Wildlife on the Brink, Where Do We Go From Here?



This is what Wisconsin considers “managment” of wildlife. Legal dog fighitng is not only condoned but encouraged by the State of Wisconsin. Upon delisitng this form of legal dog fighting will be allowed against wolves….if it isn’t occurring already. Photo used under Fair Use for Educational Purposes. 

Once again it seems that the gray wolf population in Great Lakes will handed over to states full of individuals and groups wishing to see them wiped off the face of the earth. Hostile state agencies, along with their contracted federal goon squads known as “Wildlife Services” are primed and ready to immediately begin the killing once federal “protections” are removed. As most wildlife advocates know those “protections” were in name only as poaching and 24/7/365 harassment by Wisconsin hounders have kept the wolf population under constant threat. With a looming delisting this harassment is only going to get worse and be more in the open.

Currently Wisconsin is the ONLY state in the country that allows packs of bloodthirsty hounds and their equally bloodthirsty handlers to be used against wolves. Wisconsin is also the ONLY state in the country that pays hounders $2500 for each hound killed by wolves when they are “training” or “hunting” against species other than wolves (yeah right). It should also be noted that at the present time Wisconsin has ZERO “regulations” in place for the “training” of hounds against wolves. That means that hounders can run dogs against wolves 24/7/365 with no permit requirement or restrictions. Any wonder why wildlife advocates are so concerned about what Wisconsin considers “management” of this species? Our concerns also go far deeper than that.


How can we ever forget this? This is from the DNR’s wolf kill tally in 2014. Notice that three of the six killing zones went over quota and one, Zone 2, was allowed to go DOUBLE over. 

During the last “legal” wolf killing season in 2014, the Wisconsin DNR allowed the wolf kill quota in their “Zone 2” to be one shy of DOUBLING the allowed number. Two other “zones” also exceeded their quotas. The DNR response to that was basically it was only the “antis” complaining so who cares? Those were not the exact words but that was the gist of it. Also of major concern was how the kill numbers exceeded the total established quotas in each of the three kill season held from 2012-2014. This is responsible “management?” The kill season of 2013 was especially concerning due to the introduction of hounds into the mix. In fact it was reported by wildlife advocates at the Wisconsin DNR’s “Wolf Advisory Committee” meetings that specific wolf packs were target and completely wiped out by hounders who coordinated with each other. This is responsible “management?”

Once delisting occurs Wisconsin will return to their outdated “management plan” and resume their reckless and openly hostile killing seasons with the intent of pushing the species to the brink if not outright eradication. The DNR will never openly admits this but their actions and open coordination with anti-wolf zealots and groups speak far louder than words.

The hounders and their mouthpieces have also been on a tear lately to push the DNR to put a “cap” on the wolf population of “350 or less.” The DNR’s own 2014 attitude survey showed that a majority of Wisconsin citizens support the wolf population being allowed maintained at the population level of that year. This included a majority of respondents living in areas wolves inhabit. The anti-wolf zealots, led by the Queen Zealot Laurie Groskopf of the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, and the propaganda filled anti-wolf page “Wisconsin Wolf Facts,” is leading a charge to cast doubt on the DNR survey and make the assumption that because she despises wolves that everyone else must as well. This was prominently featured in the two hate, propaganda, and fear mongering filled anti-wolf “summits” sponsored by far right anti-wildlife politicians and anti-wildlife “hunting” and big ag lobbying groups.

So where do wildlife advocates go from here? We are up against well-funded anti-wildlife lobbying groups and government entities that wish to see the gray wolf and other less “favored” species pushed once again to the brink if not outright eradicated. I am not going to mince words here. Wolves are going to be killed in massive numbers by the most brutal and sadistic ways possible. Hounds will be drawn into bloody confrontations with wolves in Wisconsin’s form of legal dog fighting. Trapper sadists will trap, torture, torment, mock, and take sneering photographs with their catches while alive, and then bludgeon, shoot, or crush the animal to death in the trap. The hate pages devoted to wolf torture and eradication will make sure to post each and every gut shot, trapped, and killed wolf to harass and attempt to intimidate wildlife advocates. This is nothing new and is how sadistic bullies operate. This time though we will be sure to make sure everyone sees their sick photos, their faces, and their Facebook pages. While they will pat themselves on the back among each other for their sadistic acts millions of people on the internet will not be so welcoming of their taunts and actions. Eventually the pendulum will swing back when people see that modern “wildlife management,” especially for predators like wolves, is not “conservation” and is frankly little more than a sadistic death cult for violent and disgusting people who are failures at everything else in life.

