For Memorial Day A Species I Wish Were Endangered: The Great American Chickenhawk

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Today, this post isn’t going to be about wildlife or the scum trying to defile it. Today’s post is a rant that I feel I need to share as someone that served in the military and observes the phony and fraudulent charlatans that call themselves “patriots.” This is my screed for Memorial Day and an expression of utter disdain for a species that I wish were endangered: The Great American Chickenhawk.

So comes the weekend of the Great American Chickenhawk. Where the great “patriots” of this country pull out their grills and coolers in honor of our veterans. The airwaves will be full of patriotic songs and movies illustrating the great sacrifices of our veterans and the Great American Chickenhawks will stop slurping their beer or gorging on grilled animal flesh to “remember” those that gave their lives for “freedom” or whatever the manufactured talking point of the day is. Then they will get in their giant gas guzzling vehicles made of foreign parts and drive by the countless homeless veterans and other less fortunate folks who don’t care that it is “Memorial Day.” They are just wondering where their next meal or place to sleep will come from. The “patriots” will call them “takers” and “bums” while the American flag stickers on their giant vehicles glisten in the sunlight next to the “support the troops” yellow ribbon sticker.

Our country is a hollow shell filled with fake “patriots” that care nothing about the people behind the yellow ribbons and what “Memorial Day” was supposed to be about. Do the majority of “patriots” think about the physically and mentally scarred remnants of the modern wars? Do they think about the children and countless innocents that became “collateral damage” of the wars that Faux News and our media championed and still champion to no end? Of course not. The Chickenhawk’s idea of “patriotism” consists of flying a flag, slurping beer at a campsite, gorging on grilled animal flesh, and watching Saving Private Ryan once as year. Then the rest of the year they whine about “big government” and pine to send others to far flung wars for “freedom” or whatever the war machine talking point of the day is. Then they ignore the suffering of those that had the nerve to return from these wars with mental or physical problems. Then they question the “patriotism” of those that dare question the motives of the ones sending them to these wars. All from the comfort of their warm homes and full refrigerators. Then they continue to bitch about “big government” while pounding the drums for the biggest element of that “big government” the war machine.

So excuse my bitterness and skepticism of our fake “patriot” society and read the article below to see how our veterans are repaid for their service.
Former VA official: Burn pits could be the new Agent Orange

No caption needed!

No caption needed!


Meet the “Barstool Biologist” That Thinks He Speaks for “Everyone” in Wisconsin about Wolves

The apparent meeting place for Wisconsin's most esteemed biologists.

The apparent meeting place for Wisconsin’s most esteemed biologists.

One of the terms that I like to use to describe anti-wildlife elements who think they have the answers to everything is that they are a “barstool biologist.” Nowhere is this more prevalent than among the anti-wolf elements in northern Wisconsin. These people like to run with the lies and myths such as “them wolfs is eatin’ all the deer” and “I don’t see no deer, but I see wolfs everywhere.” The latest propaganda talking point being furthered by anti-wolf factions and arrogant legislators like Taconite Tommy Tiffany is that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is turning Wisconsin into a “predator state.” To listen to these people you would think that Wisconsin was just overwhelmed with wolves, bears, coyotes, and those evil and horrible bobcats.

Nowhere have these lies and propaganda talking points been better illustrated than in a recently published “letter to the editor” of The Lakeland Times by Hazelhurst, Wisconsin resident and anti-wolf fearmongerer, Al LaPorte. If Hazelhurst, Wisconsin sounds familiar it is because this is where Taconite Tommy lives and in a strange coincidence the talking points of both are exactly the same. Here is the letter:

What does a D.C. judge know about Wisconsin wolves?

To the Editor:

I read Melissa Smith’s letter to the editor of The Lakeland Times (Friday, May 8, 2015). While I agree the DNR has screwed up our deer population (too many doe permits for too many years), I have to wonder how a judge in Washington D.C. knows so much about Wisconsin wolves?

If you don’t think the DNR is turning northern Wisconsin into a predator state, why does it take about eight years to get a bear tag, six to seven years to get a bobcat tag, and you can’t even get a wolf tag? She thinks wolves are at a dangerously low population. Well, maybe in Madison there aren’t many, but in the Northwoods there are more than the area can handle (remember the 350 wolves everyone agreed to?)

