Wildlife in Crisis: Wisconsin Doubles Bobcat Kill Quota and The Lack of Democracy in “Wildlife Management”


Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

I’m sure that all of you hear or read daily the time tested propaganda about how the killing cartels claim that “hunters” are “conservationists” and “fund conservation.” You also hear how non-hunters don’t “fund” anything. Not only are these claims greatly embellished, they are also patently false. Not once have I ever heard a non-hunter refuse to pay into the conservation system that land-wise we already mostly fund through our tax dollars. The only thing that killing license fees pay for, especially in Wisconsin, are the agencies that exist solely to create “hunter opportunity” despite platitudes about “managing” wildlife for ALL citizens. Paying for agencies that farm non-native wildlife to be killed is not “conservation” and frankly it’s completely disingenuous to claim otherwise.

The most recent example of fake “conservation” is how the Wisconsin DNR has decided to DOUBLE the kill quota of the state’s bobcat population. Once again the DNR has relied on the selfish wants and bloodlust of the killing cartels and the general public has had ZERO say in this decision. At last estimate there were believed to be around 2300 bobcats in Wisconsin. This year hounders and trappers will be able to kill off at least one-third of the estimated population. Is it because bobcats are threatening grandchildren at bus stops like the anti-wolf zealots claim wolves are? Is it because bobcats are “eating all the deer” as the anti-wolf zealots falsely claim wolves are doing? Of course not. It’s so the skins of these animals can be sold to “fur buyers” and shipped to the wildlife black holes like China and Russia. In other words it’s very likely that these bobcat skins will end up in China or Russia and  made into “luxury” vanity clothing that often sells for between $50,000 and $100,000.


Yes this sick blood trade still exists in Wisconsin and across the nation with a vast number of animal skins ending up in China or Russia. Notice how the DNR refers to trappers as “fur harvesters” as if the hounded, bludgeoned, drowned, crushed, or poisoned animal grew out of the ground like corn or soybeans.

From a news article about the doubling of the bobcat killing quota:

Bobcat population estimate research is led by Dr. Nathan Roberts, DNR furbearer research scientist.

“DNR works closely with trappers and hunters to learn more about this elusive, but common, species – together, we are working to refine our understanding of Wisconsin’s bobcat population and are finding that Wisconsin’s bobcat population is healthy and robust enough to provide additional harvest opportunities,” Roberts said. “The information we gather from ongoing research efforts will be used to update population models and continue to guide harvest quotas in the future.”

Notice what is missing from this quote? Not one mention of non-killing groups or persons being involved in the decision. Not one mention of scientists or biologists from outside of the DNR having any input into this decision. None of this comes as a surprise. The Wisconsin DNR, like many “fish and game” agencies in the United States are the very antithesis of democracy and often their statutory obligations to work for ALL citizens. Instead of asking the 87 percent of Wisconsin citizens who don’t recreationally kill wildlife if they are okay with one-third of the estimated bobcat population to be trapped, hounded, and killed all in the span of three months, the DNR just took the word of the trappers and hounders who seek to kill and profit off of the dead cats. Of course they don’t ask us or allow is to participate in these decisions because despite statutory obligations and wildlife being in the “public trust,” they only work for their “customers” and those whose killing license fees pay for the DNR’s operations. Every time non-recreational killing citizens have tried to change this funding mechanism we have been immediately blocked or our proposals have been shot down. Why is that? It’s because if we are allowed to help fund wildlife “management” in this state we would be obligated to have a “seat at the table” for “management” decisions. There is no way that the politically powerful killing special interests like the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, Wisconsin Trappers Association, various deer hunting groups, and the deceptively named hunter/trapper/hounder front group the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation would allow a non-killing voice to have any say in how wildlife is “managed” here in Wisconsin and elsewhere.

A recent study produced some very interesting poll results about who the real conservationists are in the United States. Despite the killing cartels staking claim to being “conservationists” this study by three very well regarded wildlife/environmental scientists casts major doubt on that claim shows who the real conservationists likely are.

The lack of responsiveness by wildlife agencies to animal welfare interests is not surprising. Wildlife professionals often view conservation and animal rights as antagonistic (Schmidt 1990, Muth and Jamison 2000). The Wildlife Society’s standing position statement, Animal Rights Philosophy and Wildlife Conservation, describes the conflict between animal rights and wildlife conservation as “profound.”

Yet, that antagonistic view does not seem to be shared by the general public — or even by most self-identified conservationists, as the results of our recent survey show. We polled more than 1,200 adults via KnowledgePanel, a representative online panel of U.S. residents recruited to take part in survey research. We asked them to indicate the extent to which they identified as hunters, conservationists and animal rights advocates. Although a plurality (37 percent) self-identified as both conservationists and animal rights advocates, far fewer (27 percent) self-identified as both conservationists and hunters. Those identifying as conservationists were more likely to identify as animal rights advocates (r = 0.52) than as hunters (r = 0.26).

Animal Rights and Conservation: Conflicting or Compatible? (PDF Download Available). Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/318275505_Animal_Rights_and_Conservation_Conflicting_or_Compatible [accessed Jul 31, 2017].

