Wisconsin GOP Legislature Seeks to Attack Free Speech, Allow Toddlers to Hunt, and Promote Trespassing and Poaching: Just Another Week in the Bloodsport Capital of the United States

This should be ancient history. Instead this is

This activity should be ancient history like this painting. Instead this is “recreation” in Wisconsin and more important than YOUR First Amendment rights.

The poor great white hunter. They are such a persecuted entity in the state of Wisconsin. Not only can they shoot, arrow, hound, trap,bait, and kill almost any species throughout the year they also control the governorship, legislature, Natural Resources Board, courts, county boards, and apparently every other government entity, but that is apparently not enough.

As I pointed out last week there is a new extremist killing cartel shill in the legislature to take the place of the disgraced Scott Suder (R-ALEC) as the mouthpiece for the bear hounders. This week the legislative mouthpiece for the extremist killing cartels, Rep. Adam Jarchow (R-WBHA), introduced legislation to criminalize the First Amendment for those that share a different ideology and have the nerve to videotape and report on the myriad of illegal and unethical behaviors perpetrated by bear hounders and baiters on OUR public lands.

Jarchow stands with hunters? I didn't know hounders, baiters, and trappers were real

Jarchow stands with hunters? I didn’t know hounders, baiters, and trappers were real “hunters.”

Yes nothing says “family friendly” like using packs of vicious dogs to rip apart bear and other wildlife 24/7/365. Nothing says “family friendly” like depositing almost FIVE MILLION gallons of stale junk food on our public lands for SIX MONTHS in the hopes of conditioning and later executing a bear while eating. I would also like to know which “fishermen” are being “harassed?” While I am not a fan of fishing I know plenty of fishermen that sure wouldn’t want to be lumped in with hounders, baiters, and trappers.

Those “few precious days” for bear hounders start July 1st of each year and lasts until mid October. For bear baiters they have a full SIX MONTHS to deposit their stale junk food on OUR public lands. But that is never enough for extremist wildlife killers and their shills like Jarchow.

Let’s get to the real point behind this bill. The bear hounders/baiters and their mouthpiece, lobbyist Bob Welch, know that the group Wolf Patrol has shone a light onto the depraved and often illegal world of the whole hounding/baiting “culture” so this bill is another legislative attack against those with a differing ideology. One look at the terminology that Jarchow (R-WBHA) uses in his “press release” shows exactly what this is about. It also doesn’t hurt to look at those commenting on his Facebook page and the symbols that they use on their profiles. Here is an example of what is used by at least two of his fans.


One of Rep. Jarchow's bill supporters. Screenshot shared under Fair Use.

One of Rep. Jarchow’s bill supporters. Screenshot shared under Fair Use.

This is all about wolves and the desire of the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association (WBHA) and affiliated groups to eradicate them from our landscape. The calls of “smoke a pack a day” from these people show exactly what the ultimate goal is. While I may have small differences with the Wolf Patrol, they are doing what needs to be done. They are showing blatant illegal behavior perpetrated by hounders, baiters, and trappers while the Wisconsin DNR does NOTHING as usual. Jarchow and his buddies in the hounder/baiter groups don’t like the public seeing what their “sport” is all about and how they flaunt the breaking of laws and defile OUR public lands with their bait and legalized animal fighting.

This bill like so many others in Wisconsin is emblematic of what our state has become since 2010. Freedom of Speech only applies if you agree with the majority party currently in power and if you are a politician/supporter caught breaking the law they will just change the law to make the illegal behavior legal. Then if you are a “watchdog” that catches onto and reports the illegal behavior you will be demonized and the law will be changed just as Jarchow is trying to do here.

Jarchow makes the claim that the thought of a “hunt” being “ruined” by an “extremist group” makes him “sick.” You know what makes me sick? The disingenuous crap put forth by Jarchow and his followers that makes it seem like using PUBLIC lands and exercising our Freedom of Speech rights are something to be made illegal. While Jarchow and his benefactors in the killing cartels love to make inflammatory and untrue accusations they seem to be forgetting that it was the hounders that were harassing, blocking, and following those seeking to document what the hounders and baiters were doing as shown in this video:


The hounders blocking the Wolf Patrol vehicle can even be heard claiming that “they are the law.” This is not an uncommon mindset amount hounders and baiters in Wisconsin. They are pandered to by legislators like Jarchow and are essentially given free reign by the Wisconsin DNR and local law enforcement agencies to do whatever they want. They can dump MILLIONS of gallons of stale junk food as bear bait all over OUR public lands, allow their dogs to run rampant on OUR public lands, and get a $2500 check from the Wisconsin DNR each time one of those free roaming dogs gets killed by a wolf, but it’s wildlife advocates that are “extremists” and doing the “harassing?”

What Rep. Adam Jarchow (R-WBHA) is going here is criminalizing free speech and the free navigation of OUR public lands. He is writing into law that hounders, baiters, and trappers will have free rein to behave as they want on OUR public lands and the “criminal” in the matter are the ones documenting illegal behavior. Remember that most of the hounding and baiting occurs on OUR National Forest land and this smacks of nothing more than a takeover of these lands by the extremist “hunting” elements in our state. It is also another example of trying to criminalize free speech and those that have a differing ideology from the right-wing extremists that currently run our state. Jarchow is a wealthy lawyer and should at least have some understanding of the United States Constitution and American law, but his false premise of a “right to hunt” taking presence over free speech and free passage on OUR public lands is highly disturbing. Not surprising considering the power drunk cabal that he is a part of at the state Capitol, but still disturbing.

Jarchow, in his “press release” makes the claim that hunting is a “family friendly” activity and it is somehow the “job” of government and elected representatives to get kids outside and killing’ instead of staying “indoors watching TV or surfing the internet.” Not coincidentally there are two more disturbing and likely related proposals that have been introduced in the Wisconsin Legislature.

The first proposal spearheaded by Wisconsin Representative and convicted wildlife violator, Joel Kleefisch, would remove the age limit for hunting in Wisconsin for “mentored hunting” along with any limitation on the number and types of weapons that can be used.

SB 301

An Act to repeal 29.592 (3); and to amend 29.592 (1) (intro.) of the statutes;
relating to: eliminating age requirements for participating in the hunting
mentorship program and hunting devices authorized to be used under the
hunting mentorship program.

Want to take your infant or toddler out and let them hound, trap, arrow, bait, or shoot wildlife? This proposal would allow that. Is it a coincidence that Jarchow mentioned how horrible it was for youth to watch TV and use the internet when there is all that good killin’ to be done?

The next proposal, also championed by convicted wildlife violator, Rep. Joel Kleefisch, seeks to remove the current decades old requirement that hunters wear backtags for identification and to help prevent trespassing.

Under current law, when the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) issues
a person an archer hunting license, a deer hunting license, a bear hunting license,
an elk hunting license, a sports license, or a conservation patron license, DNR also
issues a back tag to be attached to the person’s outermost garment when that person
is hunting as authorized by the license. This bill eliminates the requirement that
DNR issue a back tag with any of these licenses and the requirement that the licensee
attach a back tag to any garment while hunting.

