July 1st: The Season of Hell Begins for Wisconsin Wildlife


Black bear. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Tomorrow, July 1st,  marks the beginning of the legal animal fighting free for all known as the bear hound “training season.” Thousands of hounds and hounders will descend on our public lands from all over the country with their trucks, bait, and thousands of GPS collared hounds to torment any wildlife that gets in their way. No permit is required for any of this and there is essentially ZERO oversight. Hounds are allowed to run bears for hours on end and will inevitably get into bloody fights with wolves defending their young at rendezvous sites. For each hound killed by a wolf the hounder will receive a $2500 check from the DNR for their “loss” despite a huge number being repeat claimants running hounds in known wolf “caution areas.”

Hounding itself is a disgusting and deplorable form of legal animal fighting/harassment that is somehow not only legal but encouraged by the State of Wisconsin. Bears, wolves, and the attacking hounds will be fighting for their lives for the next four months during hound “training” and bear killing season. For the last few months and for a total of SIX MONTHS each year an estimated 4.6 MILLION GALLONS plus of stale junk food, grease, and other forms of “bait” are used to condition Wisconsin’s 30,000 bears to human food. This bait not only conditions the bears to human foods but it also provides an estimated 40 percent of an average bear’s diet in northern Wisconsin (See study linked below). This likely leads to significantly larger litters and rapidly expanding the bear population to numbers that the habitat cannot likely sustain for the long term. Wisconsin has essentially allowed the county, state, and national forests of the north to become giant bear “game farms” where pretty much anything goes. No permits are required to dump unlimited amounts of bait and no permit is required to run unlimited numbers of unleashed hounds. This is “conservation?”

The Wisconsin DNR and groups like the politically connected Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association will try to convince you that what they are doing is “conservation,” “heritage,” and “ethical.” It is none of these. The true gravity of what occurs in the northern forests each and every day would shock and horrify most citizens if they actually knew what happens. Hounds fight and die each and every day with bears, wolves, and whatever wild animal gets in their way. Some hounders will take to social media with pictures and videos showing bloody and wounded dogs while bragging about how they self treat them and refuse to go to veterinarians for proper care for their “family members.” Then when a wolf kills a hound they run to the first reporter that they see talking about how the hound that they kept chained up outside 24/7/365 next to a hollowed out 55 gallon drum as “shelter” was a dear “family member” and how “devastated” they are. Following that they will take to their social media groups and make threats to poach, “kill ’em all,” and otherwise make calls to eradicate wolves because their “great grand daddies killed them for a reason.” In their “secret” groups they will brag about all of their “disposable” dogs that they refer to as “culls” and “shit-eaters.” Culls because once they no longer serve a purpose they are killed and “shit-eaters” because they are only fed scraps and poor quality food just enough to keep them alive to serve their “purpose.” How is this any different than using so-called “bait dogs” to train killer dogs in dog fighting rings? Hint. It isn’t but because it is good old boy rural whites doing it


This is how many of the “family members” of bear hounders are kept. Photo of bear hound shown under Fair Use for Educational Purposes. 

How is any of this behavior acceptable in 2017? Why does society allow this seedy underbelly of the hunting “community” to take over our public lands for a significant portion of the year to practice their sick “sport?” Expect to hear multiple stories in the coming days and weeks of hounders crying about losing their “family members” like the dog above while they keep raking in those nice fat $2500 taxpayer funded checks. Those will be followed by calls from disingenuous politicians and anti-wolf zealots for a return to “state management” for the wolf population. As we all know “state management” is code for near eradication and the 24/7/365 wolf hounding that comes along with it. This should enrage each and every citizen in the state of Wisconsin that pays taxes and has any semblance of decency. If there are any “ethical hunters” left they should also be enraged that the hounders have taken over as being the “voice” of hunters in Wisconsin and are giving a black eye to your community as seen across the country and world. The hounders and anti-wolf zealots love to refer to people like myself as being “antis.” If anything they are the one who are “anti-hunting” because what they participate in sure isn’t “hunting.” Is it “hunting” to feed wild animals millions of gallons of junk food for over six months? Is it “hunting” to send packs of bloodthirsty hounds to rampage through the forests on our public lands to tree, attack, and kill our wildlife? Who are the real “anti-hunters” in this state?


Another cherished “family member” and the conditions so many are kept in. Photo used via Fair Use for Educational Purposes.

