the cattle kills represent 0.07 percent in the 11 counties.

There’s also the matter of diseases carried by wolves that are transmitted to ungulates. Neosopra caninum and hydatosis are the most prevalent. The former causes abortions in ungulates and the latter causes large body cysts. Consequently, the impact of wolves cannot be measured only by the number of cattle killed and maimed.

The study cited by Hentz found that “when social structure (of wolves) is disrupted, multiple litters per social group become more common, in part because dominant individuals can no longer prevent subordinates from breeding.” It appears that hunting and trapping help wolf numbers to increase at a faster rate.

It may surprise Hentz to know that wolves cause me no angst. I’ve reserved my angst and sympathy for the families of the 2-year-old boy killed by a wolf in 1981 in Michigan, the 3-year-old girl killed by a wolf in 1989 in Minnesota, the 22-year-old man killed by wolves in 2005 in Saskatchewan, the young woman killed by wolves in 2009 in Nova Scotia, and the 32-year-old female teacher killed by wolves in 2010 in Alaska.

Earl Stahl,



What Stahl presents here goes from flat out lies to dubious claims of what really killed the man in 2005 and the woman in 2010. The other two instances are either flat out fabrications or wolves in captivity killing these people. These are the kind of lies and distortions that people like this guy push and the newspaper apparently makes no effort to correct. The “fuzzy math” is also laughable. But this isn’t even the most absurd one that came out in a local paper recently.

Remove wolves from Baraboo woods

My neighbor went ice fishing, and, after cleaning his catch, put the remains on my property near a game camera that he had mounted there with my permission. The next day, he had a picture of a wolf eating the fish remains.

I’ve lived five miles north of Baraboo for the past 38 years. I’ve seen and heard coyotes on my property many times, but this was the first wolf I know for sure was on the land.

This past summer, I saw very few squirrels and rabbits in the woods, ducks on the little pond, or turkeys, cranes and deer on the 40-acre grain field.

Our grandparents had the common sense to remove the wolves from the woods. Any resident of northern Wisconsin will tell you the wolves ruined the deer hunting opportunities there.

The Department of Natural Resources needs to remove the wolves from the Baraboo area so our woods will once again be filled with wildlife.

Shame on the people who placed the wolves in the Baraboo woods.

Brian Krusko, Baraboo


Other than an occasional disperser there are no documented wolf packs this far south in Wisconsin. So wolves are going out onto ponds and killing ducks now? Cranes? I thought there were so many of them that the DNR and Joel Kleefisch wants to start wholesale killing? This letter would be laughable for it’s sheer absurdity but this is truly the mindset of a vast number of yokels in this state. EVERYTHING is the fault of wolves in their eyes.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry after reading these fear mongering and ignorant propaganda pieces. Frankly I am not sure why these papers felt it acceptable to post such obvious drivel, but that is their choice. It does show what we are up against. Our country really hasn’t evolved much past the glamorized “Wild West” period that saw the genocide of Native Americans and the eradication of species like the bison and gray wolf from the lower 48. Those sick mindsets remain and the killing is now labeled as “conservation” and “management.”

While you digest all of the absurd musings of anti-wolf politicians, lobbyists, and ignorant yokels, please make sure to continue to keep the pressure on Congress and the White House to listen to the world renowned scientists that recently wrote a letter against the asinine and arrogant proposals before them. Do not let up. Share on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever your favorite social media forum is. We have to call these frauds out on their lies and propaganda. This is especially the case for the fake “Democrats” that are really only Tea Party-Lite. Shame them all and call them out for their misguided and spiteful positions.

