Is Nothing Sacred? Wisconsin GOP Legislators Attack Native American Sacred Sites in New Legislation


From Encyclopedia Brittiannica:

Neofascism, political philosophy and movement that arose in Europe in the decades following World War II. Like earlier fascist movements, neofascism advocated extreme nationalism, opposed liberal individualism, attacked Marxist and other left-wing ideologies, indulged in racist and xenophobic scapegoating, and promoted populist right-wing economic programs. Unlike the fascists, however, neofascists placed more blame for their countries’ problems on non-European immigrants than on leftists and Jews, displayed little interest in taking lebensraum (German: “living space”) through the military conquest of other states, and made concerted efforts to portray themselves as democratic and “mainstream.”

As a lifetime Wisconsin resident I ask myself each and every day “how much lower can our state sink?” Unfortunately, each and every day I get an answer. Today was no different. Over the last five years we have seen a state that, although no stranger to brutality and sadism toward wildlife no matter who was in charge, devolve deeper and deeper into the politics of revenge, corruption, and blatant cronyism. When one thinks that we possibly cannot get any lower into the world of Koch-fueled neo-fascism a story like this comes along that even makes a jaded and pessimistic person such as myself sick to my stomach and questioning how I can even belong to the same species as these types.

New bill would allow excavation of Native American burial mounds

In the Wisconsin legislature a bill is currently being circulated that would allow land owners and developers to dig up ancient and sacred Native American burial mounds to “prove” whether or not there are human remains at the site. Not even sites of cultural and spiritual significance are off limits to the neo-fascist greed of Wisconsin’s Tea Party zealots and their ingrained hated of anything and anyone not like them or that align to their sick beliefs.

The bill from Sen. Chris Kapenga, R-Delafield, would force the Wisconsin Historical Society to allow property owners to excavate in order to prove whether human remains exist in effigy mounds on their land, but opponents of the legislation contend that allowing excavation defeats the purpose of mound preservation entirely.

In 2012 the Ojibwe Tribes of Wisconsin made it very clear that they would not support not allow the killing of their “spiritual brother,” the gray wolf, in Wisconsin. Despite this and despite the manner in which the Tea Party zealots in the legislature pretend to care about “religious freedom” they passed the most offensive and revolting bill against wildlife that this state had ever seen to spite both wildlife advocates and the tribes in the state. The bill, Act 169, mandated that each year the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources must facilitate a yearly killing season of gray wolves beginning October 15th of each year. The bill also mandated that hounds, traps, bait, electronic calls, and everything short of artillery be allowed against the species. The bill passed easily despite the objections of the tribes and wildlife advocates. Several so-called “Democrats” also voted for it despite their stated “reservations.” What followed was three years of mass slaughter where wolves were killed with the aid of everything listed above and each year the kills went over the allotted “quota.” This year there was no slaughter season because of the December 2014 federal court ruling returning Endangered Species Act protections to wolves. This ruling was partially due to the reckless “management” allowed by states such as Wisconsin. This reprieve may be short lived as Congress, including several so-called “Democrats,” is seeking to strip protections once again from wolves in the Great Lakes through the deplorable act of attaching a “rider” to a must pass spending bill. This despite the overwhelming objection of many scientists and tribal governments.

I have long advocated for tribal governments to challenge any gray wolf delisting and hunting seasons in federal court as a “religious freedom” case. History shows the significance of the gray wolf to their cultural and spiritual way of life. For the federal government and hostile states like Wisconsin to thumb their noses at the tribal belief system and what they hold sacred is an affront to not only the tribes but to all Americans. As an atheist I do not share any religious belief system with my fellow Americans, Native American or not. What I do share is a respect for the Constitutional right of religious freedom as long as government stays out of it and does not force it upon anyone. For states like Wisconsin to attack the spiritual beliefs of Native Americans in regard to wolves and their sacred burial mounds it should horrify all decent Americans. Of course we are talking about Wisconsin so decency doesn’t always come into play under the regime currently in charge.

The Tea Party zealots in charge of each and every element of Wisconsin have essentially declared war on every segment of our state that is even remotely “liberal,” “progressive,” or not lily white, Republican, or Christian . When even sacred burial mounds are not off limits to the money grubbing and greedy ghouls in charge of our government, I believe that we have crossed a line that should NEVER be crossed. How can these smug and arrogant zealots look in the mirror and not see the face of cold and dark evil greed staring back at them? Better yet how can we as Wisconsin residents stand by and let these affronts occur each and every day right under our noses?

When does basic humanity override the the pathological and frankly horrifying desire for money and power? What controls Wisconsin today should terrify each and every person with any semblance of decency. Even if you don’t care about wolves, tribal culture, or the sacred nature of their significance to the tribes you should be outraged and speak out. History has shown us what happens when people remain silent in the face of zealotry. If you think that this neo-fascist cabal in charge of Wisconsin will stop with wolves, teachers, union members, the tribes, the environment, free speech itself, and a myriad of other legislation designed to solidify one party control and to control us you are sadly mistaken.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely and nowhere has this ever been better exemplified than Wisconsin since 2011. If you think that they are done then you are also sadly mistaken. I fear for what else these people can do to those that do not share their extreme and twisted ideology. What kind of person thinks that ancient and sacred burial mounds should be dug up? What if the shoe were on the other foot and the tribes circulated a proposal to dig up an old Christian cemetery to “prove” if remains were their or not so that they could pave it over? The outrage would deafening and rightfully so. How about if the tribes decided that deer should be hunted with hounds much as they decided to allow night hunting? How would the anti-wolf factions, killing cartels like the deceptively named Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, and a myriad of other wolf hating groups respond? Again the outrage would be deafening. So why is it different when tribal beliefs and traditional practices are under attack?

Wake up Wisconsin and wake up now. This is not who we are, is it? Legalized dog fighting? Legal corruption? Open racism and cultural denigration? Is this what we are?