“NO ONE is talking about eradication” 

The latest talking point among anti-wolf zealots and politicians is that “no one” is talking about eradicating wolves. One of the biggest anti-wolf zealots in the state legislature, Adam Jarchow (R-WBHA/Frac Sand) is even claiming that “no one” is talking about eradication. Funny how just a couple of comments before his there are plenty of “no ones” talking about eradication.






Sure Jarchow, “no one” is talking about eradicating wolves. As for “all stakeholder groups?” Just because hunting and big ag groups want them killed off they are not the only “stakeholder groups” in this state. Wildlife does not belong soley to YOU or those “stakeholder groups.” Wildlife “belongs” to everyone. Maybe we will have go to a court to remind you of that wildlife is part of the PUBLIC TRUST and not just for your killing or big ag groups. What you see above is just a sample of the endless “SSS” and “kill em all” garbage being spread on these hate sites. I could post screenshots of this kind of garbage all day but it is pretty clear by now that there sure are a lot of “no ones” calling for wolves to be eradicated. Nice try Jarchow.

Let’s not forget what Wisconsin’s idea of “state management” looks like. This is coming once again. Be prepared. Wisconsin we DO NOT trust you.


Wisconsin trapper posing with a trapped wolf that he killed and a live one being tormented in the background in 2014. Photo shared under Fair Use for Educational Purposes.

Will the Snowflake Become an Avalanche?



This post isn’t specifically about wildlife yet it is. So many of us struggle to put into words what we are feeling today. This is my attempt. This is one “snowflake” expressing how they feel about what is happening in our country. Do you feel the same?

Will the snowflake become the avalanche?

What the hell has happened to our country? Each and every day another scandal, another pay to play scheme, and another outrage. The kicker? Nothing is ever done about it. Collusion with a hostile foreign government to interfere with our already fragile election process? Perfectly fine. A grifter con man as president using the office to build the wealth of himself and his family? Perfectly fine. Our already fragile environment and wildlife having the already weak protections gutted each day for extraction industries and spite? Perfectly fine and “Democrats” are joining in to help speed the destruction. The desire to wall off our country like some Chinese warlord centuries ago despite the monetary and eco cost? Perfectly fine. Do we even have an opposition party in this country anymore? The so-called opposition party seems to be tripping all over themselves to pander to those that wouldn’t vote for them ever while demonizing progressives and those tired of the Dem’s corporatist ways. We can have all the marches in the world but nothing seems to change. I have come to the realization that our system is completely broken and we may be seeing the end of the United States as a functional democracy if it hasn’t ended already.

The question is where do we go from here? There is no real political opposition other than those espousing “angry” sound bites and then going right along with the agendas of the corrupt status quo through their votes and acceptance of dark money from the same sources as always.

I don’t have the answer but if this is what is now America then we are indeed screwed unless the people truly wake up. I’m not holding my breath. My words may mean little but every forest fire begins with a spark and every avalanche begins with a solitary snowflake. Angry Facebook posts, blogs like this, and comedic memes are not going to solve this problem.

Is the avalanche coming? It’s up to us to decide.

Photos via Wikimedia Commons and are Public Domain

We Are Back…The Fight is On



After thinking that our cause could get a wider reach exclusively with Facebook posts only we have decided to return with a a dual reach format with Facebook and our blog here. Our wildlife is under threat more than ever before and when political and climate factors intersect we could be looking at a mass extinction caused by our own hand and the greed of man. Wildlife was once pushed to the brink in the name of “market hunting,’ misguided hatreds and fears, and all around human greed. Despite what the killing cartels and state killing agencies tell you “market hunting” never went away. It is now re-branded as outfitting, game farms, “sustainable harvests,” and a myriad of other fluffy terms that equate to wholesale killing for profit, recreation, or misguided fear and hatred. Some wildlife advocates refer to this new form of “market hunting” as the “Recreational Industrial Complex.” Much like the Military Industrial Complex where that name was derived from we are up against a multi-billion dollar industry propped up by a vast propaganda network, lobbying groups, mass retail prescience, and a mainstream media all too willing to take as fact everything that these merchants of death spew.

