Guest Blog: Northern Exposure


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This is a guest post from another resident of Northern Wisconsin highlighting the struggles that property owners have to deal with when living in an area full of bloodthirsty hounders. The writer also writes about the endless threats and intimidation directed at those who disagree with the behavior of hounders and other predator haters.


As a northern Wisconsin resident, I appreciate clean air, pure water, little if any development, tranquil forests and waterways and the freedom to roam public lands with my dog any season; any time. The very reason most people live or move to northern Wisconsin. Wisconsin’s wild side is what attracts 14-million visitors to OUR state parks, forests, trails and recreation areas per year. Escape to Wisconsin. Go Wild. Well, not exactly the case and soon to regress from any “wild” due to our undermining Legislators who are rapidly dismantling OUR public lands.

Life in northern Wisconsin comes with many obstacles besides Legislators. One being the safety we are all entitled to on public lands. Hunting accidents occur all too often as many of our canine friends are shot, trapped or poisoned as well as residents who are shot on their own property due to so-called ‘hunter error’. Living in a secluded area, I have been told to stay out of harm’s way during hunting season. Apparently, it is rational for coyote hounders to run their dogs 365-days/year and bear hounders 4.5 months/year but residents cannot run their own dogs when they choose. Hunting privileges begin April 15 with bear baiting and run until the end of open bear season which is mid-October. Bear hound training begins July 1 and ends around October 6. Open bear season begins early September winding down mid-October. Basically, hunting and trapping continue for many species until spring turkey season begins. Therefore, it seems hunting and trapping take precedence most of the year regardless of tourism and resident interests even though revenue from eco-tourism is much greater than hunters who claim their contributions pay for conservation. Hunters fund conservation efforts, but it is for game animals they can hunt.

How safe are our private properties? Hunting hounds sometimes 6-at a time, trespass on my property and adjacent seasonal residents’ properties every year and often every day during open bear season and frequently during unlicensed bear training. They announce their arrival by yelping, tantalizing pets sometimes killing them, alarming home owners, trampling through gardens and disrupting any wildlife in their path. When addressing the issues with Legislators and WDNR, I am instructed to 1) call the warden, 2) call the sheriff 3) restrain the 6-cackling hounds and take them to the Humane Society. Restrain 6-bloodthirsty hounds? That’s safe. Wait 45-minutes for a sheriff? Call the warden who is on another call in a different county? For real? Trespassing on private property is a heaping fine of $25.-$100. IF caught and may escalate to $250.-$500. In 2016. Traditional hunting with hounds no longer exists. Hounders hang out by their vehicles miles away from their malicious hounds tracking them by GPS. Interestingly, residents who are left with injured or killed pets are not compensated in any way by the state. Yet, hounders who have lost their hunting hounds to wolves while bear hunting; even in dangerous designated wolf zones, are compensated by the state at $2,500/hound for the loss of their unsupervised precious gems. Why? Because they purchased a license to hunt? Wisconsin is the only state that reimburses bear hunters for their hounds killed by wolves…hounds unleashed, unsupervised in the pursuit of bear. GPS collars do not substitute handler responsibility.

Some hounders really do have a passion for their hounds. Three were abandoned and tied up to trees on state property near Antigo. Some extreme hounders kill their hounds if they do not meet their expectations. Humane Societies in northern WI report most abandoned hounds have Lyme Disease. How many hounders are checked by enforcement to verify their hounds have rabies tags and dog license tags for each dog while training and hunting? It is believed that approx. 360-450 stray hunting hounds are found in northern Wisconsin per year.

Besides stray hounds running at large, personal encounters with some hounders can be rather interesting. While Representative Adam Jarchow has schemed up a new Hunter Harassment Law, hunters harass residents even on their own property. Some have stolen trail cams and have threatened to burn the house down if reported to the warden. Another extreme hunter claimed he would trap an alpha male wolf and torture it just for me so I could post the footage on Facebook and go “tree-hugger viral”. After all, we are all considered dumbass, city dwelling tree-huggers and are clueless to wolf issues, over-baiting bears and hounder invasion not to mention public safety. Actually, we are post-graduate bred environmentalists who live and understand the behaviors and wellbeing of wildlife but apparently that doesn’t sink in. For those who disagree with our logic and specifically the condemnation of coyote contests, why not loosen all my lug nuts on my truck and watch a 50lb rim split down the middle and launch like a missile into traffic as I experienced shortly after the Argonne Coyote Killing Contest. Revenge? Better yet, perhaps posting screen shots of several hounders’ CCAP records would provide insight to many matters including claims on hound depredation by wolves. Poaching is yet another matter.

Safety is an issue as several residents from Cable and the Bayfield area recently moved to central WI due to poaching, wild gunfire and continuous hounder conflicts, thanks to Mr. Quintessence. Residents and tourists have the right to venture in the wild of northern WI without fear of losing their pet’s limbs to traps or dodging hounds and bullets. Trespassing is a violation and extreme hunters and hounders require disciplinary action. Safety comes first and the public needs to be aware of how unsafe and unsettling life can be and how wildlife is treated and tormented in northern WI. Eventually, the wild in northern Wisconsin will deteriorate and evolve into an over developed, deforested, polluted, unnatural disaster. While Legislators ‘friend’ greedy developers, energy extractors and factory farmers and ‘unfriend’ public opinion, they continue to move forward with destructive environmental Bills which will deplete our natural resources and transform our forests, public lands and waterways into a pile of profit. Wisconsin is for sale and a more appropriate slogan might be; Escape Wisconsin.