Take the words of Pastor Martin Niemöller as a warning of what happens when we are silent in the face of extremism and zealotry. Wisconsin is not Europe in the 1920’s, 1930’s or 1940’s but the formula is in place and one must never ignore attacks on an entire culture or belief system by extremists using their positions of authority as justification.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

If these words sound like they could have been written today in Wisconsin rather than in post-World War Two 1946 Germany you wouldn’t be that far off. History repeating itself is a cruel joke that plays out in human society again, again, and again. Will we ever learn?



Wisconsin’s Most Rabid Anti-Wolf Zealot is Up To Her Old Tricks Again With Fear Mongering County Board Resolution


The Polk County Board apparently believes that Little Red Riding Hood is non-fiction.

It should come as no surprise that fear mongering and rural arrogance plays a front and center role when it comes to wolves and other wildlife in Wisconsin. Even when wolves were not listed under the Endangered Species Act from 2012 to 2014 the anti-wolf factions were still pushing for their numbers to be reduced to a token sum or for outright eradication. Wisconsin made sure to comply to these demands by immediately instituting three reckless and brutal killing seasons with arbitrary “quotas” that were ignored each year, the inclusion of packs of vicious dogs to be used against wolves, unregulated “training” of those same dogs against wolves 24/7/365, and allowing killing to be done in other barbaric ways with little to no oversight.

Even with the state sanctioned persecution and eradication policies it was still never enough for the rabid anti-wolf factions hellbent on completely eliminating the species from the landscape of Wisconsin. Disgusting, sexist, racist, and exploitative anti-wolf sites began to fester all over the internet and especially on Facebook. One in particular had open boasting from it’s “fans” about poaching and other illegal acts being carried out against wolves. In fact a recent study conducted by scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Madison showed that contrary to the propaganda of the anti-wolf factions that pushed the disgusting 2012 Wisconsin wolf kill bill, the state sanctioned killing seasons made the anti-wolf factions hate the species even more.

“There was a notion held widely in the scientific literature and said at public meetings that a public hunting season would increase acceptance of wolves,” says Adrian Treves, professor in the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies and co-author of the study. In fact, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources cited “maintaining social tolerance” as a goal of the wolf harvest in a statement in 2013.

Treves isn’t certain whether most hunters in Wisconsin will ever embrace wolves because the predators feed on the white-tailed deer that hunters value. He suggests the harvest may have reduced the value of wolves in Wisconsin relative to other game species — permit prices were cut in half after the first year — consistent with findings demonstrated by studies of other large carnivores throughout the world.

Even after the reckless killing seasons of 2012 through 2014 the hate of this species has only seemed to intensify. The anti-wolf killing cartels continue to spread lies and propaganda that blame wolves for the alleged “decline” in the deer population and for being a “threat” to children and grandchildren all over the world. Even though the anti-wolf Wisconsin DNR itself published a survey showing vast support for the wolf population and studies showing that harsh winters, starvation, and other predators have taken a far larger toll on the sacred deer population, the anti-wolf fear mongers still seek to push the species back to near or total eradication.

One of the backdoor tactics that has been used over the last several years by anti-wolf zealot(s) has been to get the county boards in rural northern counties in Wisconsin to adopt “resolutions” stating that they want 350 or LESS wolves in Wisconsin. The chief proponent of these resolutions is none other than the rabid anti-wolf zealot Laurie Groskopf. Groskopf has been know for a long time as being the loudest voice among the anti-wolf zealots in Wisconsin seeking to push the species back to the brink. While sitting on the boards of two of the most vocal anti-wolf groups, the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association and the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, Groskopf has been allowed to represent both on the Wisconsin DNR’s anti-wolf “wolf advisory committee.” Groskopf is also a long time member of the anti-wolf Wisconsin Conservation Congress and has used that platform to push her agenda for wolf eradication. However, in recent months even the rabidly anti-wolf Conservation Congress has refused to adopt the extreme proposals Groskopf has been pushing for and that has led her to write to various newspapers to throw a hissy fit. Most laughable of all was the letter that she wrote to the openly “liberal” Capital Times in Madison whining about how poor Laurie was no longer going to work with the Conservation Congress because they didn’t adopt her wolf eradication proposals.

Dear Editor: When I got involved with the Wisconsin Conservation Congress, many of my friends said I would be disappointed. They said the Congress existed to rubber-stamp DNR policies.

I thought the Congress was the greatest idea since sliced bread. Imagine, a citizen-based organization created for the purpose of influencing public policy. The essence of our democracy is allowing regular people to have input into administrative and legislative decisions.

After more than five frustrating years, I’ve decided this “good old boys club” is not fulfilling its purpose. As a respected fellow delegate told me, “With the Congress, it’s not what you know but who you know.”

One example: No Wolf Committee resolution passed at the spring hearings has enjoyed the support of WCC leaders in the past five years. A 2011 vote approved a wolf population goal, with 3,989 in favor and 827 opposed. However, the Wolf Committee chair, handpicked by the Congress chair, chose to support a different population goal than the one approved by the public at the spring hearings.

The annual spring hearings are Monday, April 13, in each of our 72 counties. Citizens are allowed to introduce resolutions, and they vote on resolutions that have gone through a rigorous WCC process. But if these resolutions are ignored by the Congress leaders, what is the point of attending these hearings?

Sadly, my friends were right. I have decided that the Congress leadership is dedicated to pleasing the DNR upper management. The WCC’s purpose has been subverted, and its promise goes unfulfilled. I’m moving on to more productive pursuits.

Laurie Groskopf


Do you need any tissue yet? This next letter from LG to the Wausau Daily Herald will surely make you cry.

Did you ever wonder what happens to those Wisconsin Conservation Congress spring hearing resolutions introduced by locals in each county? Sometimes the answer is that they get squashed by the WCC leadership.

