Senator Tammy Baldwin: Anti-Wolf and Pro-Lead Poisoning Bill Supporter

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Anti-wolf Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin. Photo via Wikipedia.

I am sure that I am not the only person who has been feeling a foreboding sense of doom and despair for what the future holds for wildlife in Wisconsin and beyond. The mere existence of wildlife today is almost exclusively for the killing opportunities that they provide with little to no credence given to the entire ecosystem. State like Wisconsin only view wildlife as a “resource” to be “harvested” for “hunter opportunity.” Those of us who desire for wildlife to have safe havens and unmolested existence from human interference have no say at any level of government in Wisconsin and beyond. State and federal “fish and wildlife” agencies have decided that wildlife is only allowed to exist as a “resource” to appease the bloodthirsty killing cartels and their existence is often only allowed based on what kind of “trophy” they can provide recreational killers. Now we can once again add congressional “Democrats” to the list of those seeking to wage war against our wildlife.

There was a time when those of us in the wildlife advocacy and environmental movements thought that we had allies in the Democratic Party. Oh how those times have changed. Starting with the infamous 2011 “budget rider” supported by President Obama and a significant number of congressional Democrats that forced a delisting of the gray wolf in the wildlife hostile northern Rockies states, the Democratic Party showed that bedrock environmental laws and imperiled species were no longer off limits for “political gain.” Taking this one step farther so-called “Democrats” like Tammy Baldwin, Ron Kind, Amy Klobuchar, Ben Cardin and the DINO (Democrat in Name Only) of all DINO’s, Colin Peterson of MN, have been waging an all out legislative war on wolves, the Endangered Species Act, and a myriad of other laws designed to protect wildlife and wild habitat. Their latest assault on wolves and wildlife comes in the form of a deceptively named bill called The Hunting Heritage and Environmental Legacy Preservation (HELP) for Wildlife Act. By “hunting heritage” they mean further weakening the Wilderness Act by opening more areas to recreational killing and to make recreational killing a priority on federal land. That also means allowing for easier “hunter access” which will inevitably lead to building roads and other destructive practices on sensitive wild lands all so the Elmer Fudd’s of the nation don’t actually have to walk to kill their “trophy.” While that is disturbing enough what the bill contains regarding wildlife is frankly horrifying and shows what the modern Democratic Party has become. The bill, of course, forces a congressional delisting of wolves in the Great Lakes and blocks American citizens from exercising our right to challenge our government in court. If that isn’t enough the bill next blocks any and all federal regulation of lead fishing equipment despite the countless number of wildlife that are poisoned by these implements each and every day, week, and year. Nice to see that Democrats are now pro-lead poisoning. I wonder how the people of Flint Michigan will feel about that? Next the bill gives cover to bird poaching farmers that illegally place bait to kill said birds. Yes you read that right. The bill then requires shooting ranges to be built or expanded on the taxpayer dime on public land. In other words this bill is anti-wolf, anti-Endangered Species Act, pro-poaching, pro-lead poisoning, and anti-Wilderness Act. How very “progressive” of “Democrats” to support a bill so vile.

Where exactly does this bill “HELP” wildlife? By gutting the ESA? No. By keeping toxic lead from birds, fish, and other wildlife? No. By weakening the Wilderness Act? No. By protecting big ag poachers? No. So where exactly is wildlife going to be “helped?” The answer is nowhere at all. The bill “reauthorizes” a couple of symbolic “acts” without appropriating any money for their funding. What this bill is in reality is just another in the long line of attacks on the Endangered Species Act and our other bedrock environmental laws in the hopes that the anti-wolf and far right rural voters of states like Wisconsin will vote for the senators, like Baldwin, who are supporting it. Quite telling is how there is ZERO mention of this bill on Baldwin’s Facebook page and the release on her website, while bragging about forcing a delisting of wolves and blocking judicial review, does not mention one word about the pro-lead poisoning elements of this sick bill. She sure seems proud of helping Wisconsin to once again eradicate wolves and block the rights of citizens to challenge this in court.

Senator Baldwin should be ashamed of herself to support such an attack on endangered species and our environment. It apparently makes zero difference to her that this bill allows hostile states like Wisconsin to practice legal dog fighting against wolves 24/7/365 and allows the state to kill off the population to a token number or potentially eradication at the behest of the politically powerful anti-wolf groups like the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association. It also apparently makes little difference to her that more wildlife will suffer excruciating deaths from lead poisoning because for some inexplicable reason modern fishermen are too lazy or arrogant to stop using lead when other alternatives exist. How “progressive” of her. Baldwin’s support of this bill should infuriate anyone that supports wildlife, wild lands, and protecting species from toxic substances.

Frankly I am utterly disgusted at Baldwin and this only reaffirms my decision not to vote for her in 2018. While I won’t vote for a GOPer I will also not vote for Baldwin. She has made it quite clear that she would rather sell out individual species and environmental protections to pander to the anti-wolf, anti-environmental, big ag, and killing cartel crowds. This is NOT someone that deserves my vote or the vote of any wildlife advocate. But that is your decision. Baldwin may gain the vote of an anti-wolf farmer or two but she has lost mine and that of several other wildlife advocates. I wonder if it will be worth the trade off? Remember this the next time that someone tries to call Senator Baldwin a “progressive.” How is allowing states to wipe out a species again and promoting lead poisoning “progressive” in any way, shape, or form? Sounds rather regressive to me and like something that would come from the current party in power not from what used to be the Democratic Party.

Please contact Senator Baldwin’s office to let her know how you feel regarding her support for this vile anti-wildlife bill.

