How is Breeding, Raising, and Releasing Non-Native Birds to be Killed, “Conservation?”


Female and male Chinese ringneck pheasants. These are the type of birds that are raised and released by the Wisconsin DNR for “hunter opportunity.” Photo via Wikimedia Commons

One of the most ridiculously framed arguments that the killing cartels use to justify their wanton bloodlust is that if they don’t kill wildlife, they will die. Yes that is their chief argument along with a myriad of other absurd statements. The modern “great white hunter” would lead you to believe that they are doing you a “favor” by killing millions upon millions of animals each and every year. They will also tell you they “fund conservation” through their meager killing license fees. Another fallacy. The money from those killing licenses go to fund the agencies that exist only to provide more killing opportunity. Why do I say this? Each year in Wisconsin an untold number of hand-raised and fed non-native Asian ring-neck pheasants are bred, raised, and released by the Wisconsin DNR at taxpayer expense with one goal in mind. That goal is to provide living targets to help satiate the bloodlust of the modern “great white hunter.” A question that seems elusive here is, how does raising tens of thousands of NON-NATIVE Asian birds bred only to be shot have anything to do with “conservation?” It doesn’t despite what the Wisconsin DNR and killing cartels will tell you. The state of Wisconsin has made the breeding of this non-native species of pheasant into a money maker for them to “produce” more and more birds only for the purpose of being blown out of the sky or off the ground by “great white hunters” and their shotguns strictly for “recreation.” The Wisconsin DNR, by providing facilities, staff, and taxpayer money is in the canned “hunting” business and has been for a very long time.


Screenshot from the Wisconsin DNR Facebook page.

The DNR and killing cartels will tell you that this is “conservation” in action. I ask what exactly is being “conserved” other than the money being brought in by the “hunters” waiting at pheasant release sites with dog and shotgun in hand? In my view there is nothing even remotely related to “conservation” with this program and it exists to further exploit the sick and twisted blood cult that “hunting” in Wisconsin has become. There aren’t enough WILD animals to kill in Wisconsin? There aren’t enough “hunter opportunities” when there is one killing “season” or another open for 365 days a year? Apparently not enough to satiate that good old Wisconsin “heritage” of recreational killing. Of course should this surprise anyone? The DNR, like every other state or federal killing agency, likes to pretend that their obsession with killing, killing, and killing some more is all just “wholesome family fun” and “conservation.” If their world animals are not born, they are “produced.” In their world animals do not grow up, they are “recruited.” In their world animals are not killed, they are “harvested,” or in the most recent example of fluffing up the act of killing they are a “target animal reduced to possession.”

Kill, kill, kill some more, and if there isn’t enough to kill, the Wisconsin DNR will just “produce” more non-native animals for you to kill. Excuse me. I meant for you to “reduce to possession. As I have asked before: How is this “conservation?”



Dork Dynasty: This is Your Future Wisconsin if You Don’t Vote November 4th

Used through "Fair Use."

Dork Dynasty indeed. Used through “Fair Use.”

If you haven’t lost the contents of your stomach after viewing the above picture read on. This recent picture of “reality” TV “star” and bigot, Phil Robertson, his wife, Lt. Governor Rebecca Clownfish Kleefisch, her husband and state Representative, Joel, and Governor Scott Walker along with his wife surfaced on the internet over the past couple of weeks.

Nice to see the state governor cavorting with a yuppie turned fake “redneck,” turned anti-gay and racist bigot, Robertson. Here are some quotes from this “redneck” and right wing hero:

“It seems like, to me, a vagina — as a man — would be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me. I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I’m saying? But hey, sin: It’s not logical, my man. It’s just not logical,” 

“Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men.”

On race issues and denial of racism:

“I never, with my eyes, saw the mistreatment of any black person. Not once. Where we lived was all farmers. The blacks worked for the farmers. I hoed cotton with them. I’m with the blacks, because we’re white trash. We’re going across the field. … They’re singing and happy. I never heard one of them, one black person, say, ‘I tell you what: These doggone white people’ — not a word!

“Pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say: Were they happy? They were godly; they were happy; no one was singing the blues,” GQ quotes Robertson as saying.