This happened recently with two local resolutions from last year’s Marathon County spring hearing. The subject of both was the wolf situation.

One resolution was to provide unlimited harvest opportunities for wolves in harvest Zone 6, which was originally called “unsuitable wolf habitat” by the DNR experts. The experts later abandoned that label because they felt there were ample opportunities for wolves to live in most areas of Wisconsin originally designated as inferior wolf habitat.

The resolution, which passed in Marathon County with a vote of 122 in favor and 29 against, promoted an unlimited quota in wolf harvest Zone 6.

Local resolutions pass through an assigned committee, and if forwarded are considered by an executive council of the WCC every January. If the council forwards the resolution, it appears on the spring hearing questionnaire in April. If it is rejected, it dies.

The executive council discussed Marathon County’s resolution, and the chief DNR lawyer, Tim Andryk, told the group that the judges wouldn’t find this acceptable. He means federal judges, such as the one who recently returned wolves to endangered species status until their numbers are restored throughout their historic range.

Since when do we manage wildlife according to what some eastern judge thinks? The motion to allow unlimited wolf quotas in Zone 6 was rejected by the WCC executive council (see January minutes on the DNR web site).

A second resolution attempted to convince the WCC representative on the DNR’s wolf advisory committee to support the 2011 spring hearing vote for a wolf goal of 350 or fewer.

When it came time to vote at the DNR advisory committee, the representative called the committee dysfunctional, moved to have DNR staff select the options to present in the draft wolf management plan (this was rejected) and refused to vote on the official position of the WCC.

So this resolution also was not forwarded to the spring hearing.

Twenty-five county boards have passed resolutions supporting a wolf goal of 350, or 350 or fewer. The Wisconsin Farm Bureau, Farmers Union and numerous other agriculture organizations support this goal. Almost every major hunting organization supports a wolf goal of either 350 or 350 or less.

With the upcoming county deer committees scheduled for March and the WCC spring hearings scheduled in April, one has to ask whether it is worth devoting time to such efforts that are largely controlled by DNR staff and WCC leaders who often seem intent on rubber-stamping the DNR’s decisions. After over five years associating with WCC in a very intensive manner, I will no longer be wasting my time attempting to influence natural resource policies through WCC meetings.

Laurie Groskopf lives in Tomahawk.

Apparently now that LG feels abandoned by the Conservation Congress she is going back to her old tried and true method of getting county boards to pass resolutions that build on the fear mongering myths and propaganda that led wolves to be eradicated the first time in this state. On May 19, 2015 the Polk County Board approved a resolution in support of the having 350 or LESS wolves in the state and that wolves were a threat to your pets and children, especially if they walk around the woods wearing red hoods. While Groskopf is not specifically mentioned in the article, this resolution has her fingerprints all over it along with the resolution submission bearing her name on the Polk County website.

In anticipation of Wisconsin regaining control over its gray wolf population, the Polk County Board passed a resolution May 19 in support of keeping wolf numbers to 350 or fewer in the state. The resolution chiefly concerns wolves in northern Wisconsin, where the core population resides. 

David MacFarland, large carnivore specialist for Wisconsin’s DNR, said that when the number was established, there were about 200 wolves in the state, and 350 was set as a goal. There has been some debate since over whether it was ever meant to be considered a cap. (It was NOT)

According to MacFarland, the resolution Polk’s board approved is a citizen-led initiative meant to influence the agency as it creates a wolf management plan.

“The DNR is in the process of writing a species management plan that would contain various objectives,” said MacFarland. ‘The resolution is aimed at pressuring the DNR to adopt a population of 350.”

According to MacFarland, whether the DNR adopts that number or not, it will first approach the public. The agency is planning to hold meetings throughout the state from mid to late summer to ask the public what kind of wolf management it would like.

Then the fear mongering and “them wolf’s done be eatin’ all the deer” lies begin:

Among Polk County Board members, reasons for reducing the wolf population included wolves’ threat to deer, livestock, pets and humans.

“When you have a high wolf population, they affect the deer,” said Supervisor Patricia Schmidt, Luck, as she introduced the resolution. “[Wolves] affect the farm livestock and family pets.”

Board Chair William Johnson noted that he wasn’t aware of any claims that had come to the Community, Development, Recreation and Education Committee for damage done by wolves, but he imagined that predation on the deer population was evident.

Sound familiar? These are the exact same scare tactics folks like LG, the killing cartels, politicians, and big ag interests have been using for years. All of these claims have been proven false time and time again yet the lies persist. But the real reason for this resolution reared it’s head later in the hearing:

Supervisor Jay Luke, Amery, defended the population goal, saying that the maximum had been established through a series of hearings, with experts weighing in to set a number for a healthy population. The limit is meant to keep wolves from expanding into high-population areas.

Luke also argued that special interest groups were responsible for the wolf’s current protected listing.

“They sit in an urban area and dictate what we should be doing in western Wisconsin,” said Luke. “I’m in full support of this to let our government do what’s necessary to control what we believe is a problem.”

There was never a “maximum” number established. There was a “goal” number that would allow the state to “manage” the species but it was never intended to be a maximum. If that is the case then every single species in Wisconsin should be “managed” to the “goal” number and no higher. That should include deer. It’s only fair, right?

Then we have the old complaint of “interest groups” being responsible for the relisting of the wolves in the Great Lakes. The anti-wolf/wildlife factions across the country always complain about “outside interest groups” when things do not go the way they want them to go. Funny how there seems to be no mention of the anti-wolf “interest groups” that wrote the 2012 wolf kill bill and are lobbying congress to pass legislation that will destroy the Endangered Species Act.