709 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
Phone: (202) 224-5653

30 West Mifflin Street, Suite 700
Madison, WI 53703
Phone: (608) 264-5338

Constituents can also email her here:


Do Modern “Democrats” Support Legal Dog Fighting and Limiting Your Free Speech Rights? Actions Speak Louder than Words 


This is what Senator Tammy Baldwin and other anti-wolf politicians support if they support Wisconsin’s “management” of wolves.

As a wildlife advocate nothing is more infuriating and revolting than people who speak out of both sides of their mouths. Nowhere is this more prevalent than with the modern “Democratic Party” and their spineless manner when dealing with wildlife issues and legislation. They are so afraid of upsetting the NRA/big ag lobby that they vote for anti-wildlife and even anti-free speech laws despite knowing they are deplorable. Because of this I have distanced myself from the Democratic Party and vowed not to ever vote again for any politician that supports anti-wildlife legislation and causes.

There are two very recent examples of Wisconsin based “Democrats” turning their backs on wildlife in favor of anti-wildlife and anti-free speech proposals at the state and national level.

Over the years I have voted for Senator Tammy Baldwin several times dating back to her days as a Representative in the House and for her current position as a senator. Only after her election to the senate did I learn of her anti-wolf positions and how she panders to the big ag interests that want to see wolves eradicated from Wisconsin and elsewhere. It was only after her 2012 election to the senate did I find this webpage where she takes credit for having the wolf delisted and Wisconsin allowing a slaughter season immediately following.

2011: Tammy Worked Across Party Lines and Worked to Remove the Wisconsin Gray Wolf from the Endangered Species List
Tammy supported the commonsense approach of removing the Wisconsin Gray Wolf from the Endangered Species List after population numbers exceeded both the Wisconsin Wolf Recovery Plan and the federal recovery goal. This action opens the door to a new wolf hunt.

Baldwin likes to pretend that she is a “progressive” and people believe her due to her sexual orientation and how she rightfully stands up for equal protection. The problem is that she panders to big ag and the killing cartels seeking to eradicate Wisconsin’s tiny wolf population and pretending that they no longer need protection. What does she gain from it? Do those “common sense approaches” include dog fighting? Apparently, yes they do.

A couple of weeks ago a letter imploring President Obama to reject any and all “riders” weakening the Endangered Species Act was signed by 25 Democratic Senators. As expected the usual fake “Democrats” from ND, IN, WV, MN, and a few others didn’t sign it likely due to being owned by the same big ag/NRA/SCI/Koch groups that also control the GOP. Also noticeably absent were signatures from the two anti-wolf and big ag owned “Democrat” senators from Minnesota and, of course, Tammy Baldwin. As evidenced by the canned letters I receive from Baldwin’s office, she buys hook, line, and sinker the propaganda from the Wisconsin DNR and anti-wolf groups that wolves are being properly “managed” by the DNR and that they are just “decimating” livestock, deer, and grandchildren all over the state. Upon learning her stance against wolves, and apparently being perfectly fine with the legalized dog fighting that Wisconsin allows, I decided that she will never get my vote again for the Senate or any other position. I have made this very clear in letters to her office. Of course the opinions of one Wisconsin citizen like myself apparently does not matter because each response that I receive from Baldwin’s office is the same canned response regurgitating the Wiscosnin DNR propaganda even if it’s not related to the purpose of my letter. It used to to be that we could depend on the Democratic Party to stand up for wildlife and the Endangered Species Act. This is no longer the case as ones like Baldwin and the two phony senators from MN are openly anti-wolf/wildlife and owned by big ag as much as the GOPers are. This is also why Baldwin has been known as “Shammy” Baldwin among wildlife advocates for some time. But she apparently doesn’t care as long as those campaign contributions and “awards” from big ag groups keep rolling in.

For Baldwin and the other anti-wolf/wildlife “Democrats” let one thing be clear. If you support any legislation that returns “management” of the gray wolf to states like Wisconsin, you support legalized DOG FIGHTING. There is no other way around it. Because Wisconsin allows 24/7/365 hound “training” against wolves and allows dogs to be used against wolves during the killing season any Dem that supports giving Wisconsin back “management”  also supports DOG FIGHTING. There is no other way to put it. I expect this from the anti-everything GOPers but for Dems to be on board is shameful and frankly horrifying for the prospects for the survival of not only wolves but all imperiled species. Please call Senator Baldwin and your other Senators and Representatives and ask them this:

Dear Senator/Rep……

As a constituent of yours I ask that you strongly consider voting against any and all bills and or “riders” to spending bills that seek to remove wolves from Endangered Species Act protections. Despite the hyperbole and propaganda from hunting groups and agricultural interests, the gray wolf is still imperiled by centuries old hatred and reckless state “management” plans that allow for only a token number on the landscape and in isolated pockets only. It also must be noted that supporting any effort to delist wolves in Wisconsin will be viewed as a tacit approval for what is essentially the legalized DOG FIGHTING that the state allows by law. Wisconsin is the ONLY state in the country that allows packs of hounds to be pitted against wolves with ZERO oversight and the allowance of 24/7/365 “training” against wolves also with no oversight. I implore you not to support any law that furthers the persecution against this species and that seeks to weaken the already imperiled Endangered Species Act. Your actions on these issues will be closely watched and strongly considered in future elections. 