This proposal should be renamed the 2015 Poaching and Trespassing Protection and Enablement Act. What benefit is there to the general public for the backtag requirement to be removed other than to protect those breaking the law? Just like Jarchow’s attack on the First Amendment it seems that the whole goal is to provide complete cover for those that want to poach, trespass, and otherwise violate the law. What other explanation is there? The answer is easy enough to find by checking to see which “hunter” groups support these proposals.

For the backtag removal bill these are the groups lobbying in support:

2015-2016 Legislative Session
Senate Bill 289
Relating to: back tag requirements. (FE)
National Rifle Association of America
For For
Notified Date: 10/13/2015
Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association
For For
Notified Date: 10/8/2015
Wisconsin FORCE (Wisconsin Firearm Owners, Ranges, Clubs, & Educators, Inc.)
For For
Notified Date: 10/8/2015

For the removal of age limits for the “hunter mentorship” program:

2015-2016 Legislative Session
Senate Bill 301
Relating to: eliminating age requirements for participating in the hunting mentorship program and hunting devices authorized to be used under the hunting mentorship program.
National Rifle Association of America
For For
Notified Date: 10/13/2015
Whitetails of Wisconsin
For For
Notified Date: 10/12/2015
Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association
For For
Notified Date: 10/12/2015
Wisconsin FORCE (Wisconsin Firearm Owners, Ranges, Clubs, & Educators, Inc.)
For For
Notified Date: 10/12/2015

What do all of these groups have in common? All but the NRA have the same lobbyist. That lobbyist is none other than Bob Welch, he of the windtunnel tested hair and hatred of wolves. The one group listed as in favor of eliminating the age restriction that he lobbies for, “Whitetails of Wisconsin,” is a lobbying group for canned hunting operations in the state. I guess allowing toddlers to shoot and kill hand raised animals behind fences must be good for business.

It’s the same names and same nefarious agendas at play here as those seeking to eradicate our wolf population. In what world does it make sense to criminalize free speech and then work to protect poachers and trespassers from being identified?

Please let Rep. Jarchow know what you think about his attempt to criminalize free speech here:

(608) 267-2365



Then contact YOUR state representatives and speak out against all of these insane proposals:

Find Your Legislator 

The ONLY positive to be taken from these proposals is that the hounders/baiters are scared that their sadistic behavior and “culture” of legalized animal fighting and unethical practices are being exposed to the light. Those that participate in and benefit from the killing culture of this state are also in a panic because more and more people are turning away from bloodsports or not participating in them starting in their youth. This means less and less funding for agencies like the Wisconsin DNR that exist solely for the benefit of those that kill, torment, and exploit our “natural resources.” Much like the deplorable “ag-gag” bills across the country Jarchow’s attack on free speech and navigation of OUR public lands will get its day in court. Glass houses……stones………


It turns out that according to the legislative website of Rep. Adam Jarchow, he is a member of the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, National Rifle Association, and the Polk County Sportsmen’s Club. No conflict of interest here is there?

Born St. Paul, Minn., November 10, 1978; married; 2 children. Graduate Clear Lake H.S. 1997; B.S. finance U. of South Florida 2001; J.D. U. of Florida 2004. Attorney. Member: Polk Co. Economic Development Corporation (secy.); National Rifle Assn.; Polk Co. Sportsmen’s Club; Wis. Bear Hunters Assn.; Apple River Fire Dept.
Elected to Assembly 2014.


For Memorial Day A Species I Wish Were Endangered: The Great American Chickenhawk

Image from rationalwiki.org.

Image from rationalwiki.org.

Today, this post isn’t going to be about wildlife or the scum trying to defile it. Today’s post is a rant that I feel I need to share as someone that served in the military and observes the phony and fraudulent charlatans that call themselves “patriots.” This is my screed for Memorial Day and an expression of utter disdain for a species that I wish were endangered: The Great American Chickenhawk.

So comes the weekend of the Great American Chickenhawk. Where the great “patriots” of this country pull out their grills and coolers in honor of our veterans. The airwaves will be full of patriotic songs and movies illustrating the great sacrifices of our veterans and the Great American Chickenhawks will stop slurping their beer or gorging on grilled animal flesh to “remember” those that gave their lives for “freedom” or whatever the manufactured talking point of the day is. Then they will get in their giant gas guzzling vehicles made of foreign parts and drive by the countless homeless veterans and other less fortunate folks who don’t care that it is “Memorial Day.” They are just wondering where their next meal or place to sleep will come from. The “patriots” will call them “takers” and “bums” while the American flag stickers on their giant vehicles glisten in the sunlight next to the “support the troops” yellow ribbon sticker.

Our country is a hollow shell filled with fake “patriots” that care nothing about the people behind the yellow ribbons and what “Memorial Day” was supposed to be about. Do the majority of “patriots” think about the physically and mentally scarred remnants of the modern wars? Do they think about the children and countless innocents that became “collateral damage” of the wars that Faux News and our media championed and still champion to no end? Of course not. The Chickenhawk’s idea of “patriotism” consists of flying a flag, slurping beer at a campsite, gorging on grilled animal flesh, and watching Saving Private Ryan once as year. Then the rest of the year they whine about “big government” and pine to send others to far flung wars for “freedom” or whatever the war machine talking point of the day is. Then they ignore the suffering of those that had the nerve to return from these wars with mental or physical problems. Then they question the “patriotism” of those that dare question the motives of the ones sending them to these wars. All from the comfort of their warm homes and full refrigerators. Then they continue to bitch about “big government” while pounding the drums for the biggest element of that “big government” the war machine.

So excuse my bitterness and skepticism of our fake “patriot” society and read the article below to see how our veterans are repaid for their service.
Former VA official: Burn pits could be the new Agent Orange

No caption needed!

No caption needed!

Meet the “Barstool Biologist” That Thinks He Speaks for “Everyone” in Wisconsin about Wolves

The apparent meeting place for Wisconsin's most esteemed biologists.

The apparent meeting place for Wisconsin’s most esteemed biologists.

One of the terms that I like to use to describe anti-wildlife elements who think they have the answers to everything is that they are a “barstool biologist.” Nowhere is this more prevalent than among the anti-wolf elements in northern Wisconsin. These people like to run with the lies and myths such as “them wolfs is eatin’ all the deer” and “I don’t see no deer, but I see wolfs everywhere.” The latest propaganda talking point being furthered by anti-wolf factions and arrogant legislators like Taconite Tommy Tiffany is that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is turning Wisconsin into a “predator state.” To listen to these people you would think that Wisconsin was just overwhelmed with wolves, bears, coyotes, and those evil and horrible bobcats.

Nowhere have these lies and propaganda talking points been better illustrated than in a recently published “letter to the editor” of The Lakeland Times by Hazelhurst, Wisconsin resident and anti-wolf fearmongerer, Al LaPorte. If Hazelhurst, Wisconsin sounds familiar it is because this is where Taconite Tommy lives and in a strange coincidence the talking points of both are exactly the same. Here is the letter:

What does a D.C. judge know about Wisconsin wolves?