Those comments aside we then see the real reason for this resolution. In another example of rural arrogance people like Jay Luke stomp their feet and scream that no one from the “big city” is going to tell them what to do. Apparently there aren’t other problems for rural Wisconsin and Polk County to deal with other than the scourge of wolves. How about the recent article complaining about how some how rural Wisconsin residents claim that they have a hard time “accessing” food? Also, Polk County should really be worried about the real predators and monsters in their midst. Take for example the recent arrest of several people involved in a cock fighting ring in Polk and St. Croix Counties. Maybe those are the predators and real monsters that these people need to worry about being around their children instead of fear mongering over the big bad wolf?

Only one member of the Polk County Board spoke out against this fear mongering “don’t tell me what to do” resolution. 

The lone voice of objection to the 350 maximum came from Supervisor Warren Nelson, Amery.

“I have a problem limiting wolves for a couple of reasons,” he said. “Wolves control the deer and elk populations, which protects vegetation from being over-consumed.”

Nelson cited the re-balancing of the ecosystem in Yellowstone National Park after wolves were reintroduced there as evidence of his assertion.

According to Nelson — and contrary to the idea that wolf predation costs the county in claims for damage to livestock and pets — Polk approves more claims for damage done by deer, which get into feed and crops, than by wolves.

Nelson went on to question the legitimacy of the resolution’s claim that wolves are a threat to people.

“I’ve never heard of a documented case of a wolf attacking a human, and I see that’s part of this resolution, to protect humans,” he said. “I don’t think that’s going to happen. … I think it would be reckless to kill off half of the wolf population.”

Thank you Mr. Nelson for being the lone voice of reason among the fear mongering bumpkins that sit on the board with you. You didn’t buy into LG’s lies and propaganda and we thank you for that. The rest should be ashamed for buying into the lies and barstool biology that is trying to dominate the narrative of wolves in Wisconsin. Please take the time to thank Board Member Nelson for being the only one of the group not to buy into the lies and fear mongering approved in this resolution. It also wouldn’t hurt to ask the other board members why they believe the lies and misinformation that Laurie Groskopf and her fellow barstool biologists spread in these resolutions.

Polk County Board Members

Hypocrisy in Action: The National Wildlife Federation Again Show Their True Colors and Anti-Wolf Agenda

From the National Wildlife Federation website:

You can "adopt" a gray wolf while the NWF support hounding, trapping, and killing them by the hundred.

You can “adopt” a gray wolf while the NWF support hounding, trapping, and killing them by the thousands.

Adopt a Gray Wolf

In the upper Great Lakes region and in the Yellowstone area, wolf recovery has been a great conservation success story. However, continued attention is needed to protect these gains and to ensure similar successes in other regions where the enchanting night-time howls of wolves are still sadly silent. In the early 1900’s, various control programs wiped out wolves in Yellowstone National Park and in the wilderness areas of central Idaho. Although a successful reintroduction effort through the Endangered Species Act had re-established wolves in those areas by 1995. Today they remain absent in the Northeast and other areas where suitable habitat remains. With your support, National Wildlife Federation can continue to spearhead wolf recovery efforts across North America.

Adopt a gray wolf today!

Upon visiting the website of the “conservation” group, the National Wildlife Federation, the reader is greeted with all kinds of fluffy imagery of wolves and other species of wildlife. Readers are also given the option to symbolically “adopt” imperiled species such as gray wolves, various bears, birds, etc. What the fluffy website and “adoptions” don’t mention that underneath the facade of the NWF claiming to be pro-wildlife is the cold hard reality that this is just another in a long line of killing cartel front groups whose main purpose for existing is to further the kill everything agenda of the extremist hunter, trapper, and hounder groups that make up their “state affiliates.”

This week the NWF has again shown their true colors and have lined up with the anti-wolf “state affiliates” such as the hounder and extremist killer controlled “Wisconsin Wildlife Federation” to express their support for stripping wolves in the Great Lakes of Endangered Species Act protections.

“Although the National Wildlife Federation has historically opposed such congressional intervention in agency decision-making and judicial review, these are exceptional circumstances, and without congressional intervention the letter and spirit of the Endangered Species Act regarding gray wolf recovery would be permanently thwarted by the courts,” the resolution states.

What kind of “recovery” is the immediate institution of reckless killing seasons, 24/7/365 use of dogs against wolves, and constant threats of poaching and virulent anti-wolf propaganda?

It is one of nine resolutions to be considered at NWF’s annual meeting this weekend in Shepherdstown, W.Va., at the Fish and Wildlife Service’s National Conservation Training Center.

NWF resolutions, which are crafted by its 49 state affiliates, “provide the backbone of the conservation work of NWF” and state the organization’s positions on conservation issues, according to an information packet on the meeting.

The wolf resolution, which was submitted by NWF state affiliates Michigan United Conservation Clubs and the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, follows a Dec. 19, 2014, ruling by the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to overturn Fish and Wildlife’s decision in 2011 to delist the animals.

The NWF resolution states that gray wolf populations in the three states have exceeded recovery targets by a factor of 10. The iconic predators, if left unchecked, will continue to threaten domestic livestock, it states.

Miles Grant, an NWF spokesman, said resolutions are typically “vigorously debated, sometimes modified, and it’s not at all certain yet whether any given resolution will pass or fail.”

“As a federation, our affiliates are in control of this process,” he said.

But NWF’s national staff has recommended that state delegates endorse the resolution, arguing that the court’s decision — which was the latest in a string of judicial decisions overturning wolf delistings — is creating “an unnecessary but fierce backlash” against the Endangered Species Act at a time when Republicans in Congress are looking to dismantle the law.

“This situation is bad for wolves, people and the Endangered Species Act and is precluding sound management by professional wildlife managers,” NWF staff wrote.

“In this exceptional case, NWF supports this resolution calling for a very narrow legislative measure that restores the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s delisting decision in the Great Lakes. Such legislation would be supporting science, scientists and the agency decision — not playing politics with them.”