Thank you, 

Find Your Senators and Representatives

In Wisconsin, at the state level, we also have a collection of “Democrats” that always seem to pander to the kill everything crowd and now apparently are also for attacking YOUR free speech rights and navigation of YOUR public lands. Yesterday, by a vote of 14-1, the rubber stamp for the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association and the deceptively named anti-wildlife, Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, Assembly Natural Resources Committee, approved moving forward with the anti-free speech bill disguised as a “hunter harassment” bill. Only one Democrat had the conviction to vote against the bill:

The Assembly’s natural resources committee passed the Republican-authored bill on a 14-1 vote. The committee’s minority Democrats questioned whether the bill might violate nature lovers’ free speech rights but only one of them, Rep. Diane Hesselbein of Middleton, ultimately voted against the proposal.

Just like the 2012 wolf kill bill the so-called “Democrats” questioned the bill yet still voted for it regardless of the consequences. Why? All that this bill does is legitimize the disgusting acts of hounding and baiting and makes those that participate in them a protected class. This despite no permitting requirement for either activity. Under this bill if you happen to take a picture or even be “in the line of sight” of a hunter, baiter, trapper, or hounder, you are potential criminal if you hold any anti-hunting beliefs. This is apparently okay with our so-called “Democrats?”

The bill would add scouting, dog training, baiting and feeding to the list of protected hunting activities. It also would expand the definition of interference to include remaining in a hunter’s sight, photographing a hunter, using a drone to photograph a hunter and confronting a hunter more than twice with the intention of interfering with or impeding their activity. First-time violators would face a $500 fine. Subsequent offenses would carry steeper fines as well as jail time.

That’s right. If a hounder or baiter gets upset because you are near them, you are a criminal. If you take a picture of a hunter, baiter, hounder, or trapper and happen to hold a different belief or political affiliation than the law enforcement officer and county District Attorney, you are a potential criminal. How can any sane person, let alone an alleged “Democrat” support this bill that criminalizes free speech, free navigation, and penalizes people based on their political ideology or views on “hunting” practices?

Then we have this:

Republicans on the committee joined with Democrats Tuesday and adopted an amendment from Rep. Mark Spreitzer, D-Beloit, which clarifies that someone would have to intentionally interfere with a hunting activity to be convicted. But Rep. Katrina Shankland, a Stevens Point Democrat who voted in favor of the bill, still pressed the committee’s attorney, Larry Konapacki, for his opinion on whether the bill would withstand a constitutional challenge.

“That is a really difficult question,” Konopacki replied. “This is something that might be tested at some point.”

Spreitzer said he was satisfied that it would take an intentional act to land someone in trouble. Shankland pressed on, seeking more reassurance from Konopacki. He told her no one could be convicted unless a prosecutor could prove they intended to engage in harassing conduct.

That seemed to satisfy the Democrats, except Hesselbein. She said she still had questions about the bill. She didn’t ask any, though.

Shankland STILL voted for this sick bill despite acknowledging that it may violate the constitutional rights of a segment of citizens with a different value system while protecting unethical “hunting” practices? This plays right into the revenge politics of the Walker administration and GOP dominated legislature since 2011 and they STILL went along with it?Absolutely shameful but not all together surprising considering that many of the same people voting for this bill also voted for the wolf kill bill in 2012 making Wisconsin the ONLY state in the country that allows packs of dogs to be pitted against wolves. But it’s all about “heritage” and “tradition” to protect the most sadistic and vile among us I guess. These are the “Democrat” committee members that voted for this disgusting assault on free speech and bear hounder/baiter public land takeover:

Representative Milroy

Representative Danou

Representative Shankland

Representative Spreitzer

Please contact them and ask why they support a bill that limits free speech and free navigation of our public lands while making those that practice most sadistic and unethical “hunting” methods a protected class. Also ask them why people, such as hounder and baiters, are now a protected class even though no permit is required for their disgusting activities? Shame on them.

Milroy also had a hand in the recent and astonishingly sexist bill that allowed “blaze pink” clothing for hunting to “attract women” to the “sport.” Danou is the same guy that claims to have “questioned” the wolf kill bill, yet still voted for it in 2012 and bragged to the committee in 2012 that he hoped to get a wolf tag, and then invited other people on the committee to come to his place and “shoot some ducks.” He was also part of Baldwin’s 2012 killing brag fest campaign when she was running for Senator. With “friends” like these……….

So what is the takeaway from the actions of Baldwin and the anti-wildlife/free speech “Democrats” that voted for the bill yesterday? The takeaway is that wildlife and wildlife advocates are now also an imperiled species that have very few friends in the halls of state and federal government. I think that for wildlife advocates we need to realize that the modern Democratic Party is not aligned with our interests and seems to side with the anti-wildlife factions more than not in recent years. It’s time to call them out on it and stop pretending that they are the party of the environment when in reality half are nothing more than GOP-Lite that will pander to the anti-environment factions more often than not while spitting in the faces of their supposed “base.” We will remember their stances when it comes time to vote. If they even care…..

Congress Again Planning to Sell Out Wolves and Wildlife: Time For the Gloves to Come Off and Call Out Anti-Wildlife Politicians

This is what Senator Tammy Baldwin and other anti-wolf politicians support.

This is what Senator Tammy Baldwin and other anti-wolf politicians support.

This week an assortment of anti-wolf politicians from both parties have made good on their promise to introduce legislation that would strip court ordered Endangered Species Act protections from wolves in the Great Lakes and Wyoming. The goal of this legislation is to return wolves to the meat grinder and “management plans” of Wisconsin. Minnesota, Michigan, and Wyoming and to further weaken the embattled Endangered Species Act. Wisconsin’s “management” of wolves entails the legal use of dogs against wolves 24/7/365. Congress is apparently okay with that.

On top of the ESA gutting anti-wolf legislation the Wilderness Act gutting “Bipartisan Sportsman’s Act” has once again reared it’s ugly head. This bill again plans to open up millions of acres to killing, prevent any restrictions on lead ammunition, allow the import of killed polar bear trophies from Canada, along with is myriad of other anti-wildlife provisions intended on turning federal lands into giant killing fields and shooting ranges.