Bear Baiting Study 2016


Anti-Wolf Facebook Page Allows Terroristic Threats Against Native Americans Following Night Hunting Ruling

As a wildlife advocate very few things shock me anymore. This weekend I was forwarded some screenshots of some racist, violent, and frankly terroristic level comments from an anti-wolf Facebook page with some of their fans threatening to kill and “scalp” Native Americans in response to the recent federal judge ruling legalizing night deer hunting. The commentators also threaten to “disrupt” the Native hunts in the same manner that they just decried while supporting Adam Jarchow’s anti-free speech bill last Wednesday. The hypocrisy cannot be any stronger here. Nor can the revulsion from these sick comments.

Screenshot from the

Screenshot from the “Wisconsin Wolf Hunting” Facebook page. Shared under Fair Use.

There has also been a concentrated effort from bear hounders/anti-wolf elements to harass and threaten wildlife advocates on OUR own pages. Some of the people doing the harassing and attempted intimidation are the very same people who testified at last Wednesday’s hearing telling the committee they were “terrified” and were being “harassed” by wildlife advocates. This includes a former warden for the Wisconsin DNR according to several wildlife advocates.

The Internet and social media in particular has become a bullying platform and propaganda outlet for the anti-wolf pseudo-tough guys, mostly from rural areas, to use against wildlife advocates and to spread racist and hateful rhetoric against people such as Native Americans.

During and following the 2012, 2013, and 2014 Wisconsin wolf slaughter seasons wolf killers and their allies took to the Internet to post bragging pictures of dead wolves and often proceeded to taunt wildlife advocates knowing the emotions such bloody images would generate. Much like the manner in which the unethical “hunters” bait in bear, wolves, and other wildlife, they often posted these vile snuff pics to bait wildlife advocates and prey on our emotions. The problem came when they made attempts to email wildlife advocates taunting emails showing dead and mutilated  wolves, coyotes, and other wildlife or post them on pro-wildlife pages and hope for a response.

Like most right-wing internet trolls the anti-wolf/wildlife and racist trolls on these hate pages thrive off of us responding with emotion. Then they can say “See they are nothing more than overly emotional hippies” or some other insulting nonsense. Think about the source of most of these inflammatory posts and comments. These are scared little men, and some women, whose lives revolve around killing animals and harboring hatred for anything or anyone that does not conform to their isolated little worlds. First they blame something like wolves for every failure in their pathetic lives because they are an easy and long demonized target. Then when wolves aren’t convenient enough of a scapegoat they turn to other long demonized groups like Native Americans, African Americans, or immigrants.


Screenshot from the “Wisconsin Wolf Hunting” Facebook page. Shared under Fair Use.

It used to be that these people were relegated to their rural hate filled enclaves and thankfully the rest of the world didn’t have to listen to their hateful screeds. Today with the Internet the entire world is an audience for their hate filled, ignorant, and often racist drivel. They tend to thrive on being acknowledged and like the insolent overgrown children most of these anti-wolf/ racist people truly are, they throw a tantrum when ignored. They try to hijack pro-wildlife web pages and the comment sections of news stories about wildlife or people such as Native Americans.

Screenshot from the

Screenshot from the “Wisconsin Wolf Hunting” Facebook page. Shared under Fair Use.

I have long refused to engage in back and forth banter with these hateful internet trolls. They seek acknowledgement and when ignored they often spiral into their hateful temper tantrums and try to hijack a dialogue. Simply put wildlife advocates need to just ignore, block, or report the hateful screeds that emirate from these people. The worst of these trolls sit in their isolated rural enclaves and spread their vile and hate filled drivel, threats, and attempts at intimidation knowing if they acted in real life toward people as they do on the Internet there would be a very different result.

We also saw this on full display during and after Florida’s recent bear slaughter when trolls and self-described “conservationists” took to Facebook and news article comment sections to laugh about bear cubs being left to starve following the slaughter in which 300 bears were killed in less than two days. What does it say about these people when they celebrate the mass slaughter of a species and then make snide comments and finding humor in the starvation of bear cubs? The same thing occurred following the mass slaughter of wolves in Wisconsin in 2012, 2013, and 2014. Today following the resisting by a federal judge in December 2014 the taunts and bragging of poaching have replaced the taunts following “legal” kills in the past three years among many on these hate sites. What does it say about people who take pleasure in the suffering of another species and the starvation of their offspring? I would bet most if not all of these internet tough guys also consider themselves “pro-life” as well?