So what is “good” for wolves, NWF? 24/7/365 hounding? Rampant poaching? Hostile state “management” hell bent on pushing numbers down to the absolute bare minimum, if not outright eradication? By aligning with the kill everything Wisconsin Wildlife Federation the NWF is making it clear that they support legalized dog fighting, and the eradication of the species throughout much of the states like Wisconsin and Minnesota. Want an example of what the NWF is supporting and what a board member of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation is proposing? Look not further than this “Letter to the Editor” from Wisconsin Wildlife Federation and Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association board member and outspoken anti-wolf zealot Laurie Groskopf advocating for wolves to be killed without limit in two-thirds of Wisconsin while whining about the Wisconsin Conservation Congress not going along with her eradication plan.

Did you ever wonder what happens to those Wisconsin Conservation Congress spring hearing resolutions introduced by locals in each county? Sometimes the answer is that they get squashed by the WCC leadership.

This happened recently with two local resolutions from last year’s Marathon County spring hearing. The subject of both was the wolf situation.

One resolution was to provide unlimited harvest opportunities for wolves in harvest Zone 6, which was originally called “unsuitable wolf habitat” by the DNR experts. The experts later abandoned that label because they felt there were ample opportunities for wolves to live in most areas of Wisconsin originally designated as inferior wolf habitat.

The resolution, which passed in Marathon County with a vote of 122 in favor and 29 against, promoted an unlimited quota in wolf harvest Zone 6.

Local resolutions pass through an assigned committee, and if forwarded are considered by an executive council of the WCC every January. If the council forwards the resolution, it appears on the spring hearing questionnaire in April. If it is rejected, it dies.

The executive council discussed Marathon County’s resolution, and the chief DNR lawyer, Tim Andryk, told the group that the judges wouldn’t find this acceptable. He means federal judges, such as the one who recently returned wolves to endangered species status until their numbers are restored throughout their historic range.

Since when do we manage wildlife according to what some eastern judge thinks? The motion to allow unlimited wolf quotas in Zone 6 was rejected by the WCC executive council (see January minutes on the DNR web site).

A second resolution attempted to convince the WCC representative on the DNR’s wolf advisory committee to support the 2011 spring hearing vote for a wolf goal of 350 or fewer.

When it came time to vote at the DNR advisory committee, the representative called the committee dysfunctional, moved to have DNR staff select the options to present in the draft wolf management plan (this was rejected) and refused to vote on the official position of the WCC.

So this resolution also was not forwarded to the spring hearing.

Twenty-five county boards have passed resolutions supporting a wolf goal of 350, or 350 or fewer. The Wisconsin Farm Bureau, Farmers Union and numerous other agriculture organizations support this goal. Almost every major hunting organization supports a wolf goal of either 350 or 350 or less.

With the upcoming county deer committees scheduled for March and the WCC spring hearings scheduled in April, one has to ask whether it is worth devoting time to such efforts that are largely controlled by DNR staff and WCC leaders who often seem intent on rubber-stamping the DNR’s decisions. After over five years associating with WCC in a very intensive manner, I will no longer be wasting my time attempting to influence natural resource policies through WCC meetings.

Laurie Groskopf lives in Tomahawk.

This person is the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation’s representative on the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources anti-wolf group stacked “Wolf Advisory Committee.” When even the anti-wolf Wisconsin DNR and “Conservation Congress” (A.K.A. kill everything at anytime and any way Congress) have grown tired of this woman and her zealotry you know that there is a problem. If this is the type person that the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation feels should represent them that tells me everything that I need to know about this extremist killing cartel and those that run the group. But it should come as no surprise that the NWF falls in line with this type of thinking. They have long been a fluffy front group for hunters, trappers, and hounders while pretending that they actually “care” about imperiled species.

The proposed NWF resolution does not mention Wyoming wolves and does not endorse any particular bill.

But it follows NWF CEO Collin O’Mara’s push to return the 79-year-old organization to its hook-and-bullet base, even as it continues to advocate for members including bird lovers and gardeners. O’Mara has trimmed NWF’s Washington staff while empowering its field offices and 49 state affiliates.

NWF delegates this weekend will also consider a resolution urging Congress and the Obama administration to “clarify” ESA to “ensure that there is a clear, durable and enduring process for delisting once the species reaches its recovery goals and adequate management plans are in place to continue the conservation of the species.”

Apparently the NWF has decided that 24/7/365 legalized dog fighting constitutes an “adequate management plan.” I have long been a critic of the NWF and how they put up a facade that they actually care for wildlife. The reality is that this group is just putting a friendly face on extremist hunting, trapping, and hounding. Their support of this anti-wolf resolution shows that they also support legalized dog fighting and the extremist wolf eradication views of their state affiliate representatives like Laurie Groskopf.

Ask the National Wildlife Federation why they support the below activities and why they pretend to actually “care” about wildlife?

This is "tradition" and "heritage" in Wisconsin.

This is part of how Wisconsin “manages” wolves, coyotes, bears, bobcats, and even turkeys. The NWF apparently supports this. 



Call the NWF and ask them why they support dog fighting and the persecution of wolves at: 800-822-9919 (8-8 pm EST) or send them a message here:

Yep, “No One” Wants to Eradicate Wolves and Wisconsin’s Killing Culture in Action


In addition to the hue and cry of wolves needing “management” by the great white hunters, anti-wolf factions constantly say that “no one wants wolves eradicated,” yet they scream about hordes of rampaging wolves, now protected from traps, packs of hounds, guns, and arrows, “decimating” livestock and “pets.” Your grandchildren aren’t even safe at bus stops from the thousands of wolves that apparently now know that they are back on the ESA list.

These are some comments made by representatives and lobbyists of anti-wolf groups about how they claim “no one” wants to eradicate wolves and they only want them “managed.” Take these comments from a 2012 “Wolf Stakeholder Meeting” about what their plan has been all along. This comes from Ralph Fritsch of the deceptively named hunting group, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation.