This is who the Wisconsin governor cavorts with and who is a hero among the anti-wildlife hate sites that plague the internet. But let’s not forget about the other person in the ridiculous outfit in this picture, convicted wildlife violator and state Representative Joel Kleefisch. On January 9, 2013 Kleefisch was cited by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and convicted of: Fail/Register Deer or Bear in Unit of Kill. In other words he was convicted of what is essentially poaching but received only a slap on the wrist. No surprise but what is especially disturbing about this is that Kleefisch is the “Vice-Chair” the Assembly “Natural Resources and Sporting Heritage Committee” and makes rules and regulations involving wildlife “management” in Wisconsin. He also has a history of trying to get favorable outcomes for campaign donors that violate environmental laws and even create laws that directly benefit wealthy campaign donors. He also pushed the bill that now allows wildlife killing in our cities and near schools. This is on top of his support for the wolf kill bill, hunting and trapping in state parks, and pretty much every other extreme right wing bill passed into law in Wisconsin over the last almost four years. All Wisconsin voters should ask how a CONVICTED wildlife violator is allowed to be the Vice-Chair of the Assembly committee that crafts and approves legislation related to the very things he was convicted of blatantly disregarding.

Between Roberson and Kleefisch I am not sure which one is worse. One whores himself out to the cult of “reality” TV and makes money off of killing for sport while the other whores himself out to extreme hunting interests and goes out of his way to provide for his wealthy benefactors.

Then we have Governor Walker himself. Since becoming governor he has participated in several laughable instance where he tries to convince the state that he is a real “sportsman.” In one instance he was photographed in a camouflage jacket and “fishing.” The problem is that he is holding the fishing reel upside down. Then we have this laughable video of Walker and his clueless fawn slaying DNR Secretary, Cathy Stepp, talking about killing deer or some other nonsense.

Now in a tough reelection fight Walker has been attending canned shooting events to kill hand raised  ducks and non-native pheasants to once again show Wisconsin what kind of a true “sportsman” he is. But even his canned “hunting” of hand raised non-native pheasants didn’t go as planned for this gorp (see definition number 3 if you are not easily offended). Walker, apparently while shooting these tame birds, injured his thumb.

According to Walker, he had pulled the trigger at the same time he unlocked the safety, which it turns out, isn’t a good idea.

“I was flipping the safety at the same time I shot,” Walker said at the West Allis campaign stop. “I got the bird, but I also got the kickback on my thumb.”

Dork Dynasty indeed.

This guy and people like Joel Kleefisch control our wildlife and environment in this state. Do you really want these people given four more years to do even further damage to our wildlife and wild lands? We can change that November 4th. Get out and VOTE these clowns out of office.

Wolf Slaughter Update

As of this morning the DNR has “reported” 108 wolves killed in a week and a half. This tally does not include those killed by poachers.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel “Outdoors” Writer Paul Smith on Wisconsin Wolf Slaughter: Nothing to See Here Move Along

The true Wisconsin "sportsmen."

Whenever the Wisconsin DNR starts to get negative feedback or when people start questioning their motives it is a sure bet that the “outdoor” writers for the state newspapers will undoubtedly jump to their defense and get the spin machine rolling. No one is more of a master of this propaganda and spin work than Milwaukee Journal Sentinel “Outdoors” writer, Paul Smith.

In one week 104 wolves have been “reported” killed during Wisconsin’s annual “mad minute” wolf killing/torture spree. The “official” DNR kill count shows 103 wolves killed but a DNR official has admitted that one wolf was killed illegally. Of course that illegally killed wolf does not count against their kill quota. Nice message to send. Poach as many wolves as you want and you may or may not (likely not) get caught and your kills will not count against the slaughter quota. How does this not encourage more poaching?

But poaching is not the concern of Paul Smith or the DNR propaganda being put forth in his latest article. Going double over kill quotas, rampant hate, illegal behavior are not nearly important as keeping tabs on the big bad “anti” presence of the so-called “Wolf Patrol.” While I am still highly dubious of this “patrol” and their motives they seem to have the killers and their propaganda artists concerned. From Smith’s latest article:

Wolves inspire an emotional response in humans, good and bad. The last week has provided ample evidence.