To the Editor:

I read Melissa Smith’s letter to the editor of The Lakeland Times (Friday, May 8, 2015). While I agree the DNR has screwed up our deer population (too many doe permits for too many years), I have to wonder how a judge in Washington D.C. knows so much about Wisconsin wolves?

If you don’t think the DNR is turning northern Wisconsin into a predator state, why does it take about eight years to get a bear tag, six to seven years to get a bobcat tag, and you can’t even get a wolf tag? She thinks wolves are at a dangerously low population. Well, maybe in Madison there aren’t many, but in the Northwoods there are more than the area can handle (remember the 350 wolves everyone agreed to?)

As far as dogs being used to fight wolves, what world does she live in? I guess Ms. Smith can just distort reality to make a point. Wolves are not in a “dirty culture war.” It is groups like hers that take up the wolf as a “symbol of wilderness” when in reality the wolf is just a part of the whole system.

The coyote has had no season and no limit (except during some deer seasons) and they have survived. Why must we put the wolf above the rest of the wildlife?

So, what has happened is the DNR depleted our deer heard, and the predators are stopping the comeback, and I am tired of the people in Madison shoving their opinions and rules down our throats. How would it be, if we took away the number of police officers in Madison because we do not need that many in northern Wisconsin, and said you should learn to live with the chaos?

Al LaPorte

While it just induces a migraine to read the false equivalencies, fabrications, propaganda, and downright arrogance of this letter, I will break it down point by point.

The letter starts with the usual barstool biologist/rural talking point that it is just impossible for someone in the “big city,” in this case a federal judge, to know anything about Wisconsin wolves. How arrogant this judge must me to actually read and interpret a law the way that the law was written. Didn’t you know that rural folks apparently know everything and some big city judge has no right to tell them that they can’t fight wolves with their dogs or trap, shoot, and arrow those evil grandchildren eating beasts?

Next we have the latest Northern Wisconsin anti-wolf talking point that Wisconsin is being turned into a “predator state.” So why are we now a “predator state?” According to the esteemed barstool biologist, Al LaPorte, it is because it just takes too darn long for him to get a kill permit for one of those evil predators. Obviously this must be because there are just so many predators in the state that the tree hugging Wisconsin DNR want to protect. What? Mr. LaPorte is apparently of the opinion that predator killing should be a free for all and kill permits should be given to everyone that wants one. Then he completely contradicts his own argument later in his letter by stating that wolves should be treated like all other wildlife. So if he believes that wolves should be treated like all other wildlife then that means a system of quotas and limits to the number of permits issued, right? This argument and “woe is me” arrogance of these anti-wolf types show exactly what they are all about. They believe that their selfish “need” to kill takes precedence over everyone else or the health of a species.

The next part uses another barstool biologist talking point by claiming that “everyone agreed” to the number of 350 wolves in Wisconsin. By “everyone” I assume LaPorte is referring to his own circle of anti-wolf elements that had to be be essentially bribed by the Wisconsin DNR so that they wouldn’t poach wolves? The bear hounders are so special that they had to make an “agreement” with the Wisconsin DNR so that they wouldn’t break the law by poaching a federally protected species. That should tell you all that you need to know about the types of people LaPorte represents in his letter.

The biggest whopper of the entire letter appears next. LaPorte claims that the idea of dogs fighting wolves is just absurd. He asks what world does the original letter writer live in? Gee I wonder what world that is. Maybe the world where the Wisconsin DNR paid out a total of $55,827.32 in the past year for hounds allegedly killed or injured by wolves? How about the total payout of this scam program of $573,512.38 since the whole hounder bribe system started? Nope dogs don’t fight wolves. If that is the case then I expect all the hounders that received reimbursements to refund each and every dime that they were paid.

Mr. LaPorte then claims that there isn’t a “culture war” surrounding wolves. The absurdity of this claim is proven false by the mere fact that he wrote his letter. The letter contains nothing but hyperbole and whining about how those poor rural folk are “told what to do” by those evil people in the “big city.” All one has to do is take a look at the vile, racist, and hate filled postings by one of the several anti-wolf hate sites that infect Facebook and other media forums to see that the wolf is central in this “culture war.” Any bets he is a fan of such sites?

Finally LaPorte has to sum up his letter by claiming that predators are stopping the “comeback” of the deer population in Wisconsin. Funny I didn’t know that deer were an endangered species that needed to “comeback.” But when one looks at it from the selfish viewpoint of the “great white hunters” of Wisconsin there can never be enough deer to kill in their “whole state is a game farm” mentality. People like LaPorte want “on-demand” hunting where they are guaranteed a kill and nothing, especially predators, can get in the way of the dominionist attitude that many like him posses. He is “tired”of people in Madison “shoving their opinions down his throat.” Really? Last I checked, Madison and it’s residents were tax paying citizens of the State of Wisconsin. Much of that tax money goes to prop up rural areas like Hazelhurst, Wisconsin. Last I saw residents of Madison also far outnumber the residents of Hazelhurst, Wisconsin. I see plenty of rural mindsets and opinions being shoved down our throats in the “big city.” Using dogs against wolves and other wildlife? That didn’t come from urban representatives. Archaic abortion restrictions? Those didn’t come from urban representatives. Act 10? That sure didn’t come from Madison representatives. Nor has the myriad of other anti-environment, anti-wildlife, anti-progressive, anti-education, anti-everything “liberal” scorched Earth polices that were rammed down OUR throats by arrogant rural blowhards like your very own Tom Tiffany. So don’t pretend to act like those of us in the “big city” are “forcing” anything on you. Frankly on both the state and national level it is exactly the opposite. Urban citizens and majority opinions are being ignored in favor of rural minority positions and dominionist attitudes. 

The final sentence of LaPorte’s letter is the typical rural straw-man argument that barstool biologists and the anti-wolf rural types use all the time.

How would it be, if we took away the number of police officers in Madison because we do not need that many in northern Wisconsin, and said you should learn to live with the chaos?

The false equivalency here is staggering. Actually with all of the poachers and law breakers that infect northern Wisconsin, I would argue that you do need massively increased law enforcement up there but that is not the issue in this post. Barstool biologists and “the sky is falling” rural types like to pretend that if something doesn’t go THEIR WAY that everyone feels the same way or that there is “chaos.” When it comes to wolves the very anti-wolf DNR, commissioned a survey last year showing overwhelming support for wolves and maintaining their current populations. There was even majority support in the areas of the north that wolves inhabit contrary to this guy’s assertions. If not getting to kill a bear, wolf, bobcat, deer, etc. is what constitutes “chaos” in Mr. LaPorte’s world then his issues go far beyond that of wildlife management.

Judging from his history of letter to editors this is not the first time Mr. LaPorte has used such hyperbole and overexaggerations to illustrate his “points.” One only has to look at a letter he wrote to the same publication in December of 2014 crying out about the “thousands” of wolves in Wisconsin.