“Wished long time ago it could have been delisted. It would have been a better process. FWS gave state authority back, not the whole issue. Need to be Federally  (congressionally) delisted to give states time and so that everyone does not fee l they are running into a revolving door. Not all in agreement, sportsmen in state that care, and I mean sportsmen not people who just go out and shoot animals, we were biggest influence that wolf population grew because we made an agreement with the DNR that we would not harass wolves despite the fact that the population is three times over what was agreed upon. Illegal shootings not done by sportsmen, done by slob hunters. Hunters support wolves.”

Where exactly are these “hunters” that openly support wolves? I would like to see and hear from them. I am not holding my breath. I also like the line about how the wildlife killers “made an agreement” not to harass wolves? Really? So now “agreements” are needed with so-called “sportsmen” so they don’t break the law? The arrogance of these people are astounding. They really believe that the laws do not apply to them if they are not in agreement with them. This is exactly why congress should not return management to the states with people like this having influence. Next we have the 2012 words from the lobbyist for the disgraced Koch front group “United Sportsmen of Wisconsin,” Scott Meyer, making this claim:

Scott Meyer, a member of the Bear Hunters Association and lobbyist for United Sportsman, went even further. He said, “”Seven attorneys were involved with drafting this bill to make sure it didn’t put delisting in jeopardy. The bill is not liberal enough, but unfortunately, these are the cards we’ve been dealt. The idea that we’re going to extirpate the wolves is ludicrous.”

Contrast those comments to what members of these same groups are saying on the Facebook hosted anti-wolf hate pages and news articles and tell me that “no one” wants to see wolves eradicated.

“This is so frustrating,the wolves have there place in the upper Midwest. No one wants to eradicate these majestic animals. The dirty little secret is their former range
was in most of Americans back yards including these misinformed or activist Federal

I would bet “activist judges” are just fine when they shoot down immigration proposals and the Affordable Healthcare Act, right? No one wants to see them eradicated huh?

“I still don’t understand why we need to have any wolves at all. What do they do to benefit us. If you can’t hunt or trap them what are they actually benefitting. Do we gain state revenue for someone taking a picture? Do you have to buy a license to take a picture? Where does all the money to do the studies on these things come from? There is obviously a problem here when the season can’t even stay open for half of the time allotted. It is a different world then years ago. There are not the huge tracks of undeveloped land in the north anymore. These animals are traveling farther from where they belong in search of food since they have pretty much cleaned out everything in their home range. It’s really funny to me that the people who are making all these decisions don’t have a clue about what is going on in the north woods and the state in general when it comes to wildlife.”

Don’t have a clue? Maybe they don’t because if they really did know what was going on in the north woods with the sick hounder culture, they would be even more horrified. What this is appears to be another barstool biologist spreading lies and misinformation about how wolves are “eating everything.” These people never stop with their flat out lies and propaganda. The DNR’s own predator/prey studies show that wolves have a minimal at worst impact on deer populations. The seasons end quickly because wolf haters bait known wolf habitat for months and then saturate the area with traps to kill them. That doesn’t even take into account the 24/7/365 hounding on wolves that allows the anti-wolf people to pinpoint their exact locations throughout the year. Then we have these comments from some of the “sportsmen” that indeed want wolves eradicated. Here is just a taste of all those “sportsmen” who apparently do not believe that “no one wants to see wolves eradicated, “misspellings and all:

“I love how these extremist liberals argue how protecting an animal that murders livestock with its face is a must. Shoot them all and make a nice duvee cover.”

“Looks like another tree hugger. Smoke a pack a day!”

“Let the lead fly take them all!!!!!!”

“Who cares what size they are, it’s a wolf KILL EM ALL”

“KILL THEM ALL I have lost a few deer to them damn wolfs and coyotes”

“I was stalked by one up there two years ago bow hunting hope they shoot them all.”

“there are too many of them, our ancestors were right to not have them, and eliminated them!!!…kill them all!!!”

“My coonhound thanks you all. Keep smokin them!”

“Wipe them off Wisconsin along with pit bull dogs.”

“About 10 miles from there now, watching the Wi badgers kick ass, love Wi, and love smoking a pack a day” 

This is just one small sample of Wisconsin resident comments taken from a Facebook hosted anti-wolf hate page over the span of a few minutes. Nope “no one” wants to see wolves eradicated do they? Is it really “ludicrous” that wildlife advocates believe that the wolf haters want the species extirpated? Take this comment allegedly made by the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation representative to the state Wolf Advisory Committee and you decide:

“Maybe shooting those damn things in the gut ain’t kind, but it sure is fun”.

Nope. Wolves don’t need federal protection. Do they?

Need some more proof that this is a “jihad” against wolves and eradication is the ultimate goal? Take a look at the websites selling the skins of killed wolves in North America. Wolf skins appear to be selling anywhere from $500 to $1000. If what the Wisconsin DNR calls “harvesters” and I call bloodthirsty sadists, can get $500 to $1000 for each wolf they torture and kill, why wouldn’t they want more wolves on the landscape for them to “harvest?” We know that trappers are some of the most heartless and sadistic types within the hunting community so why wouldn’t they want an endless stream of income from making sure there are plenty of wolves to kill? This is an instance where sadism and ideology take precedence over money apparently. The comments on the anti-wolf hate sites, from anti-wolf politicians, and from killing cartel lobbyists show that they will only “accept” a token number of wolves on the landscape and only if try are able to torture, hound, and kill them pretty much year round. There is no other species in Wisconsin, or most other states for that matter, whose population is mandated to be kept at the bare minimum or next to nothing. Only wolves. Imagine if Wisconsin treated deer in the same manner that they treat wolves.