Wisconsin GOP Legislature Seeks to Attack Free Speech, Allow Toddlers to Hunt, and Promote Trespassing and Poaching: Just Another Week in the Bloodsport Capital of the United States

This should be ancient history. Instead this is

This activity should be ancient history like this painting. Instead this is “recreation” in Wisconsin and more important than YOUR First Amendment rights.

The poor great white hunter. They are such a persecuted entity in the state of Wisconsin. Not only can they shoot, arrow, hound, trap,bait, and kill almost any species throughout the year they also control the governorship, legislature, Natural Resources Board, courts, county boards, and apparently every other government entity, but that is apparently not enough.

As I pointed out last week there is a new extremist killing cartel shill in the legislature to take the place of the disgraced Scott Suder (R-ALEC) as the mouthpiece for the bear hounders. This week the legislative mouthpiece for the extremist killing cartels, Rep. Adam Jarchow (R-WBHA), introduced legislation to criminalize the First Amendment for those that share a different ideology and have the nerve to videotape and report on the myriad of illegal and unethical behaviors perpetrated by bear hounders and baiters on OUR public lands.

Jarchow stands with hunters? I didn't know hounders, baiters, and trappers were real

Jarchow stands with hunters? I didn’t know hounders, baiters, and trappers were real “hunters.”

Yes nothing says “family friendly” like using packs of vicious dogs to rip apart bear and other wildlife 24/7/365. Nothing says “family friendly” like depositing almost FIVE MILLION gallons of stale junk food on our public lands for SIX MONTHS in the hopes of conditioning and later executing a bear while eating. I would also like to know which “fishermen” are being “harassed?” While I am not a fan of fishing I know plenty of fishermen that sure wouldn’t want to be lumped in with hounders, baiters, and trappers.

Those “few precious days” for bear hounders start July 1st of each year and lasts until mid October. For bear baiters they have a full SIX MONTHS to deposit their stale junk food on OUR public lands. But that is never enough for extremist wildlife killers and their shills like Jarchow.

Let’s get to the real point behind this bill. The bear hounders/baiters and their mouthpiece, lobbyist Bob Welch, know that the group Wolf Patrol has shone a light onto the depraved and often illegal world of the whole hounding/baiting “culture” so this bill is another legislative attack against those with a differing ideology. One look at the terminology that Jarchow (R-WBHA) uses in his “press release” shows exactly what this is about. It also doesn’t hurt to look at those commenting on his Facebook page and the symbols that they use on their profiles. Here is an example of what is used by at least two of his fans.


One of Rep. Jarchow's bill supporters. Screenshot shared under Fair Use.

One of Rep. Jarchow’s bill supporters. Screenshot shared under Fair Use.

This is all about wolves and the desire of the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association (WBHA) and affiliated groups to eradicate them from our landscape. The calls of “smoke a pack a day” from these people show exactly what the ultimate goal is. While I may have small differences with the Wolf Patrol, they are doing what needs to be done. They are showing blatant illegal behavior perpetrated by hounders, baiters, and trappers while the Wisconsin DNR does NOTHING as usual. Jarchow and his buddies in the hounder/baiter groups don’t like the public seeing what their “sport” is all about and how they flaunt the breaking of laws and defile OUR public lands with their bait and legalized animal fighting.

This bill like so many others in Wisconsin is emblematic of what our state has become since 2010. Freedom of Speech only applies if you agree with the majority party currently in power and if you are a politician/supporter caught breaking the law they will just change the law to make the illegal behavior legal. Then if you are a “watchdog” that catches onto and reports the illegal behavior you will be demonized and the law will be changed just as Jarchow is trying to do here.

Jarchow makes the claim that the thought of a “hunt” being “ruined” by an “extremist group” makes him “sick.” You know what makes me sick? The disingenuous crap put forth by Jarchow and his followers that makes it seem like using PUBLIC lands and exercising our Freedom of Speech rights are something to be made illegal. While Jarchow and his benefactors in the killing cartels love to make inflammatory and untrue accusations they seem to be forgetting that it was the hounders that were harassing, blocking, and following those seeking to document what the hounders and baiters were doing as shown in this video:

The hounders blocking the Wolf Patrol vehicle can even be heard claiming that “they are the law.” This is not an uncommon mindset amount hounders and baiters in Wisconsin. They are pandered to by legislators like Jarchow and are essentially given free reign by the Wisconsin DNR and local law enforcement agencies to do whatever they want. They can dump MILLIONS of gallons of stale junk food as bear bait all over OUR public lands, allow their dogs to run rampant on OUR public lands, and get a $2500 check from the Wisconsin DNR each time one of those free roaming dogs gets killed by a wolf, but it’s wildlife advocates that are “extremists” and doing the “harassing?”

What Rep. Adam Jarchow (R-WBHA) is going here is criminalizing free speech and the free navigation of OUR public lands. He is writing into law that hounders, baiters, and trappers will have free rein to behave as they want on OUR public lands and the “criminal” in the matter are the ones documenting illegal behavior. Remember that most of the hounding and baiting occurs on OUR National Forest land and this smacks of nothing more than a takeover of these lands by the extremist “hunting” elements in our state. It is also another example of trying to criminalize free speech and those that have a differing ideology from the right-wing extremists that currently run our state. Jarchow is a wealthy lawyer and should at least have some understanding of the United States Constitution and American law, but his false premise of a “right to hunt” taking presence over free speech and free passage on OUR public lands is highly disturbing. Not surprising considering the power drunk cabal that he is a part of at the state Capitol, but still disturbing.

