Wildlife on the Brink, Where Do We Go From Here?



This is what Wisconsin considers “managment” of wildlife. Legal dog fighitng is not only condoned but encouraged by the State of Wisconsin. Upon delisitng this form of legal dog fighting will be allowed against wolves….if it isn’t occurring already. Photo used under Fair Use for Educational Purposes. 

Once again it seems that the gray wolf population in Great Lakes will handed over to states full of individuals and groups wishing to see them wiped off the face of the earth. Hostile state agencies, along with their contracted federal goon squads known as “Wildlife Services” are primed and ready to immediately begin the killing once federal “protections” are removed. As most wildlife advocates know those “protections” were in name only as poaching and 24/7/365 harassment by Wisconsin hounders have kept the wolf population under constant threat. With a looming delisting this harassment is only going to get worse and be more in the open.

Currently Wisconsin is the ONLY state in the country that allows packs of bloodthirsty hounds and their equally bloodthirsty handlers to be used against wolves. Wisconsin is also the ONLY state in the country that pays hounders $2500 for each hound killed by wolves when they are “training” or “hunting” against species other than wolves (yeah right). It should also be noted that at the present time Wisconsin has ZERO “regulations” in place for the “training” of hounds against wolves. That means that hounders can run dogs against wolves 24/7/365 with no permit requirement or restrictions. Any wonder why wildlife advocates are so concerned about what Wisconsin considers “management” of this species? Our concerns also go far deeper than that.


How can we ever forget this? This is from the DNR’s wolf kill tally in 2014. Notice that three of the six killing zones went over quota and one, Zone 2, was allowed to go DOUBLE over. 

During the last “legal” wolf killing season in 2014, the Wisconsin DNR allowed the wolf kill quota in their “Zone 2” to be one shy of DOUBLING the allowed number. Two other “zones” also exceeded their quotas. The DNR response to that was basically it was only the “antis” complaining so who cares? Those were not the exact words but that was the gist of it. Also of major concern was how the kill numbers exceeded the total established quotas in each of the three kill season held from 2012-2014. This is responsible “management?” The kill season of 2013 was especially concerning due to the introduction of hounds into the mix. In fact it was reported by wildlife advocates at the Wisconsin DNR’s “Wolf Advisory Committee” meetings that specific wolf packs were target and completely wiped out by hounders who coordinated with each other. This is responsible “management?”

Once delisting occurs Wisconsin will return to their outdated “management plan” and resume their reckless and openly hostile killing seasons with the intent of pushing the species to the brink if not outright eradication. The DNR will never openly admits this but their actions and open coordination with anti-wolf zealots and groups speak far louder than words.

The hounders and their mouthpieces have also been on a tear lately to push the DNR to put a “cap” on the wolf population of “350 or less.” The DNR’s own 2014 attitude survey showed that a majority of Wisconsin citizens support the wolf population being allowed maintained at the population level of that year. This included a majority of respondents living in areas wolves inhabit. The anti-wolf zealots, led by the Queen Zealot Laurie Groskopf of the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, and the propaganda filled anti-wolf page “Wisconsin Wolf Facts,” is leading a charge to cast doubt on the DNR survey and make the assumption that because she despises wolves that everyone else must as well. This was prominently featured in the two hate, propaganda, and fear mongering filled anti-wolf “summits” sponsored by far right anti-wildlife politicians and anti-wildlife “hunting” and big ag lobbying groups.

So where do wildlife advocates go from here? We are up against well-funded anti-wildlife lobbying groups and government entities that wish to see the gray wolf and other less “favored” species pushed once again to the brink if not outright eradicated. I am not going to mince words here. Wolves are going to be killed in massive numbers by the most brutal and sadistic ways possible. Hounds will be drawn into bloody confrontations with wolves in Wisconsin’s form of legal dog fighting. Trapper sadists will trap, torture, torment, mock, and take sneering photographs with their catches while alive, and then bludgeon, shoot, or crush the animal to death in the trap. The hate pages devoted to wolf torture and eradication will make sure to post each and every gut shot, trapped, and killed wolf to harass and attempt to intimidate wildlife advocates. This is nothing new and is how sadistic bullies operate. This time though we will be sure to make sure everyone sees their sick photos, their faces, and their Facebook pages. While they will pat themselves on the back among each other for their sadistic acts millions of people on the internet will not be so welcoming of their taunts and actions. Eventually the pendulum will swing back when people see that modern “wildlife management,” especially for predators like wolves, is not “conservation” and is frankly little more than a sadistic death cult for violent and disgusting people who are failures at everything else in life.