What I also find quite ironic is how many of the anti-wolf/wildlife/racist trolls write rambling posts about how Native Americans are “lazy drunks” that kill all he wildlife. The irony comes in with a simple gander at the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access System showing how so many of these people have drunken driving convictions, hunting violations, criminal convictions, tax evasion, foreclosure, and civil process for not paying their bills. To be fair, I am sure many wildlife advocates share the same types of incidents but they also don’t claim a racial or cultural superiority so blatantly as the anti-wolf/wildlife/racist trolls do. There are also idiot “wildlife advocates” that engage in threats and attempted intimidation. They should be ostracized in the same manner and have no place in our movement.


Screenshot from the “Wisconsin Wolf Hunting” Facebook page. Shared under Fair Use.

Now comes the revolting part. All of the above and below screenshots were forwarded to me and I am going to let them speak for themselves. I would gather from the openly hostile and frankly terroristic tone of these comments that those making the comments do not understand that the hate site they posted it to is viewable to the entire world. Oops.

Screenshot from the

Screenshot from the “Wisconsin Wolf Hunting” Facebook page. Shared under Fair Use.

There you have it. The true face of these folks that pretend that they are “conservationists” that pretend that wildlife advocates are the “emotional” ones. Scalping? Going back to “cowboys and Indians?” Roadblocks with AR-15s?

Screenshot from the

Screenshot from the “Wisconsin Wolf Hunting” Facebook page. Shared under Fair Use.

Most of the time I just blow off the ignorant drivel posted on that page. This is different. The fans of that page and by default those that run it are allowing open and pretty specific terroristic threats against Native Americans. I and other wildlife advocates have long known that there is a strong racist and anti-governmental element to the anti-wolf factions but this more than shows what their true motivations are. This goes far beyond the typical anti-wolf trolling and screeds encouraging poaching. This crosses into terroristic threats against those of a particular ethnicity and frankly it is revolting. Perhaps the federal authorities may be interested in this? Civil Rights groups? This makes me sick and every decent American citizen should feel the same way, hunter or not.

Screenshot from the

Screenshot from the “Wisconsin Wolf Hunting” Facebook page. Shared under Fair Use.

Post where the above comments emanated from.

Post where the above comments emanated from.

Internet, you know what to do.


Fake “Patriots” and “Tyranny:” My Friday Evening Rant

No caption needed!

No caption needed!

This piece is not directly about wildlife but it is about the same type of people that are out to torment, torture, and kill it. As I got up this morning and looked at my news feed the top story was about another mass shooting in a movie theater. This time in Louisiana. As I have explained before I am not against the ownership of certain firearms as long as there are reasonable restrictions as to who and what kinds of weapons can be owned. Gun nuts “enthusiasts/patriots” like to pretend that they are given the right to possess whatever type of firearm they wish and display those same weapons anywhere and everywhere. They also like to talk about how the great white chickenhawk toting around an AR-15 in a Target store is really them defending us from “tyranny” or some other nonsense. Before I delve deeper into the “patriot” issue I think that we should look at what “tyranny” truly is. From Dictionary.com:

noun, plural tyrannies.
1. arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority.
Synonyms: despotism, absolutism, dictatorship.
2. the government or rule of a tyrant or absolute ruler.
3. a state ruled by a tyrant or absolute ruler.
4. oppressive or unjustly severe government on the part of any ruler.
5. undue severity or harshness.
6. a cruel or harsh act or proceeding; an arbitrary, oppressive, or tyrannical action.

In the minds of the gun nuts “enthusiasts” having any reasonable restrictions on firearm ownership or display is a form of “government tyranny.” They also consider themselves to be “patriots” that oppose other forms of “government tyranny.” What do they view as “government tyranny?” If recent history is any indication there are just some examples of “big gubmint tyranny.”

  1. Citizens having access to healthcare options.
  2. Citizens having the right to marry a person of the same sex.
  3. Taxes to pay for those evil things like roads and education.
  4. Social safety nets like Medicare and Social Security.
  5. Requiring freeloading deadbeat ranchers to pay fees to graze their cattle on OUR public lands.
  6. Public education.
  7. Not allowing public institutions to force Christianity on school children.
  8. Military training exercises.
  9. Removal of the flag from of a country of traitors that raised arms against the United States from government buildings.
  10. Laws that mandate clean air and clean water.
  11. Allowing religions other than Christianity to be practiced or having no religion at all.