It’s no surprise that the anti-environment GOP led Congress is pushing to destroy the ESA and Wilderness Act but the most horrifying thing about this is how willing so many Democrats are to sign on to these destructive bills. Even though voters in Michigan were overwhelmingly in support of wolf protections and the Wisconsin DNR’s own survey showed major support here the politicians continue to listen to those that yell the loudest.

I am tired of trying to be diplomatic with these politicians and expecting them to listen to the majority and facts over big money killing groups and big ag interests. They DO NOT care what we think. I expect the GOPers to be tone deaf to anyone other than what their Koch/NRA fueled minions want but I am dumbfounded as to why Democrats are so willing and even eager to sell out our wildlife and wilderness protections. From now on I am going to call it like it is.

If you are a politician that supports returning “management” of wolves to states like Wisconsin then you must be in support of dog fighting. Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin recently had her staff tell wildlife advocates that she is in support of “state management” of wolves. So I guess that means that if this is what she is for then she supports dog fighting. There is no other way around it. The same goes for every other state and federal politician that is in favor of allowing a state like Wisconsin to “manage” wolves. Wisconsin is the ONLY state in the country that allows packs of dogs to be used against wolves and Tammy Baldwin supports this kind of management. This isn’t a recent development. When Baldwin was running for the US Senate she made an effort to pander to the anti-wildlife and anti-wolf factions on her own campaign website.

2011: Tammy Worked Across Party Lines and Worked to Remove the Wisconsin Gray Wolf from the Endangered Species List
Tammy supported the commonsense approach of removing the Wisconsin Gray Wolf from the Endangered Species List after population numbers exceeded both the Wisconsin Wolf Recovery Plan and the federal recovery goal. This action opens the door to a new wolf hunt.

Then when she announced her support for the pandering and disgusting “Bipartisan Sportsman’s Act” last year she made sure to quote and list a myriad of trophy killing and anti-wolf groups that joined her in support of the bill. She proudly listed:

The bill has the support of the following: American Sportfishing Association, Archery Trade Association, Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies, B.A.S.S. LLC, Boone & Crockett, Bowhunting Preservation Alliance, Campfire Club of America, Catch-A-Dream Foundation, Center for Coastal Conservation, Coastal Conservation Association, Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation, Conservation Force, Delta Waterfowl Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, Izaak Walton League of America, Masters of Foxhounds Association, Mule Deer Foundation, National Marine Manufacturers Association, National Shooting Sports Foundation, National Trappers Association, National Wild Turkey Federation, National Wildlife Federation, North American Bear Foundation, North American Grouse Partnership, Pheasants Forever, Pope and Young Club, Quail Forever, Quality Deer Management Association, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Ruffed Grouse Society, Safari Club International, Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, The National Wildlife Federation, The Wilderness Society, Tread Lightly!, Trout Unlimited, United States Sportsmen’s Alliance, Whitetails Unlimited, Wild Sheep Foundation, Wildlife Forever, Wildlife Management Institute. 

SCI? The same SCI that Bob Welch is the lobbyist for at the state level? United States Sportsmen’s Alliance? Also a group that Bob Welch lobbies for. She NEVER bothers to consult any pro-wildlife groups and only offers canned responses when questioned as to why. I made one last attempt to reach out to and reason with Senator Baldwin but no response has been forthcoming and I assume as usual she is only listening to the killing cartels. Here is the letter that I recently wrote:

Dear Senator Baldwin,

As a constituent and one that has voted for you several times as both a Representative and now as Senator I have to say that I am highly disappointed with your support of “state management” for gray wolves. The legislation that is being circulated by anti-wolf politicians not only strips wolves of their much needed protections, but it also undermines a fundamental right of American citizens.  By supporting Wisconsin’s “management” of this species you are tacitly supporting legalized dog fighting as this is what the state’s “management” entails. You are also supporting a state that has made it their goal to push this species back to the brink by allowing only a token population to remain. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has made it very clear that this is their aim through comments in the media and by their reckless yearly killing quotas.

I also want to know how you can support legislation that continues to undermine the Endangered Species Act and precludes American citizens from exercising their rights to challenge a species delisting in the federal courts? This proposed legislation not only eviscerates  the foundation of the Endangered Species Act, it also strips away a fundamental right of American citizens to allow for judicial review of our laws and agency rules, and spits in the face of the Separation of Powers. Would it have been acceptable to tack on a provision forbidding judicial review for other laws passed by our governing bodies? That is the slippery slope that support for this proposed legislation leads us down. Imagine if Congress under the control of Republicans along with a Republican president passed a law like the disgusting Defense of Marriage Act that included a disclaimer that prevented the law from being challenged in court. Just imagine how many Americans would feel about having their fundamental right to challenge a dubious law or agency rule stripped from them. The sentiment here is exactly the same and should not even be considered.

Each year since the 2011 delisting the Wisconsin DNR has allowed their kill quotas to be exceeded and refuses to count the vast numbers of illegally killed wolves toward that quota. The internet is awash with anti-wolf factions brazenly threatening poaching, torture, and a second eradication of wolves. To claim that wolves are not in need of federal protections is naïve at best and downright irresponsible at worst. Wisconsin is also the ONLY state in the country that allows dogs to be pitted against wolves. Under current “rules,” or lack thereof, the Wisconsin DNR allows packs of dogs to be used against wolves 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year under the guise of “training.” This activity has only been stopped “legally” following the court order reinstating federal protections to the wolves in the Great Lakes.  How can a species not be considered “threatened” or “endangered” when they are subject to being harassed by packs of vicious dogs with no reprieve for 365 days a year? Wisconsin is also the only state that that reimburses the owner of dogs allegedly killed by wolves to the tune of $2500 each. How can anyone that proclaims to be a “progressive” support what is essentially state sanctioned dog fighting that pays the participant when their dog “loses?”