A group called Great Lakes Wolf Patrol set up camp in northern Wisconsin and pledged to “monitor” activities of wolf hunters and trappers. It hopes to find evidence of violations.

The group is led by Rod Coronado, an animal rights activist who was jailed in 1995 in connection with an arson attack on research facilities at Michigan State University.

Of course, patrol members are at high risk of a ticket. State law prohibits interference or harassment of hunters and trappers.

As of Wednesday, the wolf patrol reported no violations that resulted in citations, according to DNR sources. Its members also were not involved in any violent confrontations with the public.

Two patrol members did encounter a trapper in the field and secretly videotaped the exchange. The group posted the video to its Facebook page and YouTube.

The trapper no doubt disappointed the patrol. He was polite, knowledgeable, well-spoken and, from all appearances, legal.

Of course he was. Especially when we have the boogeyman of the “antis” present. Of course Smith then tries to be a “moderate” and point out the pro-poaching comments of Ted Nugent:

Ted Nugent, the musician and outdoor television celebrity, weighed in from the other side.

“Though no state has issued an adequate number of wolf tags, believe when I tell you that certain WE THE PEOPLE in touch caring Americans are killing MANY MANY more wolves than the numbnut corrupt dishonest PC government thugs allow,” Nugent wrote in an Oct. 17 Facebook post. “Kill as many as you can real conservationists. The wolf population is irresponsibly & dangerously out of control. Wolf jackets ROCK!!”

Nugent’s call to violate game laws only hurts the future of hunting.

So Smith makes sure to point out what a bad bad man the “anti” Coronado is but only talks about how “Poopy Pants” Nugent is just a simple little “musician and outdoor television celebrity.” Why not mention that Nugent is a convicted poacher, canned “hunting” pimp, one time target of a Secret Service investigation, draft dodger, and racist? Why no mention of his dark and criminal past, Mr. Smith? Or is that only reserved for the “antis.” You know those “antis” that have just as much right to be in the woods as the great white hunter? Nugent’s advocating of poaching is worthy of one sentence while Coronado’s criminal past is multi-paragraph worthy? I wouldn’t expect anything less from Mr. Smith.

Then he hits us with this;

The threats, gimmicks and spouting off at the mouth will fade soon enough. The DNR will do its best to keep the wolf kill close to its 2014 quota.

I seem to remember Smith and other pro-killing DNR mouthpieces saying the same thing when the first wolf slaughter season occurred in 2012. The “Outdoors” writers all claimed that us “antis” would just accept the wolf slaughter and go away just as many on the pro-wildlife side did after Wisconsin instituted the yearly slaughter of the state symbol of peace, the mourning dove. Well we haven’t gone away nor will we as long as Wisconsin continues to make a mockery of wildlife “management” and condones the most brutal and barbaric methods of killing wolves and other wildlife. Of course the kill everything DNR propaganda conduits like Mr. Smith are not going anywhere either. Here Smith pretends that the DNR actually cares about “science” when talking about the DNR’s new “wolf management plan.”

And hopefully it will ignore the distractions and use the best available science to guide the next, most important aspect of Wisconsin wolf management — the 2015 wolf management plan. A preliminary draft of the plan is due in December, with public hearings likely to start in January.

I wonder why Smith doesn’t talk about the vitriol that he was present for at the Wolf Advisory Committee meetings from the extreme anti-wolf groups? Numerous wildlife advocates saw Smith at these meetings and he clearly witnessed the anti-wolf hate and extremism in display on the part of representatives from the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, and other extremist anti-wolf groups. Why not write an article about that Mr. Smith? Why instead focus on activists that by your own admission have done nothing illegal?

I am not holding my breath that he will say one word about the anti-wolf extremists behavior at these meeting or report on the how reckless the DNR has been with their “management” of wolves. Nothing to see here. Move along………..

USFWS Great Lakes Wolf Report 

The USFWS recently released a very interesting report about the status of wolves in the Great Lakes. Of note were some very concerning comments about Wisconsin’s wolf “management.”