Predators – Until 1984, hunters received a bear tag with their rifle tag and a bobcat tag with their small game license. Also, hunters legally shot every wolf they saw. Now it takes a hunter nine years to get a bear tag, (8 1/2 years average in zone D) and seven years for a bobcat tag. There are more bear and bobcat than ever. Plus the DNR doesn’t seem to have a clue about how many thousands of wolves there really are in northern Wisconsin. These predators need to eat, and deer meat is on the menu.

Does anyone wonder why so many wildlife advocates do not want states like Wisconsin to ever regain “management” of wolves? In the meantime enjoy more of the barstool biology and musings of a very arrogant man that thinks he speaks for all of Wisconsin in this other “letter to the editor.”

Letter: ‘Pro-wolf’ writers don’t know Wisconsin

The “Wolf Depredation” Scam Continues and Your Stories Wanted

This is "tradition" and "heritage" in Wisconsin.

This is “tradition” and “heritage” in Wisconsin.

Lately this blog has been gaining a significant crop of new readers and wildlife advocates that have been elated to have found a source that will actually report the thing that I do. I am both proud and humbled at the positive feedback I am getting for publishing this blog. I am willing to bring to light the issues and opinions that many of us harbor but are afraid to put out there. One of the best things about increased readership of the blog is that wildlife advocates and average citizens from Northern Wisconsin finally feel that they have an outlet to express their frustrations and disdain over what is essentially the extremist hunting group and hounder based anarchy that the Wisconsin DNR turns a blind eye to or even encourages. As a follow up to my blog post yesterday about livestock interests scamming the wolf “depredation” system I am going to share an email that I received from a northern Wisconsin resident, that I know to be of the highest integrity, and her interactions with farmers up there.

As I was reviewing the depredation figures from year to year on the DNR chart, red flags started popping up big time. Taking into consideration years prior to wolf hunting and comparing the past three years; numbers substantially grew. Interesting considering wolf population should have decreased due to hunting or did the population rebound so significantly, that more depredation took place? With this in mind, read on.

Whenever I run into a local around here; I pose a few questions in friendly conversation to see how they respond. Yesterday, I ran into a farmer who raises beef cattle north of me. He stated he lost many cattle last year due to the hostile winter. His neighbor also raises livestock. He lost 15-cattle due to wolves. His neighbor tried convincing him to make a buck and claim the losses were due to wolves. He would not do it. Solid proof…you cannot trust farmers or the USDA. More importantly, this must be the same farmer who claimed 15-cattle killed by wolves on the DNR chart. It is the only claim for 15-cattle. How ironic is that? Now who do you believe? This kind of deceit is what controls Congress. It WAS nice to know there are some honest farmers around here though. Another recent conversation was with a (position removed). He knows I’m a wolf advocate. He is not. We were discussing wolves; his argument was about his friend who operates a hunting outfit out west. His business is dwindling due to wolves hunting all the elk. The (position removed) travels out there to hunt and has no luck. He stated, “Every time we call the elk in, the wolves come”. I wasn’t sure how to comment because it seemed like a natural thing to me. What do you expect? He also stated he believes a wolf would eat a child. I walked away waving him in disbelief.

This kind of confirms what many of us have been speculating about all along. The whole “wolf depredation” program is one giant scam for irresponsible ranchers and hounders and is used as propaganda whenever talk of delsiting wolves or opening a killing season approaches.

I would also like to share the experiences of a Northwoods resident that I received a few weeks back about how hounders have ZERO regard for property rights and the toxic mindset that revolved around their “sport.”

I live in northern WI in a remote spot. Acres away from anyone. I live w/wolves. Their numbers have decreased substantially in the past 2-yrs. I’ve caught poachers and reported them to the Federal warden and WI DNR as my property butts Nicolet National Forest. I’ve chased poachers with my shotgun. The quota for wolf harvest had been met 4-months prior. I have met w/Andy, Game Warden in my area on several occasions and he is very receptive to the problem. I spoke w/Dave MacFarland, DNR Large Carnivore Specialist and shared my concerns. Other than law enforcement, natural resource enforcement, Sierra Club and a handful of concerned individuals it seems WI residents show little or no concern regarding poaching or maintaining a healthy ecosystem. They seem oblivious to the government playing Russian Roulette with the preservation of our wildlife. Wolves are necessary to complete our ecosystem. Delisting them again is pure ignorance as WI US Representative Reed Ribble is currently pushing through congress. It seems the DNR has had their hands tied as the Bear Hunters Association gathered accomplices from NRA, Hunters Rights Coalition and Safari Club International to write a wolf hunt law and get it passed previously. The ATV clubs are even regulating the DNR as to where ATV signage should be placed. Apparently, DNR personnel w/degrees in enforcement and biology, etc are somewhat powerless to the less educated clubs who are dictating the policies. Obviously, the sport and recreation is more important than the science.

Fact is, it is science and biology that feed the sport. Then there are the hateful, crude comments from wolf haters who hunt them because they are evil or because they blame deer population reduction to wolf kill. This category if idiots are delirious. More deer are killed from road kill than wolf killing deer. During hunting season, I have half dozen or more hounds trample through my property for 2-weeks straight every day at the same time causing havoc with no hunter in sight. Whether these are bear hounds or illegal wolf hunting hounds they are illegally trespassing and chasing wolves, migrating birds, young sand-hilled cranes, and a long laundry list of wildlife. I hold a Scientific Collector’s License w/the state & US Fish & Wildlife. I also photograph wildlife and this outburst is destructive to my work and landscape much less my dog. They roam unattended. In my opinion, it seems our recreational clubs are intervening where and when they should not be. Farmers/ranchers are blaming wolves for lost livestock. And the general public…where are you? Science is not in the best interest of the clubs, wolf haters, or US Reed Ribble, etc. Look what Idaho is doing…making a contest out of wolf slaughtering. The real issue is economics. The planet is over-populated causing the need for more food. Many ranchers are honest, working hard to produce meals to put on tables. However, wolves have always lived here and farmers/ranchers were aware of that when they made the decision to raise cattle, sheep, dairy cows, etc. The percentage of wolves killing livestock isn’t even substantial. Ranchers get reimbursed. Bottom line: delisting again is just an ugly excuse to slaughter wolves for sport. The real issue is over-population of the human race. What will it take to keep wolves on the endangered species list and balance our ecosystem? Brains.

If you are a northern Wisconsin resident and wish to share your experiences with hounders, trappers, and anti-wolf people, I encourage you to comment on this post or use the “Contact Us” link at the top of the page. Your name and information will not be published but we would love to hear your stories and share them with other like minded wildlife advocates on this blog.

Contact Us

Yep, “No One” Wants to Eradicate Wolves and Wisconsin’s Killing Culture in Action


In addition to the hue and cry of wolves needing “management” by the great white hunters, anti-wolf factions constantly say that “no one wants wolves eradicated,” yet they scream about hordes of rampaging wolves, now protected from traps, packs of hounds, guns, and arrows, “decimating” livestock and “pets.” Your grandchildren aren’t even safe at bus stops from the thousands of wolves that apparently now know that they are back on the ESA list.