Jarchow, in his “press release” makes the claim that hunting is a “family friendly” activity and it is somehow the “job” of government and elected representatives to get kids outside and killing’ instead of staying “indoors watching TV or surfing the internet.” Not coincidentally there are two more disturbing and likely related proposals that have been introduced in the Wisconsin Legislature.

The first proposal spearheaded by Wisconsin Representative and convicted wildlife violator, Joel Kleefisch, would remove the age limit for hunting in Wisconsin for “mentored hunting” along with any limitation on the number and types of weapons that can be used.

SB 301

An Act to repeal 29.592 (3); and to amend 29.592 (1) (intro.) of the statutes;
relating to: eliminating age requirements for participating in the hunting
mentorship program and hunting devices authorized to be used under the
hunting mentorship program.

Want to take your infant or toddler out and let them hound, trap, arrow, bait, or shoot wildlife? This proposal would allow that. Is it a coincidence that Jarchow mentioned how horrible it was for youth to watch TV and use the internet when there is all that good killin’ to be done?

The next proposal, also championed by convicted wildlife violator, Rep. Joel Kleefisch, seeks to remove the current decades old requirement that hunters wear backtags for identification and to help prevent trespassing.

Under current law, when the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) issues
a person an archer hunting license, a deer hunting license, a bear hunting license,
an elk hunting license, a sports license, or a conservation patron license, DNR also
issues a back tag to be attached to the person’s outermost garment when that person
is hunting as authorized by the license. This bill eliminates the requirement that
DNR issue a back tag with any of these licenses and the requirement that the licensee
attach a back tag to any garment while hunting.

This proposal should be renamed the 2015 Poaching and Trespassing Protection and Enablement Act. What benefit is there to the general public for the backtag requirement to be removed other than to protect those breaking the law? Just like Jarchow’s attack on the First Amendment it seems that the whole goal is to provide complete cover for those that want to poach, trespass, and otherwise violate the law. What other explanation is there? The answer is easy enough to find by checking to see which “hunter” groups support these proposals.

For the backtag removal bill these are the groups lobbying in support:

2015-2016 Legislative Session
Senate Bill 289
Relating to: back tag requirements. (FE)
National Rifle Association of America
For For
Notified Date: 10/13/2015
Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association
For For
Notified Date: 10/8/2015
Wisconsin FORCE (Wisconsin Firearm Owners, Ranges, Clubs, & Educators, Inc.)
For For
Notified Date: 10/8/2015

For the removal of age limits for the “hunter mentorship” program:

2015-2016 Legislative Session
Senate Bill 301
Relating to: eliminating age requirements for participating in the hunting mentorship program and hunting devices authorized to be used under the hunting mentorship program.
National Rifle Association of America
For For
Notified Date: 10/13/2015
Whitetails of Wisconsin
For For
Notified Date: 10/12/2015
Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association
For For
Notified Date: 10/12/2015
Wisconsin FORCE (Wisconsin Firearm Owners, Ranges, Clubs, & Educators, Inc.)
For For
Notified Date: 10/12/2015

What do all of these groups have in common? All but the NRA have the same lobbyist. That lobbyist is none other than Bob Welch, he of the windtunnel tested hair and hatred of wolves. The one group listed as in favor of eliminating the age restriction that he lobbies for, “Whitetails of Wisconsin,” is a lobbying group for canned hunting operations in the state. I guess allowing toddlers to shoot and kill hand raised animals behind fences must be good for business.

It’s the same names and same nefarious agendas at play here as those seeking to eradicate our wolf population. In what world does it make sense to criminalize free speech and then work to protect poachers and trespassers from being identified?

Please let Rep. Jarchow know what you think about his attempt to criminalize free speech here:

(608) 267-2365

Then contact YOUR state representatives and speak out against all of these insane proposals:

Find Your Legislator 

The ONLY positive to be taken from these proposals is that the hounders/baiters are scared that their sadistic behavior and “culture” of legalized animal fighting and unethical practices are being exposed to the light. Those that participate in and benefit from the killing culture of this state are also in a panic because more and more people are turning away from bloodsports or not participating in them starting in their youth. This means less and less funding for agencies like the Wisconsin DNR that exist solely for the benefit of those that kill, torment, and exploit our “natural resources.” Much like the deplorable “ag-gag” bills across the country Jarchow’s attack on free speech and navigation of OUR public lands will get its day in court. Glass houses……stones………


It turns out that according to the legislative website of Rep. Adam Jarchow, he is a member of the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, National Rifle Association, and the Polk County Sportsmen’s Club. No conflict of interest here is there?

Born St. Paul, Minn., November 10, 1978; married; 2 children. Graduate Clear Lake H.S. 1997; B.S. finance U. of South Florida 2001; J.D. U. of Florida 2004. Attorney. Member: Polk Co. Economic Development Corporation (secy.); National Rifle Assn.; Polk Co. Sportsmen’s Club; Wis. Bear Hunters Assn.; Apple River Fire Dept.
Elected to Assembly 2014.

Meet the “Barstool Biologist” That Thinks He Speaks for “Everyone” in Wisconsin about Wolves

The apparent meeting place for Wisconsin's most esteemed biologists.

The apparent meeting place for Wisconsin’s most esteemed biologists.