“The low end of population estimates for Michigan and Wisconsin
– 594 and 660, respectively (1,254 combined) – remained well above the numbers that might cause concern at the individual state level (100) or collectively (200); we expect further declines in the numbers of wolves in Wisconsin, however, unless levels of human caused mortality are reduced.”

“If human caused mortality from other sources (depredation control, illegal take, etc.) reflects levels detected in 2013-2014 in Wisconsin, total human caused mortality may take at least 38% of wolves in the state based on the winter 2013-2014 population estimate of 660. Therefore, we expect a continued decline in the number of wolves in Wisconsin and will evaluate the status of wolves there in the next annual post-delisting monitoring report. In next year’s report we will also be able to review the effects of the 2014-2015 hunting and trapping season and changes in regulations that affect the use of dogs to trail wolves outside of hunting seasons on the numbers of wolves in Wisconsin.”

The USFWS under the Obama Administration is no friend to the gray wolf, or any wildlife for that matter but no matter what they say in public Wisconsin’s reckless slaughter season and legalized dog fighting have to be a major concern. We will be paying attention and keep you informed.

Please keep the pressure on the Wisconsin DNR and speak out against their reckless and brutal wolf slaughter. Apparently they have received so many complaints and outraged call that a special phone line was set up.

Please Call 608-712-5984
If this mailbox above is full, call the original number and let them know it is full. It is: 608-266-2121.

Email the DNR Secretary, Cathy Stepp, at:

Wisconsin Canned Hunting Aficionado Attacks “Anti-Hunters” in Column

This is Clark's idea of a "renewable resource."

This is Clark’s idea of a “renewable resource.”

Every so often an article comes along that is so brazen, arrogant, or ignorant that a response is required. As a wildlife advocate I should be used to reading the ignorant blather that emanates from the various anti-wildlife hate pages plaguing the internet but an article that I read this week not only caught my attention it demanded a rebuttal.

One of the most common “insults” that wildlife killers and exploiters like to throw around toward anyone that questions their motives is to call them “antis” or “anti-hunter.” This is identical to how right wing talking heads have tried, and mostly succeeded, at turning the term “liberal” into a derogatory term. For a group of people where many seem hell-bent on eradicating wolves, coyotes, and other predators to call us “antis” this seems rather disingenuous. That brings me to an article that showed up April 25, 2014 on the website of “Wisconsin Outdoor Fun” by their columnist Shawn Clark titled “Anti-hunters have it all wrong.” What followed in that article was one of the most arrogant (and ignorant) attacks against wildlife advocates that I have ever seen from a supposedly “mainstream” media venture.

The column starts with Ted Nugent fan and canned hunting aficionado, Shawn Clark, making the attempt to lump all “anti-hunters” together and label them as “hypocrites.”

Every now and then, you hear something in the news about anti-hunting organizations. You hear about protests. You read about groups challenging hunting laws and sometimes trying to have hunting banned.

 I think these people are clueless. And they are some of the biggest hypocrites around.

 Anti-hunters think nature should take care of itself. They think hunting is cruel and that hunters only kill for the sake of killing. Many believe that we do nothing but maim animals to put trophies on the wall.

One of the biggest gripes from hunters is that wildlife advocates try to lump them all together into one group. Mr. Clark sure seems to be a pot calling the kettle black here. What follows next is a fallacy that people like Mr. Clark like to spread as a top talking point. Brace yourselves for what may be the most arrogant drivel that you have probably read in a long time.

First off, hunting is not cruel. A well-placed shot with a bow and arrow or a gun, will put an animal down quickly, cleanly and humanely. Most people practice for these shots with their weapon of choice. Occasionally, a follow-up shot is needed to kill the animal. Yes, kill is the word I used. It’s what we do. None of us can deny it.

What anti-hunters don’t understand is that what we do is far more humane than nature? The wild can be very cruel. Nature is harsh. Animals kill each other for breeding rights. They think nothing of killing a rival to secure a breeding ritual if that is what it takes. They kill other animals for food. Bears, wolves, coyotes prey on deer and other animals to live and often the end is a bloody, terrifying scene.