While I personally do not identify as an “animal rights advocate” and prefer to be considered an “animal protectionist/environmental preservationist” this study outlines what many of us in this movement have known all along. This is that killing is NOT conservation and many who participate in modern “hunting,” trapping, and hounding are the antithesis of what “conservation” is supposed to be. The very idea that recreational killing somehow fosters a spirit of “conservation” and protecting “sustainable” wildlife populations is absurd. To me that is like saying that promiscuous sex promotes abstinence. The same absurdity is at play with how the word “conservation” has been co-opted and redefined by the killing special interests and the politicians and agencies under their thumb. Agencies like the Wisconsin DNR have turned our lands into giant “game farms” for favored species and only seek to further artificially inflate those populations to appease Wisconsin’s never satisfied “sportsmen” no matter the impact on the ecosystem and the future survival of individual species. Killing off over one-third of a wildlife population in one “season” flies directly in the face of what the word “conserve” means. It is also absurd that living and breathing creatures are labeled as a “resource” and that those killing them are allowed to profit off of OUR PUBLIC “resources.” Enough is enough.

Bringing Democracy to Wildlife Management

It’s time to bring democracy to how wildlife is “managed” in Wisconsin and around the nation. These agencies, state legislatures, and the boards overseeing them are clearly discriminating against non-killing individuals and groups that have an interest in how wildlife is “managed” in this state. If you are in or near Madison and want to have a conversation about how we can bring democracy to openly undemocratic institutions like the Wisconsin DNR, please consider attending this FREE event on Thursday August 3rd in Madison.



This is a discussion that needs to be had. Please consider attending and add your voice to the rising call for democracy in how wildlife is “managed.”


Wisconsin’s Obsession With Indoctrinating Children into the Killing Culture

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

One of the biggest and most disturbing fallacies that “outdoors” writers for newspapers and “fish and wildlife” departments like to perpetrate is the idea that the only way people can enjoy nature is to participate in the killing “sports.” With decreased participation in bloodsports also comes a decrease in the money generated that pays for the “fish and wildlife” agencies. This provides quite the conundrum for these agencies. They could make an effort to push for ecotourism and to get people outdoors to enjoy the wonders of nature. They could welcome participation and funding from non-killing or “silent” sports aficionados like hikers and wildlife watchers. But as usual the wildlife exploiting government agencies and their kill everything propaganda mouthpieces in the media choose to take a third path. They choose to extol the greatness of killing and work to indoctrinate youth into the bloodsports in an attempt to maintain their current funding structure and to appease the killing cartels that control them.

One has to look no further than the latest article by pro-hounder, anti-wolf, kill everything “outdoors” writer, Patrick “Bunny Slayer” Durkin entitled “Wisconsin’s political leaders suffering from ‘nature-deficit disorder.’ Nice title, but then Durkin goes into the usual whining about how we just aren’t teaching enough kids how to be heartless killers and this must be because of “video games” and other electronics.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and wildlife agencies nationwide have spent recent years trying to recruit, retain and re-engage hunters and anglers in a society increasingly disconnected from nature.

As Richard Louv noted in his 2005 book “Last Child in the Woods,” kids often prefer to play indoors because, as one fifth-grader said, “That’s where the electrical outlets are.”

Likewise, schools and teachers team with agency staff to host workshops and outdoor classrooms in state parks, public forests and wildlife areas to show kids and young adults that there’s more to this world than TV, smartphones and electronic games.

Durkin goes on to complain about how Scott Walker and his anti-environment Administration are gutting the science elements from the DNR and are not focusing on getting people involved in “nature.” Maybe Durkin and his ilk should have thought about that before electing Walker and his goons to large majorities in state government under the banner of “Sportsmen for Walker.” The so-called “sportsmen” in this state got in bed with Walker so now they need to live with the consequences just like the rest of us have for the past four plus years.

Not once do we ever see Durkin or his bloodsport obsessed ilk ever mention that there may be another reason for this “disconnect” with nature. Maybe the youth of today or adult non-hunters just don’t buy into Wisconsin’s culture of killing and don’t get off sticking an arrow or bullet into a living sentient being? Maybe they don’t see the sick pleasure derived by pitting packs of vicious dogs against other sentient beings just trying to live their lives? Maybe they don’t want to force a sentient being to endure hours or even days of pain and suffering in a archaic torture device only to be shot, drowned, crushed, or have their skulls bashed in by a monster for pleasure or profit?

Durkin and others like him seem to think that nature can only be enjoyed through the scope of a rifle, the snap of a trap, or the baying of hounds. They seem to refuse to come to grips with the prospect that their killing culture is increasingly looked at with disgust and that people are perfectly capable of enjoying the outdoors without a payment of blood in return.

People like Durkin and the kill everything Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources also like to complain/brag that the great white hunter “funds” their agency and “conservation” in the most perverted sense of the word. They whine constantly that non-hunters aren’t paying their “fair share” yet every time the idea of an alternate funding system is proposed, they balk nationwide. The killing cartels, much like other right wing elements in our society, seem to thrive by playing on the persecution complex. They want to pretend that they are so “burdened” by having to pay for “conservation” yet they do not want an alternate funding source because that would give the dreaded “anti’s” a seat at the table and they can’t have that.