One of the terms that I like to use to describe anti-wildlife elements who think they have the answers to everything is that they are a “barstool biologist.” Nowhere is this more prevalent than among the anti-wolf elements in northern Wisconsin. These people like to run with the lies and myths such as “them wolfs is eatin’ all the deer” and “I don’t see no deer, but I see wolfs everywhere.” The latest propaganda talking point being furthered by anti-wolf factions and arrogant legislators like Taconite Tommy Tiffany is that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is turning Wisconsin into a “predator state.” To listen to these people you would think that Wisconsin was just overwhelmed with wolves, bears, coyotes, and those evil and horrible bobcats.

Nowhere have these lies and propaganda talking points been better illustrated than in a recently published “letter to the editor” of The Lakeland Times by Hazelhurst, Wisconsin resident and anti-wolf fearmongerer, Al LaPorte. If Hazelhurst, Wisconsin sounds familiar it is because this is where Taconite Tommy lives and in a strange coincidence the talking points of both are exactly the same. Here is the letter:

What does a D.C. judge know about Wisconsin wolves?

To the Editor:

I read Melissa Smith’s letter to the editor of The Lakeland Times (Friday, May 8, 2015). While I agree the DNR has screwed up our deer population (too many doe permits for too many years), I have to wonder how a judge in Washington D.C. knows so much about Wisconsin wolves?

If you don’t think the DNR is turning northern Wisconsin into a predator state, why does it take about eight years to get a bear tag, six to seven years to get a bobcat tag, and you can’t even get a wolf tag? She thinks wolves are at a dangerously low population. Well, maybe in Madison there aren’t many, but in the Northwoods there are more than the area can handle (remember the 350 wolves everyone agreed to?)

As far as dogs being used to fight wolves, what world does she live in? I guess Ms. Smith can just distort reality to make a point. Wolves are not in a “dirty culture war.” It is groups like hers that take up the wolf as a “symbol of wilderness” when in reality the wolf is just a part of the whole system.

The coyote has had no season and no limit (except during some deer seasons) and they have survived. Why must we put the wolf above the rest of the wildlife?

So, what has happened is the DNR depleted our deer heard, and the predators are stopping the comeback, and I am tired of the people in Madison shoving their opinions and rules down our throats. How would it be, if we took away the number of police officers in Madison because we do not need that many in northern Wisconsin, and said you should learn to live with the chaos?

Al LaPorte

While it just induces a migraine to read the false equivalencies, fabrications, propaganda, and downright arrogance of this letter, I will break it down point by point.

The letter starts with the usual barstool biologist/rural talking point that it is just impossible for someone in the “big city,” in this case a federal judge, to know anything about Wisconsin wolves. How arrogant this judge must me to actually read and interpret a law the way that the law was written. Didn’t you know that rural folks apparently know everything and some big city judge has no right to tell them that they can’t fight wolves with their dogs or trap, shoot, and arrow those evil grandchildren eating beasts?

Next we have the latest Northern Wisconsin anti-wolf talking point that Wisconsin is being turned into a “predator state.” So why are we now a “predator state?” According to the esteemed barstool biologist, Al LaPorte, it is because it just takes too darn long for him to get a kill permit for one of those evil predators. Obviously this must be because there are just so many predators in the state that the tree hugging Wisconsin DNR want to protect. What? Mr. LaPorte is apparently of the opinion that predator killing should be a free for all and kill permits should be given to everyone that wants one. Then he completely contradicts his own argument later in his letter by stating that wolves should be treated like all other wildlife. So if he believes that wolves should be treated like all other wildlife then that means a system of quotas and limits to the number of permits issued, right? This argument and “woe is me” arrogance of these anti-wolf types show exactly what they are all about. They believe that their selfish “need” to kill takes precedence over everyone else or the health of a species.

The next part uses another barstool biologist talking point by claiming that “everyone agreed” to the number of 350 wolves in Wisconsin. By “everyone” I assume LaPorte is referring to his own circle of anti-wolf elements that had to be be essentially bribed by the Wisconsin DNR so that they wouldn’t poach wolves? The bear hounders are so special that they had to make an “agreement” with the Wisconsin DNR so that they wouldn’t break the law by poaching a federally protected species. That should tell you all that you need to know about the types of people LaPorte represents in his letter.

The biggest whopper of the entire letter appears next. LaPorte claims that the idea of dogs fighting wolves is just absurd. He asks what world does the original letter writer live in? Gee I wonder what world that is. Maybe the world where the Wisconsin DNR paid out a total of $55,827.32 in the past year for hounds allegedly killed or injured by wolves? How about the total payout of this scam program of $573,512.38 since the whole hounder bribe system started? Nope dogs don’t fight wolves. If that is the case then I expect all the hounders that received reimbursements to refund each and every dime that they were paid.

Mr. LaPorte then claims that there isn’t a “culture war” surrounding wolves. The absurdity of this claim is proven false by the mere fact that he wrote his letter. The letter contains nothing but hyperbole and whining about how those poor rural folk are “told what to do” by those evil people in the “big city.” All one has to do is take a look at the vile, racist, and hate filled postings by one of the several anti-wolf hate sites that infect Facebook and other media forums to see that the wolf is central in this “culture war.” Any bets he is a fan of such sites?