Find Your Senators and Representatives

Contact the White House

Kline Bill Seeks to Open the Door for States to Completely Eradicate Wolves in the Great Lakes

"US Capitol Building at night Jan 2006" by Diliff - Self-published work by Diliff. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons -

“US Capitol Building at night Jan 2006” by Diliff – Self-published work by Diliff. Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons –

We make no illusions to the fact that the gray wolf is under a never ending attack from anti-wolf lobbying groups and members of Congress that are “owned” by these groups. A bill introduced last week by Tea Party extremists and anti-wolf fake “Democrats” seeks to completely remove all Endangered Species Act protections from Great Lakes wolves AND prevent them from EVER having any ESA protections in the future. While the (G)Reed Ribble bill is getting all of the attention, the other anti-wolf bill written by Tea Party extremist John Kline (R- MN Big Ag), H.R. 843, seeks to not only strip ESA protections from gray wolves in the Great Lakes it also would prevent ANY listing or protections for wolves in these states EVER under the ESA. Not only will this reopen the mass slaughter seasons in each state NOTHING would prevent these states from completely ERADICATING their wolf populations under this law. Here are the extremists “sponsoring” this bill followed by the full text:

Rep. Benishek, Dan [R-MI-1]

Rep. Huizenga, Bill [R-MI-2]

Rep. Moolenaar, John R. [R-MI-4]

Rep. Pearce, Stevan [R-NM-2]

Rep. Grothman, Glenn [R-WI-6]

Rep. Peterson, Collin C. [D-MN-7]

Rep. Duffy, Sean P. [R-WI-7]

Rep. Sensenbrenner, F. James, Jr. [R-WI-5]

[Congressional Bills 114th Congress]
[From the U.S. Government Printing Office]
[H.R. 843 Introduced in House (IH)]

  1st Session
                                H. R. 843

   To prohibit treatment of gray wolves in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and 
        Michigan as endangered species, and for other purposes.



                           February 10, 2015

  Mr. Kline (for himself, Mr. Benishek, Mr. Huizenga of Michigan, Mr. 
   Moolenaar, Mr. Pearce, Mr. Grothman, Mr. Peterson, and Mr. Duffy) 
 introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on 
                           Natural Resources


                                 A BILL

   To prohibit treatment of gray wolves in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and 
        Michigan as endangered species, and for other purposes.

    Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the 
United States of America in Congress assembled,


    This Act may be cited as the ``Western Great Lakes Wolf Management 
Act of 2015''.


    In this Act:
            (1) State.--The term ``State'' means each of the States of 
        Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan.
            (2) Wolf.--The term ``wolf'' means any species, subspecies, 
        or population segment of Canis lupus.


    Any wolf in Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Michigan shall not be treated 
under any status of the Endangered Species Act of 1973 (16 U.S.C. 1531 
et seq.), including as an endangered species, a threatened species, an 
essential experimental population, or a nonessential experimental 


    (a) State Management Authority.--Each State shall have exclusive 
jurisdiction over the management of wolves within the borders of that 
    (b) Protection by States.--Nothing in this Act shall preclude any 
State from providing protections to wolves equivalent to those 
protections provided by the Endangered Species Act of 1973 (16 U.S.C. 
1531 et seq.).
    (c) Reimbursement by States.--Nothing in this Act shall preclude 
any State from reimbursing the owner of livestock for any loss of 
livestock that results from depredation by wolves, or that derives from 
wolves, that were introduced into the wild.

This bill along with the (G)Reed Ribble bill will reopen the door to continue mass slaughter of wolves for revenge and political purposes and possibly lead to these states allowing for the total eradication of wolves with no recourse for federal protections. Wisconsin already allows for 24/7/365 hounding against wolves, but the Kline bill would allow for unlimited killing under the guise of “exclusive state management.” This is a VERY dangerous course of action that Congress is embarking on. We expect this from the extremist Tea Party factions but the eagerness of certain “Democrats” to jump on board is extremely alarming. This revolting behavior by anti-wolf extremists on both sides of the aisle in Congress prompted 50 world renowned biologists to pen a letter to Congress expressing extreme concern with the direction that this is going and to call for continued ESA protections for gray wolves.

February 18, 2015
An Open Letter to Members of Congress
from Scientists on Federal Wolf Delisting

We, the undersigned scientists, are writing to express opposition to the prospect that Congress might
act to delist gray wolves (Canis lupus) from the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

The best available science indicates that the gray wolf occupies a mere fraction of its historic range and therefore has not yet recovered from centuries of systematic persecution.