These are some comments made by representatives and lobbyists of anti-wolf groups about how they claim “no one” wants to eradicate wolves and they only want them “managed.” Take these comments from a 2012 “Wolf Stakeholder Meeting” about what their plan has been all along. This comes from Ralph Fritsch of the deceptively named hunting group, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation.

“Wished long time ago it could have been delisted. It would have been a better process. FWS gave state authority back, not the whole issue. Need to be Federally  (congressionally) delisted to give states time and so that everyone does not fee l they are running into a revolving door. Not all in agreement, sportsmen in state that care, and I mean sportsmen not people who just go out and shoot animals, we were biggest influence that wolf population grew because we made an agreement with the DNR that we would not harass wolves despite the fact that the population is three times over what was agreed upon. Illegal shootings not done by sportsmen, done by slob hunters. Hunters support wolves.”

Where exactly are these “hunters” that openly support wolves? I would like to see and hear from them. I am not holding my breath. I also like the line about how the wildlife killers “made an agreement” not to harass wolves? Really? So now “agreements” are needed with so-called “sportsmen” so they don’t break the law? The arrogance of these people are astounding. They really believe that the laws do not apply to them if they are not in agreement with them. This is exactly why congress should not return management to the states with people like this having influence. Next we have the 2012 words from the lobbyist for the disgraced Koch front group “United Sportsmen of Wisconsin,” Scott Meyer, making this claim:

Scott Meyer, a member of the Bear Hunters Association and lobbyist for United Sportsman, went even further. He said, “”Seven attorneys were involved with drafting this bill to make sure it didn’t put delisting in jeopardy. The bill is not liberal enough, but unfortunately, these are the cards we’ve been dealt. The idea that we’re going to extirpate the wolves is ludicrous.”

Contrast those comments to what members of these same groups are saying on the Facebook hosted anti-wolf hate pages and news articles and tell me that “no one” wants to see wolves eradicated.

“This is so frustrating,the wolves have there place in the upper Midwest. No one wants to eradicate these majestic animals. The dirty little secret is their former range
was in most of Americans back yards including these misinformed or activist Federal

I would bet “activist judges” are just fine when they shoot down immigration proposals and the Affordable Healthcare Act, right? No one wants to see them eradicated huh?

“I still don’t understand why we need to have any wolves at all. What do they do to benefit us. If you can’t hunt or trap them what are they actually benefitting. Do we gain state revenue for someone taking a picture? Do you have to buy a license to take a picture? Where does all the money to do the studies on these things come from? There is obviously a problem here when the season can’t even stay open for half of the time allotted. It is a different world then years ago. There are not the huge tracks of undeveloped land in the north anymore. These animals are traveling farther from where they belong in search of food since they have pretty much cleaned out everything in their home range. It’s really funny to me that the people who are making all these decisions don’t have a clue about what is going on in the north woods and the state in general when it comes to wildlife.”

Don’t have a clue? Maybe they don’t because if they really did know what was going on in the north woods with the sick hounder culture, they would be even more horrified. What this is appears to be another barstool biologist spreading lies and misinformation about how wolves are “eating everything.” These people never stop with their flat out lies and propaganda. The DNR’s own predator/prey studies show that wolves have a minimal at worst impact on deer populations. The seasons end quickly because wolf haters bait known wolf habitat for months and then saturate the area with traps to kill them. That doesn’t even take into account the 24/7/365 hounding on wolves that allows the anti-wolf people to pinpoint their exact locations throughout the year. Then we have these comments from some of the “sportsmen” that indeed want wolves eradicated. Here is just a taste of all those “sportsmen” who apparently do not believe that “no one wants to see wolves eradicated, “misspellings and all:

“I love how these extremist liberals argue how protecting an animal that murders livestock with its face is a must. Shoot them all and make a nice duvee cover.”

“Looks like another tree hugger. Smoke a pack a day!”

“Let the lead fly take them all!!!!!!”

“Who cares what size they are, it’s a wolf KILL EM ALL”

“KILL THEM ALL I have lost a few deer to them damn wolfs and coyotes”

“I was stalked by one up there two years ago bow hunting hope they shoot them all.”

“there are too many of them, our ancestors were right to not have them, and eliminated them!!!…kill them all!!!”

“My coonhound thanks you all. Keep smokin them!”

“Wipe them off Wisconsin along with pit bull dogs.”

“About 10 miles from there now, watching the Wi badgers kick ass, love Wi, and love smoking a pack a day” 

This is just one small sample of Wisconsin resident comments taken from a Facebook hosted anti-wolf hate page over the span of a few minutes. Nope “no one” wants to see wolves eradicated do they? Is it really “ludicrous” that wildlife advocates believe that the wolf haters want the species extirpated? Take this comment allegedly made by the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation representative to the state Wolf Advisory Committee and you decide:

“Maybe shooting those damn things in the gut ain’t kind, but it sure is fun”.

Nope. Wolves don’t need federal protection. Do they?

Need some more proof that this is a “jihad” against wolves and eradication is the ultimate goal? Take a look at the websites selling the skins of killed wolves in North America. Wolf skins appear to be selling anywhere from $500 to $1000. If what the Wisconsin DNR calls “harvesters” and I call bloodthirsty sadists, can get $500 to $1000 for each wolf they torture and kill, why wouldn’t they want more wolves on the landscape for them to “harvest?” We know that trappers are some of the most heartless and sadistic types within the hunting community so why wouldn’t they want an endless stream of income from making sure there are plenty of wolves to kill? This is an instance where sadism and ideology take precedence over money apparently. The comments on the anti-wolf hate sites, from anti-wolf politicians, and from killing cartel lobbyists show that they will only “accept” a token number of wolves on the landscape and only if try are able to torture, hound, and kill them pretty much year round. There is no other species in Wisconsin, or most other states for that matter, whose population is mandated to be kept at the bare minimum or next to nothing. Only wolves. Imagine if Wisconsin treated deer in the same manner that they treat wolves.

Just imagine if each year a panel of anti-deer lobbyists and loud mouth killing cartel representatives would sit down and demand that half of the deer population be killed for four and a half months, with dogs, traps, and everything short of artillery. Then when you can’t “kill” them, you can run dogs and bait them 24/7/365. Then automobile owners on the panel would demand reimbursement each time a deer is hit by a motor vehicle causing damage. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? But this is exactly how Wisconsin goes about “managing” wolves. How is it acceptable for a species, 3 years removed from being considered endangered, to be tormented by packs of vicious dogs 24/7/365, be baited, and be killed just for being “seen” by cowardly rancher types looking to make fast buck for their irresponsible husbandry?