“NO ONE is talking about eradication” 

The latest talking point among anti-wolf zealots and politicians is that “no one” is talking about eradicating wolves. One of the biggest anti-wolf zealots in the state legislature, Adam Jarchow (R-WBHA/Frac Sand) is even claiming that “no one” is talking about eradication. Funny how just a couple of comments before his there are plenty of “no ones” talking about eradication.






Sure Jarchow, “no one” is talking about eradicating wolves. As for “all stakeholder groups?” Just because hunting and big ag groups want them killed off they are not the only “stakeholder groups” in this state. Wildlife does not belong soley to YOU or those “stakeholder groups.” Wildlife “belongs” to everyone. Maybe we will have go to a court to remind you of that wildlife is part of the PUBLIC TRUST and not just for your killing or big ag groups. What you see above is just a sample of the endless “SSS” and “kill em all” garbage being spread on these hate sites. I could post screenshots of this kind of garbage all day but it is pretty clear by now that there sure are a lot of “no ones” calling for wolves to be eradicated. Nice try Jarchow.

Let’s not forget what Wisconsin’s idea of “state management” looks like. This is coming once again. Be prepared. Wisconsin we DO NOT trust you.


Wisconsin trapper posing with a trapped wolf that he killed and a live one being tormented in the background in 2014. Photo shared under Fair Use for Educational Purposes.


Bill in Wisconsin Legislature Poised to Criminalize Free Speech and Allow a Bear Hounder/Baiter Takeover of Our Public Lands

Public domain image via Wikimedia Commons.

Public domain image via Wikimedia Commons.

As I wrote about yesterday the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association (WBHA) and their allies are not content just controlling our legislature, courts, DNR,governorship and every other element of state government. They are now, with the help of their members/allies in the legislature, orchestrating a complete and total takeover of our public lands and the First Amendment rights of non-hunter users of those lands under the guise of a “hunter harassment” bill.

This week numerous anti-wildlife legislators introduced and “sponsored” a bill that would criminalize photographing, videotaping, and even being “in the proximity” of hounders, baiters, trappers, and other people harassing and killing our wildlife on OUR public lands. This is not hyperbole or an exaggeration. The WBHA and their legislative allies are waging an all out war on OUR free speech rights and the rights of non-hunters to use OUR public lands. This is the text of a bill, SB338, that will criminalize photography, videotaping, and free navigation of OUR PUBLIC LANDS to protect the unethical practices of hounding, trapping, and baiting:

This bill makes changes to the laws prohibiting certain activities that interfere
with hunting, fishing, and trapping.

Current law prohibits a person from engaging in certain intentional conduct
that interferes with lawful hunting, fishing, or trapping. The conduct prohibited
under current law (prohibited conduct) includes harassing a wild animal, impeding
or obstructing a person who is engaged in lawful hunting, fishing, or trapping, or
impeding a person who is engaged in an activity associated with lawful hunting,
fishing, or trapping. Current law generally defines an activity associated with lawful
hunting, fishing, or trapping, as travel, camping, or other acts that are preparatory
to lawful hunting, fishing, or trapping. This bill expands this definition so that it also
includes scouting, target shooting, dog training, and animal baiting or feeding.
The bill also expands the prohibitions in current law so that a person may not
interfere or attempt to interfere with an activity associated with lawful hunting,
fishing, or trapping by engaging in prohibited conduct. The bill also expands the
types of conduct prohibited to include disturbing a lawfully placed hunting stand,
disturbing lawfully placed bait or other feed, using a drone under certain
circumstances, and engaging in a series of acts (serial conduct) that are intended to
impede or obstruct a person engaged in lawful hunting, fishing, or trapping or an
activity associated with lawful hunting, fishing, or trapping. The types of serial
conduct prohibited include maintaining a visual or physical proximity to the person,
approaching or confronting the person, or photographing the person.