The killing cartels and their puppets in the media and government are working to expand trapping, hounding, and opening more areas to these activities. They see their funding and bloodsport participants drying up so in desperation their want to indoctrinate the most vulnerable among us. Our children. Why force their introduction to nature to involve killing? Why not show them the wonders of nature and if they take up killing later let that be their own decision? Instead we have overzealous “adults” indoctrinating children into becoming a part of the culture of killing and cruelty from a young age and apparently see nothing wrong with this.

Do you want your child to be like the one above? Or turn into this?

The modern Wisconsin "sportsman."

The modern Wisconsin “sportsman.”

It’s time to demand a change as to how agencies like the Wisconsin DNR obtains their funding and how they and writers like Durkin seem to think that you must kill to “enjoy” nature. The question is how do we do this? Please share your ideas in the comments.

Fallacies of Balance, Barstool Biologists, and More Trolls

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

One of the most common arguments used by wildlife killers is that they are doing the rest of society a “favor” by “managing” wild animals. They claim that if they don’t kill them they will die. Yes, that is the “logic” that they use. They pretend that society owes them something for killing all these vicious wild animals and that they only do it to “help” us. The sad thing is that much of our society buys into this fallacy. Does anyone truly think that these people aren’t killing animals for sheer enjoyment or greed as in the case of trapper sadists? Or a little of both maybe? Why do these people have to be so dishonest? Why can’t they just admit that they get off on killing defenseless animals? Of course we know that those admissions will never come out because then society will see these monsters for the sick cretins that they really are. The killing factions have largely succeeded in brainwashing much of society with their propaganda and twisted justifications for the wholesale killing and torture of wildlife. But some of us are not buying it and it is up to us to expose the true sick and twisted agendas of these people.

Another fallacy used by wildlife killers and their exploiters is that they exist to keep a “balance” in nature. This is the justification that they use for the push to eradicate wolves in states like Wisconsin. Again this is another lie brought to us by the very factions that have turned Wisconsin into a giant “game farm” for “hunter opportunity” so that hundreds of thousands of deer can be killed each year. If “balance” is what the Wisconsin DNR and lying politicians like Wisconsin Congressman Reed Ribble want then it shouldn’t be wolves that they are looking to eradicate. This is the ridiculous response to an inquiry from a constituent of Ribble’s about his anti-wolf legislation:

Thank you for contacting me about delisting wolves across the United States. I appreciate you reaching out to me about this important issue.

As you know, a federal judge in Washington, D.C. recently struck down a 2012 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) decision to remove gray wolves in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota from the Endangered Species List.

Proponents of the court’s decision argue that gray wolves have not reached a high enough population to be removed from federal protection. Critics, however, argue that ranchers and farmers are seeing their cattle herds and other livestock being attacked by these wolves in large numbers.

While I respect both sides of this debate, I am personally opposed to efforts to return the gray wolf to the Endangered Species List. I believe, as you do, that it is critically important to ensure endangered species are carefully protected, and I recognize that the gray wolf was once in need of such protections. However, this species has made a remarkable rebound across the nation in recent years and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has had a program in place since 2012 to responsibly manage gray wolf populations. For these reasons, I do not believe it is necessary to keep the gray wolf on the Endangered Species List any longer. However, I will keep your thoughts on this issue in mind in the coming weeks and months.

I am thankful you made your voice heard, and I hope that you continue to do so. Our nation and its government are stronger when citizens are willing to engage with one another on the important issues.

This guy claims that our nation and government are “stronger” when citizens engage each other on issues. Funny that he says that as he apparently thinks that “engagement” is fine except through the courts as his proposed legislation strips the rights of Americans to challenge the potential wolf delistings in the Great Lakes and Wyoming. I would also like to know where this guy is getting this nonsense about livestock being “attacked in large numbers.” That seems to be the big ag BS line of the moment. Funny how these people NEVER back up this assertion with any facts. The DNR posts their “livestock depredation” reports yet the vast majority of alleged depredations are on dogs used to torment other wildlife. Where are these “large numbers” of cattle herds being attacked?

The reality is that it’s not “balance” that these people are looking for. Wolves make a convincing scapegoat for simple yokels and the barstool biologists that fuel their hate. Wisconsin has suffered through some brutal winters over the past decade coupled with more and more unchecked deer killing encouraged by the DNR and pushed by the big ag factions and killing cartels that control them. The yokels like to claim that they “never” see deer yet see thousands of grandchildren eating wolves everywhere. But when pushed to provide evidence they only say that they have seen “wolf tracks.” Of course they see these “wolf” tracks often in areas frequented by rampaging packs of vicious dogs set loose by hounders going after every imaginable species in our state. Funny how the barstool biologists can tell the difference between wolf tracks and those of the thousands of hounds rampaging through our wolves yet even wolf trackers and the DNR aren’t always sure.

The argument that wildlife killers are doing is a “favor” is destroyed by this simple comment posted to a news article comment section:

“You sound like the fireman bragging about how wonderfully he extinguished the fire that he HIMSELF has ignited!”