I could go on and on to point out all of the things that the great white “patriots” view to be “big gubmint tyranny” but I don’t have all day. Somehow these “patriots” like to pretend that they are all that stands in the way of the Kenyan Muslim black guy in the White House from implementing Martial Law and putting all “patriots,” Christians, and white people into “FEMA camps” while spraying chemicals on us from jets passing overhead. This folks is why we need the great American chickenhawks to march through your local Target with an AR-15.

On July 16th a military recruiting center was attacked by a 24 year old Muslim and five service members we killed. The right wing responded by labeling it terrorism and with all kinds of anti-Muslim hate. Weeks before, following the murders of nine people in a church in Charleston South Carolina by a white supremacist and bowl haircutted freak, the right wing and gun nut “enthusiast” crowd first tried to call the shooter a “liberal” and when that didn’t work tried to claim that it was an attack on “Christianity” rather than an act of domestic terrorism by a white supremacist. How did the gun nut “enthusiasts” and “patriots respond following the murders at the recruitment center? They called for a “mobilization” of great white chickenhawks to “protect” recruiting centers across the country from Muslim terrorists. Funny I don’t recall a similar “mobilization” by these “patriots” to protect black churches in the South from white supremacist terrorists. Gee, I wonder why?

I served in the Army Reserve and the last thing that I would want “protecting” me is one of these chickenhawk ammosexuals that couldn’t pass a military physical if they actually had the gumption to serve. Frankly these goons are no better than the Jihadis that carry out such attacks. A terrorist is a terrorist whether Muslim or Christian or whatever. Why didn’t these ammosexuals “stand guard” outside of black churches in the South after that bowlcutted freak murdered those nine people? When did the 2nd Amendment become a suicide pact that allows every nutjob to wave guns wherever they feel like? Better yet, when did the 1st Amendment become a vehicle for hate speech without a sense of responsibility?

There is a serious and dangerous divide in our country that is being fueled by right wing hate media spewing a message tailored toward the racist and xenophobic individuals that often act out on their hate. These hate filed “patriots” combined with easy access to any type of firearm they want is a recipe for disaster. It doesn’t help that fake “news” outlets like Fox (Faux) “News” and blowhard right wing bile-spewers can take to the corporate owned airwaves and scream all day about the evils of atheists, Muslims, socialists, minorities, etc. and not expect their minions to act out eventually. These same “news” outlets never hesitate to bring up acts of “eco-terrorism” conducted my the morons on the other side of the political spectrum but they minimize the motives when one of their own followers act out. Then those same media outlets bang the drums for war each and every day in some far off land while not so subliminally encouraging violent acts by “patriots” in our own country.

As far as I am concerned the REAL enemy isn’t some Jihadi in a desert thousands of miles away or some mullah blathering “death to America” in Iran. The REAL enemy is right in our towns, cities, and rural countrysides. The REAL enemy is the white supremacist that walks into a church and kills nine people because of the color of their skin. The REAL enemy is the gun nut that walks into a movie theater and randomly start blasting away. While the right wing media and phony politicians keep us focused on ISIS and Iran Americans are being killed each and every day in churches, theaters, restaurants, recruiting areas, city streets etc. by them same twisted ideologies that we claim to be fighting against overseas.

For all the talk from the right wing media and fake “patriots” espousing “tyranny,” freedom,” “liberty, and the evils of ” big government” they sure like to ignore a few simple words that helped found this country.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

While I don’t buy into the worship of the slave owning “Founding Fathers” and their open hypocrisy at the time this was written, documents like the Declaration of Independence are the basis for our laws and rights in America. I also don’t buy into the “creator” line or that the basic human rights are somehow “given” to us by a deity. What I do believe in is the part about Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. So do the right wing, except apparently for that little part about LIFE getting in the way of their “Liberty” and “Pursuit of Happiness.” I and every other American have a right to preserve and live my LIFE when I go into a movie theater or (shudder) church. I and every other American have the right to feel that our LIFE is safe when we are in public and not feel intimidated by some “patriot” goon waving around a gun. The same goes for those wanting to go to their church, job, or wherever and not have their LIFE targeted because of the color of their skin.