Just imagine if each year a panel of anti-deer lobbyists and loud mouth killing cartel representatives would sit down and demand that half of the deer population be killed for four and a half months, with dogs, traps, and everything short of artillery. Then when you can’t “kill” them, you can run dogs and bait them 24/7/365. Then automobile owners on the panel would demand reimbursement each time a deer is hit by a motor vehicle causing damage. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? But this is exactly how Wisconsin goes about “managing” wolves. How is it acceptable for a species, 3 years removed from being considered endangered, to be tormented by packs of vicious dogs 24/7/365, be baited, and be killed just for being “seen” by cowardly rancher types looking to make fast buck for their irresponsible husbandry?

Imagine if there were websites devoted to the eradication of deer. Imagine if there were politicians pining for deer to be killed off for no other reason than existing. Besides deer cause significantly more damage and kill many many more people each year than wolves ever have. The killing cartels would lose their minds because as their fallback they always point to how much money deer hunting brings to the economy each year. They NEVER take into account how much money wildlife watchers bring in and the fact that it more often than not dwarfs what hunters bring in.

Wisconsin’s Culture of Death and “Conservation” Congress 

We are mired in a culture of death in Wisconsin and nationwide. Animals are not living and sentient beings. They are “rack sizes,” “pelts,” and “game” to be tortured, killed, and used as backdrops for sadistic photographs from hardhearted people. All the while fluffy terms like “harvest” and “recruited” are used to describe this:

This is "sport" and "heritage" in Wisconsin.

This is “sport” and “heritage” in Wisconsin.

The days of hunting to “feed your family” or to “survive” are long gone. Need proof of this? Major newspapers put any “outdoor” or wildlife related news stories under the “sports” section. The non-human inhabitants of our planet are relegated to lesser importance than the box score for a high school basketball game. Maybe this is because if people actually looked at the bloody snuff pics on these pages that show grinning wildlife killers leering over a freshly snuffed out LIFE, they may be horrified. Dogs as weapons, traps, bait, electronic calls are just some examples of the techniques Wisconsin “wildlife managers” views as “ethical” and part of the state’s “heritage.”

What does this say about our state and our “culture” overall? Where killing other life forms has been renamed as “recreation” and an entire portion of the state economy is dependent on it? Wisconsin has some of the most beautiful landscapes and an amazing abundance of wildlife found in very few other places. Why can’t we seem to enjoy it without seeing it through a rifle scope or clamped down in the jaws of a dog, or trap? At no time during the course of a year is wildlife safe from harassment by dogs, getting acclimated to bait, or being killed during the multitude of state sanctioned killing seasons. When does the killing become enough? Apparently never because the Wisconsin Conservation Congress, like every year, is pining to allow more killing, in more ways, and of more species. This year they want to open a sandhill crane slaughter season, eliminate hour restrictions for trapper sadists, allow more bear killing with dogs in more areas for longer durations, allow the killing of white deer, allow the killing of more fishers, otters, and even TURTLES by trappers, open more lands for killing, and finally make the wolf killing season start at a later date. You may think the last one isn’t a bad idea, but the “devil” is in the details. Hounders are upset because they have had “minimal” opportunity to kill wolves with their dogs the last two years and this would allow them far more killing time before the season closes. The WCC questionnaire shows that Wisconsin is obsessed with killing more, for longer, and without limits. Only the fish people seem concerned about protecting and “conserving” the fish that they go after. That is certainly not the case with the shooters, hounders, and trappers and their destructive killing obsession.

The Wisconsin Killing Conservation Congress advisory votes are on April 13, 2015 at various locations in each county around the state. Make sure you attend to vote against Wisconsin’s killing culture and for once put wildlife ahead of the interests of the killing obsessed residents of this state.

Scott Walker Welcomes the “Fox” Into the Hen House With Open Arms and We Pay For It


“Sportsmen for Walker.” This slogan has adorned yard signs and bumperstickers since 2010. The trophy obsessed “sportsmen” of Wisconsin believed that if NRA and Koch shill Scott Walker (R-Koch Industries) was elected as governor they would get whatever they wanted and for the first four years they essentially did. Walker appointed kill everything extreme hunting group shills to DNR positions and the Natural Resources Board. He also gave extremist killing groups like the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association and their lobbyist, Bob Welch, whatever they wanted. Reckless hounder “training” bill that extended and expanded the “training” of packs of vicious dogs against bears? Check. Bill that opened up wolves to a four and a half months slaughter season? Check. The same bill that allows 24/7/365 use of dogs against wolves? Check. Continued bribes to hounders that allegedly have their dogs killed by wolves. Check. Allowing expanded hunting and trapping in state parks? Check. Allowing killing in cities and blocking those cities from preventing it? Check.

With all of these giveaways it’s only natural that the Walker would want something in return from the extremist killing cartels. Right? He got that when the Bob Welch lobbied groups, the Wisconsin Bear Hunter Association and Safari Club International, lobbied in support of the reckless and destructive mining bill designed to eviscerate the Penokee Hills in northern Wisconsin. Then we had disgraced former Assembly Majority Leader and bear hounder shill, Rep. Scott Suder (R-ALEC) given an appointment by Walker to the public services commission. That appointment quickly crashed and burned when it was discovered that Suder worked with a Koch Bothers front group known as “United Sportsmen of Wisconsin” that was led by a convicted poacher and former official in the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association. Somehow Suder escaped any charges and went immediately to become a lobbyist for a Koch front paper industry group.

Fast forward to this week where Walker’s administration announced the appointments of a former executive of a large power company and a MINING COMPANY LOBBYIST to the Department of Administration and Public Service Commission respectively.

Gov. Scott Walker announced a number of changes in the ranks of his top administrators Monday, including the replacement of state Department of Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch with former Madison Gas & Electric executive Scott Neitzel.

Neitzel, who abruptly stepped down as senior vice president of the utility company late last week, will lead the powerful agency, which is responsible for the state’s two-year budget plan, introduced by Walker in early February.