Imagine if there were websites devoted to the eradication of deer. Imagine if there were politicians pining for deer to be killed off for no other reason than existing. Besides deer cause significantly more damage and kill many many more people each year than wolves ever have. The killing cartels would lose their minds because as their fallback they always point to how much money deer hunting brings to the economy each year. They NEVER take into account how much money wildlife watchers bring in and the fact that it more often than not dwarfs what hunters bring in.

Wisconsin’s Culture of Death and “Conservation” Congress 

We are mired in a culture of death in Wisconsin and nationwide. Animals are not living and sentient beings. They are “rack sizes,” “pelts,” and “game” to be tortured, killed, and used as backdrops for sadistic photographs from hardhearted people. All the while fluffy terms like “harvest” and “recruited” are used to describe this:

This is "sport" and "heritage" in Wisconsin.

This is “sport” and “heritage” in Wisconsin.

The days of hunting to “feed your family” or to “survive” are long gone. Need proof of this? Major newspapers put any “outdoor” or wildlife related news stories under the “sports” section. The non-human inhabitants of our planet are relegated to lesser importance than the box score for a high school basketball game. Maybe this is because if people actually looked at the bloody snuff pics on these pages that show grinning wildlife killers leering over a freshly snuffed out LIFE, they may be horrified. Dogs as weapons, traps, bait, electronic calls are just some examples of the techniques Wisconsin “wildlife managers” views as “ethical” and part of the state’s “heritage.”

What does this say about our state and our “culture” overall? Where killing other life forms has been renamed as “recreation” and an entire portion of the state economy is dependent on it? Wisconsin has some of the most beautiful landscapes and an amazing abundance of wildlife found in very few other places. Why can’t we seem to enjoy it without seeing it through a rifle scope or clamped down in the jaws of a dog, or trap? At no time during the course of a year is wildlife safe from harassment by dogs, getting acclimated to bait, or being killed during the multitude of state sanctioned killing seasons. When does the killing become enough? Apparently never because the Wisconsin Conservation Congress, like every year, is pining to allow more killing, in more ways, and of more species. This year they want to open a sandhill crane slaughter season, eliminate hour restrictions for trapper sadists, allow more bear killing with dogs in more areas for longer durations, allow the killing of white deer, allow the killing of more fishers, otters, and even TURTLES by trappers, open more lands for killing, and finally make the wolf killing season start at a later date. You may think the last one isn’t a bad idea, but the “devil” is in the details. Hounders are upset because they have had “minimal” opportunity to kill wolves with their dogs the last two years and this would allow them far more killing time before the season closes. The WCC questionnaire shows that Wisconsin is obsessed with killing more, for longer, and without limits. Only the fish people seem concerned about protecting and “conserving” the fish that they go after. That is certainly not the case with the shooters, hounders, and trappers and their destructive killing obsession.

The Wisconsin Killing Conservation Congress advisory votes are on April 13, 2015 at various locations in each county around the state. Make sure you attend to vote against Wisconsin’s killing culture and for once put wildlife ahead of the interests of the killing obsessed residents of this state.

Be Wary of “Conservatives” Bearing “Reforms:” The Rise of Fascism’s New Face

This isn't so funny anymore.

This isn’t so funny anymore.

This post is going to be a little different. It’s not going to be specifically about the war on our wildlife. It’s going to be about the war on the very bedrock principles of our society and how a radical element became mainstream and looks to destroy it under the guise of “reforms.”

Definition of “conservative:”

disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change.

cautiously moderate or purposefully low

traditional in style or manner; avoiding novelty or showiness

having the power or tendency to conserve or preserve

Growing up, through my early years as an Army Reservist, and working in the Law enforcement field I had always considered myself a “rule of law” independent that even leaned to the right on many issues. I still believe in the rule of law but my axis has shifted more and more to the left with each passing year especially since 2008. While I believe that President Obama sold us a line of crap that progressives bought hook, line, and lead sinker the alternative was even more horrifying. My leftward shift really took root when I saw how the right was celebrating someone like Sarah Palin. While I respected McCain (at the time) I was horrified that he would choose someone that was so utterly revolting that the sound of her voice literally made me nauseous and angry at the same time. This was the beginning of a significant chunk of Americans celebrating ignorance and stupidity and making it mainstream. It was horrifying. Then came the emergence of the Tea party and the increasing influence of their Koch Brother puppet masters. While I am no fan of the “Panderer in Chief,” Barack Obama, the blatant and open racism and ignorance that this group openly celebrated absolutely filled me with dread. Then the midterm election of 2010 came and a huge number of these Koch fueled nutbags were elected to governorships, Congress, and to state legislatures. My transformation to full blown progressive came following the election and subsequent “bomb dropping” of Scott Walker here in Wisconsin. Even before the 2010 election that put this goon into power alarm bells were going off in my head about this guy. Wisconsin has never really been known as a bastion of intelligence, outside of Madison (I’ve lived in the state all my life), but the dullard nature of this guy for some inexplicable reason resonated with the yokel community of this state that was bitter at the election of (gasp) a black man to the presidency. Of course that was not the only reason. A constant diet of Faux News and other Koch fueled propaganda scaring people about “socialists” and “minorities” added fuel to the fire.

To appease his rabid Koch fueled yokel and big money base, Walker made sure to declare all out war on public employees, the environment, the poor, education, and women as his first orders of business. The sane among us were horrified at what this guy was trying to do so a recall petitions were circulated and a massive number of people signed on to remove Walker from office and restore sanity. Unfortunately this effort failed and it only emboldened Walker to become more extreme and take his Koch fueled decimation of everything “progressive” or “liberal” national.

In the midst of Walker’s rise to power those around them found out that orange is indeed the new “black” as they found themselves in the very same prisons that Wisconsin famously likes to put so many African American men into. Six of Walker’s close associates and donors found themselves convicted on a myriad of charges that included stealing from a veterans fund to contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Somehow Walker kept emerging from these scandalous activities unscathed. Either state and federal prosecutors are not doing their jobs or there is something bigger at play. As someone that up until recently beloved that the rule of law still carried weight I kept out hope that the law would catch up to the blatant corruption and cronyism that Walker and the legislature under his thumb participate in. But that hope appears to be futile as these so called “conservatives” seem only concerned with conserving and enhancing their power rather than the rule of law. The existing law gets in the way of lining your pockets with lobbyist money? “Reform” it. The existing law makes it illegal to coordinate with “dark money” right wing front groups? “Reform” it. Existing environmental law makes it difficult to sell off pristine and ecologically sensitive lands to rape and pillage mining interests? “Reform” it after you get a $700,000 bribe. Nothing fishy there. Walker’s own hand picked board of killing cartel and big ag lobbyists only go along with his agenda 99 percent of the time? Take away all their power and give it to a high school graduate, turned real estate developer, turned DNR Secretary, under the guise of “reform.” The minority party wishes to do their jobs and debate laws put forth by the party in charge? Nope. We can’t do that. “Reform” it. Don’t like that a college mission statement actually espouses that education is good for humanity and searching for scientific truth? “Reform” it. A federal judge makes a ruling explicitly based on the rule of law and you don’t like it? Write a law that vacates that ruling and weakens the Endangered Species Act in the process. Shall I continue? I could go on with hundreds of more examples of this “conservatism” and “reforms” but I don’t feel like typing for the rest of the week. The term “reform” is now used as a substitute for the word dictate in the quest for consolidated power with one person or branch of government at the state level and eventually federally.