Contrary to what is being stated by various hunting groups and agriculture lobbying groups, Wisconsin does not have a “conservative” or “scientific” management plan for wolves in place. The Wisconsin DNR has made it very clear that they are refusing to listen to the non-hunting public despite their own surveys showing widespread support for maintaining the wolf population at their pre-2014 killing season levels. This would entail a number of approximately 650 wolves. The DNR appears not to be giving their own survey any credence nor does Congress seem to care about the threats that this species faces. The fear mongering being presented by hunting groups and agriculture special interests misrepresent if not flat out lie about the alleged “threat” that wolves present to their livestock. The vast majority of “depredations” reported by the Wisconsin DNR are for hound dogs used to go after bears, coyotes, bobcats, wolves themselves, and even turkeys. Yes, Wisconsin allows dogs to be used against turkeys. Livestock losses to wolves are miniscule at most and are known among wildlife advocates to be greatly exaggerated due to the generous payouts given by the Wisconsin DNR. It is a little known fact that Wisconsin farmers are given “depredation payments” for calves that turn up “missing” with zero evidence of wolf involvement. The same farmers are also get “depredation” payments from the Wisconsin DNR if they lose more than 2.3 percent of their calves regardless of cause. In other words if a farmer has over 2.3 percent of their calves die from disease they get a payout for each over that percentage as long as there has been one “confirmed” wolf depredation on that farm. Would it be too far out of line to suggest that agricultural special interests along with hound hunting interests strongly embellish the wolf “threat?” Those that yell the loudest are not always the majority and they certainly aren’t always right .

I challenge anyone that believes wolves are not in need of Federal protections to peruse the internet and find another species that has entire websites devoted to the poaching, torture, and eradication of them. You won’t find one. Other than the wolf cousin the coyote find another species that is vilified, threatened, and persecuted more than the gray wolf? Judge Howell made it very clear in her ruling that state “management” plans had major deficiencies that hindered the full recovery of gray wolf populations. No one expects wolf populations to return to pre-European colonization levels but what we do expect is a level of protection that prevents a return to the wolf eradication from a century ago. The 2011 delisting and current state “management” plans do nothing to ensure long term species survival and push for wolves to be brutally killed down to a token population that keeps them on the threshold of relisting. That is not “management” nor is it “science” as the anti-wolf special interest wants us to believe. The persecution of this animal is ingrained in the state “management” plans and is rooted in deep seeded hatred for a species that has become more myth than reality.

I implore you, Senator Baldwin, to look at sources other than what the Wisconsin DNR, agricultural special interests, and trophy hunting groups provide you. They have a vested interested in keeping wolves at token populations if not outright eradication. Wisconsin has almost 6 million citizens and the majority of those citizens that took the time to exercise their right to vote chose you to represent us in the Senate. The majority of our fellow citizens support a healthy and vibrant wolf population. Not a token number on the edge of eradication. Not a set in stone number to kill down to each year and certainly not a population that is allowed to have packs of dogs harass them 24/7/365 with the full support of the Wisconsin DNR. If you support “state management” you support these abhorrent activities along with a weakening of the Endangered Species Act and our fundamental right to challenge laws and agency rules in court. Our democracy should not be based on which special interests yell the loudest. Our democracy should be based on listing to the citizens that have spoken loud and clear on this issue time and time again. The majority support the gray wolf and we are disgusted at the current “management plans” in place that allow for wholesale killing and legalized dog fighting. As long as those types of activities remain in place it would be beyond reckless to return gray wolf “management” to states like Wisconsin.

I along with other wildlife advocates that voted for you have been highly disappointed to say the least at some of the positions that you have taken regarding wildlife. From your support for the Wilderness Act gutting “Bipartisan Sportsman Act” to your support for state “management” of wolves. We thought that we elected a Senator that would share our progressive ideals about wildlife and the environment. It seems that we may have been mistaken. No true progressive would support “management” of a species that entails legalized dog fighting, persecution, and taking away our fundamental rights for court challenges. I along with other wildlife advocates will base our support for you in any future election on whether or not you continue to support “state management” of wolves in Wisconsin’s current incarnation.

I hope you do further research into what Wisconsin views as “management” and why so many wildlife advocates are horrified at the prospect of legislative action returning it to the states. We will be watching.

p.s I look forward to your response and ask that a canned letter with Wisconsin DNR talking points not be sent as has been before. Thank you.

That letter was sent January 27th and has been apparently met with complete silence as I expected. Because of this I must come to the conclusion that Senator Baldwin and other politicians supporting “state management” of wolves are indeed also in support of dog fighting because that is what Wisconsin allows.

The time is now to take off the gloves and call out every single one of these pandering anti-wolf/wildlife politicians. If they support the wolf delisting bill they also support Wisconsin’s legalized dog fighting. It’s as simple as that. As the use of dogs against wolves is part of how Wisconsin “manages” wolves any politican that supports “state management” therefore supports legalized 24/7/365 dog fighting. Let’s start calling these people out. As long as they support “state management” of wolves this is what every wildlife advocate should be posting on social media:





Do this for every politician that supports “state management” of wolves that include Wisconsin. If they wont listen to us then we damn well need to make sure that everyone know that these people are perfectly acceptable with legalized dog fighting and that is exactly what Wisconsin’s “management” entails.