As far as dogs being used to fight wolves, what world does she live in? I guess Ms. Smith can just distort reality to make a point. Wolves are not in a “dirty culture war.” It is groups like hers that take up the wolf as a “symbol of wilderness” when in reality the wolf is just a part of the whole system.

The coyote has had no season and no limit (except during some deer seasons) and they have survived. Why must we put the wolf above the rest of the wildlife?

So, what has happened is the DNR depleted our deer heard, and the predators are stopping the comeback, and I am tired of the people in Madison shoving their opinions and rules down our throats. How would it be, if we took away the number of police officers in Madison because we do not need that many in northern Wisconsin, and said you should learn to live with the chaos?

Al LaPorte

While it just induces a migraine to read the false equivalencies, fabrications, propaganda, and downright arrogance of this letter, I will break it down point by point.

The letter starts with the usual barstool biologist/rural talking point that it is just impossible for someone in the “big city,” in this case a federal judge, to know anything about Wisconsin wolves. How arrogant this judge must me to actually read and interpret a law the way that the law was written. Didn’t you know that rural folks apparently know everything and some big city judge has no right to tell them that they can’t fight wolves with their dogs or trap, shoot, and arrow those evil grandchildren eating beasts?

Next we have the latest Northern Wisconsin anti-wolf talking point that Wisconsin is being turned into a “predator state.” So why are we now a “predator state?” According to the esteemed barstool biologist, Al LaPorte, it is because it just takes too darn long for him to get a kill permit for one of those evil predators. Obviously this must be because there are just so many predators in the state that the tree hugging Wisconsin DNR want to protect. What? Mr. LaPorte is apparently of the opinion that predator killing should be a free for all and kill permits should be given to everyone that wants one. Then he completely contradicts his own argument later in his letter by stating that wolves should be treated like all other wildlife. So if he believes that wolves should be treated like all other wildlife then that means a system of quotas and limits to the number of permits issued, right? This argument and “woe is me” arrogance of these anti-wolf types show exactly what they are all about. They believe that their selfish “need” to kill takes precedence over everyone else or the health of a species.

The next part uses another barstool biologist talking point by claiming that “everyone agreed” to the number of 350 wolves in Wisconsin. By “everyone” I assume LaPorte is referring to his own circle of anti-wolf elements that had to be be essentially bribed by the Wisconsin DNR so that they wouldn’t poach wolves? The bear hounders are so special that they had to make an “agreement” with the Wisconsin DNR so that they wouldn’t break the law by poaching a federally protected species. That should tell you all that you need to know about the types of people LaPorte represents in his letter.

The biggest whopper of the entire letter appears next. LaPorte claims that the idea of dogs fighting wolves is just absurd. He asks what world does the original letter writer live in? Gee I wonder what world that is. Maybe the world where the Wisconsin DNR paid out a total of $55,827.32 in the past year for hounds allegedly killed or injured by wolves? How about the total payout of this scam program of $573,512.38 since the whole hounder bribe system started? Nope dogs don’t fight wolves. If that is the case then I expect all the hounders that received reimbursements to refund each and every dime that they were paid.

Mr. LaPorte then claims that there isn’t a “culture war” surrounding wolves. The absurdity of this claim is proven false by the mere fact that he wrote his letter. The letter contains nothing but hyperbole and whining about how those poor rural folk are “told what to do” by those evil people in the “big city.” All one has to do is take a look at the vile, racist, and hate filled postings by one of the several anti-wolf hate sites that infect Facebook and other media forums to see that the wolf is central in this “culture war.” Any bets he is a fan of such sites?