Some animals like opossums dine on bird eggs and scavenge for a variety of other items for food. Raccoons and skunks are notorious for carrying and passing on rabies.

And what about the elements? The brutal weather we had this winter was not easy on Wisconsin’s wildlife?

Let mother nature handle things? They have got to be kidding. Reality isn’t a movie by Walt Disney. It’s pure, raw and brutal in the animal kingdom.

Essentially Clark tries to argue that impaling animals with arrows and bullets is “humane” and is less brutal than nature itself. The problem with that argument is that the “great white hunter” is not “nature” and that comparing the recreational killing of wildlife with animals killing to survive is not only disingenuous it is offensive.

Next we have the esteemed bar stool biologist with a PHD in BS, Shawn Clark, throwing us a little pseudo-science straight from the propaganda playbook of major killing cartels like the NRA/SCI and preached by their puppets in the Wisconsin DNR. Hold on for these earthshaking and brilliant insights stating that without the “great white hunter” we will be “overrun” by animals.

So what would happen if hunting was banned? Would deer become like pets? Would animals become friends like in the movie ‘Bambi’? Um, no.

Here is what would happen.

Animals would populate beyond carrying capacity within just a few years. There would be too many deer moving into private properties, including those in cities. Lawns would become feeding areas. Turkeys would become like rats. Rabbits, squirrels and raccoons would infest more places than they do now and rabies would become a growing problem. Coyotes and wolves are going to follow the food sources, namely the deer, and will have more human encounters. And competition for food among herbivores becomes much more intense, followed by a long, prolonged starvation. Just look at the problem with wild pigs in the south as an example.

Wild pigs in the South as an example? I seem to remember that it was the “great white hunter” and their canned hunting operations that caused the massive problem with feral pigs destroying the landscape in the south. Funny how there is no mention of that in this propaganda/hit piece. Then we have the part about rabbits, squirrels, and raccoons “infesting” areas. Funny how nature being nature always have the wildlife labeled as “vermin” or “infestations.” What Clark also does not mention is that if there are so many animals that need “controlling” to their “carrying capacity” then why does he and other animals exploiters support canned hunting? After all if wildlife populations are just “bursting at the seams” and need to be controlled why do animals like deer, elk, pheasants, etc need to be “farmed’ just to be blown away in a fenced in area? In a previous column Clark just gushes about how great these canned hunts are. Not only does Mr. Clark condone canned hunting operations he gushes about how great it was to get his killing “fix” from one of Ted Nugent’s killing operations recently. Apparently blowing away semi-tame animals behind high fences with no chance of escape is now known as “exotic hunts.” How quaint.

The off season for those of us who bow hunt is a ridiculously long one. It’s comparable to those that are football junkies. Both seasons start at about the same time and after the season there’s not much in the way of a ‘fix’ until fall again.

But a lot of people, like myself, will take it a step further for our ‘fix.’

On March 1 I hooked up with a bunch of friends from around the country to meet at Ted Nugent’s place in Michigan known as Sunrize Acres for a hunt. Sunrize Acres is a 340 acre, high fence operation where hunters can chase hogs and other exotic animals. This wasn’t the first time for many of us, with a few who were actually trying it out for the first time.

This is the modern Wisconsin “sportsman” ladies and gentlemen. Fair chase be damned and the mere fact that this guy has a prominent column is rather disturbing. But more on that later. Back to his attack on “anti-hunters.”

Hunters put up a lot of money, time and effort to ensure wildlife habitat and populations are there for future generations. Agencies like the DNR regulate animal harvests and sustain habitat. The billions of dollars spent on hunting each year is critical to the state’s economy.

Can anyone tell me what it is anti-hunters do besides hold protests and harass hunters that helps wildlife?

So according to Mr. Clark all that “anti-hunters” do is hold protests and “harass” hunters. Really? Of course hunters and anti-wildlife types never harass “anti-hunters” and wildlife advocates do they? This is a comment recently taken from one of the anti-wolf hate sites:

Jake Van Straten: Simple…start executing members of animal rights groups. That may be viewed as extreme but so is threatening to kill this lady. Its a matter of one extreme opinion for another. To hell with animal rights groups. Worry about people neglecting to feed their dogs not about a legal hunter. My view as an avid hunter…nice kill.