Time to take the gloves off and let these people know exactly what they are supporting. If they even care. Feel free to take what you will from my above letter to #TammyBaldwinsupportsdogfighting. The gloves are off and we need to stop these people from further destroying our wildlife and exploiting our wild lands.

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My Letter to Senator Baldwin and a Message To Anti-Willdife Democrats


Last week the Wilderness Act and wildlife partially dogged a bullet when the disgusting “Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act” was voted down in the United States Senate. This rancid bill was put forward by Senate Democrats in the hope that vulnerable “red state” Democrats would get support from the gun and killing obsessed citizens in their respective states. The bill would have essentially gutted many Wilderness Act protections by allowing sport hunting, trapping, shooting ranges, and hunter/trapper “access” to many wilderness lands not currently open to wildlife killing. The bill would have also forbade the EPA from regulating the highly destructive and poisonous lead in bullets and fishing lures. Finally, in what may have been the most disgusting element of the bill, it would have allowed the importation of polar bears killed by trophy hunters in Canada prior to ESA protections being established in 1997. All of these odious elements fly in the face of the “environmentalism” that the Democratic Party has moved away from more and more each year. Especially under the anti-wildlife Obama Administration.

So what possesses these pretend “progressives” to pander to trophy hunting, shooting, anti-willdife, and anti-environment factions? Animals 24-7 editor and writer, Merritt Clifton, presents and outstanding piece laying out why Democrats “dance with the devil” and pander to wildlife killing interests.

Why U.S. Senate Democrats dance with Elmer Fudd & his hunting buddies

Why are ranking U.S. Senate Democrats seemingly hellbent on passing the “Sportsmen’s Act,” S. 2363, despite the opposition of more than 100 usually pro-Democratic animal and environmental protection charities?

“To give a couple of southern Democrats––lead sponsor Kay Hagan of North Carolina, and Mark Pryor of Arkansas––a political talking point as they campaign in the rural areas of their states,” alleged Humane Society of the U.S. president Wayne Pacelle in a July 7, 2014 alert to HSUS supporters.

That appears to be the short answer.

The long answer is that the Democratic Party is still smarting, albeit largely unawares, over the 1952 loss of the U.S. presidency to gung-ho hunter Dwight D. Eisenhower. Posing often with hunting weapons, Eisenhower won by a landslide over reputed pro-animal candidate Adlai Stephenson, after nonhunters Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman had held the White House for 20 years.

In other words the Democratic Party are sellouts of the highest order and will sell their own “soul” to court anti-animal interests for a few votes. There is no better example of this than Wisconsin’s supposedly “Democratic” Senator, Tammy Baldwin.

Today I wrote a letter to Senator Baldwin expressing my extreme disappointment at her anti-willdife positions and her support of the disgusting bill mentioned above. Here is the letter:

Senator Baldwin,

 I am writing this letter to express my extreme and continued disappointment with your decision to vote for the so-called Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act (S. 2363). Myself and many other wildlife advocates find it highly disturbing that you would vote for a bill that amounts to nothing more than a giant give away to trophy hunting interests (Safari Club International) and the NRA. This vote, and your support of the 2012 delisting of the gray wolf in the Great Lakes states, have lead many of us to either withhold or withdraw our support for you and the Democratic Party.

 How does the average American citizen benefit from a bill that essentially opens to sport killing some of the very few remaining refuges that wildlife in our country have? To allow these remaining Federal wilderness areas to be opened up to “sport” hunters and to the even more deplorable trappers, flies in the face of the Wilderness Act, and appears on the surface to be nothing more than another give away or pandering attempt for trophy hunters, trappers, and those that show little to no respect for our remaining wildlife. This bill also adopts the propaganda that is presented from trophy hunting lobbying groups, the NRA, and state fish and wildlife departments.

 I also find it highly disturbing that so many Democrats would be on board with the attempt to further weaken efforts to remove or regulate lead from bullets and fishing lures. This again flies in the face of the environmentalist image that Democrats try to portray. Is it worth selling out those principles in the hope of gaining a few votes from the trophy hunting, shooting, and anti-environment extremists in this country? Some estimates show that that hunters constitute only four to five percent of the population in the United States. If that is the case, please explain why the Democratic Party continuously places their desires ahead of non-hunters and environmentalists each election cycle? We apparently cannot do anything to provide healthcare for all citizens, yet we can make sure that the Federal government can provide shooting ranges and wildlife killing fields on public lands?

 In our own state of Wisconsin one form of wildlife or another is relentlessly pursued by packs of dogs 24 hours a day and 365 days a year on state and Federal lands. The most recent example of this is the use of dogs against wolves. You supported the removal of the gray wolf in the Great Lakes from the Endangered Species List. That 2012 removal has led to hundreds of wolves being shot, trapped, or relentlessly pursued by packs of vicious dogs. After the most recent State Appeals Court ruling dogs can now be used to “train” against wolves for 365 days a year with no restrictions. This is an animal that was under ESA protections less than three years ago and is now the target of legalized animal fighting. In one year the official population count has dropped by 19 percent. When other citizens and myself have contacted your office expressing concerns, and requesting possible Federal intervention, we received the exact same canned Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources talking points. Even more concerning is that these talking points are regurgitations of the very same propaganda presented by the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, the deceptively names hunting group, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, and Safari Club International. Should it be any surprise that many of us in the wildlife advocacy community in Wisconsin have become very jaded toward you and your positions on this issue?