America was born by the gun and if things don’t change soon we will die by it.

That was to be my final line of this blog post until I just saw this headline about the shooting in the Louisiana movie theater last night:

La. gunman was a Tea Partier who hated Obama, admired Hitler and wanted women to shut up in church

I am shocked. Utterly shocked.

Is it really the “government tyranny” or external threats that people in America need to be worried about?

The Real “Emotions” Dictating Wolf Policy in Wisconsin

Photo via: Wikimedia Commons

Photo via: Wikimedia Commons

One of the most important and misleading talking points among anti-wolf/wildlife factions is that advocates base their decisions and advocacy on “emotion” rather than “science.” The truth is that if any emotion is playing a dominant role in the wolf debate it is the emotion of hate and not the caring exhibited by wildlife advocates. The other emotion that is controlling the narrative is the emotion of irrational fear exhibited by anti-wolf factions. If you can stand reading a few passages and posts from the anti-wolf hate sites hosted by Facebook you will see that wolves are eating all the deer, snatching pets from front porches, and eating grandchildren at bus stops.

The wolf haters world

Fortunately thanks to the “science” presented by these sites and through the courage of the great white hunters there haven’t been any recent reports of wolves huffing and puffing and blowing houses down. Yet. But following the federal court ruling that reinstated Endangered Species Act protections to wolves in the Great Lakes there are reports of wolf packs amassing and working on lung exercises to immediately commence blowing down houses again along with tricking and eating grandchildren in the woods. I don’t know what the grandchildren of the world would do if we didn’t have people like Sen. Tom Tiffany (R-GTAC), internet comment trolls, and world renowned biology sites like Wisconsin Wolf Hunting (Smoke a pack a day!) to keep us vigilant. The grandchildren of the world owe these patriotic and scientific experts a debt of gratitude for not letting “emotion” cloud their judgement. Remember hate and fear are not emotions. Hate and fear are patriotism and for protecting grandchildren from the liberal canine hordes descending upon us.

Like the evil giant Canadian wolves foisted upon the citizens of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming the evil liberal wolves of the Great Lakes only have a taste for the grandchildren, dogs, and livestock of the patriotic anti-wolf people. That is what make these wolves particularly dangerous. These cunning liberal wolves are so adept at what they do that they only make themselves visible to the poor great white hunter sitting in a tree stand over a bait pile only trying to “bag” that 20 point buck to “put food on the table.” Even more disturbing is how those evil liberal wolves target the poor docile dogs that are trained to only “trail” bear, coyotes, bobcats, and liberal wolves. These dogs, affectionately known as “culls” and “shiteaters,” are family members that are only trained to trail and tickle those animals and thus are being killed and persecuted by the evil liberal wolves. These poor culls and shiteaters are worth in excess of $20,000, yet the liberal wolf loving DNR only pays a mere $2500 for these cherished family members killed by the liberal terrorist wolves. How can a pittance of $2500 replace the love and companionship of the shiteaters and culls chained up in the yards of these great “sportsmen”only trying to harvest wolves, bears, coyotes, and bobcats to feed their family and protect their vulnerable grandchildren? Why do the liberal eco-terrorists hate these great Americans so much?


Sound ridiculous? Sound crazy? Sound “emotional?” Well this is what you get when you put all the fear and hate mongering from across the internet against the wolf together. With the exception of the “huffing and puffing” part all of the above are the kind of posts and comments from news stories, anti-wolf hate sites, and “press releases” from politicians that we see on a daily basis. These “boy that cried wolf” fear mongering types have the nerve to call wildlife advocates “emotional” and not “scientific” while they base their whole world outlook on religious dominionism dogma, European fairy tales, and modern right wing hate. The hypocrisy is astounding yet politicians and even supposedly “progressive” ones buy right into it.