For this reason, and in recognition of the ecological benefits wolves bring,
millions of tourism dollars to local economies, and abundant knowledge from scientific study, we ask Congress to act to conserve the species for future

The ESA requires the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) to base all listing decisions “solely on the basis of the best scientific and commercial data available” and that a species must be considered endangered if it is “at risk of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range” (Sections 3 and 4 of the ESA). A species is recovered when it no longer fits that definition and is unlikely to fit that definition in the foreseeable future. The best available science clearly indicates that wolves do not meet that standard – they occupy only a small portion of their former range—and that the species could occupy much more of its former range if the threats (primarily, human-caused mortality and inadequate regulatory mechanisms) were properly mitigated.

Despite this fact, the FWS has repeatedly removed federal ESA protections from wolves. It did so by distorting the plain meaning of the phrase, “significant portion of its range,” an important component of the ESA. Those distorted interpretations of the ESA are antithetical to what Congress intended when it enacted the ESA. Those distorted interpretations were also rejected by numerous federal courts that have ordered the FWS to restore federal protections to wolves, including two rulings in 2014 alone.

Currently, wolves are absent from most of the United States, with potentially secure populations in only a handful of states (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan). Yet, in those same states, the loss of federal protections resulted in state-sanctioned seasons on wolves at levels designed to reduce their populations to arbitrary goals, which were based on politics but not the best available science. For instance, since delisting, in Minnesota, the population has been reduced by 20 percent,
and in Wisconsin, by at least 15 percent, but likely by more.vii Before a federal court intervened, the Wyoming Legislature ordered that 80 percent of the state be open to unlimited wolf killing. Killing of wolves in Montana and Wyoming has even included wolves that should enjoy protections in Yellowstone and Teton national parks—the place where thousands of tourists go annually just to see wolves and support rural economies.

In rare circumstances, individual livestock owners suffer from wolves killing their livestock.
Assisting those livestock owners is both appropriate and readily accomplished through implementing non-lethal methods.

Added to this, livestock growers benefit by managing wolves as “threatened” under the ESA, which permits lethal management under a Section 4(d) rule, allowing agencies to use lethal control of wolves to resolve wolf-livestock conflicts.

Some have expressed their concern for human safety, but such fears should not be an obstacle to recovery. While there has never been a record of a healthy wild wolf attacking a human in the lower 48 states, the ESA listing still allows lethal removal of wolves for human safety reasons.

For all of these reasons, we urge Congress to oppose any legislation to remove the gray wolf (Canis lupus) from protections under the ESA. Wolves are an enormous asset to the biological diversity of our country and are well tolerated by the American public. After decades of making excellent progress toward recovery, it would be a shame to stop before the final goal is accomplished.


David M. Armstrong, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of Colorado
Boulder, Colorado

Marc Bekoff, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of Colorado
Boulder, Colorado

Bradley Bergstrom, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Biology
Valdosta State University
Valdosta, Georgia

Jim Berkelman, Ph.D.
Faculty Associate
Forest and Wildlife Ecology
University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin

Robert L. Beschta, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
Forest Ecosystems and Society
Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon

Goran E. D. Bloomberg, Ph.D.
Wildlife Ecologist, retired
Lansing, Michigan

Eugenia Bragina, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Forest and Wildlife Ecology
University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin

Barbara Brower, Ph.D.
Geography Department
Portland State University
Portland, Oregon

Jeremy Bruskotter, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
School of Environment and Natural Resources
Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio

Joseph K. Bump, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
School of Forest Resources and Environmental
Michigan Technological University
Houghton, Michigan

Carlos Carroll, Ph.D.
Klamath Center for Conservation Research
Orleans, California

Amanda Cheeseman, Ph.D.
Graduate Research Assistant
Environmental Science and Forestry
State University of New York
Syracuse, New York

Robert Evans, M.S.
Wildlife Biologist
US Forest Service, retired
Iron River, Michigan

Tracy S. Feldman, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biology
Department of Natural and Life Sciences
St. Andrews University
Laurinburg, North Carolina

Richard Fredrickson, Ph.D.
Missoula, Montana

Bob Gillespie, Ph.D.
Agriculture and Natural Resources
Wenatchee Valley College
Wenatchee, Washington