I understand that Wisconsin has a higher percentage of people that call themselves hunters but they are still a far lower number than those of us that do not kill animals for sport or whatever justification used. Non-hunters continue to be ignored and have our views dismissed by you and many in your party. I expect this from the GOP and the other Senator from this state. I do not expect this from someone that proclaims to be a “progressive” Democrat.

 I voted for you numerous times when you were my Congressional Representative and when you ran for Senator. I was under the misguided assumption that you shared the same values about the environment and wildlife that I did. Apparently I was mistaken. Your stance against wolves and your vote for that disgusting “Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act” have done serious damage to your credibility among wildlife advocates in Wisconsin. I hope you reconsider your stance on these issues and seriously take into account the damage those positions have caused your reputation among those you should consider to be your “base” in Wisconsin.

The outrage and disappointment that I feel toward Senator Baldwin and the majority of other fake “Democrats” that voted for this bill cannot be understated but also cannot come as a surprise. Remember that a majority of Democrats also voted for the 2011 budget bill that contained the disgusting “rider” that delisted wolves in the Northern Rockies from the Endangered Species List. That odious inclusion was done to “protect” anti-wolf and supposedly “Democratic” Senator, Jon Tester of Montana, from a tough reelection in his strongly anti-wolf state.

I am no longer surprised at how low the Obama Administration and his Democratic allies in Congress will go to sell out the environment and wildlife in favor of votes. They believe that we are a permanent part of their “base” and will still vote for them in the end. I wouldn’t be so sure of that.

Please feel free to use elements of the above letter in your own responses to your fake “Democrat” senators that voted for the bill or take anti-wildlife positions.






Obama and Senate Democrats Selling Out Wildlife………….Again……..and Again


Who would have thought back in 2008 the supposed “progressive” president that we elected would turn out to be the most anti-wildlife administration that we have seen in modern times? The Democratic Party has sold out in favor of courting big energy money, trophy hunting lobby (SCI) money, and NRA money. They apparently think that their pandering to anti-environment interests will get them more votes in the midterms.

Why do I say this? The Democrat controlled senate is about to vote into law one of the most dangerous and reckless anti-wildlife bills that we have seen in decades. The bill, given the fluffy moniker “The Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act,” is nothing but a giveaway to trophy hunters, anti-regulation/anti-EPA forces, and the NRA. Here is an in depth breakdown from the Wolf Conservation Center via PopVox about what this bill entails and how dangerous it truly is.

Specifically, S. 1996 will exclude national wildlife refuge management decisions from environmental review & public input and aims to open vital wilderness areas to damaging construction projects for the purpose of energy and/or mineral production, energy generation and/or transmission infrastructure as well as recreational hunting and shooting on FEDERAL lands.

1- It contains several alarming rollbacks of long-standing federal environmental and public land laws including the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the Wilderness Act, and the National Forest Management Act. In the process, it would reduce or eliminate important protections for America’s public lands that have been in place for decades.

2 –
In regards to NEPA, for example, the bill could exempt all decisions on and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Forest Service lands regarding trapping and recreational hunting, fishing, and shooting from compliance with NEPA by mandating that such lands be open to these activities. NEPA ensures that agencies assess and consider the impacts of their land-use decisions before those decisions are made. It also serves as an effective platform for the public to assess the environmental consequences of proposed agency actions and to weigh in on governmental decisions before they are finalized.

3-  Underlying changes to the Wilderness Act embedded in the legislation seek to overturn decades of Congressional protection for wilderness areas. For example, the bill would require lands managed by the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management, including wilderness areas, to be managed as “open unless closed” to recreational shooting which includes “sport, training, competition, or pastime whether formal or informal” in Wilderness. Wilderness has always been closed to competitive events and commercial enterprises by statute and regulation.

4- The bill prioritizes hunting, trapping, recreational fishing, and recreational shooting in most Wildernesses by requiring that all federal land managers (except for lands managed by the National Park Service or the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service) facilitate the use of and access to lands under their control for these activities. The agencies could interpret that enhancing hunting, fishing and recreational shooting in Wilderness could allow management measures such as motorized use to artificially increase game or fish numbers. Such measures would be inconsistent with Wilderness and the Wilderness Act.

5- The legislation promotes the priorities of various special interests by making substantive policy changes to public land law. It prioritizes recreational shooting activities such as those found on target ranges. As defined, recreational shooting activities are unrelated to, and potentially at odds with, the unique natural resource values of the various federal land management systems on which they would occur.  Under the National Forest Management Act, forest managers manage for the resilience of our national forests so that both current and future generations can benefit from multiple uses of the land. In some cases, managers need the flexibility to stop certain actions to promote long-term use of the forest resources. Requiring that all Forest Service lands be “open unless closed” to hunting, trapping, fishing and shooting is one example of many where this legislation undercuts their ability to do that.
Appropriate management of our public lands plays a critical role in stewardship for biodiversity as well as for recreational opportunities. The natural resource management laws affected by this legislation help ensure well-managed public lands that provide habitat for biodiversity, and maintain healthy populations to help prevent the need for new listings of species under the Endangered Species Act. They work to ensure that our wildlife and public land resources thrive and that hunters, birders and anglers alike can enjoy them for generations to come. By weakening these important laws, the proposed legislation would significantly undermine these important public land values.

6- The bill would remove the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to regulate toxic lead or any other toxic substance used in ammunition or fishing equipment under the Toxic Substances Control Act. A nationwide ban on lead shot in migratory waterfowl hunting was adopted in 1991 after biologists estimated roughly two million ducks died each year from ingesting spent lead pellets. The hunting industry groups that want to prevent the EPA from regulating lead ammunition and fishing tackle are the same groups that protested the ban on lead shot for waterfowl hunting in 1991. Despite the doom-and-gloom rhetoric, hunters know two decades later that this was a good decision for waterfowl, and didn’t lead to the end of duck or goose hunting. A federal agency should be able to carry out its duties without uncalled for and unscientific laws impeding this process. Such decisions should be left to the discretion of federal agencies based solely on the best available science on the impacts of toxic substances such as lead. Congress should not tie the hands of professional scientists and prevent them from even evaluating or considering future policies to protect the public and the environment.