Before getting too preachy it is clear that we are in the fight for THEIR (our wildlife) lives against a juggernaut of death merchant special interests with seemingly unlimited funding, control of the government, and a misguided judicial system that believes the killing agencies are looking out for wildlife. We are going to need your help to spread the word and to fight back against these well funded and violent special interests that will stop at nothing to destroy all but their “favored” species.

We will be posting more in the coming days about what we can do to start fighting back. There are too many egos and too many personal agendas that often get in the way of what we are supposed to be fighting for. That is something that this blog and our Facebook site will not tolerate and it will not be welcome here. Once again we are fighting for the lives of our wildlife and to remind people that killing is NOT conservation. We have a long road and battle ahead of us but it starts with knowledge. We don’t do this for our egos or for our prestige. We do this for our wildlife and our wildlife only.

Comments are disabled for this blog due to the vile and violent anti-wildlife trolls that infect our pages. If you wish to comment on a post please visit our Facebook page where better moderation of comments is available.


Guest Blog: Northern Exposure


Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

This is a guest post from another resident of Northern Wisconsin highlighting the struggles that property owners have to deal with when living in an area full of bloodthirsty hounders. The writer also writes about the endless threats and intimidation directed at those who disagree with the behavior of hounders and other predator haters.


As a northern Wisconsin resident, I appreciate clean air, pure water, little if any development, tranquil forests and waterways and the freedom to roam public lands with my dog any season; any time. The very reason most people live or move to northern Wisconsin. Wisconsin’s wild side is what attracts 14-million visitors to OUR state parks, forests, trails and recreation areas per year. Escape to Wisconsin. Go Wild. Well, not exactly the case and soon to regress from any “wild” due to our undermining Legislators who are rapidly dismantling OUR public lands.

Life in northern Wisconsin comes with many obstacles besides Legislators. One being the safety we are all entitled to on public lands. Hunting accidents occur all too often as many of our canine friends are shot, trapped or poisoned as well as residents who are shot on their own property due to so-called ‘hunter error’. Living in a secluded area, I have been told to stay out of harm’s way during hunting season. Apparently, it is rational for coyote hounders to run their dogs 365-days/year and bear hounders 4.5 months/year but residents cannot run their own dogs when they choose. Hunting privileges begin April 15 with bear baiting and run until the end of open bear season which is mid-October. Bear hound training begins July 1 and ends around October 6. Open bear season begins early September winding down mid-October. Basically, hunting and trapping continue for many species until spring turkey season begins. Therefore, it seems hunting and trapping take precedence most of the year regardless of tourism and resident interests even though revenue from eco-tourism is much greater than hunters who claim their contributions pay for conservation. Hunters fund conservation efforts, but it is for game animals they can hunt.

How safe are our private properties? Hunting hounds sometimes 6-at a time, trespass on my property and adjacent seasonal residents’ properties every year and often every day during open bear season and frequently during unlicensed bear training. They announce their arrival by yelping, tantalizing pets sometimes killing them, alarming home owners, trampling through gardens and disrupting any wildlife in their path. When addressing the issues with Legislators and WDNR, I am instructed to 1) call the warden, 2) call the sheriff 3) restrain the 6-cackling hounds and take them to the Humane Society. Restrain 6-bloodthirsty hounds? That’s safe. Wait 45-minutes for a sheriff? Call the warden who is on another call in a different county? For real? Trespassing on private property is a heaping fine of $25.-$100. IF caught and may escalate to $250.-$500. In 2016. Traditional hunting with hounds no longer exists. Hounders hang out by their vehicles miles away from their malicious hounds tracking them by GPS. Interestingly, residents who are left with injured or killed pets are not compensated in any way by the state. Yet, hounders who have lost their hunting hounds to wolves while bear hunting; even in dangerous designated wolf zones, are compensated by the state at $2,500/hound for the loss of their unsupervised precious gems. Why? Because they purchased a license to hunt? Wisconsin is the only state that reimburses bear hunters for their hounds killed by wolves…hounds unleashed, unsupervised in the pursuit of bear. GPS collars do not substitute handler responsibility.

Some hounders really do have a passion for their hounds. Three were abandoned and tied up to trees on state property near Antigo. Some extreme hounders kill their hounds if they do not meet their expectations. Humane Societies in northern WI report most abandoned hounds have Lyme Disease. How many hounders are checked by enforcement to verify their hounds have rabies tags and dog license tags for each dog while training and hunting? It is believed that approx. 360-450 stray hunting hounds are found in northern Wisconsin per year.