Anthony J. Giordano, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Ventura, California

Jacob R. Goheen, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology &
University of Wyoming
Laramie, Wyoming

Craig K. Harris, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Sociology
Michigan State University
East Lansing, Michigan

Philip Hedrick, Ph.D.
Ullman Professor of Conservation Biology
School of Life Sciences
Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona

Gretchen Kaufman, DVM
Assistant Director for Global Health Education
and Training
Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health
Washington State University
Pullman, Washington

Ken Keefover-Ring, Ph.D.
Assistant Scientist
Department of Entomology
University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin

Leah R. Knapp, D.V.M.
Professor of Biology
Biology Program Director
Department of Natural and Physical Sciences
Olivet College
Olivet, Michigan

Theresa L. Kong, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biology
Biology Department
William Rainey Harper College
Palatine, Illinois

Ralph Lampman, M.S.
Research Biologist
Department of Natural Resources
Yakama Nation, Prosser, Washington

James M. Le Moine, M.S.
Research Laboratory Specialist
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Jennifer Leonard, Ph.D.
Tenured Researcher
Department of Integrative Ecology
Estación Biológica de Doñana, CSIC
Seville, Spain

Richard L. Lindroth, Ph.D.
Professor and Associate Dean for Research
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin

Yan Linhart Ph.D.
Professor of Biology, Emeritus
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
University of Colorado
El Cerrito, California (currently)

Malcolm R. MacPherson, Ph.D.
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Stephen Malcolm, Ph.D.
Department of Biological Sciences
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, Michigan

Jason P. Martina, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biology
Department of Mathematics and Sciences
Our Lady of the Lake University
San Antonio, Texas

Lisa Naughton, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Geography
University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin
Michael Paul Nelson, Ph.D.
Ruth H. Spaniol Chair of Renewable Resources
Professor of Environmental Philosophy and
Lead-PI, HJ Andrews LTER Program
Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society
Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon

David Parsons, M.S.
Carnivore Conservation Biologist
The Rewilding Institute
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Paul C. Paquet, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor
Departments of Geography & Biology
University of Victoria
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Kathleen Perillo, M.S.
Biology and Environmental Science
Clark College
Vancouver, Washington

Rolf Peterson, Ph.D.
Robbins Professor of Sustainable Management
of the Environment
School of Forest Resources and Environmental
Michigan Technological University
Houghton, Michigan

Stuart Pimm, Ph.D.
Doris Duke Professor of Conservation
Nicholas School of the Environment
Duke University
Durham, North Carolina

Mike Phillips, M.S.
Montana State Senator, and
Executive Director
Turner Endangered Species Fund
Bozeman, Montana

Rich Reading, Ph.D.
Associate Research Professor
University of Denver
Denver, Colorado

William J. Ripple, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor of Ecology
Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon

Daniel D. Roby, Ph.D
Department of Fisheries and Wildlife
Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon

Steve Sheffield, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor
College of Natural Resources and Environment
Virginia Tech
Falls Church, Virginia, and
Associate Professor
Department of Natural Sciences
Bowie State University, Maryland

Jeffrey W. Snyder, Ph.D
Department of Biology
Western Oregon University
Monmouth, Oregon

John M. Stewart, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
Northland College
Washburn, Wisconsin

Heather Stricker, M.S.
Certified Wildlife Biologist, retired
Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Michael Soule, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
Environmental Studies
UC Santa Cruz; and
Founder and First President of
Society for Conservation Biology
Paonia, Colorado

Adrian Treves, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Environmental Studies
University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin

Bridgett vonHoldt, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Princeton University
Princeton, New Jersey

John Vucetich, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
School of Forest Resources and Environmental
Michigan Technological University
Houghton, Michigan

Jonathan Way, Ph.D.
Founder, Eastern Coyote/Coywolf Research
Research Scientist, Marsh Institute, Clark
Osterville, Massachusetts

Full text of February 18, 2015 Letter to Congress

As you can see these biologists are well known and respected voices within the fields of carnivore studies, wildlife biology, environmental studies, etc. It was no small matter to get so many of these voices together to speak out against the reckless and ESA destroying plans now before Congress. This is as serious as it gets folks. Congress is opening the door for a second eradication of wolves in the Great Lakes and eventually nationwide. I personally do not trust any of the three states involved to property “manage” the wolves residing in their territory, especially Wisconsin. If Congress removes protections or even the threat of federal protections I am afraid that these states will not hesitate to eradicate the wolves remaining there or only allow a token population at most. Congress better think long and hard about what doors they will be opening with these bills, especially the Kline eradication bill. Please write Congress and the White House below and let them know you support the biologists and what they express in their letter rather than the endless fear mongering of big ag, killing cartels, and bought and paid for politicians.