The modern Wisconsin "sportsman."

The modern Wisconsin “sportsman.”

The Northern Wisconsin “Economy” 

The killing cartels and lying politicians like to pretend that the economy in Northern Wisconsin is exclusively based on money from wildlife killers. This may be true but not for the reasons that they think. From personal experience many of the people in Northern Wisconsin are openly hostile to those that they view as “tree huggers” or “liberals.” Why would any tourist want to be subjected to threats and intimidation by yokels that despise these people just for existing? I traveled through Northern Wisconsin on my way to hike in the Porcupine Mountains in 2012 prior to the Walker Recall. All I saw was “I Stand With Scott Walker” yard signs and “Ted Nugent for President” on a lighted sign outside of a tavern. Nothing says “welcome” like advocating for a draft dodger and convicted poacher for president. Yeah it seems real welcoming for any person wanting to partake in eco-tourism. Then they wonder why the only “tourism” revenue they get is from wildlife killers and destructive pursuits like ATV and snowmobile use? Non-killing wildlife tourism would be a goldmine for these areas but the openly hostile attitudes among many of the locals do not allow for this. How can any of us enjoy a hike in a state park or national forest in northern Wisconsin when packs of dogs are allowed to terrorize wildlife 24/7/365 and trapper sadists are allowed to set their torturous land mines almost year round on public lands? So I have no sympathy for the economic woes of northern Wisconsin and similar areas. If your entire economy relies on blood money and pillaging of the land then the locals may need to rethink their fiscal models and be more accepting to the “tree huggers” and “hippies” that could bring a financial windfall to these areas.

Barstool Biologist Stupidity of the Day

As I have made abundantly clear this website is a pro-wildlife place and anti-wildlife kill everything trolls will not receive a warm welcome here. The spam folder is full of all kinds of insulting, threatening, and just plain stupid comments from anti-wildlife trolls. I refuse to allow their bullying and offensive garbage to be allowed in the comment section of MY blog. As I have stated before Freedom of Speech is a wonderful thing that protects individuals from government censorship but don’t use that argument here. I am not the government and I will block and delete any anti-wildlife, threatening, or comment that I deem to be offensive. Don’t even waste your time posting that garbage here as no one will see it. However, every once and awhile a comment comes along that others must see for the sheer ridiculous nature of it. This is one such comment that was left by a “Donald Beechy” following my last blog post:

“I’d love to say, shut up. These people trap to get the furs and sell to name money. Plus they use all the meat up. I don’t see anything wrong with trapping. I see kids getting education on how to stay alive if needed. How to make some money. Peta. Get your nose out of everyone’s business. K? Thanks.”

Now I have to say that coming to another person’s blog and telling them to “shut up” takes some balls. Then to claim that trappers “use all the meat” is an even more disingenuous claim. Funny with all of the online bragging and snuff pics from trapper sadists not once have I ever heard of one eating the wolf, coyote, bobcat, etc. that they killed. Not once. And using sadistic traps filled with bait will somehow keep these “kids” alive? Really? Let’s see how they are able to tote along these metal torture devices and pre-manufactured bait in the post-apocalyptic world of your fantasies. Next we have the old standby “attack” from anti-wildlife/pro-killing factions by invoking PETA against those that care about wildlife. I have been a wildlife advocate for a long time and not one legitimate wildlife advocate that I know has ever been a supporter of PETA. I personally find PETA and like minded groups to be deplorable and the very definition of hypocrisy just as I do groups like the National Wildlife Federation. PETA likes to pretend that they care about animals and how they are treated while systematically killing the vast majority of animals that go to their “shelters.” This is no different than the NWF raising money on the backs of wolves and other “imperiled” wildlife while supporting kill everything and anti-wolf “state affiliates.” PETA employees have even gone so far as to take dogs from homes without permission and proceed to kill them. So no I, nor the vast majority of legitimate wildlife advocates, support PETA. HSUS yes. PETA no. As for getting “my nose out of everyone’s business?” Uh no again. It IS my business and that of every other citizen of this state. Wildlife is part of a public trust and therefore we ALL have a stake in how they are treated. K? Something leads me to think that the person making this comment probably wouldn’t tell anti-abortion, anti-immigration, or anti-healthcare dissenters to mind their own business. Would they? I highly doubt it.

K? Thanks and enjoy your email’s new home in the SPAM folder.


Monsters in Training: Wisconsin Sadism Gets a National Audience in Magazine Fluff Piece


There are plenty of wildlife snuff magazines and television programs for people to get in touch with their inner sadist. Many of these violent exploitation outlets like to throw around words like “tradition” or “heritage” to justify the sadistic behaviors that they glamorize. No where is this more evident than in a recent snuff/fluff piece written about a group of “sadists in training” Wisconsin youth trappers in the kill everything “Outdoor Life” magazine:

This is the story of the No-Name Gang. It’s a tale of kids and trapping, and a program you’ve never heard of that aims to pass on the age-old skills of fur gathering to a brand-new generation.

The No-Name Gang is really more of a camp held twice a year at different locations around Wisconsin. In June, the basic camp provides an introduction to trapping. Advanced trapping topics are covered during an August session.