No matter how often the hypocrisy and fear mongering is pointed out the anti-wolf zealots will continue to spread it. The old adage of “if a lie is told enough it becomes truth” has become part of mainstream hate media and among the extremists in our society. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the anti-wolf world. We are at a very dangerous point for wildlife, the Endangered Species Act, and for the Wilderness Act. We have a congress full of fake “Democrats” willing to sell out their base to attract the extremist yokel vote and a fake “progressive” president that has little to no regard for wildlife or wild lands and also will sell them out at any chance he gets. Never before has a president so brazenly sold out his supposed “base” and been allowed to get away with it. I find it astounding that people who profess to be “environmentalists” go out of their way to defend the most anti-wildlife and environmentally destructive president that we may have ever seen in modern times. It’s a sad day in America when a criminal like “Tricky Dick” Nixon is viewed as leaps and bounds more of an environmentalist than an allegedly “progressive” president is. We didn’t even see these kind of environmental sellout behavior under Reagan or Bush believe it or not. Now I fear Obama and his congressional allies will sell out the remaining meager protections afforded to the gray wolf nationwide. Fake Democrats like the two from Minnesota and the one from North Dakota will likely not hesitate to open the door for a second eradication of the wolf nationwide. Amy reckless Congressional action will embolden states like Wisconsin that already have reckless eradication “management” plans in place. We CANNOT let that happen. We cannot let the irrational fear of backwoods wildlife exploiters and bought and paid for politicians rule the day.

The anti-wolf zealots and barstool biologists would like us to believe that having positive emotions for wolves and other species is a bad thing. They would like us to be as full of fear and hate as they are. Having feelings and emotions for our fellow humans and other species is supposed to be what makes humans unique and worth emulating. If the hate factories spewing out anti-wolf lies and propaganda have their way we are to be demonized for that as well. Being “human” to them apparently means that we are supposed to be heartless killing machines that revel in death, fear, and misery. Those are the only emotions that they seem to think that humans should be able to have for another species or it isn’t “scientific.” Wars and genocide have sprouted from narcissistic belief systems like that. If being “emotional” when it comes to wolves and wildlife make me “weak” or “unscientific” then so be it. For me it is far better than the alternative.

The true Wisconsin "sportsmen."

The true Wisconsin “sportsmen.”

Of Trolls, Barstool Biologists, and more Trolls: The Shakespearean Musings of Anti-Wolf Trolls


I am no stranger to blogging about wildlife advocacy issues. I started doing this in early 2012 when Wisconsin began pushing the bill that has opened the door to the current wolf slaughter and making Wisconsin the ONLY state in the country that allows the use of dogs against those wolves. Inevitably whenever any advocate for a cause writes a story on a hot button issue the know it all “barstool biologists” and trolls come out of the woodwork in an attempt to “educate” or bully those that disagree with them. My posts about the massive Wisconsin overkill have been no exception.

Almost on cue the barstool biologists began to chime in with their usual BS talking points about wolves “eating every last thing on the landscape” and if it wasn’t for the “great white hunter” to save us they would be eating your grandchildren at a bus stop while huffing and puffing and blowing your house down.

Newsflash. This blog is a place for information to be presented that is backed up by established science. In case you didn’t notice this is PRO-WILDLIFE site. Not a pro-killing site. This is NOT a debate site for trolls to bully or for barstool biologists to think that because they dress up in camo they are some kind of an expert. If you want to troll and spread that “wolves are eating everything” fear mongering nonsense there are plenty of places for that to occur. This site is NOT one of them. This site is also not a place for those supposedly on the side of wildlife to come and make stupid threats and spread other nonsense. There are other places for that too.

For the trolls, barstool biologists, and those making threats your comments will NOT appear on this site.You are wasting your time even writing your drivel. The only exception are comments so idiotic and offensive that they WILL be posted here to shame you. This is an emotional topic but please do not stoop to the level of those on the anti-wolf hate sites. Let them be the monsters and ghouls. We don’t need to be.

This is an example of the type of comment that will be deleted immediately or as in this case posted to show what we are up against. This comment from from the world renowned wildlife biologist “Gav” showing a domain out of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. A city obviously buried in the “deep south” y’all.

“yall need to open your eyes and relive if there wasnt a season on wolves they would kill all the deer,rabbits,squirrels, and anything and everything, you guys cant live like that thinking its bad to kill wolves, if yall think its bad to then whyd you vote to reintroduce them into this state? Wisconsin would have been a million times better if they did bring them back, they kill everything. and im speaking from first hand accounts, ive seen 3 wolves kill half a herd of deer, they have almost wiped out the herd in the flambue river state forest by ladysmith, kill all the wolves then there wouldnt be anymore problems,” 

These type of comments come in hourly along with the barstool biologists presenting the same sentiment and misinformation only with slightly better grammar. Then they get upset because I will not post their comments. There are plenty of site out there to post lies and misinformation about wolves. Facebook is full of them with one solely devoted to promoting poisoning, poaching, and other anarchy against wolves right here in Wisconsin. You don’t need to come to this blog and post your drivel.