Every time I hear a Koch fueled “conservative” like Walker or Taconite Tommy Tiffany talk about being “conservatives,” making “reforms,” and espousing the “rule of law” my blood boils. The only “rule of law” that matters to these people is the laws that they make or agree with. All Americans should be horrified by this type of “conservative” and their “reforms.” I used to be astounded that people would support and vote for people like Walker and Taconite Tommy but not any more. People scoffed at the idea that the backlash against Obama and the rise of the Tea Party had anything to do with race or how different Obama was from prior presidents. Those same people aren’t doing much scoffing anymore after seeing the open racism being exposed by right wing hate radio, astroturf Koch front groups, and propaganda “news” outlets like Fox (Faux) News. Obama has been an complete and utter disaster for wildlife and the environment and I don’t offer much support for him because of that not because his skin tone is darker than mine. For the Teahadists this is quite the opposite. I never thought that blatant attacks on the less fortunate, gay, “minorities,” women, and even the rule of law itself would become mainstream. I expect the gutter slime to spread their hate and fascist worshiping ideas under the cloak of anonymity on the Internet but now entire “news” networks and radio outlets are devoted to the open espousing of these toxic ideas. I like to think that one day people that consider themselves “conservatives” will ask themselves “what the hell are we doing” feeding this monster?” I am not holding my breath though.

Where have we seen this mob mentality and extreme hatred lead our species toward not that long ago? When did the “rule of law” become something to mock and change on a whim? Are there any reasonable “conservatives” among us that have the guts to speak out against the Walkers and Tiffanys that are destroying our very societal foundations and making a mockery of the rule of law? Anyone? I’m not holding my breath for this either.

I hope that I am wrong but I believe that we are seeing the decimation of our society to coincide with the decimation of our wildlife, wild lands, water, and even the air we breathe. There is no force that can equal the power and lust of greed and control. When small-minded men attain such power we are all doomed. Those that enable them are just as guilty as those attaining that power. The biggest mistake that we can make is underestimating these people. All one has to do is look at a certain failed artist and former corporal in a major European army during the First World War to see where folks like these people want to lead us toward.

Think I am over-exaggerating? Every single thing that American progressives or “liberals” hold dear is under attack. Social safety nets are under attack. Healthcare is under attack. Public lands are under attack. Protection of wildlife is under attack. The very air that we breathe is under attack. Even more horrifying is the number of so-called “Democrats” that either stand by or join with the factions assaulting these things. When did it suddenly become a “political liability” to stand up for the environment or wildlife? For social justice? For democracy in general? Is this the kind of society that you want to live in? Where bullying, lies, and demonization of all that is good is mainstream? Where the rule of law is now a punchline for power hungry politicians? It doesn’t have to be this way but we need to stand up and speak out against what the anti-democracy fascists are trying to do to our county. I am not seeing much of that. Are we going to just roll over and let them take our country and the very foundations of our society away from us or change them on a whim? We cannot let that happen.

Please join me in speaking out and standing up for what is right. We need a real “occupy” movement full of average every day citizens and not fringe elements. We need real political progressives that are willing to stand up to the big money interests and vote for people and our fellow species rather than greed and endless wars. We need people willing to stand up for what little remains of our wildlife and wild lands and prevent attempts to weaken their protection and increase their exploitation. That is what it is supposed to mean to be an American. To speak up and to fight for justice and the rule of law. Are we going to let them take even those remaining principles away from us? It’s up to you.

Political Games and Rewriting History About Wisconsin’s Wolf Slaughter


Forget North Korea, since this past Friday following the federal court ruling that reinstated Endangered Species Act protections to wolves in the Great Lakes, the wolf haters and extreme right wing have been on an internet rampage. The wolf haters are openly promising to defy the ruling of the “radical liberal judge” and “emotional city folk” and threatening to kill every wolf that they see. Their arrogance and brazen threats know no bounds and they do not limit these threats to their hate sites. Several anti-wolf zealots have been posting comments on various mainstream news websites threatening “S.S.S” (shoot, shovel, and shut up) and open defiance of the “city folk” and “liberal government.”

One thing that wolf/wildlife advocates need to remember is that while we have achieved a “victory” with this ruling the root of the problem is still firmly entrenched and the vitriol is still growing. We must remember not to engage the wolf haters and trolls online. Let them stew in their hate and toxic anger. They are digging themselves into a deeper hole with their threats and disgusting comments. By responding to the vitriol on internet forums wildlife advocates are legitimizing the trolls and their nonsensical arguments. This battle will not be “won” in an internet comment section. It will be won in the court of public opinion. We need to call out their hypocrisy in “letters to the editor” and in blogs like this, not in internet comment sections. By even responding to their poisonous bomb throwing we are allowing them to control the message. DO NOT fall into that trap. If anything their vile comments show exactly why the gray wolf needs PERMANENT federal protections and that they will always have the threat of eradication hanging over their head if those protections are weakened or removed.

Anti-wolf zealots are also trying to rewrite history and the mainstream media appears to be playing along. Articles that appeared in news outlets since Friday are publishing quotes from known anti-wolf zealots and not even bothering to point out the affiliations of these people to anti-wolf groups. One example of this was published by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s “outdoors writer” Paul Smith.

Ralph Fritsch of Townsend in Oconto County, a hunter and longtime member of many state conservation organizations, said he feared the ruling would increase illegal killing of wolves.

“I think the state was doing a good job,” Fritsch said. “Now, a judge from out-of-state has made a decision that could make things worse for wolves. People in northern Wisconsin with low tolerance for wolves might handle it themselves, outside the law.”

What Smith fails to mention is that Fritsch is a former president of the anti-wolf Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, board member of that group, anti-wolf Wisconsin Conservation Congress delegate, and represents the WWF on the hunting group stacked DNR “Wolf Advisory Committee.” This was from the June 2014 “Wolf Advisory Committee” meeting:

The harvest level of 156 will not have a “significant effect in lowering the population of wolves towards the 350 wolf management goal,” said Ralph Fritsch, representing the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation.

The federation wanted a harvest quota of 250 wolves.

So Ralphie Boy is just a “simple hunter” and “group member” according to Smith? Funny he seems to forget comments like these from Fristch and how he literally begged the lobbyist stacked Natural Resources Board to remove the prohibition against killing coyotes during the 9 day state gun deer killing season.

Ralph Fritsch, who sits on the advisory committee, and represents the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, which is comprised of hunting, fishing, trapping and forestry-related groups, supported the new quota for making progress toward the target population of 350. He said the wolf hunt in 2012 was ineffective in reducing the wolf population, which the DNR estimates at just over 800, at minimum.