“Our camps aren’t about sitting around and being told how to trap,” camp director Nicke Shumaker says. “We make them very hands-on. Everyone who goes to camp is going to get pinched by traps; they’re going to get their hands dirty. And the kids absolutely love it.”

Yup. This kids just love it. Nothing like honing the killing and torture skills at a young age so that they can tackle the ’15 job market. Too bad they are preparing these monsters in the making for the 1815 job market and not the 2015 one.

During the weeklong experience, the kids will set their own traps and run their own lines. They decide which baits and lures to use and where to position their traps. If they catch something, they dispatch it themselves. They skin their catch, dress it, and prepare it as they would for a sale. Since the camps are held in the summer months, the furs aren’t prime.

Kill just to kill unless of course they “have to” release the animal that their medieval torture devices caught.

“Yeah, it’s a little different,” says Shumaker. “But we’re able to get nuisance permits or special education permission on state land. Some years we catch a lot; others not as much. But the kids do it all. They kill what they catch unless it’s something we need to release, so they learn about releasing as well. They skin it. They learn how to trap by trapping. And that’s the best way to learn.” 

That’s right. You can’t become a heartless killer without practice, now can you?

“The Shumakers weren’t going to let that camp die, and the instructors were behind them all the way,” says Travis Bartman, a trapper-education instructor whose son, Wyatt, and daughter, Belle, are camp alums. “They’ve taken it from a camp to being a community, a family. Those kids aren’t just learning to trap, they’re making lifelong friends.”

The family that tortures and kills together stays together. Right? Kind of like Game of Thrones except that these recreational sadists torture and kill when not in school during the day.

“We talk about the price of furs, but it’s not a money-making deal for most of them. What we’re trying to do is continue the trapping lifestyle, and we’re seeing that now with the season underway,” says Shumaker. “Tracking down the kids is tough, and it’s not because they have basketball practice or other school stuff. They’re out trapping.”

Money can’t buy you the love of torture and death, now can it? But trapping not only allows you to make a few bucks in blood money, it apparently also may cure autism. At least according to trapper sadists:

“We’ve had autistic kids attend, and it’s great because trapping is something that you can do alone or with a very small group,” says Shumaker. “We’ve had kids with behavioral issues, and when they go home, their parents are like, ‘What did you do to my kid? He’s different now. He’s taking responsibility.’ And that’s what’s so great about trapping and the No-Name Gang. It teaches these kids about ethics and responsibility. And with today’s technology, those kids are able to stay in touch. They’re not alone anymore.”

Because as we know kids with behavioral issues that like to torture small animals always turn out well. Don’t they?

This is the future generation in action. Not only is Wisconsin a paradise for sadistic animal killers it is getting national attention from this wildlife snuff magazine for it’s “monster in training” program. Be proud fellow Wisconsinites. Be proud……..

The Devolution of Some Humanity and the Evolution of Others


The bonobo, or “hippie chimp.” Photo via Wikimedia Commons

The most common question that I am asked is whether I am anti-hunting or not. The simple answer is that yes, I am anti-hunting. At least the modern incarnation of hunting. It is obvious that at one time humans needed to hunt wild animals to survive. That argument is not in dispute. However, since the industrial revolution and the widespread availability of food and clothing, the “need” to hunt is probably nonexistent. This is not to say that I approve of the horrific nature of “factory farming” and the myriad of other ways domestic animals are exploited. I don’t and never will. The vast, vast, and vast majority of “hunters” (I prefer the term shooters) today like to pretend that they are killing wildlife to “put food on the table,” “control the population,” fund “conservation,” and an endless number of justifications for why they kill wildlife. The reality is that the vast majority of wildlife killers are killing wildlife for three main reasons: bloodlust, sport, and profit.

When modern hunters use the argument that they are killing wildlife to “put food on the table” they should explain how “rack scores,” grinning snuff photos, and hanging heads on a wall relates to food acquisition. If “putting food on the table” is their main objective why is the deer/elk/moose not measured by weight? Why is is measured by the size of the “rack,” or referred to as a “trophy?” Why do modern “hunters” make sure to have smiling photos of themselves hovering over the dead body of an animal as if they accomplished something? Do they take grinning photographs in the grocery store aisle when they acquire food to “put on the table?” Finally, if it is about “putting food on the table” why do they need to have the head preserved and then mounted on their walls as some kind of grisly “trophy?” Do they put the head of the slaughtered pig or cow that they purchased at a grocery store for their ribs or steak on a wall?

Modern “hunters” like to brag that they are keeping alive “traditions” and “heritage.” They use archaic and brutal traps to catch wildlife and later shoot, drown, or bludgeon them to death to make a few dollars for their skins. They use packs of vicious dogs to chase down all kinds of wildlife from wolves to turkeys. They use electronic calls mimicking prey species or pup distress calls to lure in unsuspecting wildlife to be ambushed and slaughtered. They use bait piles and plant “food plots” to fatten up and lure in “trophy bucks.” They use remote cameras to “scout” areas so they can lay traps for predators, or know where to ambush that “trophy buck.” This is “hunting?” This is “heritage?” This is “tradition?”