Find Your Senators and Representatives

Contact the White House 

Please visit the Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf page and watch their film “Political Predator” about how Wisconsin threw science out the window to allow for the mass slaughter of wolves and legalized dog fighting.

Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf

Scott Walker Welcomes the “Fox” Into the Hen House With Open Arms and We Pay For It


“Sportsmen for Walker.” This slogan has adorned yard signs and bumperstickers since 2010. The trophy obsessed “sportsmen” of Wisconsin believed that if NRA and Koch shill Scott Walker (R-Koch Industries) was elected as governor they would get whatever they wanted and for the first four years they essentially did. Walker appointed kill everything extreme hunting group shills to DNR positions and the Natural Resources Board. He also gave extremist killing groups like the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association and their lobbyist, Bob Welch, whatever they wanted. Reckless hounder “training” bill that extended and expanded the “training” of packs of vicious dogs against bears? Check. Bill that opened up wolves to a four and a half months slaughter season? Check. The same bill that allows 24/7/365 use of dogs against wolves? Check. Continued bribes to hounders that allegedly have their dogs killed by wolves. Check. Allowing expanded hunting and trapping in state parks? Check. Allowing killing in cities and blocking those cities from preventing it? Check.

With all of these giveaways it’s only natural that the Walker would want something in return from the extremist killing cartels. Right? He got that when the Bob Welch lobbied groups, the Wisconsin Bear Hunter Association and Safari Club International, lobbied in support of the reckless and destructive mining bill designed to eviscerate the Penokee Hills in northern Wisconsin. Then we had disgraced former Assembly Majority Leader and bear hounder shill, Rep. Scott Suder (R-ALEC) given an appointment by Walker to the public services commission. That appointment quickly crashed and burned when it was discovered that Suder worked with a Koch Bothers front group known as “United Sportsmen of Wisconsin” that was led by a convicted poacher and former official in the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association. Somehow Suder escaped any charges and went immediately to become a lobbyist for a Koch front paper industry group.

Fast forward to this week where Walker’s administration announced the appointments of a former executive of a large power company and a MINING COMPANY LOBBYIST to the Department of Administration and Public Service Commission respectively.

Gov. Scott Walker announced a number of changes in the ranks of his top administrators Monday, including the replacement of state Department of Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch with former Madison Gas & Electric executive Scott Neitzel.

Neitzel, who abruptly stepped down as senior vice president of the utility company late last week, will lead the powerful agency, which is responsible for the state’s two-year budget plan, introduced by Walker in early February.

Huebsch is moving to the Public Service Commission, where he’ll serve as one of three commissioners appointed by the governor. Ellen Nowak, who is currently a commissioner, will replace Phil Montgomery as chairperson, starting March 1.

Bob Seitz, previously a spokesman for Gogebic Taconite, has been named executive assistant for the Public Service Commission. Neither Seitz nor Bill Williams, the mining company’s president, could be reached for comment Monday.

If this isn’t enough in the daily dose of cronyism, pay to play, and overall destruction of Wisconsin, Walker has now made it clear that the state parks are now on his list of what is next to be pillaged, sold off, or weakened to the point of manufacturing another “crisis” that will “force” them to be privatized.

Gov. Scott Walker wants to remove state tax money from the operation of Wisconsin’s state parks and make them self-sustaining, a move one national expert said is unlikely to work without major changes in operations.

As part of his 2015-17 state budget, Walker is proposing to remove all general-purpose revenue to operate Wisconsin state parks, trails and recreation areas — a cut of $4.6 million, or nearly 28 percent, of their current $16.7 million operational budget, according to the Legislative Fiscal Bureau.