Finally LaPorte has to sum up his letter by claiming that predators are stopping the “comeback” of the deer population in Wisconsin. Funny I didn’t know that deer were an endangered species that needed to “comeback.” But when one looks at it from the selfish viewpoint of the “great white hunters” of Wisconsin there can never be enough deer to kill in their “whole state is a game farm” mentality. People like LaPorte want “on-demand” hunting where they are guaranteed a kill and nothing, especially predators, can get in the way of the dominionist attitude that many like him posses. He is “tired”of people in Madison “shoving their opinions down his throat.” Really? Last I checked, Madison and it’s residents were tax paying citizens of the State of Wisconsin. Much of that tax money goes to prop up rural areas like Hazelhurst, Wisconsin. Last I saw residents of Madison also far outnumber the residents of Hazelhurst, Wisconsin. I see plenty of rural mindsets and opinions being shoved down our throats in the “big city.” Using dogs against wolves and other wildlife? That didn’t come from urban representatives. Archaic abortion restrictions? Those didn’t come from urban representatives. Act 10? That sure didn’t come from Madison representatives. Nor has the myriad of other anti-environment, anti-wildlife, anti-progressive, anti-education, anti-everything “liberal” scorched Earth polices that were rammed down OUR throats by arrogant rural blowhards like your very own Tom Tiffany. So don’t pretend to act like those of us in the “big city” are “forcing” anything on you. Frankly on both the state and national level it is exactly the opposite. Urban citizens and majority opinions are being ignored in favor of rural minority positions and dominionist attitudes. 

The final sentence of LaPorte’s letter is the typical rural straw-man argument that barstool biologists and the anti-wolf rural types use all the time.

How would it be, if we took away the number of police officers in Madison because we do not need that many in northern Wisconsin, and said you should learn to live with the chaos?

The false equivalency here is staggering. Actually with all of the poachers and law breakers that infect northern Wisconsin, I would argue that you do need massively increased law enforcement up there but that is not the issue in this post. Barstool biologists and “the sky is falling” rural types like to pretend that if something doesn’t go THEIR WAY that everyone feels the same way or that there is “chaos.” When it comes to wolves the very anti-wolf DNR, commissioned a survey last year showing overwhelming support for wolves and maintaining their current populations. There was even majority support in the areas of the north that wolves inhabit contrary to this guy’s assertions. If not getting to kill a bear, wolf, bobcat, deer, etc. is what constitutes “chaos” in Mr. LaPorte’s world then his issues go far beyond that of wildlife management.

Judging from his history of letter to editors this is not the first time Mr. LaPorte has used such hyperbole and overexaggerations to illustrate his “points.” One only has to look at a letter he wrote to the same publication in December of 2014 crying out about the “thousands” of wolves in Wisconsin.

Predators – Until 1984, hunters received a bear tag with their rifle tag and a bobcat tag with their small game license. Also, hunters legally shot every wolf they saw. Now it takes a hunter nine years to get a bear tag, (8 1/2 years average in zone D) and seven years for a bobcat tag. There are more bear and bobcat than ever. Plus the DNR doesn’t seem to have a clue about how many thousands of wolves there really are in northern Wisconsin. These predators need to eat, and deer meat is on the menu.

Does anyone wonder why so many wildlife advocates do not want states like Wisconsin to ever regain “management” of wolves? In the meantime enjoy more of the barstool biology and musings of a very arrogant man that thinks he speaks for all of Wisconsin in this other “letter to the editor.”

Letter: ‘Pro-wolf’ writers don’t know Wisconsin

Live From Mom’s Basement: The Scourge of Internet Trolls

Image from South Park Studios Website.

Image from South Park Studios Website.

I haven’t had a real good troll rant for a while on this blog so I think that today is a good day for it. Dating back to my days blogging on the Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic site, I have dealt with each of the troll types that I list below. They are both infuriating and laughable at the same time. Any wildlife advocate knows about these types and all ponder how to deal with them all the time.

Each and every time there is an article about wildlife being killed or domestic animals being treated with abhorrent cruelty the apologists and gutter slime troll elements like to counter with the argument of: “why don’t you focus your attention on all the humans suffering? It’s just an animal.” They have this mindset that if a person shows compassion and caring for animals that it somehow takes away from showing the same compassion and caring for humans. The trolls also seem to neglect to mention that they very likely are as equally hating of their fellow man and wouldn’t put down their Red Bull and Cool Ranch Doritos long enough to leave their mom’s basement to assist man or animal. This type of troll really fits the definition of a troll because most of their time is spent underground. These are also the same trolls that like to post things like “mmmmm bacon” and “People Eating Tasty Animals” on stories about horrific abuse against pigs or other “livestock.” We all have seen those types.