Want to take you dog for a walk on OUR PUBLIC LANDS? If it pisses off a hounder, trapper, or baiter YOU are committing a criminal act. Want to take a picture or video of wildlife on OUR PUBLIC LANDS? If it “bothers” or you are “in proximity” to a hounder, trappers, or baiter YOU are committing “harassment” and a “criminal act.” If YOU are in the woods and videotape illegal behavior by hounders, trappers, and baiters YOU are “harassing” them under this bill and YOU are the criminal. If YOU happen to just watch a hounder or baiter YOU can be considered a criminal under this bill.

What is even more disturbing than this blatant attack on the First Amendment rights of our citizens is the fact that hounders and baiters in Wisconsin have ZERO oversight and do not need any type of permit to practice their activities. In 2014 baiters “reported” depositing 4,639,707 GALLONS of bear bait (stale junk food like doughnuts) all over our PUBLIC lands ( via Wisconsin DNR email). This is just what was “reported” by those with bear killing licenses and doesn’t take into account the baiting done by those with no kill license. Baiters are allegedly “only” allowed to dump “no more” than 10 gallons of bait at any one site “per visit.” Just take those numbers into account before your jaw hits the floor. IF the rules were followed this would mean that there were 82,340 “reported” bear baiting sites on OUR public lands in Wisconsin according to the Wisconsin DNR. Those are just the “reported” ones. Add in the thousands of hounds being allowed to terrorize wildlife under the guise of “training” each year, again with no licensing requirement, and you can see why the hounders/baiters don’t want anyone to see what they really do in OUR woods. It’s not enough that they already harass, bully, and intimidate other users of public land, they want it all to themselves and even want to make criminals of those with a differing ideology that are also using PUBLIC lands or are reporting and documenting the violations that the Wisconsin DNR refuses to enforce.

These are the sponsors of this blatant attack on free speech and WBHA takeover of OUR public lands. The names are all familiar but for some strange reason a Democrat, Chris Sinicki, is also shown as a co-sponsor of this bill. Wildlife advocates have contacted Rep. Sinicki and she made it very clear that she has NOTHING to do with this bill and would NEVER support such a thing. It is absolutely shameful that the people behind this bill reported Rep. Sinicki as being in support of this bill.


October 15, 2015 – Introduced by Senators Moulton, Gudex, Harsdorf, Olsen and
Kapenga, cosponsored by Representatives Jarchow, Allen, Ballweg, Born,
Czaja, Edming, Gannon, Horlacher, Hutton, Jagler, Kleefisch, Knodl,
Kremer, Kulp, T. Larson, Murphy, Mursau, A. Ott, Petryk, Quinn, Tittl and
Sinicki. Referred to Committee on Sporting Heritage, Mining, and Forestry.

It’s no shock that WBHA and NRA member, Adam Jarchow, is leading the charge here and that convicted wildlife violator, Joel Kleefish, also signed on. Please contact each of the legislators behind this blatant attack on free speech and those with differing ideology along with your own and demand that they dos any and all support for this.

Click on the names of the above legislators to be directed to their websites and contact information.

Go to the below page and put your address into the “Find My Legislators” area to contact them and ask that they DO NOT support this blatant attack on free speech, WBHA takeover of OUR public lands, and the criminalization of having differing ideologies.

Wisconsin State Legislature 

As I stated yesterday there is a coordinated effort to provide cover for any and all “hunting” activities in this state no matter how deplorable or unethical. These proposals should come as no surprise to anyone that has witnessed the gutting and selling off of anything deemed “progressive” or “liberal” since 2011. Wisconsin has made efforts to criminalize free speech before and has gone out of their way to give those that kill wildlife free reign to take over our public lands. This bill is just another example of what extremist one party rule looks like. What else do these bought and paid for politicians need to do to our rights before they get voted out? The entire country saw real fast what this kind of neo-fascism would look like on the national level and they shut it down in two months. Are we not smart enough in Wisconsin to do the same thing?

Wisconsin GOP Legislature Seeks to Attack Free Speech, Allow Toddlers to Hunt, and Promote Trespassing and Poaching: Just Another Week in the Bloodsport Capital of the United States

This should be ancient history. Instead this is

This activity should be ancient history like this painting. Instead this is “recreation” in Wisconsin and more important than YOUR First Amendment rights.

The poor great white hunter. They are such a persecuted entity in the state of Wisconsin. Not only can they shoot, arrow, hound, trap,bait, and kill almost any species throughout the year they also control the governorship, legislature, Natural Resources Board, courts, county boards, and apparently every other government entity, but that is apparently not enough.