When pondering the question of how some humans can be so violent and cruel while others are peaceful and caring one only has to look at our closest relatives, the chimpanzee and bonobo. Both species are great apes and part of the same Pan genus. The common chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) is a social species but also a very warlike, violent, and territorial one. The males of the species are dominant over the females, violent toward other chimp social groups, other primates, and are even know to form “war parties,” attack neighboring groups, and cannibalize the vanquished opponents and even infants of the same species. Like humans they also wage war over land.

Then we have the bonobos, or Pan paniscus. The bonobo is a very peace like member of the same chimpanzee genus. From Wikipedia (backed by sources):

Primatologist Frans de Waal states bonobos are capable of altruism, compassion, empathy, kindness, patience, and sensitivity,[3] and described “bonobo society” as a “gynecocracy

Bonobos are of similar weight and body stature to common chimpanzees, yet their social structure and behaviors are completely different. Females are dominant, disputes between neighboring social groups are settled peacefully, and sex, rather than violence, solves internal and external disputes. Bonobos are often referred to as the “hippie chimp.” Both the common chimpanzee and bonobo share 98 percent similar DNA to humans and even more among each other yet both evolved to resolve conflict in different manners.

The parallels between our chimpanzee and bonobo cousins and our own societal and species evolution are staggering. Like the common chimpanzee some humans are inherently violent, territorial, and kill to prove a “point.” On the other hand many humans are like the bonobo and attempt to live a peaceful existence, express empathy toward their fellow humans and other species, and find non-violent ways to solve conflicts.

Which one did you evolve from? Which one did the brutal and sadistic fellow members of our species evolve from? Is this how you want to see a puppy?

Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Or is this?

Photo used via "Fair Use."

Photo used via “Fair Use.”

Which one evolved from the chimp and which the bonobo? The bottom picture shows one of the myriad of reasons why I am anti-hunting. What kind of person proudly smiles after impaling a PUPPY with an arrow and then with a straight faces calls it “conservation?”

Some of us humans are not evolving they are devolving and trying to take the rest of us down with them. Which evolutionary path will you take?

Wisconsin: A Different and Very Scary Kind of Monster

This is what is called "moral and ethical" by Wisconsin wolf killers.

This is what is called “moral and ethical” by Wisconsin wolf killers.

Believe me, I have morals. That’s why I do it in an ethical and humane way. Feel sorry for them somewhere else, not commenting on my pictures because that’s pretty rude. Like I said, don’t like it? Then don’t look at it. Living in Wisconsin you’re guaranteed to see things like this all the time. You’re going to have to learn to tolerate it.
October 18 at 9:11am

The above quote and picture was forwarded to me yesterday. Upon further research the female killer of this trapped wolf claims that it weighed “115 pounds.” 115 pounds huh?

The "115 pound" puppy

The “115 pound” puppy

I didn’t know that “115 pound” puppies exist. If that pup is “115 pounds” then that woman must be about 6 foot 6 and 300 pounds. It sure doesn’t appear that way to me. What do you think? This is what passes for “ethic and morals” among the modern Wisconsin “sportsman/sportswoman.” We have to “learn to tolerate” this kind of brutality according to this and other wolf killers. No we don’t need to “tolerate” this kind of sadism.

I have lived in Wisconsin my entire life, with the exception of time away for military service. Something that poaching advocate and draft dodger, Ted Nugent, would know nothing about of course. Those of us that have lived here for any extended period of time know that there is a very sick, dark, and twisted underbelly among many that reside in this state. While the rest of the country think that Wisconsin is a state full of fun loving, cheese eating, and beer drinking yokels the true nature of the state paints a very different picture and it isn’t pretty.

Death is a way of life for a large number of Wisconsin residents. The “outdoor”pages of local newspapers like to talk about hunting and trapping as “religion” in this state. The use of dogs against wildlife is not only condoned, but encouraged by state officials. The local media also provide “brag boards” where wildlife killers can post their snuff pics showing them or their children grinning over a freshly killed animal. Killing is a way of living for a large percentage of the populace in this state and the fluffy concepts of “fair chase” and “ethics” have been thrown to the wayside in favor of easy kills and slob hunting. Hounding, baiting, trapping, trail cameras, and electronic calls are the tools of choice for the modern Wisconsin “sportsman.” Deer are killed by the hundreds of thousands in what has essentially become “drive-thru” hunting yet the shooters still complain that there isn’t enough deer or that predators are “eatin them all.” This perverted mindset was on display in a recent article by Elias Radtke in the Badger Herald. Radke repeated the ridiculous hunter and DNR propaganda about wolf populations while making sure to insult wildlife advocates in the process. He essentially states that wildlife advocates are “misguided” and the “great white hunter” and DNR can do no wrong. Here is a taste;

Before we get into the meat of the subject, keep in mind that wolves were a dangerously low populous but now are starting to become a problem in the upper Midwest. Growing populations need food, and livestock are much easier to stalk and kill than deer. Due to the growing population and the outcries of farmers across the Midwest, there have been a limited number of wolf tags opened to hunters.