Finally LaPorte has to sum up his letter by claiming that predators are stopping the “comeback” of the deer population in Wisconsin. Funny I didn’t know that deer were an endangered species that needed to “comeback.” But when one looks at it from the selfish viewpoint of the “great white hunters” of Wisconsin there can never be enough deer to kill in their “whole state is a game farm” mentality. People like LaPorte want “on-demand” hunting where they are guaranteed a kill and nothing, especially predators, can get in the way of the dominionist attitude that many like him posses. He is “tired”of people in Madison “shoving their opinions down his throat.” Really? Last I checked, Madison and it’s residents were tax paying citizens of the State of Wisconsin. Much of that tax money goes to prop up rural areas like Hazelhurst, Wisconsin. Last I saw residents of Madison also far outnumber the residents of Hazelhurst, Wisconsin. I see plenty of rural mindsets and opinions being shoved down our throats in the “big city.” Using dogs against wolves and other wildlife? That didn’t come from urban representatives. Archaic abortion restrictions? Those didn’t come from urban representatives. Act 10? That sure didn’t come from Madison representatives. Nor has the myriad of other anti-environment, anti-wildlife, anti-progressive, anti-education, anti-everything “liberal” scorched Earth polices that were rammed down OUR throats by arrogant rural blowhards like your very own Tom Tiffany. So don’t pretend to act like those of us in the “big city” are “forcing” anything on you. Frankly on both the state and national level it is exactly the opposite. Urban citizens and majority opinions are being ignored in favor of rural minority positions and dominionist attitudes. 

The final sentence of LaPorte’s letter is the typical rural straw-man argument that barstool biologists and the anti-wolf rural types use all the time.

How would it be, if we took away the number of police officers in Madison because we do not need that many in northern Wisconsin, and said you should learn to live with the chaos?

The false equivalency here is staggering. Actually with all of the poachers and law breakers that infect northern Wisconsin, I would argue that you do need massively increased law enforcement up there but that is not the issue in this post. Barstool biologists and “the sky is falling” rural types like to pretend that if something doesn’t go THEIR WAY that everyone feels the same way or that there is “chaos.” When it comes to wolves the very anti-wolf DNR, commissioned a survey last year showing overwhelming support for wolves and maintaining their current populations. There was even majority support in the areas of the north that wolves inhabit contrary to this guy’s assertions. If not getting to kill a bear, wolf, bobcat, deer, etc. is what constitutes “chaos” in Mr. LaPorte’s world then his issues go far beyond that of wildlife management.

Judging from his history of letter to editors this is not the first time Mr. LaPorte has used such hyperbole and overexaggerations to illustrate his “points.” One only has to look at a letter he wrote to the same publication in December of 2014 crying out about the “thousands” of wolves in Wisconsin.

Predators – Until 1984, hunters received a bear tag with their rifle tag and a bobcat tag with their small game license. Also, hunters legally shot every wolf they saw. Now it takes a hunter nine years to get a bear tag, (8 1/2 years average in zone D) and seven years for a bobcat tag. There are more bear and bobcat than ever. Plus the DNR doesn’t seem to have a clue about how many thousands of wolves there really are in northern Wisconsin. These predators need to eat, and deer meat is on the menu.

Does anyone wonder why so many wildlife advocates do not want states like Wisconsin to ever regain “management” of wolves? In the meantime enjoy more of the barstool biology and musings of a very arrogant man that thinks he speaks for all of Wisconsin in this other “letter to the editor.”

Letter: ‘Pro-wolf’ writers don’t know Wisconsin

Earth Day: Wisconsin Style

How sane people see Earth Day

How sane people celebrate Earth Day

Yesterday, April 22nd, was a day known as Earth Day. Earth Day, ironically enough, was started in 1970 by Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson. In fact Wisconsin was once know for producing some of the most famous and most quoted naturalists and “conservationists” the world has ever seen. John Muir and Aldo Leopold are just two examples of these forward thinking individuals that influenced generations to come.

But in 2015 Wisconsin John Muir and Aldo Leopold have apparently been pushed aside in favor of Ted Nugent and the Koch Brothers. Why do I say this? Yesterday, apparently in “celebration” of Earth Day, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources decided to issue 57 scientists and staff lay off notifications. While cutting the last vestiges of science from the industry/trophy hunter pandering DNR should be upsetting on any day, to do it on Earth Day sends a particularly offensive and disgusting message to anyone that cares about wildlife or our wild lands. While jet setting all over the world with the hopes of taking the Koch-fueled modern incarnation of fascism to the national level, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has made it abundantly clear that our wildlife and wild lands are for sale to anyone that supports him monetarily. Walker even stooped so low as to consider appointing the lobbyist for the very mining company that funneled $700,000 through dark money channels to his campaign to the “number two” position in the Wisconsin DNR. When that pesky thing known as “the law” got in the way, Walker shuffled the lobbyist to the Public Service Commission where he could do almost as much damage to consumers and the environment.

Records show that Walker’s staff was considering Gogebic Taconite lobbyist and spokesman Bob Seitz for the post of deputy secretary of the Department of Natural Resources. He was being considered for the post just before Gogebic announced it was closing its office in northern Wisconsin and stepping away from a proposed $1.5 billion iron ore mine in Ashland and Iron counties.

Seitz ended up getting a different appointment from Walker, with the Public Service Commission.

Remember my warnings about the “foxes in the henhouse?” Walker doesn’t even attempt to hide it anymore.

Walker was also apparently not content stacking the state Natural Resources Board with people like his own campaign advisor and founder of an extremist killing cartel lobbying group, Greg Kazmierski. Walker wanted to completely gut the oversight power of the board. This proposal along with the gutting of the science arm of the DNR should be alarming to people across every facet of the political divide.

How Wisconsin celebrates Earth Day.

How Wisconsin celebrates Earth Day.

More Pandering to Bear Hounders 

Surprisingly the bought and paid for Wisconsin Legislature did vote to remove from the current Walker budget the provision to weaken the oversight power of the Natural Resources Board. But the legislature, on Earth Day, also made sure to throw a bone to the bear hounders by further weakening the almost non-existant oversight of their sick “sport.”