As I pointed out last week there is a new extremist killing cartel shill in the legislature to take the place of the disgraced Scott Suder (R-ALEC) as the mouthpiece for the bear hounders. This week the legislative mouthpiece for the extremist killing cartels, Rep. Adam Jarchow (R-WBHA), introduced legislation to criminalize the First Amendment for those that share a different ideology and have the nerve to videotape and report on the myriad of illegal and unethical behaviors perpetrated by bear hounders and baiters on OUR public lands.

Jarchow stands with hunters? I didn't know hounders, baiters, and trappers were real

Jarchow stands with hunters? I didn’t know hounders, baiters, and trappers were real “hunters.”

Yes nothing says “family friendly” like using packs of vicious dogs to rip apart bear and other wildlife 24/7/365. Nothing says “family friendly” like depositing almost FIVE MILLION gallons of stale junk food on our public lands for SIX MONTHS in the hopes of conditioning and later executing a bear while eating. I would also like to know which “fishermen” are being “harassed?” While I am not a fan of fishing I know plenty of fishermen that sure wouldn’t want to be lumped in with hounders, baiters, and trappers.

Those “few precious days” for bear hounders start July 1st of each year and lasts until mid October. For bear baiters they have a full SIX MONTHS to deposit their stale junk food on OUR public lands. But that is never enough for extremist wildlife killers and their shills like Jarchow.

Let’s get to the real point behind this bill. The bear hounders/baiters and their mouthpiece, lobbyist Bob Welch, know that the group Wolf Patrol has shone a light onto the depraved and often illegal world of the whole hounding/baiting “culture” so this bill is another legislative attack against those with a differing ideology. One look at the terminology that Jarchow (R-WBHA) uses in his “press release” shows exactly what this is about. It also doesn’t hurt to look at those commenting on his Facebook page and the symbols that they use on their profiles. Here is an example of what is used by at least two of his fans.


One of Rep. Jarchow's bill supporters. Screenshot shared under Fair Use.

One of Rep. Jarchow’s bill supporters. Screenshot shared under Fair Use.

This is all about wolves and the desire of the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association (WBHA) and affiliated groups to eradicate them from our landscape. The calls of “smoke a pack a day” from these people show exactly what the ultimate goal is. While I may have small differences with the Wolf Patrol, they are doing what needs to be done. They are showing blatant illegal behavior perpetrated by hounders, baiters, and trappers while the Wisconsin DNR does NOTHING as usual. Jarchow and his buddies in the hounder/baiter groups don’t like the public seeing what their “sport” is all about and how they flaunt the breaking of laws and defile OUR public lands with their bait and legalized animal fighting.

This bill like so many others in Wisconsin is emblematic of what our state has become since 2010. Freedom of Speech only applies if you agree with the majority party currently in power and if you are a politician/supporter caught breaking the law they will just change the law to make the illegal behavior legal. Then if you are a “watchdog” that catches onto and reports the illegal behavior you will be demonized and the law will be changed just as Jarchow is trying to do here.

Jarchow makes the claim that the thought of a “hunt” being “ruined” by an “extremist group” makes him “sick.” You know what makes me sick? The disingenuous crap put forth by Jarchow and his followers that makes it seem like using PUBLIC lands and exercising our Freedom of Speech rights are something to be made illegal. While Jarchow and his benefactors in the killing cartels love to make inflammatory and untrue accusations they seem to be forgetting that it was the hounders that were harassing, blocking, and following those seeking to document what the hounders and baiters were doing as shown in this video:


The hounders blocking the Wolf Patrol vehicle can even be heard claiming that “they are the law.” This is not an uncommon mindset amount hounders and baiters in Wisconsin. They are pandered to by legislators like Jarchow and are essentially given free reign by the Wisconsin DNR and local law enforcement agencies to do whatever they want. They can dump MILLIONS of gallons of stale junk food as bear bait all over OUR public lands, allow their dogs to run rampant on OUR public lands, and get a $2500 check from the Wisconsin DNR each time one of those free roaming dogs gets killed by a wolf, but it’s wildlife advocates that are “extremists” and doing the “harassing?”