“The Wisconsin DNR has the ultimate responsibility to properly manage the wolf population in the state, which is currently at least 2.5 times the management goal of 350,” Fritsch said. “The goal was based on the social carrying capacity of wolves in the state and was made as a commitment to farmers, hunters and citizens of Wisconsin.”

Fritsch has been persistent, beginning with a petition to the Board in Dec., 2011 to reopen the coyote season during the nine-day gun deer season.  This eventually led to a question on the 2012 spring hearings where voters approved opening the coyote season by a vote of 2,501 in favor and 1,048 against.  A total of 71 counties supported opening coyote hunting, and only 1 was against.

Fritsch also spoke to the board in May, when the board was taking information on the wolf season, to reinforce his message that coyote hunting should be allowed during the gun deer season.

There is much more out there about this “simple hunter” and “member” of state “conservation” organizations but I would say this is enough to show how the media tries to paint anti-wolf lobbyists as just “simple” folk fighting for their “heritage.”

Then we have this article where a “great white hunter” and taxidermist, whose “expertise” comes from the fact that he kills wildlife all over the world, pretends that the wolf kill bill was written with “biology” in mind:

Randy Mayes, owner of Mayes Taxidermy Studio in Stevens Point, has hunted for most of his life and has traveled to places like Africa, Alaska and Canada to hunt for a variety of animals over the years. Mayes said he had a tag to hunt wolves last year in Wisconsin, but was unsuccessful in killing one.

Mayes said he felt the judge’s decision overrules the research of many state officials who studied the issues of a wolf hunt and ultimately decided to move forward with one in Wisconsin.

“The judge is not an expert, and her decision had nothing to do with sound biology. We had experts who came up with an educated response to control these wolves, and it was working,” said Mayes, 51.

Experts? Who are these “experts? The “official” author was disgraced former state Representative Scott Suder (R-ALEC). Is he an “expert?”  How about the go to lobbyist for extreme right wing groups and the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, Bob Welch? Is he an expert? How about Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association and Wisconsin Wildlife Federation board member, and anti-wolf zealot, Laurie Groskopf? Is she one of these “experts” that Mayes is talking about?

Who are these people trying to kid? This bill, like every other bill passed in Wisconsin since 2011, was written by special interest lobbyists as a revenge/sport hunt. There is nothing even remotely pointing to “biology” or “management” in Wisconsin’s plan. If there were factors such as 24/7/365 hounding, and reckless killing quotas would never have been allowed. Remember this?

The bill’s co-authors, Sen. Terry Moulton (R-Chippewa Falls) and Rep. Scott Suder (R-Abbotsford), said the bill was necessary for public health and safety. Suder claimed that, “This is a wolf management bill. It allows our citizens to protect their land, property, and livelihood,” while Moulton said, “The wolf population is out of control! The population has increased 300% in 12 years”

Four representatives from the Bear Hunters Association testified in favor of the bill. A few times they came close to admitting that they wrote it. Bob Welch, lobbyist for the Bear Hunters and other extreme blood sport organizations said, “We believe the stars are aligned at this time and the process was done right this time to get the bill passed. We hired the best lawyer in D.C., the former head of US Fish & Wildlife, to defend delisting. We support the hunting techniques in the bill because hunting wolves is difficult. Without those tools you aren’t going to be able to harvest wolves.”

Scott Meyer, a member of the Bear Hunters Association and lobbyist for United Sportsman, went even further. He said, “”Seven attorneys were involved with drafting this bill to make sure it didn’t put delisting in jeopardy. The bill is not liberal enough, but unfortunately, these are the cards we’ve been dealt. The idea that we’re going to extirpate the wolves is ludicrous.”

Funny I don’t see one thing about “biology” in any of those statements. Do you? Now the anti-wolf zealots are trying to rewrite these facts by pretending that the DNR and state are acting with “science” in mind and other nonsense that has nothing to do with the facts on the ground. I didn’t know that being a rabid partisan or worldwide animal killer made one an “expert.”

The anti-wolf Federal Government 

From the beginning of the Obama Administration wolves have been used as a political scapegoat marked for persecution and used for scoring political points for fake Democrats. The fact that the judge who made this ruling is an Obama appointee should make his administration realize how much damage they are doing to our wildlife and environment by pandering to the right wing extremists. Of course the hidden anti-environment provisions in the recently passed spending bill don’t give me much optimism. What does Obama hope to gain by continuing to pander to those that would never vote for him or his party to begin with? With this ruling Judge Beryl Howell thoroughly eviscerates the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and their methodology for the delisting of the gray wolf in the Great Lakes. The Obama Administration has shown from the beginning that they care nothing for wolves and other wildlife and view them as nothing but an inconvenience. Frankly all environmentalists and progressives should be incensed at Obama and his administration for essentially spitting in our faces. Obama pandered to his supposed opposition time and time again while scoffing at his supposed “base.” With this ruling I think that all environmentalists and progressives need to realize that we were duped by voting for this man.

The Near Future

So where do we go from here? The anti-wolf zealots are on a rampage with their threats of poaching and intimidation tactics. We cannot let them succeed. We also need to keep our eyes on Congress and the Obama Administration. Obama has shown that he has no respect for the Endangered Species Act and will sell wolves out again in a heartbeat if he thinks that it will give him some political gain. We cannot let that happen. It’s time for the pro-environment factions in the Senate to stand up to the GOPers in charge and President Obama if they try to further weaken the ESA. The GOP blocked and filibustered legislation non-stop since 2009 and it’s time for Democrats to do the same thing.

In the meantime wildlife advocates should not engage the rabid anti-wolf factions in internet forums. Let them spread their vitriol and threats. That becomes more “ammunition” for us and will lead to court decisions like we saw last week. This battle is as much about fighting back against right wing extremism in our state and country as it is about our wolves. They will not let up and neither should we. We just have to make sure that we are smarter and not get sucked into their vile “conversations.” This is where many on our side fail. They get sucked into online arguments with these poisonous cretins and play their game. We cannot do that. Those opposed to us also like to paint all “liberals” and wildlife advocates with a broad brush. We are all “emotional,” “city folk” and, “liberals” that are “uninformed” about those grandchildren eating wolves. If I were to play their game I would present “evidence” showing that white males in rural Northern Wisconsin were deviants that liked to do things like this:

Wausau man accused of sexual contact with horse

Oh boy! Or should I say whoooooa boy?

Or this:

Man convicted of molesting a dead deer and shooting horse to have sex with it ‘assaulted female cop after shoplifting from Walmart’

See how easy that is? But let’s not play that game, as funny as it may be. The tide is turning and the court rulings about Wyoming and the Great Lakes wolves show that, but we must remain vigilant. The anti-wolf factions will pull out all the stops to get this decision overturned. The fear mongering and lies will intensify and we need to counter that through facts and science. Not by responding to trolls on the internet but by writing to our local media and by contacting our political representatives. Besides without wolves those grandchildren sure aren’t going to eat themselves. How else can us “city folk” impose our liberal tyranny on those oppressed rural folk without the big bad wolf being around?