As I am writing this more of the Shakespearean screeds of “Gav” just appeared in my email. Consider yourself enlightened that the words of such an endearing scholar can be made available to you:


whats wrong with Wisconsin? your living in it
whats wrong with the dnr? nothing at all!
i have a heart, but i also kill wolves

You may “have a heart” but you damn sure don’t have a dictionary. Welcome to the spam folder “Gav.” Enjoy your 15 milliseconds of fame.

Thus is the life of a pro-wildlife blogger. The stupid burns………….it burns……..

Wolf Kill Update

The kill number shows 98 as of this morning. The DNR still remains silent on the mass overkill that occurred in Zones 1 and 2 this past weekend. Let them know that we want answers and not propaganda:

Call Center Staff Available 7 Days a Week (7 a.m.-10 p.m.)
Call Toll Free 1-888-WDNRINFO (1-888-936-7463)

Another Wolf Kill Zone Goes Over Quota: Silence From DNR

This picture out of the Wisconsin killing fields has been making the rounds on the internet.  This is just one of the 85 wolves reported killed since last Wednesday.

This picture out of the Wisconsin killing fields has been making the rounds on the internet. This is just one of the 85 wolves reported killed since last Wednesday. Source unknown and used under “Fair Use.” 

“Screw the DNR. Keep shooting boys. .22 in the guts and watch em run. SSS.”

The above comment was posted yesterday to the Facebook anti-wolf hate site “Wisconsin Wolf Hunting.” While ghoulish in it’s own right this comment is just a small taste of the bloodthirsty anarchy being fomented on that and the other anti-wolf sites infecting the internet regarding Wisconsin’s third wolf slaughter season.

This past weekend the DNR slowly released information that 85 wolves have been “reported” killed since last Wednesday. Of the six killing zones two of them, Zones 1 and 2, reported kill numbers well over the established quota. Zone 2 was 14 (14!!!!) over the kill quota of 15 and Zone 1 (so far) went three over the kill quota of 32. After today only two of the killing zones will remain open. The first is Zone 3, where hounders killed numerous wolves last year, and Zone 6 which constitutes the bottom two-thirds of the state.

Is the DNR concerned that two zones have exceeded the established kill quotas? Apparently not. While the anti-wolf hate sites keep preaching “SSS,” “gut shooting,” and total anarchy the DNR has remained completely silent. Why might this be? Could it be because the DNR doesn’t care how many wolves get killed this year? Could it be incompetence on their part? Or could it be something else? I lean toward apathy on the part of the DNR along with pandering to the hounders and wolf haters.

Another disturbing aspect of this silence centers around how much attention the DNR is paying to the so-called “Wolf Patrol” that claims to be monitoring the activity of wolf killers in Wisconsin. Here is what a member of the “Wolf Patrol” had to say about their activities and that of the DNR wardens they observed this weekend:

“In just five short days, 60 wolves have been slaughtered statewide, and from what we have witnessed, poaching and illegal hunting and trapping is commonplace. Trap locations are not being monitored every 24 hours as required by law, and are often placed dangerously close to roads and trails where lazy unethical trappers can check on them without leaving their vehicles. After driving and hiking literally hundreds of miles of rural and forest roads filled with hunters, the only place we have seen DNR wardens has been at our base camp watching us.”

I haven’t made a decision about where I stand on the whole purpose of the “Wolf Patrol” but this type of information does not surprise me. Why should the DNR behave any differently than they have over the past two killing seasons? Blatant violations have been reported with photographic and videotaped evidence provided in 2012 and 2013 and the DNR flat out refused to take any actions on most of these violations. With the exception of a couple of extreme violations the DNR refused to take law enforcement action against most offenders. Should we be surprised that they are more concerned with the presence of a few activists rather than the myriad of illegal behavior occurring in our woods?