I am all for conservation and have never been a hunter myself (although I do love fishing). However, this time these protesters are going too far. Wolf hunting is all about regulating population control that will benefit the ecosystem. Sure, I cried during Bambi, who didn’t? But I don’t go out and protest deer hunters. This wolf population control is necessary since we as humans have taken out most natural predators by replacing their homes with shopping malls. Not only that, but the way in which the protesters are protesting is incredibly dangerous.

The delusional blather gets even better (or worse):

Whose idea was it to go “shadow” a group of people with loaded guns who don’t want protesters to be there? That sounds about as clever as making toast in the bathtub to ‘em. “Oh, silly kid we are there to monitor them and make sure they feel guilty and don’t do bad things!” Wrong. That is what the Department of Natural Resources is there for, and they are smart enough to not make the people with guns agitated and fidgety.

That being said, I am by no means trying to paint the hunters in question in a violent light. Hunters usually provide enough policing among themselves. I have many good friends who enjoy the sport, and they seem to be the strictest enforcers of rules.

“Police themselves,” huh? You mean like how they “policed themselves” into going double over the kill quota in Zone 2? Finally, I literally spit water all over the screen of my Mac. (What “libtard” doesn’t use a Mac?) when I read the final paragraph:

The DNR does a fantastic job of keeping on top of these things. While wolves look like cute dogs, they are actually destroying property and tipping the balance of ecosystems. So go donate money or write a scathing letter if you wish to make a difference. Then snuggle next to a fire with a hot cup of coco, with warm feelings in your heart and safety on your mind. Let the hunters do what they do best. There is a reason it never became a spectator sport.

Yes what a “fantastic” job they did this past weekend. I debated whether to address or ignore the ignorant blather and regurgitation of anti-wolf propaganda present in that article. I decided that people must see how brainwashed and deluded many in our state have become and how they use the media as a tool to present misinformation. People like Mr. Radtke really believe that hunters “police themselves” and that the DNR has the best interest of wildlife in mind. That is what is wrong with Wisconsin. Too many that live here and those outside the state believe the fluffy propaganda and nonsense that Wisconsin is just a good ole cheese and beer loving state with friendly people. It is not. Wisconsin has a dark and toxic underbelly that the oblivious citizens of the state need to see as well as those from outside. “Let the hunters do what they do best? In Wisconsin that means they can lie as evidenced by the picture above. In Wisconsin that means that they can double kill quotas with no repercussions. In Wisconsin they can recklessly use dogs and traps to kill whatever they want, be given cover by the DNR, and be called “conservationists.” In Wisconsin that means they can take to anti-wolf hate sites on social media and threaten poaching, poison, law breaking,and total anarchy. So yeah, I guess hunters in Wisconsin are indeed “doing what they do best.”

Living to kill. Is that the kind of state you want to live in? Are those the kind of people that you want as your neighbors? These are the monsters inhabiting our state. With Halloween around the corner you don’t need to look for the scary costumes of ghosts and ghouls to see monsters. Just look for the ones with camo hats and dead eyes. Those are the real monsters that walk among us. Not those “115 pound” puppies.

Kill Number Update 

As of today the DNR has “reported” that 92 wolves have been killed across the six “Zones” that divide the entire state into killing areas. Four of the “Zones” are now closed with two remaining open. Two of the zones, 1 and 2, went significantly over their allotted kill quota. Zone 1 is currently five (now magically 4?) over the quota of 32 while Zone 2 is a staggering 14 over the allotted kill quota of 15. As of this morning the Wisconsin DNR remains completely apathetic to the mass overkill and even makes clear that wolves in the bottom two third of the state are to be eradicated:

Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Management director Tom Hauge said as the DNR is getting more experience with the wolf hunt, the hunters are getting experienced as well.

“I think it’s reasonable to expect that the experience that hunters and trappers gained over the first two years could contribute to an increased pace of harvest for 2014,” Hauge said.

Hauge says the DNR is working to keep wolves to the northern third of the state through to use of larger wolf quotas in Zone 6. “It is an area of the state that our management is attempting to discourage wolf population establishment in that part of the state.”

There was an overrun on the wolf harvest in zone two, but most of the other zones have maintained a close number to the desired harvest numbers.

So the DNR wants to keep wolves in small pockets in the north where they will be easier to kill apparently. What is wrong with this state? Also take note that Zone 3 has very few kills out of the allotted quota. This is the very zone that was reserved last year as a hounder killing ground. Could the same thing be in store this year? And no, we are not going to “learn to tolerate” that.

If you want to help a REAL grassroots organization that is fighting against the ongoing wolf slaughter and working to educate please consider a donation to Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf.

Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf Website 

**A note to readers and commentators to this site**

Please lay off the threats and endless swearing. I can swear with the best of them but this is not the format for that. If your comment contains threats, extreme swearing, or killing propaganda it will be deleted. So please do not waste your time if that is what you plan to comment on this site. We are all furious at the senseless killing and bullying that occurs against wildlife advocates but we cannot stoop to their level. Leave the threats and bullying to the anti-wolf hate pages. Please don’t bring that garbage here. Thank you. 