The panel unanimously approved allowing people to participate in some aspects of bear hunting without a license.

Class A licenses are required to hunt bears and class B licenses are required to pursue bears. The committee voted to end class B licenses. People would not need licenses to bait bears, train dogs to track bears and assist hunters with tracking bears, provided they were not doing those activities with the purpose of shooting or killing bears.

In other words baiters, hounders, and the other sickos like them can now harass bears with dogs and condition them to human food with ZERO oversight at all. You need to purchase a permit to hike at state parks but hounders and baiters now do not need any type of license to torment our wildlife. It’s bad enough that as each day passes Wisconsin’s reputation for cruelty gets worse, now the pandering and anti-wildlife legislature wants to take away one of the few remaining oversights to monitor hounders and their sick “sport.” Landowners in the north better be prepared because these unethical monsters are going to be even more aggressive with their disdain for property boundaries and laws.

I Guess the Wolves Didn’t Eat all the Deer After all

One of the more ridiculous elements of Walker’s scorched Earth budget was the plan to eliminate funding for the removal of vehicle killed deer from the sides of state highways. While the anti-wolf factions continue to scream that “them thar wolfs is eatin’ all the deer” apparently plenty of deer in the state are finding their way onto roadways and into collisions with motor vehicles.

In each of the past two years, about 23,000 dead deer from the side of Wisconsin highways.

The state Department of Transportation reports that there were nearly 18,000 car-deer collisions in Wisconsin last year. Those accidents resulted in 407 people being injured and nine deaths.

Remind me again how many people wolves killed in Wisconsin last year? I suppose the anti-wolf factions will claim the deer threw themselves in front of vehicles to escape the packs of marauding wolves? But that is a story for another time. Apparently Walker felt perfectly fine with the fact that Wisconsin’s culture of death would be on full display for anyone and every one traveling on our roads. Nothing says “Welcome to Wisconsin” like the bloated and smashed bodies of vehicle killed deer being left on the side of the road through the length of the state. In another surprise the legislature decided to maintain state funding for the removal of vehicle killed deer.

As anti-wildlife as this legislature is even they seem to be realizing that Scott Walker is for Scott Walker and not looking out for the best interest of the state. Of course this is also the same legislature that rubber-stamped every other anti-wildlife, anti-worker, anti-woman, anti-poor, anti-everything proposal that that Walker and their ALEC puppet masters put before them for the past four years so don’t get your hopes up that common sense is returning to Wisconsin.

While the rest of the country celebrated Earth Day by at least pretending to care about the planet and it’s inhabitants, Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Legislature just had to make sure to show the rest of the nation that Wisconsin can be bigger assholes than all of them combined. We should be so proud.


“Gut Shooting Wolves,” Conflicts of Interest, and the Ties That Bind. Just Another Day in Wisconsin


At a very recent Wisconsin Conservation Congress “Wolf Committee” meeting a representative for several of the DNR’s “Wolf Advisory Committee” member groups and a longtime anti-wolf zealot was reported to have been overheard making this comment:

“Maybe shooting those damn things in the gut ain’t kind, but it sure is fun”.

This comment was allegedly made to another anti-wolf member of the committee as the meeting concluded. While I cannot directly confirm the veracity of this comment, I have been assured by multiple wildlife advocates that the person overhearing this comment is of impeccable integrity. However, at this time I will not directly name the person. For several years the person that allegedly made the comment has been engaged in a disinformation campaign and personal crusade against Wisconsin’s wolf population and is also a rabid bear hounder that has allegedly lost a dog to a wolf “depredation” in the past. Considering this person’s history I can see this type of disgusting comment flowing from their mouth.

Even more disturbing is that this person sits on the “board of directors” for the deceptively named hunting group, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, and is a “county chairperson” for the Wisconsin Conservation Congress. The most disturbing aspect of all of this is that each of these groups are part of the Wisconsin DNR’s “Wolf Advisory Committee” that makes “recommendations” on wolf kill quotas and total population numbers. While it may seem strange that one person can represent so many groups on one committee, it should not be a surprise. Last year this person was a “representative” on the committee for the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association. This year they are speaking on behalf of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation. All of the anti-wolf/wildlife groups on the “Wolf Advisory Committee” and various other DNR committees are interconnected and often have the same paid lobbyist speaking on their behalf.

The ties that bind all of these groups together are blatant and shameless. Nowhere is this more apparent than with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s appointment of Safari Club International “Dairyland” President and Chairman, outfitter, and founder of the Wisconsin Hunters Rights Coalition and Wisconsin Deer Hunters Coalition, Greg Kazmierski, to the Natural Resources Board. The Natural Resources Board approves wolf kill quotas and all other DNR rules and regulations. The “Hunters Rights Coalition” that Kazmierski founded includes “Wolf Advisory Committee” groups the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association and SCI. Kazmierski is also a former board member and chapter president of the Wisconsin Bowhunters Association, another “Wolf Advisory Committee” member. That’s not all. Before being appointed to the Natural Resources Board by Scott Walker, Kazmierski was a “campaign advisor” for Walker’s 2010 gubernatorial campaign. See the pattern here? All of these groups and government entities are connected with one another guaranteeing that wolves and other imperiled wildlife in this state will never get a fair shake.

Kazmierski and the NRB are so brazen with their “conflicts of interest” that the paid lobbyist of the Hunters Rights Coalition that Kazmierski founded, Bob Welch, testified BEFORE the NRB meeting where this year’s wolf slaughter was approved:

Bob Welch says the number would ensure a wolf density both the landscape and residents can support. Welch represents the Hunters Rights Coalition.