Another side effect of the rapid and massive kill rates are the inevitable parroting of anti-wolf talking points concerning population numbers. As the past couple of years have shown the vast majority of wolves killed are UNDER one year of age. They are mostly killing puppies born this year. While wolf pups already suffer up to a 60 percent mortality rate the inclusion of dogs, traps, and shooting makes it highly likely that most if not all of the young in these areas have been wiped out again this year. It should also come as no shock that the wolf killers have long been scouting, baiting, and “training” their dogs in areas thus allowing them to pinpoint pack locations. People on the ground have reported that known pack areas are absolutely saturated with traps leading to fears that entire packs are being wiped out as happened last year in some areas according to testimony before the Wolf Advisory Committee.

The 24/7/365 hound “training” against wolves is also very concerning and the large number of dogs allegedly killed by wolves over the past two years bears this out. This year 22 hounds have been killed. Each one of these dog deaths result in a $2500 payment from the DNR to the hounders. For most of the year their dogs are “shiteaters” and “culls” until one gets killed by a wolf and suddenly they become “family” that are now worth $10,000. The stats of killed dogs this year show some very interesting facts. Several of the incidents showed multiple dogs killed and injured and there were several older dogs killed as well. 10 of the 22 killed dogs were over 6 and 4 were over 10. Call me crazy but getting a nice fat $2500 check from the DNR sure is easier than feeding or providing veterinary care for “shiteaters” and “culls” isn’t it? It is pretty obvious that the 24/7/365 “training” of hounds against wolves allowed wolf killers to pinpoint pack locations while making money in the process. It is no coincidence that Zone 2 where the kill number was double the quota, numerous hounds were killed often in a single incident. One might think that the dogs were being used as bait to pinpoint pack locations to seed the areas with traps and bait. Hmmmmm.

All of this has been allowed to happen right under the noses of our DNR and what do we get from them? Absolute silence. The anti-wolf hate sites have long taunted wildlife advocates and have now turned their vitriol toward the DNR. The wolf haters are now taunting the DNR with threats of poaching, poisoning, encouraging wolf killers not to pay attention to quotas, and to kill as many wolves as possible before a zone closes. The silence from the DNR speaks volumes as does their complete and total inaction on the mass overkill and violations occurring all over our lands. Or was this the plan all along?

Wisconsin DNR allows Almost Double Over Wolf Kill Quota in Zone 2 and at least 60 Killed Statewide Over Three and a Half Days


During Wolf Advisory Committee meetings this year the anti-wolf factions made it clear over and over again that they were out to kill as many wolves as possible. In fact this was state in the May 19, 2014 meeting notes:

Hound hunters should organize and target packs killing hounds; to do so they need enough tags in their possession to target harvests

Well it looks like they got their wish because as of today at 1:00 PM CST 60 wolves have been “reported” to the DNR as killed. In one of the Wisconsin DNR’s wolf killing zones, Zone 2, 29 wolves were “reported” to have been killed. The quota in that zone was 15. You read that right. The DNR has allowed one shy of DOUBLE the quota to be killed before the zone was closed today at 12:00 PM CST.

What is most disturbing about the rapid and massive slaughter of wolves in this “zone” is that much of the area is covered by the Nicolet National Forest and tribal reservations. The tribal lands are closed to wolf killing but the national forest is wide open for mass slaughter. In fact hounders have been whining for the past few months about their dogs being killed by wolves in this national forest. Coincidence that so many have been killed here in such a short time? The hounders openly screamed for “revenge’ on their webpages and openly advocated poaching and poisoning.

The Wisconsin DNR once again showed that they refuse to do their jobs and follow their own regulations. Each killing season they have allowed wolf killers to exceed the stated quotas and pretend that they have no choice because they have to give “24 hour notice” before closing a zone. This basically shows that the “quota” means nothing to the DNR as they continue right along with the “wink and nod” method of “management” for wolves that has been the norm for the past three years. The ONLY “depredations” that have occurred in this “zone” were hounds killed by wolves while running rampant through our lands. That is it. ZERO livestock or pet “depredations” occurred in this “zone” but the DNR apparently has no problem allowing the mass overkill that we have seen since Wednesday.

Of course even with this reckless “management” by the DNR the anti-wolf United States Fish and Wildlife Service pretends that there are no issues with how Wisconsin is “managing” wolves here. Six prominent scientists and biologists beg to differ.

Response to FWS Ignoring of Wolf Population Concerns

Shame on the DNR for allowing this kind of massive overkill and shame on the USFWS for not following the law as pointed out by the above scientists. As “Zone 1” gets close to the kill quota I wonder how much the DNR will allow this one to go over? We will keep you updated.