Then we have the obviously paid trolls that have to attack on online forums anything that might appear “liberal” or “lefty.” This species is known as the Koch Troll. An example of this species posted a comment following a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article about an area of Door County Wisconsin wetlands being designated as “globally significant.” Brace yourself for this Koch sewage bubbling to the surface:

“Protection of the wetlands is “essential to the life of our planet,” George Cobb said.” Let’s test that statement and drain the wetlands, then see if we all die. I’m guessing we wouldn’t, which shows the hyperbole that environmental extremists are forced to use to defend their fallacious world view. And global warming isn’t a fact, it’s a computer model based on a hypothesis, with literally no non-tampered with evidence to back it up.”

These types of trolls like to pretend that they are some kind of scientific authority and that if something doesn’t directly impact or benefit them then it should be destroyed. Essentially this type of troll is a mirror image of Taconite Tommy Tiffany only instead of destroying Wisconsin from the State Capitol building, they are trying to destroy it from mom’s basement.

The next trolls are the “hunters” that like to remind everyone that they kill animals to “put food on the table” or for “conservation.” They claim to only kill to “feed their families” while in the next sentence extol the virtues of eradicating any predator that gets in their way. They also conveniently fail to mention that the wolves, coyotes, bobcats, etc. that they kill are not “put on the table” or consumed in any way. These trolls know that they kill strictly for the thrill of the kill but need to pretend that they are doing it for a higher purpose rather than just sheer bloodlust. If these people are so proud about procuring food to “put on the table” why don’t they take pictures holding up the pack of hamburger that they picked up at the grocery store in the same manner they leer over the bloody animals they kill? If they are so proud of “putting food on the table” why not have big stickers on the rear of their pick up trucks that say “Grocery Shopper” rather than “Bow Hunter” or whatever “look at me” nonsense they decorate with? How about going out in public wearing something other than camouflage on everything right down to their phone cases. Because nothing says “rugged outdoorsman” than your iPhone  inside of a camo Otterbox, or donning camo to walk through the aisles of Walmart. Each time I see one of those morons I hope they drop their phone in the woods and the camo makes it impossible to find. That would be the ultimate in karma.

But it’s not just the anti-wildlife/anti-environment trolls that fire me up. The internet has provided a platform for the most vile among us to spew garbage and vitriol that most would never have the courage to say in public. No media platform is immune from this. On a national level the NBC News website comment sections have become quasi-Klan revivals full of racist trolling that any sensible news outlet should be ashamed of hosting. Apparently NBC is fine with it because it gets worse by the day. On the local level the website for Madison’s Channel 3 TV station, Channel 3000, has fallen into the same troll filled gutter where posters openly post racist taunts and attacks on anything deemed “liberal” or “progressive.” Again they give an open forum to spread the hate with apparently no oversight. Amazing how the same people spewing on about “freeloaders,” “takers,” and telling people to “get a job” are the ones that seem to be able to post hate filled comments 24/7/365 all while expressing the greatness of the “job creators.” Hmmmm fakin’.

The internet is an amazing tool that allows people like myself to have a forum to engage people in topics that sadly far too often falls out of the mainstream. The internet is also a very dark place inhabited by paid shills for evil corporate interests, vile racist/sexist/violent trolls, misinformation, and political propaganda mouthpieces hellbent on getting the old “liberal” or “bleeding heart” all riled up.

I often ponder how to counter the “dark side” of the internet. We have all tried countering with facts, but unfortunately that usually fails when dealing with people paid to shill a viewpoint or people that are ardent followers of a particular ideology. It fails even worse when trying to counter the basement dweller troll whose sole purpose in life, other than consuming voluminous amounts of Mountain Dew and Doritos, is to try and upset and offend animal welfare advocates or those fighting for common decency. The internet has given these losers a powerful medium to terrorize or offend previously unreachable elements of society. Their whole purpose in life is to get a rise out of you and make you lash out. Then they are getting the attention that they so long for. The best way to counter these slobs? Don’t give any attention to them. As hard as that may be I have found that it is best to ignore the trolls and let them stew in their own filth. Nothing upsets a troll more than being ignored. In my case that is what that nice little “garbage can” symbol is for when one of their posts come in. Just where these vermin belong.