“The goal is 350, don’t change that goal, a lot of people are saying change that goal, the goal was set for a reason,” Welch says.”I want to say, we don’t hate wolves – we manage wildlife and we think it should be based on science.”

After several hours of listening, the Natural Resources Board issued a speedy vote.

Your own lobbyist testifying before the committee you sit on. Then you get to vote for what your lobbyist testifies for or against. Nope. No conflict of interest there. This is Wisconsin under Scott Walker and his extremist hunting group allies. All of these elements are interconnected and the real losers are our wildlife. Should it surprise anyone that a vile comment such as above would be uttered by one of these people?

Take action by using the link below to contact the head of the “Wolf Advisory Committee” and demand a committee that represents ALL Wisconsin citizens and not just those represented by the alleged “gut shooting” commenter and Greg Kazmiersk’s extremist hunting groups be established.

For information about the Wolf Advisory Committee, contact:

Dave MacFarland (
Carnivore specialist


Who is Misleading Who? The Reality About Hounding

This is considered part of Wisconsin's "heritage."

This is considered part of Wisconsin’s “heritage.”

The use of dogs against wildlife in Wisconsin has long been a contentious and controversial issue. In recent years it has become far more contentious when the Wisconsin Legislature voted to allow the use of dogs in the bill that authorized the yearly wolf slaughter starting in 2012. Hounders will have you believe that their dogs are just happy little puppies that only chase bears, coyotes, wolves, and other hounded animals and NEVER engage those animals in fights. They have convinced the Legislature and many in the public that hounding is a “family sport” and is a Wisconsin “tradition” and part of our “heritage.”

Hounders are going out of their way to convince a skeptical public that when their dogs are used against wolves the dogs just politely follow the wolf, wait until the wolf “sits down,” and just waits for the hounder to show up and execute it. This is what one hounder said at a recent forum. I am not joking. From an article by “outdoors writer” and often hounder apologist, Patrick Durkin:

Dave Mabie, of Kennan, a longtime houndsman and Price County delegate to the WCC;

Mabie, however, said many people — not just opponents — have misconceptions about wolf-hounding, and hound-hunting in general. Mabie has owned and trained hounds for more than 30 years, and each autumn takes about 15 individuals and families on hound-hunts for bears, bobcats, coyotes and — in December 2013 — wolves.

“(My guests) tell me it’s the most fun they’ve ever had on a vacation,” Mabie said. “They have a new understanding of how hound-hunting actually works. There’s not all this blood and fur flying around the woods like they’ve been led to believe. They can’t believe how misled they were about hunting with hounds.”

Mabie said most wolf-hounding chases differ little from a bird dog pointing grouse or pheasants.

“Putting one hound on a track is no problem,” he said. “The dog will run that wolf and bark at it until the wolf sits down, and then the dog runs circles around it, barking. If it were a bird dog with a beeper collar, the beeper would go off and you’d move in to flush the bird. The hound basically goes to point on the wolf.”

Mabie also said hounds have little trouble learning to trail wolves, and sees no need for the hotly contested training season now being planned by the DNR and its Wolf Advisory Committee.

“If you own good hounds, you put that hound on a wolf track and it will follow it,” Mabie said. “Unless you’re trying to get a straight wolf-dog, you don’t need to train hounds on wolves. They run wolves real easy without special training.”

So the innocent hound dogs just “run and bark” until the wolf “sits down.” Sounds so fluffy and harmless doesn’t it? If the wolf just “sits down” then I would like Mr. Mabie to explain why the DNR has paid hounders a total of $517,685 through today for killed hounds and “vet bills” for injured hounds?

Hounders are going out of their way to convince us that wolves and dogs won’t fight when they encounter each other. Last December when hounders were allowed to pit their dogs against wolves conveniently all of the wolf bodies that they were required to turn in after a kill were badly decomposed and made gathering any conclusive evidence impossible. There hounders were give sometimes up to 35 days before they were required to turn the killed wolf bodies over to the DNR. 35 DAYS!!!!!! Is it any surprise that the hounders knew to let the bodies decompose so they couldn’t be implicated in any dog fighting?

Even more disturbing that in recent days while “professional” hounders like Mabie are spreading fluffy propaganda other hounders are taking to the internet threatening “war” against wolves through poaching and poisoning as “revenge” for hounds allegedly killed by wolves. They neglect to mention that they are letting their dogs run loose through KNOWN wolf rendezvous and den sites while claiming to be “training” their dogs against bears. The poor hounders claim that they are the victims and DEMAND that the DNR pay them for their killed dogs while at the same time threatening poaching and poison attacks against wolves. Not such a fluffy picture of dogs “chasing and barking” and the wolf “sitting down” is it? Where is the DNR in all of this? Why are they not working to counter the disinformation being spread by the hounders and other wolf haters?

Lets go back to the quote from Dave Mabie for a second:

“(My guests) tell me it’s the most fun they’ve ever had on a vacation,” Mabie said. “They have a new understanding of how hound-hunting actually works. There’s not all this blood and fur flying around the woods like they’ve been led to believe. They can’t believe how misled they were about hunting with hounds.”