What Rep. Adam Jarchow (R-WBHA) is going here is criminalizing free speech and the free navigation of OUR public lands. He is writing into law that hounders, baiters, and trappers will have free rein to behave as they want on OUR public lands and the “criminal” in the matter are the ones documenting illegal behavior. Remember that most of the hounding and baiting occurs on OUR National Forest land and this smacks of nothing more than a takeover of these lands by the extremist “hunting” elements in our state. It is also another example of trying to criminalize free speech and those that have a differing ideology from the right-wing extremists that currently run our state. Jarchow is a wealthy lawyer and should at least have some understanding of the United States Constitution and American law, but his false premise of a “right to hunt” taking presence over free speech and free passage on OUR public lands is highly disturbing. Not surprising considering the power drunk cabal that he is a part of at the state Capitol, but still disturbing.

Jarchow, in his “press release” makes the claim that hunting is a “family friendly” activity and it is somehow the “job” of government and elected representatives to get kids outside and killing’ instead of staying “indoors watching TV or surfing the internet.” Not coincidentally there are two more disturbing and likely related proposals that have been introduced in the Wisconsin Legislature.

The first proposal spearheaded by Wisconsin Representative and convicted wildlife violator, Joel Kleefisch, would remove the age limit for hunting in Wisconsin for “mentored hunting” along with any limitation on the number and types of weapons that can be used.

SB 301

An Act to repeal 29.592 (3); and to amend 29.592 (1) (intro.) of the statutes;
relating to: eliminating age requirements for participating in the hunting
mentorship program and hunting devices authorized to be used under the
hunting mentorship program.

Want to take your infant or toddler out and let them hound, trap, arrow, bait, or shoot wildlife? This proposal would allow that. Is it a coincidence that Jarchow mentioned how horrible it was for youth to watch TV and use the internet when there is all that good killin’ to be done?

The next proposal, also championed by convicted wildlife violator, Rep. Joel Kleefisch, seeks to remove the current decades old requirement that hunters wear backtags for identification and to help prevent trespassing.

Under current law, when the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) issues
a person an archer hunting license, a deer hunting license, a bear hunting license,
an elk hunting license, a sports license, or a conservation patron license, DNR also
issues a back tag to be attached to the person’s outermost garment when that person
is hunting as authorized by the license. This bill eliminates the requirement that
DNR issue a back tag with any of these licenses and the requirement that the licensee
attach a back tag to any garment while hunting.

This proposal should be renamed the 2015 Poaching and Trespassing Protection and Enablement Act. What benefit is there to the general public for the backtag requirement to be removed other than to protect those breaking the law? Just like Jarchow’s attack on the First Amendment it seems that the whole goal is to provide complete cover for those that want to poach, trespass, and otherwise violate the law. What other explanation is there? The answer is easy enough to find by checking to see which “hunter” groups support these proposals.

For the backtag removal bill these are the groups lobbying in support:

2015-2016 Legislative Session
Senate Bill 289
Relating to: back tag requirements. (FE)
National Rifle Association of America
For For
Notified Date: 10/13/2015
Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association
For For
Notified Date: 10/8/2015
Wisconsin FORCE (Wisconsin Firearm Owners, Ranges, Clubs, & Educators, Inc.)
For For
Notified Date: 10/8/2015

For the removal of age limits for the “hunter mentorship” program:

2015-2016 Legislative Session
Senate Bill 301
Relating to: eliminating age requirements for participating in the hunting mentorship program and hunting devices authorized to be used under the hunting mentorship program.
National Rifle Association of America
For For
Notified Date: 10/13/2015
Whitetails of Wisconsin
For For
Notified Date: 10/12/2015
Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association
For For
Notified Date: 10/12/2015
Wisconsin FORCE (Wisconsin Firearm Owners, Ranges, Clubs, & Educators, Inc.)
For For
Notified Date: 10/12/2015

What do all of these groups have in common? All but the NRA have the same lobbyist. That lobbyist is none other than Bob Welch, he of the windtunnel tested hair and hatred of wolves. The one group listed as in favor of eliminating the age restriction that he lobbies for, “Whitetails of Wisconsin,” is a lobbying group for canned hunting operations in the state. I guess allowing toddlers to shoot and kill hand raised animals behind fences must be good for business.

It’s the same names and same nefarious agendas at play here as those seeking to eradicate our wolf population. In what world does it make sense to criminalize free speech and then work to protect poachers and trespassers from being identified?