Another Wolf Kill Zone Goes Over Quota: Silence From DNR

This picture out of the Wisconsin killing fields has been making the rounds on the internet.  This is just one of the 85 wolves reported killed since last Wednesday.

This picture out of the Wisconsin killing fields has been making the rounds on the internet. This is just one of the 85 wolves reported killed since last Wednesday. Source unknown and used under “Fair Use.” 

“Screw the DNR. Keep shooting boys. .22 in the guts and watch em run. SSS.”

The above comment was posted yesterday to the Facebook anti-wolf hate site “Wisconsin Wolf Hunting.” While ghoulish in it’s own right this comment is just a small taste of the bloodthirsty anarchy being fomented on that and the other anti-wolf sites infecting the internet regarding Wisconsin’s third wolf slaughter season.

This past weekend the DNR slowly released information that 85 wolves have been “reported” killed since last Wednesday. Of the six killing zones two of them, Zones 1 and 2, reported kill numbers well over the established quota. Zone 2 was 14 (14!!!!) over the kill quota of 15 and Zone 1 (so far) went three over the kill quota of 32. After today only two of the killing zones will remain open. The first is Zone 3, where hounders killed numerous wolves last year, and Zone 6 which constitutes the bottom two-thirds of the state.

Is the DNR concerned that two zones have exceeded the established kill quotas? Apparently not. While the anti-wolf hate sites keep preaching “SSS,” “gut shooting,” and total anarchy the DNR has remained completely silent. Why might this be? Could it be because the DNR doesn’t care how many wolves get killed this year? Could it be incompetence on their part? Or could it be something else? I lean toward apathy on the part of the DNR along with pandering to the hounders and wolf haters.

Another disturbing aspect of this silence centers around how much attention the DNR is paying to the so-called “Wolf Patrol” that claims to be monitoring the activity of wolf killers in Wisconsin. Here is what a member of the “Wolf Patrol” had to say about their activities and that of the DNR wardens they observed this weekend:

“In just five short days, 60 wolves have been slaughtered statewide, and from what we have witnessed, poaching and illegal hunting and trapping is commonplace. Trap locations are not being monitored every 24 hours as required by law, and are often placed dangerously close to roads and trails where lazy unethical trappers can check on them without leaving their vehicles. After driving and hiking literally hundreds of miles of rural and forest roads filled with hunters, the only place we have seen DNR wardens has been at our base camp watching us.”

I haven’t made a decision about where I stand on the whole purpose of the “Wolf Patrol” but this type of information does not surprise me. Why should the DNR behave any differently than they have over the past two killing seasons? Blatant violations have been reported with photographic and videotaped evidence provided in 2012 and 2013 and the DNR flat out refused to take any actions on most of these violations. With the exception of a couple of extreme violations the DNR refused to take law enforcement action against most offenders. Should we be surprised that they are more concerned with the presence of a few activists rather than the myriad of illegal behavior occurring in our woods?

Another side effect of the rapid and massive kill rates are the inevitable parroting of anti-wolf talking points concerning population numbers. As the past couple of years have shown the vast majority of wolves killed are UNDER one year of age. They are mostly killing puppies born this year. While wolf pups already suffer up to a 60 percent mortality rate the inclusion of dogs, traps, and shooting makes it highly likely that most if not all of the young in these areas have been wiped out again this year. It should also come as no shock that the wolf killers have long been scouting, baiting, and “training” their dogs in areas thus allowing them to pinpoint pack locations. People on the ground have reported that known pack areas are absolutely saturated with traps leading to fears that entire packs are being wiped out as happened last year in some areas according to testimony before the Wolf Advisory Committee.

The 24/7/365 hound “training” against wolves is also very concerning and the large number of dogs allegedly killed by wolves over the past two years bears this out. This year 22 hounds have been killed. Each one of these dog deaths result in a $2500 payment from the DNR to the hounders. For most of the year their dogs are “shiteaters” and “culls” until one gets killed by a wolf and suddenly they become “family” that are now worth $10,000. The stats of killed dogs this year show some very interesting facts. Several of the incidents showed multiple dogs killed and injured and there were several older dogs killed as well. 10 of the 22 killed dogs were over 6 and 4 were over 10. Call me crazy but getting a nice fat $2500 check from the DNR sure is easier than feeding or providing veterinary care for “shiteaters” and “culls” isn’t it? It is pretty obvious that the 24/7/365 “training” of hounds against wolves allowed wolf killers to pinpoint pack locations while making money in the process. It is no coincidence that Zone 2 where the kill number was double the quota, numerous hounds were killed often in a single incident. One might think that the dogs were being used as bait to pinpoint pack locations to seed the areas with traps and bait. Hmmmmm.

All of this has been allowed to happen right under the noses of our DNR and what do we get from them? Absolute silence. The anti-wolf hate sites have long taunted wildlife advocates and have now turned their vitriol toward the DNR. The wolf haters are now taunting the DNR with threats of poaching, poisoning, encouraging wolf killers not to pay attention to quotas, and to kill as many wolves as possible before a zone closes. The silence from the DNR speaks volumes as does their complete and total inaction on the mass overkill and violations occurring all over our lands. Or was this the plan all along?