7- This legislation would allow the import of 41 sport-hunted polar bear trophies. This would be the latest in a series of import allowances that Congress has approved, and the cumulative effect is devastating to our most imperiled species. Despite having notice of the impending prohibition on import of polar bear trophies for sixteen months (between January 2007 and May 2008), a number of trophy hunters went forward with hunts anyway. In fact, the 41 individuals all hunted polar bears AFTER the Bush Administration proposed the species for listing as threatened under the Endangered Species Act, and all but one hunted more than a year after the listing was proposed. They were given repeated warnings from hunting organizations and government agencies that trophy imports would likely not be allowed as of the listing date, and that they were hunting at their own risk. If this behavior were rewarded through a congressional waiver, it could accelerate the pace of killing any species proposed for listing in the future, since hunters would believe they could get the trophies in even after the listing becomes final. Each new allowance may involve only a few animals, but the cumulative impacts of these waivers time and time again lead to more reckless trophy killing.

8 –  Requires a federal public land management official, in cooperation with the respective state and fish and wildlife agency, to facilitate the use of, and access to, federal public land for hunting, recreational fishing, and recreational shooting; requires the heads of federal public land management agencies to exercise their discretion in a manner that supports and facilitates hunting, recreational fishing, and recreational shooting opportunities, to the extent authorized under applicable law. Requires that Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Forest Service land, excluding land on the Outer Continental Shelf, be open to hunting, recreational fishing, or recreational shooting unless the managing agency acts to close lands to such activity. Permits closures or restrictions on such land for purposes including resource conservation, public safety, energy or mineral production, energy generation or transmission infrastructure, water supply facilities, national security, or compliance with other law.

This bill is extreme and reckless. It would undermine decades of land management and planning and would topple the delicate balance between allowing for public use and the need to protect public resources. In regards to public land access for recreational hunting and fishing, it is also unnecessary. Hunting and fishing are already permitted on 85% of public lands. This bill’s proponents seek to solve a problem that does not exist, and the legislation they propose could in fact cause serious damage to America’s natural heritage.

Please oppose S. 1996, as well as any of the Senate bills that are companions to individual titles of this legislation – S. 2363, S. 170, S. 847, S. 1335, S. 1634, S. 1660 and S. 1212 – and oppose any effort to attach this legislation to another bill. This legislation is bad for public lands and water resources, bad for fish and wildlife, and bad for the American people.

Honestly after this whole disgusting “sportsmen‘s act,” I want to see every so-called Democrat that voted for this abomination up for election this fall lose. Make the country see what kind of legislation will come out of an all GOP Congress and maybe they will think twice about spitting in the face of environmentalists just to get a couple of votes.

What is even more horrifying is that Richard Freaking Nixon was a far, far, and far more eco-friendly president than President Obama. Obama and the modern Democrats assume that environmentalists will remain part of their “base,” spit in our faces at every turn, and let us down time and time again. When do we say ENOUGH and demand that they follow progressive ideals and stop pandering to anti-environment factions each election cycle? I am tired of voting for the lesser of two evils and then watching the pretend progressives sell out our environment and wildlife at every turn.

I thought that we had seen the worst from this administration after the disgusting 2011 “budget rider” that took away federal protections from wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountains. But I was wrong. The Obama Administration then stripped Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections from the wolf populations in the Great Lakes leading to the mass slaughters that we see in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan each fall. But that still wasn’t enough for Obama and his anti-wildlife administration. Next they proposed stripping all ESA protections from gray wolves across the country with the exception of a tiny population of Mexican wolves in New Mexico and Arizona. But we are still not done. Obama’s Fish and Wildlife Service next wants to further weaken the Endangered Species Act by only offering protections to endangered species where they currently are and not their previous range. Then we have the struggling North Carolina red wolf population in Obama’s cross hairs.  Finally there is the latest anti-wildlife act of the Obama Administration by refusing ESA protections for the scarce wolverines in the Northern Rockies. All of this has occurred under a supposedly “progressive” president. This makes me question why right wingers hate Obama so much. He is as anti-wolf/anti-environment as they are. He plays a shell game of pretending to care about “climate change” while eviscerating some of the most vital protection imperiled lands and animals have. I am done defending him and his administration. Am I the only one that feels duped?

Wisconsin’s trick pony senator, Tammy Baldwin, is one of them too. Shame on her and shame on everyone that voted to advance that disgusting anti-wildlife bill. Nice to see that our government cannot find a way to provide healthcare to all citizens because it is big and bad “socialism” yet now we are now in the business of providing shooting ranges and more killing fields on Federal wilderness lands. Nice priorities that this country has. We also have to make sure that trophy hunters get the precious hides of slaughtered polar bears that they killed prior to 1997 into the country. What kind of message does that send? We struggle to deal with the humanitarian crisis on our border yet it is a priority to make sure SCI/NRA shills get their once illegal blood sport trophies into the country? Screw poverty. Screw education. Screw healthcare. Let’s just make sure the rich trophy hunters and ammosexuals are happy. I have given up trying to defend Obama and his administration. They are no better than the GOPers and maybe even worse because of how two faced they are. How about you?

Please take action HERE to contact your senators and demand they reject this reckless anti-wildlife bill.