Taconite Tommy Throws a Hissy Fit and Science Itself Must Pay

Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Throughout human history politicians have always used their positions and influence to punish rivals or further their agendas. This is nothing new but in Wisconsin it always has to be taken to more and more lofty extremes to the point of punishing the foundation of science itself.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how Wisconsin just had to one up the assholes of the nation by sending out lay off notices to 57 Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources employees on Earth Day. These were not just any employees but those that belonged to the science division of the agency. While the anti-science stance of the anti-environment, anti-wolf, anti-everything labeled “progressive” or “liberal,” Walker Administration should not come as a surprise the petty reasons behind these latest cuts are truly disturbing.

According to a news article published today the root of the DNR science cuts seem to lead back to one of the most vindictive and extreme anti-environment legislators in the state, “Taconite” Tom Tiffany (R-GTAC). Tiffany is a long time anti-wolf/anti-wildlife legislator but his extremism and profile were taken to new heights when he pushed for legislation to gut environmental regulations to pave the way for a giant open pit mine for out of state company, GTAC.

When the mining company announced in February that it was not proceeding with the mine, poor Taconite Tommy went on a whining rampage and proceeded to blame everyone from the Forest Service, to the EPA, to a federal judge relisting wolves (???), to Obama himself for the failure of his pet project. Says Tiffany:

Make no mistake, what occurred with GTac is not an isolated situation. The EPA and the Obama administration are openly hostile to natural resources utilization in our state and country. Not long ago, the president vetoed the Keystone pipeline — slowing our efforts for greater energy self-sufficiency. This is happening at the same time the U.S. Forest Service continues to restrict timber harvest on federal forest lands even though there is twice as much growth as harvest. A federal judge stopped Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan from managing wolves. And now the EPA is stifling mining projects from Alaska to Michigan.

Rural America is caught in the sights of a radical EPA, and northern Wisconsin residents’ economic prosperity is their latest casualty.

Funny. What Taconite Tommy fails to mention is that the EPA had NOTHING to do with GTAC pulling out. They were just a convenient scapegoat for the reckless company and Tiffany to fall back on when they could no longer hide the extreme destruction that the mining project would have brought. Tiffany also failed to mention how the plummeting prices of taconite made the whole operation not fiscally prudent for the company. But those facts can’t get in the way of the rural persecution complex that extremists like Taconite Tommy and his benefactors like to play off of.

Obviously upset with the nerve of scientists being scientists, Tiffany now has apparently set his sights on destroying the last remaining elements of science in the Wisconsin DNR because they dared not tell him what he wanted to hear. Even more absurd is Taconite Tommy also setting out to destroy the DNR science bureau because his “constituents” didn’t get to kill enough bobcats. This is not a joke. From the Cap Times article:

Many observers believe it’s because they’re the pet peeves of Sen. Tom Tiffany. Although the Hazelhurst Republican hasn’t announced he is behind the proposed cuts, he has been critical of DNR research since the cuts in Gov. Scott Walker’s budget were announced, called climate change “theoretical.” He has also penned scathing columns about the department’s efforts on CWD management and the state’s bobcat harvest quotas, which he thinks are too low.

This is where we are now folks. One arrogant and extreme state senator can now destroy an entire agency based on his own twisted biases and sense of revenge. But it’s not just wolves, bobcats, and wetlands, that Taconite Tommy has as reasons for destroying the science bureau. He also has a problem with climate change being studied by the scientists:

Tiffany didn’t return phone and email messages for comment. But in response to a question about his position on DNR research on climate change, he recently told the Milwaukee Journal, “I do have a real problem with them putting so much emphasis on that and making recommendations for changes in policies based on something that’s theoretical.”

So here we are Wisconsin. We are now being controlled by arrogant/ignorant/vindictive little men that we are apparently going to allow to push us around and destroy all that we hold dear. Let’s destroy science itself because poor Taconite Tommy Tiffany doesn’t get to kill enough bobcats or destroy enough wetlands. This is what our state has become.

Let Taconite Tommy know exactly how you feel about his petty vindictiveness and let your own state representatives know how catering to the childish whims of one little man and his biases are not an acceptable way for our alleged “democracy” to run.