To help make up for the loss of tax revenue, the Walker administration is projecting higher revenues from a proposed hike in campsite and entrance fees next year.

But the overall operational budget would decline under Walker’s proposal to $15.6 million for next fiscal year, or $1.1 million less than the current year, the fiscal bureau said. The cut would take effect beginning in July.

Since his coronation as state governor Walker has manufactured crisis after crisis and then claims to “fix” them after implementing draconian cuts along with taking more and more from public employees and social safety nets. All this while continuing to weaken consumer, equal rights, and environmental protections at all levels of state government.

His DNR has essentially stopped enforcing poaching violations and environmental disasters. It got so bad that even the anti-wolf kill everything shill and head of the deceptively named hunting group, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, George Meyer even publicly pointed this out in the media.

This means nothing to Walker who has defined his tenure as governor by destroying public sector unions, decimating all aspects of environmental regulation, appointing his cronies and donors to positions of power, eliminating social safety nets, and paying back his supporters through big handouts. This is what 52 percent of Wisconsin wants and apparently the state Democrats are too busy licking their wounds to fight back or get off of their asses and vote once every two years.

We can blame Walker and the Koch Brothers all day but in the end we let this happen. Those on the left apparently were too “busy” to vote in midterms and when we do turn out we put fake Democrats into power instead of the real progressives that we need to take this country back. Walker knows this so he played his “divide and conquer” strategy perfectly. All we Americans have left is our vote and apparently the majority of us refuse to even use that. That is how the Scott Walkers of the world attain power. Getting the office isn’t enough for zealots like Walker who thinks that the little voice in his ear is from “god” when the voice is really one of the Daddy Kochs. But by all means this is what you deserve Wisconsin for your apathy. Enjoy drinking toxic water filled with factory farm poop, breathing frac sand polluted air, dodging bullets, traps, and arrows in state parks, and paying more for the privilege.

“Sportsmen for Walker” my ass. This is the kind of “sportsman” that Walker made mainstream.

The modern Wisconsin "sportsman."

The modern Wisconsin “sportsman.”

Is this what you want?

Enjoy it Wisconsin it’s our monster now. The “fox” is not only in the hen house but it wants you to pay for their chicken dinner and thank them for it. Of course using a fox as an analogy is probably a bad idea because they probably killed the fox, after trapping it in a
state park, so that they could sell it’s fur to China, so they can sell it back to you as trim on your coat.

Are we ready for another recall or massive march on the Capitol yet? We better be soon or there will be nothing left to fight for.

For more background on one aspect of the crooked and disgusting nature of Walker’s Wisconsin please watch Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf’s film “Political Predator” at the link below:

Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf Releases Film “Political Predator”


Today, the grassroots wildlife advocacy group that I am proud to be a board member of, Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf, released a provocative documentary about what led up to Wisconsin’s wolf slaughter and the politics behind it. The film, “Political Predator,” can be viewed on YouTube and at the Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf website. The press release is below:

For more information:
Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf
117 Ardmore Drive
Madison, WI 53713


(Madison, WI) Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf, released a full feature documentary film today, live on YouTube, about the Wolf in Wisconsin which is like no other film to date. The film’s subject is how the Wisconsin Wolf Hunt came to be, and has been carried out until relisting in December of 2014. The wolf is currently in jeopardy again with two congressional bills. The film goes into great depth regarding the politicization of the species, including the attack on the Wisconsin Idea, the UW system and science. Wildlife biologists, educators, sociologists, native tribal leaders, politicians and farmers are included in this documentary.

Even if you aren’t partial to wolves, it’s a must see, especially in light of the current budget proposal. The film is produced by Melissa Smith and directed, edited and filmed by Trevor Triggs at Duckworks Media.

The film has been released on YouTube, February 17th, 2015 and also there will be several theater showings across Wisconsin and beyond. Please visit our website at to watch the documentary directly and there will be a private VIP Film release party for selected members, friends, media and politicians on Feb 26th.
Contact: Melissa Smith, Executive Director, Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf,, 608-234-8860,