Then we have the gutted coyote left on the vehicle of a wildlife advocate in Madison last year. How about the beheaded rabbit left in front of the house of a wildlife advocate running for a Wisconsin Conservation Congress delegate position earlier this month in another part of Wisconsin? How about the rape threats sent another wildlife advocate in the state where the anti-wolf writer said that they wanted to “hate f**k” her? How about the term “timbernigger” being thrown at another wildlife advocate? Then there are numerous other death threats to myself and other wildlife advocates that are far too many to name. Yeah Mr. Clark it is “anti-hunters” that are doing the most serious “harassing.”

What does an “anti-hunter” like myself do to help wildlife? Considering that for the past decade I have rescued and transported countless injured and orphaned wildlife for no other reason than compassion I would say that I do plenty. In fact many of those injured animals were victims of people like Clark and their failure to make a “humane” kill. So yes there are many many many of us that do whatever we can for wildlife without having to kill it and much of that is because of the “great white hunter” and their reckless antics. Would you do anything for wildlife Mr. Clark if you didn’t have the opportunity to kill it? I somehow doubt it.

Next we have Clark’s defense of one of the most deplorable and horrific methods of killing wildlife, trapping.

And what about trappers? Trappers are another piece of the puzzle that is often targeted by by the anti-hunters. Anti-fur demonstrations often make the evening news and the way they go about it certainly grabs the attention of some people. But what these protesters don’t understand is that without trapping, coyotes, fox, raccoons and other fur-bearing animals would populate beyond control. Trappers make money on furs at the auctions, while providing necessary materials for gloves, hats and coats. Can you say renewable resource?

This paragraph says it all about the type of person Clark and his ilk are. They care nothing about causing pain and suffering as long as someone can make a buck. I also didn’t know that fur is a “necessary material” for gloves, hats, and coats. Funny how NONE of my clothing contain those “renewable resources.”

Finally we have Clark’s closing words to sum everything up:

So the next time an anti-hunter points out that what hunters do is terrible, ask them exactly why they believe what they believe. Ask them exactly what they do to help conservation. And then ask them if they are strictly vegetarian or even vegan. And if they can’t answer any of those questions, they are truly hypocrites. Drink milk, eat cheese, they are using animals for their own purpose. Wear a leather jacket? That came from an animal. Wool gloves? Where did that come from?

Helping wildlife by donating money, time or effort for habitat? I doubt it.

I would probably fall under the “anti-hunter” banner (some activities more than others) and I would bet that I have done FAR more for “conservation” than Clark or any of his ilk has. And here is the kicker. I do it for NOTHING in return except knowing that wild animals have a chance to survive. Don’t for one second think that the “great white hunter” would contribute one dime to wildlife programs and wildlife habitat if they couldn’t kill and exploit the animals for trophy or profit. The mere fact that Clark has to tout how trappers earn money from their sick activities shows that these people are far more in the realm of taker rather than giver. Of course Clark is not just content attacking the “anti-hunters” that dare call out people like him and their behavior. He also takes aim at other hunters that have the gall to practice “fair chase.” Here are his words from another of his columns in the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune:

Yet, there are still people within our own ranks that seem to want to keep things status quo, and I have to ask why? Hunters who oppose everything from youth hunts to deer baiting, to crossbow use. They don’t like some of those things because it gives an ‘unfair advantage’ to the hunter or feel that kids don’t need special hunts to get outdoors.

Many hunters opposed the dove hunt when it came out, but that noise has since calmed. Baiting for deer has been dividing hunters for years amidst CWD fears, (or junk science as I like to call it). Some hunters look at baiting as unethical, favoring food plots.

Remember hunters, this guy is apparently a spokesman” for your “sport” and he doesn’t have time for any of that “fair chase” or “ethics” nonsense. Coming from a guy that needs to get his killing “fix” from a Ted Nugent owned canned hunting facility this does not surprise me. Be sure to leave your comments following his article here:

Shawn Clark column: Anti-hunters have it all wrong