Madison Office:
Room 409 South
State Capitol Madison, WI 53707-7882

Telephone: (608) 266-2509


Voting Address:
4973 Willow Dam Rd.
Hazelhurst, WI 54531

If you are a Wisconsin resident find your legislators here:

Wisconsin’s Obsession With Indoctrinating Children into the Killing Culture

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

One of the biggest and most disturbing fallacies that “outdoors” writers for newspapers and “fish and wildlife” departments like to perpetrate is the idea that the only way people can enjoy nature is to participate in the killing “sports.” With decreased participation in bloodsports also comes a decrease in the money generated that pays for the “fish and wildlife” agencies. This provides quite the conundrum for these agencies. They could make an effort to push for ecotourism and to get people outdoors to enjoy the wonders of nature. They could welcome participation and funding from non-killing or “silent” sports aficionados like hikers and wildlife watchers. But as usual the wildlife exploiting government agencies and their kill everything propaganda mouthpieces in the media choose to take a third path. They choose to extol the greatness of killing and work to indoctrinate youth into the bloodsports in an attempt to maintain their current funding structure and to appease the killing cartels that control them.

One has to look no further than the latest article by pro-hounder, anti-wolf, kill everything “outdoors” writer, Patrick “Bunny Slayer” Durkin entitled “Wisconsin’s political leaders suffering from ‘nature-deficit disorder.’ Nice title, but then Durkin goes into the usual whining about how we just aren’t teaching enough kids how to be heartless killers and this must be because of “video games” and other electronics.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and wildlife agencies nationwide have spent recent years trying to recruit, retain and re-engage hunters and anglers in a society increasingly disconnected from nature.

As Richard Louv noted in his 2005 book “Last Child in the Woods,” kids often prefer to play indoors because, as one fifth-grader said, “That’s where the electrical outlets are.”

Likewise, schools and teachers team with agency staff to host workshops and outdoor classrooms in state parks, public forests and wildlife areas to show kids and young adults that there’s more to this world than TV, smartphones and electronic games.

Durkin goes on to complain about how Scott Walker and his anti-environment Administration are gutting the science elements from the DNR and are not focusing on getting people involved in “nature.” Maybe Durkin and his ilk should have thought about that before electing Walker and his goons to large majorities in state government under the banner of “Sportsmen for Walker.” The so-called “sportsmen” in this state got in bed with Walker so now they need to live with the consequences just like the rest of us have for the past four plus years.

Not once do we ever see Durkin or his bloodsport obsessed ilk ever mention that there may be another reason for this “disconnect” with nature. Maybe the youth of today or adult non-hunters just don’t buy into Wisconsin’s culture of killing and don’t get off sticking an arrow or bullet into a living sentient being? Maybe they don’t see the sick pleasure derived by pitting packs of vicious dogs against other sentient beings just trying to live their lives? Maybe they don’t want to force a sentient being to endure hours or even days of pain and suffering in a archaic torture device only to be shot, drowned, crushed, or have their skulls bashed in by a monster for pleasure or profit?

Durkin and others like him seem to think that nature can only be enjoyed through the scope of a rifle, the snap of a trap, or the baying of hounds. They seem to refuse to come to grips with the prospect that their killing culture is increasingly looked at with disgust and that people are perfectly capable of enjoying the outdoors without a payment of blood in return.

People like Durkin and the kill everything Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources also like to complain/brag that the great white hunter “funds” their agency and “conservation” in the most perverted sense of the word. They whine constantly that non-hunters aren’t paying their “fair share” yet every time the idea of an alternate funding system is proposed, they balk nationwide. The killing cartels, much like other right wing elements in our society, seem to thrive by playing on the persecution complex. They want to pretend that they are so “burdened” by having to pay for “conservation” yet they do not want an alternate funding source because that would give the dreaded “anti’s” a seat at the table and they can’t have that.

The killing cartels and their puppets in the media and government are working to expand trapping, hounding, and opening more areas to these activities. They see their funding and bloodsport participants drying up so in desperation their want to indoctrinate the most vulnerable among us. Our children. Why force their introduction to nature to involve killing? Why not show them the wonders of nature and if they take up killing later let that be their own decision? Instead we have overzealous “adults” indoctrinating children into becoming a part of the culture of killing and cruelty from a young age and apparently see nothing wrong with this.

Do you want your child to be like the one above? Or turn into this?

The modern Wisconsin "sportsman."

The modern Wisconsin “sportsman.”

It’s time to demand a change as to how agencies like the Wisconsin DNR obtains their funding and how they and writers like Durkin seem to think that you must kill to “enjoy” nature. The question is how do we do this? Please share your ideas in the comments.