Mislead huh? Watch this video and tell me how wildlife advocates are “misleading” people about hounding. It gets really interesting around the 2:00 mark. (WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC)

Or this one. Start around the 2:05 mark for some more “misleading” about how hounders operate. (WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC)

These are just two samples of how Wisconsin Hounders practice their “sport.” Who is doing the misleading Mr. Mabie? This happens in our woods each and every day to bears, coyotes, raccoons, wolves, turkeys (Yes TURKEYS), and an assortment of other wildlife. Wisconsin law states that dogs cannot be used to attack or kill wildlife yet the DNR claims that there have been ZERO violations of this statute even after wildlife advocates have submitted numerous video and photo evidence. This is how hounders in Wisconsin operate. This is not a “family sport.” This is not “heritage” or “tradition.” This is animal fighting and pure bloodlust. Is this what Wisconsin wants to be known for? I am damn well going to make sure that it is.


Wisconsin: A Sadist’s Paradise

It's not just wildlife that some in Wisconsin like to torture.

It’s not just wildlife that some in Wisconsin like to torture.

There are many people in the United States and world that have a fluffy and distorted perception when it comes to the state of Wisconsin. They think that our state is full of good-natured people that drink lots of beer, eat lots of cheese, and wear giant hunks of idiotic looking cheese shaped Styrofoam hats to support their football team. While that is the perception that state businesses and tourism agencies want to portray, the reality couldn’t be farther from the truth.

There is a dark and toxic underbelly that many in this state try to hide under the happy-go-lucky bumpkin front that most of the country sees. Wisconsin is not only the home of sadistic serial killers like Ed Gein or Jeff Dahmer. We also have the distinction of being probably the most brutal place in the country for wildlife. Here are just some of the sadistic and brutal activities that are not only condoned but encouraged by our state government.

These are just a few examples of the wildlife killing “culture” that makes Wisconsin a sadist’s paradise. But it is not just wildlife that is tortured and brutalized in our state. Factory farms, fur farms, and puppy mills are notorious for their brutality within Wisconsin’s borders. But these examples may not even be the worst of cruelty and torture inflicted on animals in this state.

Today, the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism published an article exposing what may very well be one of the most brutal and horrific torture of animals under the guise of “research” that I have ever seen. This is what some sadistic monsters from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Psychiatry Department have planned for “research.”

………referring to the first experiment at UW-Madison in more than 30 years that will intentionally deprive newborn monkeys of their mothers, a practice designed to impact a primate’s psychological well-being.

The research, submitted by UW-Madison Psychiatry Department chairman Dr. Ned Kalin, has drawn unusual scrutiny and dissent from within the university and intensified a debate about the extent to which benefits to humans justify the suffering of animals.

It gets even worse. If your stomach doesn’t turn after reading this you truly have no heart or empathy:

For a year these 20 rhesus monkeys, as well as another 20 used as a control group, will be given tests intended to provoke and measure anxious behavior. After one year they will all be euthanized and their brain tissue collected for molecular analysis.

In other words these INFANT monkeys will be TORTURED and DEPRIVED nurturing for an entire year and then killed.

The purpose of the experiment is to use state-of-the-art technology to examine the underlying neurobiology of anxiety and depression, which Kalin believes will lead to insights for treating struggling humans.

The ethics of animal research are often contentious, but non-human primate research at UW-Madison is especially polarizing.

There are around 2,000 primates housed and studied in several locations around campus. About two-thirds of these are at the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center; most of the remainder are at the Harlow Center for Biological Psychology. The buildings stand side by side.

In a Kalin study published in 2004, the amygdalae of 14 rhesus macaques were damaged with acid after their skulls were cut open. The amygdala is a region of the brain that regulates fear and anxiety. The monkeys were then exposed to snakes and unknown humans.

Than we have a colleague of Kalin, Richard Davidson, making this false equivalency that fits right in with the sadistic nature of Wisconsin itself:

“You have to do a mental calculus to determine if it’s appropriate or not, and each scientist needs to make his or her own moral decision about that,” Davidson says. “And it’s the same thing with eating meat or wearing leather. You know, the Dalai Lama eats meat.”

Does the arrogance of humanity know no bounds? These are the kind of Mengele style experiments that are being conducted at our public universities? What kind of monster thinks that ANYTHING good will come from this? You don’t need to be a research scientist to know what happens when the vast majority of mammals are deprived of the basic nurturing and care that they receive from their mothers. I make no secret that I am an animal welfare advocate and oppose any and all forms of cruelty but this goes far beyond. This goes into the realm of torture for tortures sake. For an entire year these baby monkeys will be tormented, deprived nurturing, and then killed? For what? So some narcissistic egghead can confirm that tortured and deprived social animals suffer depression? Wow. Will he then get his name in a scientific journal and “justify” a reason to continue receiving grant money for his “experiments?” All animal testing is disgusting but this goes far far far beyond that. This is pure sadistic torture and all supporters of the UW should be disgusted by this no matter what side of the political aisle you are on.

Here are the contacts for those wishing to express their disgust at this government funded torture being conducted at the UW-Madison:

Contact Ray Cross, UW System President
Phone: 608 262-2321
Fax: 608 262-3985
1720 Van Hise Hall
1220 Linden Drive
Madison, WI 53706

Kate Wodyn, Assistant to the President

If you are a current student, former student, or graduate of any University of Wisconsin school please sign this petition against these abhorrent acts here:

UW Not in Our Name

This is our Wisconsin. Our fellow citizens are not content torturing and killing millions of wild animals each year. Now we have to sanction the torture of INFANT monkeys for dubious “research.” Make your feelings known and tell everyone you know that Wisconsin is indeed a sadist’s paradise. Think about this the next time you purchase any apparel with the University of Wisconsin logo on it. Do you want the licensing fee money they receive from it to go back to this institution as long as they continue to torment animals?