Besides stray hounds running at large, personal encounters with some hounders can be rather interesting. While Representative Adam Jarchow has schemed up a new Hunter Harassment Law, http://www.nbc15.com/home/headlines/Wisconsin-legislator-touts-bill-to-curb-hunter-harassment-337990432.html hunters harass residents even on their own property. Some have stolen trail cams and have threatened to burn the house down if reported to the warden. Another extreme hunter claimed he would trap an alpha male wolf and torture it just for me so I could post the footage on Facebook and go “tree-hugger viral”. After all, we are all considered dumbass, city dwelling tree-huggers and are clueless to wolf issues, over-baiting bears and hounder invasion not to mention public safety. Actually, we are post-graduate bred environmentalists who live and understand the behaviors and wellbeing of wildlife but apparently that doesn’t sink in. For those who disagree with our logic and specifically the condemnation of coyote contests, why not loosen all my lug nuts on my truck and watch a 50lb rim split down the middle and launch like a missile into traffic as I experienced shortly after the Argonne Coyote Killing Contest. Revenge? Better yet, perhaps posting screen shots of several hounders’ CCAP records would provide insight to many matters including claims on hound depredation by wolves. Poaching is yet another matter.

Safety is an issue as several residents from Cable and the Bayfield area recently moved to central WI due to poaching, wild gunfire and continuous hounder conflicts, thanks to Mr. Quintessence. Residents and tourists have the right to venture in the wild of northern WI without fear of losing their pet’s limbs to traps or dodging hounds and bullets. Trespassing is a violation and extreme hunters and hounders require disciplinary action. Safety comes first and the public needs to be aware of how unsafe and unsettling life can be and how wildlife is treated and tormented in northern WI. Eventually, the wild in northern Wisconsin will deteriorate and evolve into an over developed, deforested, polluted, unnatural disaster. While Legislators ‘friend’ greedy developers, energy extractors and factory farmers and ‘unfriend’ public opinion, they continue to move forward with destructive environmental Bills which will deplete our natural resources and transform our forests, public lands and waterways into a pile of profit. Wisconsin is for sale and a more appropriate slogan might be; Escape Wisconsin.

Guest Blog: Danger On Our Public Lands


Photo via Wikimedia Commons

This is the first in what we hope is a series of guest blogs from Northern Wisconsin residents that are under siege by the bloodthirsty hounders, trappers, baiters, and predator killers that have taken over YOUR public lands. The name of the writer is being withheld due to protect them from the vicious and vile attacks that those we fight against are known for.

Danger on Our Public Lands

Wisconsin spends a great deal of tax payer money promoting our State Parks, the Ice Age Trail and our beautiful Natural Areas for fall and winter activities. A State Natural Area or Preserve was the peaceful setting last month where Dr. Deanna and her dogs were enjoying the beauty and solitude of a Wisconsin winter evening on a hiking trail. But her peace and her life were shattered forever by gun shots from a coyote hunter at close range that killed both of her beloved dogs. There was nothing natural about the events that took place that evening. It was a manmade disaster waiting to happen. Dr. Deanna’s life will never be the same and she is lucky she didn’t die that night right alongside her two dogs. To add insult to injury, this is being called an “unfortunate hunting accident” by the DNR and no charges were filed while some hunters are blaming the victim for just “being out there”.

One man already died this year when he was gunned down by coyote hound hunters as he stood in his own yard a crossed the road from public land in broad daylight. http://lacrossetribune.com/news/local/la-crosse-coyote-hunter-to-stand-trial-in-shooting-death/article_4204a04b-5173-5e33-98ab-6bd0c86987ca.html

In 2015 at least seven family dogs were shot by predator hunters with no charges filed and not a full month into 2016 there have been three family dogs shot by coyote hunters. We will never know the countless numbers of pets that just go missing because they were shot or caught in traps because most are never reported. We do hear of some cases like the young dog that was recently brought into a shelter up north missing his entire front foot. He foot was later found, broken bones and foot sticking out of a trap set to catch coyotes.  Or the dog that was shot and killed with an arrow by a bow hunter. And from the dog sledder whose dog stepped off the groomed trail and was caught in a trap while he was still attached to the sled. Also the women who used to love taking her dogs for walks along the Ice Age Trail until the day she found over a dozen traps baited with marshmallows lining the side of the trail. And who can forget the dog that died in her owner’s arms after being caught in a deadly conibear trap while walking on public land. These incidents appear to be just the tip of the iceberg.