Please let Rep. Jarchow know what you think about his attempt to criminalize free speech here:

(608) 267-2365



Then contact YOUR state representatives and speak out against all of these insane proposals:

Find Your Legislator 

The ONLY positive to be taken from these proposals is that the hounders/baiters are scared that their sadistic behavior and “culture” of legalized animal fighting and unethical practices are being exposed to the light. Those that participate in and benefit from the killing culture of this state are also in a panic because more and more people are turning away from bloodsports or not participating in them starting in their youth. This means less and less funding for agencies like the Wisconsin DNR that exist solely for the benefit of those that kill, torment, and exploit our “natural resources.” Much like the deplorable “ag-gag” bills across the country Jarchow’s attack on free speech and navigation of OUR public lands will get its day in court. Glass houses……stones………


It turns out that according to the legislative website of Rep. Adam Jarchow, he is a member of the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, National Rifle Association, and the Polk County Sportsmen’s Club. No conflict of interest here is there?

Born St. Paul, Minn., November 10, 1978; married; 2 children. Graduate Clear Lake H.S. 1997; B.S. finance U. of South Florida 2001; J.D. U. of Florida 2004. Attorney. Member: Polk Co. Economic Development Corporation (secy.); National Rifle Assn.; Polk Co. Sportsmen’s Club; Wis. Bear Hunters Assn.; Apple River Fire Dept.
Elected to Assembly 2014.

Representative Adam Jarchow: Man of the People (Unless you are liberal, live in Madison or, believe in Free Speech)


Those of us that live in Wisconsin know full well how our state has an obsession with drinking, sports, and killing. When it comes to the killing part it seems that no place is safe from those that seek to trap, shoot, arrow, bait, and hound our wildlife. In 2012 this became all the more apparent when the Wisconsin Legislature passed a bill that allowed these activities to take place in our state parks.

Last week State Senator Fred Risser, a longtime friend to animals, introduced a proposal to free our state parks from the grip of those hellbent on making sure wildlife has no sanctuary in our state. From the article:

The first of two bills, both authored by state Sen. Fred Risser, D-Madison, would outlaw hunting in state parks, while the second would prohibit the use of steel-jaw and body-gripping traps and snares on state park land.

Risser cited safety concerns as his rationale for the two bills, saying in a statement that hunting was preventing his constituents from enjoying the state’s natural resources.

“There ought to be more places in the state where hunting is not permitted under any circumstances,” Risser said in the statement. “Hunters already have many locations where they are allowed to hunt, but state parks exist for everyone’s enjoyment, from hikers and cross-country skiers to bird-watchers and photographers.”

I want to thank Senator Risser for doing this in the face of hopeless odds. Our state is controlled by increasingly more extreme anti-wildlife elements that think they are the only ones with “rights” and the rest of us are supposed to just sit down and shut up. Need an example of this? Following the introduction of Senator Risser’s bill one of the most extreme and arrogant members of the power drunk Wisconsin GOP Legislature, Adam Jarchow, put out this “press release” that more resembles the ramblings of a playground bully than an elected official:


This guy makes sure to hit all of the right wing “dog whistles” here. People in Madison are evil, “liberals,” and apparently have no right to have representation in OUR own state and OUR own government. Who exactly are these “constituents” Jarchow speaks of? In case it was missing from the job description when this guy was elected, his job is to represent ALL citizens and not just those that scream the loudest, but of course that’s just not how it works in Walker’s Wisconsin.

Want to know what is “disappointing,” Jarchow? It is disappointing that right wing extremists like you believe that PUBLIC lands exist only for you and your ilk. That is of course unless those public lands get in the way of big money interests and campaign donors:

Before the recent passage of the state biennial budget bill and its signing into law by Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin boasted one of the most comprehensive shoreland zoning arrangements in the nation.

Under a sweeping arrangement approved by he state legislature in 1995, Wisconsin counties were free to make their own shoreland zoning arrangements, so long as they were no less strict than state requirements. In Bayfield County, the result of this was the creation of a sophisticated code for shoreland zoning that was developed involving stakeholders like lakeshore residents, real estate interests, local business people, zoning officials and ordinary citizens.

Through give and take, they developed an ordinance that took into account the size and environmental sensitivity of the 371 lakes in the county, tailoring regulation to fit the individual lakes. In many instances, those regulations were more restrictive than state shoreland zoning requirements, but according to supporters, better protected the local resources.