A recent article promoting our Natural Areas  http://www.wiscnews.com/news/local/article_05ed1bef-ca92-5676-98d0-08fe031945fe.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=user-share also said the state allows deer hunting there to keep the deer population down. Deer season is a time when most citizens give up their public lands to the hunters but there is a false sense of security and safety after that season ends. While the state is busy promoting the “get out there and enjoy the wonders, the beauty and the winter activities our great state has to offer “ they have completely ignored the safety risk the public takes every time they step on to a hiking trail or go for a walk in the woods.  Predator hunting/trapping begins in earnest right after deer season and continues into the spring. If they are worried about deer overpopulation why are they killing predators in our National Forests, State Parks and Natural Areas? Wouldn’t you think if nature were left alone in these areas it would find a balance? Can we assume it’s not balance they look for but instead it’s about providing wildlife to be killed for sport? But that’s another story.

In Wisconsin there is only a month or so in the very early spring when hunting/trapping isn’t allowed and it’s actually safe for you, your family and pets to be out there. Bear baiting starts April 1st where Four to Five Million Gallons of sugar bait is used to habituate bears and cubs to bait sites in preparation for the bear hound training season starting July 1st . Continuing all summer into the fall bear killing season an estimated 13 thousand bear hounds along with  hound hunters from across the US take over our National, State & County Forests.  So our wildlife gets no reprieve and there is precious little time when it’s safe for you or your pets to be out there. Baited traps are set on roadsides, hiking/nature trails and state parks all fall and winter for fox, coyotes & bobcats. Coyote hunting, hounding, hound training, trapping and coyote killing contests are allowed day and NIGHT throughout most of the year on public lands.

Instead of our Legislators wasting their time and our money passing laws about pink hunting cloths for little girls, trying to make it legal for a toddler to hunt with his own gun or carry a switchblade, taking away back tags so violators can’t get caught, making it a crime to even look at or document a hunter/poacher or appearing on public radio espousing fear tactics to push their wolf killing political agenda http://www.wrn.com/2016/02/wisconsin-lawmaker-worried-about-unchecked-wolf-population/

They should be holding public hearings and take a good long look at the dangerous human safety crisis the DNR and Legislators have created. They are promoting summer, fall and winter activities for the public while they allow virtually unregulated hunting/trapping all at the same time, all on the same public lands. Call your Legislators and demand an investigation and public hearings. It’s likely the NRA, FORCE & Bear Hunters Association lobbies will strongly oppose ANY investigation or public hearings on this matter. After all most of them lobbied for: switchblades, toddlers with guns, pink for girls, opening state trails and parks to hunting/trapping with unlimited hounds and unlimited bait and a long list of other laws that are truly lacking in common sense safety protections for the rest of us. So we can assume these very same Lobbies will put up as many road blocks as they can against anyone who wants to look into this but call or email your legislators anyway. We should not have to fear for our lives, the lives of our children or our pets while we enjoy our public lands. Something needs to change but it cannot and will not change without public support.

There is also a petition you can sign if you think the killer of Dr. Deanna’s’ dogs should be held accountable. At the very least we can send a clear message to hunters that being reckless with their fire arms does carry  consequences:  https://www.change.org/p/ismael-r-ozanne-dane-county-district-attorney-s-office-prosecute-the-wisconsin-coyote-hunter-who-killed-two-dogs?recruiter=33845716&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=autopublish&utm_term=mob-xs-no_src-reason_msg&fb_ref=Default


Name withheld for concerns of retribution.

Announcing Hound Free Public Lands- Wisconsin


It’s been a couple of months since I have done a blog post and there is a good reason for that. Myself and other wildlife advocates have started a new project called Hound Free Public Lands- Wisconsin  and we are working to turn the Our Wisconsin, Our Wildlife blog into an outlet for frustrated residents of Northern Wisconsin and other areas under siege by hounders, trappers, and baiters to be able to express themselves without fear of retribution.

We invite you to “like” our new Hound Free Public Lands- Wisconsin Facebook page and keep an eye out for the expansion of the movement to educate the general public about what really occurs in our woods and on YOUR public lands. Please like our new page here:

Hound Free Public Lands- Wisconsin

Our movement is growing and we invite you to join us in this.


Wildlife Advocates Must Brace Themselves for the Inevitable Wolf Delisting But We Must NEVER Stop Fighting


Photo via WikiMedia Commons.

**UPDATE 12/16/2015** I have NEVER been happier to say that I was wrong. Much to my shock and the shock of wildlife advocates everywhere the desliting rider was not included in the spending bill. The threats remain but for now we can breathe a sigh of relief. 

As Congress is about to sell out our small population of gray wolves for some type of “political gain” on a spending bill I am left to ponder if it was even a good idea to bring a species back only to persecute, torment, and push them back to the brink again out of sheer hatred and revenge? Should Congress follow through with the very real and likely possibility of attaching a delisting “rider” to the current spending bill we are poised to return to the nightmare that we saw in 2012, 2013, and 2014 with reckless kill quotas that ALWAYS go over, the coordinated eradication of entire packs, unregulated 24/7/365 hound “training” against wolves, and the use of hounds to kill wolves in what can be described as no less than legalized dog fighting. States like Wisconsin will preach that they are “responsibly managing” the species while making sure to kill as many as possible with any and all methods throughout the year all the while presenting inflated population numbers and pretending that the species is “thriving.” It’s history repeating itself all over again.

Just as when on the very day that wolves were officially delisted in the Great Lakes in 2012 when anti-wolf Wisconsin legislators introduced the reckless and deplorable bill that led to the three years of hounds, traps, and overkill the same forces will conspire to kill as many as possible as soon as possible when they are delisted again. How this species has been able to hang on in the small numbers that they have in this state despite 24/7/365 harassment by hounds, killings by state hired USDA “Wildlife Services” goons, huge yearly kill quotas, rampant poaching, and all around government endorsed hostility toward the species is astounding. A hostile state like Wisconsin, as they have abundantly shown, is not capable of responsibly and ethically “managing” a polarizing species such as the wolf yet they keep getting the opportunity. No one seems to care that the federal judge relisted wolves because of the reckless, unethical, and frankly sadistic manner in which states like Wisconsin “managed” wolves. No one seems to care that with the 2012 Wisconsin wolf kill bill, Act 169, Wisconsin wrote legalized dog fighting into law by allowing hounds to be used against wolves. No one seems to care that there are ZERO regulations for the “training” of those very same hounds that can be used against wolves 24/7/365. What does that say about our state, society, government, and humanity in general?

All of this hatred over a wild dog? A wild dog that has no super powers. A wild dog that tries to survive like the rest of us. A wild dog that is not hiding in the shadows waiting to eat your grandchildren. A wild dog that is NOT eating all “your” deer. A wild dog that will always be a better hunter and predator than any human or so-called “sportsman” could ever be. Maybe that is the root of the issue. The wolf is a superior predator and hunter despite all of humanities technologically advanced killing implements and maybe some just cannot accept that and must kill them to feel superior. What else can explain the endless lies, myths, propaganda, and beating of the drum to destroy this species? Is it jealousy? Is it revenge? What is it that causes so many grown adults to harbor such hatred for a wild dog?

That being said no matter what happens in big ag/NRA bought and paid for halls of Congress, the killing cartel owned Wisconsin DNR, or in the hound infested killing grounds of northern Wisconsin one thing is very clear: myself and other grassroots wildlife advocates will NEVER stop fighting for OUR WILDLIFE and we will never stop exposing the brutal practices and corrupt “management” of that same wildlife. If the likely imminent Congressional selling out/delisting of wolves teaches us anything it is that we cannot trust our government to do the right thing when it comes to wolves, wildlife, and the environment in general. It is up to US to be vigilant and work to protect imperiled and vilified species from the apathetic government agencies and bloodthirsty killing cartels that seek their destruction.

In the coming days Our Wisconsin, Our Wildlife will be expanding our online presence with a Facebook page to keep you better informed about the daily war on our wildlife in Wisconsin, the nation, and the world. Despite the inevitable setbacks we have to keep fighting while we still have something left to fight for.

Shame on all of the FAKE “Democrats” that allowed this. Shame on President Obama for DESTROYING the Endangered Species Act. Finally, shame on the states that will ultimately push this species back to the brink or to a second eradication to appease extremist killing cartels and the never satisfied big ag interests.

We will keep you posted.