However, all of that abruptly changed when Walker inked the state budget. For within the hundreds of pages of that document was a provision known as Motion 520, which in a single sweeping act, eliminated the ability of any Wisconsin county to enact shoreland regulation more restrictive than that of state law.

In that one move, the legislature and governor turned on its head legislation that has been on the books for two decades.

In so doing, they have raised the ire of lakes associations, zoning administrators and environmentalists throughout the state.

Despite this, two legislators who have been closely associated with the bill, State Senator Tom Tiffany, R-Hazelhurst and State Assembly Member Adam Jarchow, R- Balsam Lake, insist they are merely acting to balance environmental protection and property rights.

“We are returning property rights to people,” Tiffany told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“There are a lot of property owners who really get the shaft, frankly, from counties,” Jarchow told the Journal Sentinel.

Ah yes, “the people.” Just who are “the people” Taconite Tommy and Jarchow are concerned about? Maybe people like these?

Elizabeth Uihlein, a major donor to Gov. Scott Walker, has reached an agreement with the Department of Natural Resources to buy 1.75 acres of prime lakefront property in Vilas County — a deal that gives her direct lake access to another property she now owns.

The agreement calls for the DNR to sell Uihlein 765 feet of frontage on Rest Lake in the Town of Manitowish Waters for $275,000. She currently owns an adjacent 11-unit condominium complex without lake access.

Uihlein and her husband, Richard, have donated nearly $3 million to Walker in recent years.

Are these the”constituents” that Jarchow refers to? A real man of “the people” this guy is. But it gets even better. He is also a “bear hunter” and his bear hounder/baiter buddies are apparently upset that their sick practices are now being exposed for the whole world to see and they aren’t too happy about it. Here is the latest proposal from Jarchow for his “constituents.”

This week, I have been garnering support for LRB 3445, otherwise known as the Right to Hunt Act.

I have been made aware by many people in our area that this is an issue for our hunters, fishermen and trappers. Not only is hunting a favorite pastime, but in Wisconsin it is a constitutionally guaranteed right. Unfortunately, there are people in our area and throughout Wisconsin who disagree with these practices and take their opposition a bit too far. I respect their right to disagree, however when they are impeding the rights of hunters, something needs to be done. This bill would give local law enforcement the tools they need to enforce the current hunter harassment laws and can enforce stricter penalties for breaking this law.

I am proud to stand up for outdoorsmen and women in Wisconsin and will continue to do so during my time in office.

So accessing PUBLIC lands and exercising our First Amendment rights are going “too far?” You want to know what is going “too far?” How about Jarchow’s “constituents” being allowed to dump almost FIVE MILLION GALLONS of bait on public land in 2014? How about allowing THOUSANDS of vicious dogs to run rampant on public lands with no license needed 24/7/365? Wildlife advocates are going “too far” by trying to publicize these activities and the numerous violations that get ignored by the Wisconsin DNR? The hounders and baiters don’t like being exposed to the light so they have their buddies in the legislature just write new laws to make sure they can continue to operate in the shadows. Isn’t “free speech” wonderful? Apparently Jarchow skipped over the First Amendment and went right to the Second. Let’s see how limiting or restricting access to our fellow citizens on PUBLIC lands because they have a different ideology plays out in federal court. That is a battle that I can’t wait to be waged. Maybe then the public will see what the baiters and hounders are trying so desperately to hide. Throwing stones in glass houses…………

But this is Walker’s Wisconsin where anything that doesn’t conform to the one party rule ideology of people like Jarchow gets shut down. Us “liberals,” or people that live in that bastion of evil known as Madison, apparently aren’t allowed to have opinions or be represented by OUR legislators without being subjected to ridicule and insults from people like the wealthy lawyer Adam Jarchow. Apparently Senator Risser isn’t allowed to do his job of representing his constituents because he lives “in a condominium in downtown Madison” without being bullied and ridiculed by this wealthy lawyer/Tea Party extremist. Does Jarchow live in a cave? How about a dumpy trailer? Now where oh where would a wealthy lawyer like Adam Jarchow reside if not something like a “condominium in downtown Madison” which is apparently too “liberal” of a dwelling for a “man of the people” like himself?

Please take the time to let Rep. Jarchow know what you think of his comments and proposals.

Representative Adam Jarchow’s Facebook Page

His Legislative Page

Also please thank Senator Risser for standing up against the killers and for our wildlife.

Senator Fred Risser