Huebsch is moving to the Public Service Commission, where he’ll serve as one of three commissioners appointed by the governor. Ellen Nowak, who is currently a commissioner, will replace Phil Montgomery as chairperson, starting March 1.

Bob Seitz, previously a spokesman for Gogebic Taconite, has been named executive assistant for the Public Service Commission. Neither Seitz nor Bill Williams, the mining company’s president, could be reached for comment Monday.

If this isn’t enough in the daily dose of cronyism, pay to play, and overall destruction of Wisconsin, Walker has now made it clear that the state parks are now on his list of what is next to be pillaged, sold off, or weakened to the point of manufacturing another “crisis” that will “force” them to be privatized.

Gov. Scott Walker wants to remove state tax money from the operation of Wisconsin’s state parks and make them self-sustaining, a move one national expert said is unlikely to work without major changes in operations.

As part of his 2015-17 state budget, Walker is proposing to remove all general-purpose revenue to operate Wisconsin state parks, trails and recreation areas — a cut of $4.6 million, or nearly 28 percent, of their current $16.7 million operational budget, according to the Legislative Fiscal Bureau.

To help make up for the loss of tax revenue, the Walker administration is projecting higher revenues from a proposed hike in campsite and entrance fees next year.

But the overall operational budget would decline under Walker’s proposal to $15.6 million for next fiscal year, or $1.1 million less than the current year, the fiscal bureau said. The cut would take effect beginning in July.

Since his coronation as state governor Walker has manufactured crisis after crisis and then claims to “fix” them after implementing draconian cuts along with taking more and more from public employees and social safety nets. All this while continuing to weaken consumer, equal rights, and environmental protections at all levels of state government.

His DNR has essentially stopped enforcing poaching violations and environmental disasters. It got so bad that even the anti-wolf kill everything shill and head of the deceptively named hunting group, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, George Meyer even publicly pointed this out in the media.

This means nothing to Walker who has defined his tenure as governor by destroying public sector unions, decimating all aspects of environmental regulation, appointing his cronies and donors to positions of power, eliminating social safety nets, and paying back his supporters through big handouts. This is what 52 percent of Wisconsin wants and apparently the state Democrats are too busy licking their wounds to fight back or get off of their asses and vote once every two years.

We can blame Walker and the Koch Brothers all day but in the end we let this happen. Those on the left apparently were too “busy” to vote in midterms and when we do turn out we put fake Democrats into power instead of the real progressives that we need to take this country back. Walker knows this so he played his “divide and conquer” strategy perfectly. All we Americans have left is our vote and apparently the majority of us refuse to even use that. That is how the Scott Walkers of the world attain power. Getting the office isn’t enough for zealots like Walker who thinks that the little voice in his ear is from “god” when the voice is really one of the Daddy Kochs. But by all means this is what you deserve Wisconsin for your apathy. Enjoy drinking toxic water filled with factory farm poop, breathing frac sand polluted air, dodging bullets, traps, and arrows in state parks, and paying more for the privilege.

“Sportsmen for Walker” my ass. This is the kind of “sportsman” that Walker made mainstream.

The modern Wisconsin "sportsman."

The modern Wisconsin “sportsman.”

Is this what you want?

Enjoy it Wisconsin it’s our monster now. The “fox” is not only in the hen house but it wants you to pay for their chicken dinner and thank them for it. Of course using a fox as an analogy is probably a bad idea because they probably killed the fox, after trapping it in a
state park, so that they could sell it’s fur to China, so they can sell it back to you as trim on your coat.

Are we ready for another recall or massive march on the Capitol yet? We better be soon or there will be nothing left to fight for.

For more background on one aspect of the crooked and disgusting nature of Walker’s Wisconsin please watch Friends of the Wisconsin Wolf’s film “Political Predator” at the link below:

Dictator in Training: Walker Moves Anti-Environment and Anti-Science Agenda to Forefront

The 52 percent

The 52 percent

When college dropout/Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker took power following his election to governor in 2010 we got a taste of what was to come when he “dropped the bomb” on public employees with his infamous 2011 Act 10 legislation. At the time hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites took to the streets surrounding the state Capitol Building to express their outrage at Walker’s plan to strip collective bargaining from the vast majority of public employees and take away negotiated benefits that allowed public employers to pay for the employee’s retirement contribution in lieu of pay increases. Walker and the GOP dominated legislature rubber-stamped this proposal and many others aimed at gutting longtime progressive laws on workplace protections, the environment, equal protection, along with a myriad of other cuts to education, public services, and anything else deemed to be too “liberal” for the dictator in training. This scorched Earth policy led to an attempt to recall Walker in June of 2012. Somehow Walker won the recall election and was reelected this past fall by 52 percent of the voters that bothered to show up at the polls. Now he has his eyes set on the presidency.

Over the years there have been some dullards and batshit crazy types that have sought the mantle of the presidency. Most have been just amusing and made you roll their eyes when they spoke. Walker is a dichotomy. He may be one of the most dull and bland politicians that this country has ever seen. He is also one of the most extreme and dangerous politicians that this country has ever seen. The national media has been giving him a pass thus far as they do with every “fresh face” that pops up during the presidential primary season. The media has been fawning over how Walker would “appeal” to both right wing extremists and moderates because of how “non-threatening” and “every man” he comes across as. We don’t hear one word about how he has divided this state along partisan lines not seen in it’s existence. There is no mention of the “John Doe” investigations that landed six of his staff and campaign donors in prison. There is no mention of his “pay to play” politics and blatant cronyism. No mention of how he has gutted public education in favor of religious based “voucher” schools. No mention of how he has gutted environmental laws to favor destructive mining interests. No mention of how he further demonize the poor and unemployed with degrading drug testing. No mention of how he has made Wisconsin the only state in the country that legalized dog fighting by allowing vicious dogs to be pitted against wolves. No mention of how he and his allies seek to alienate those that signed the recall petition against him. I could go on, on, and on. Walker is the type of politician that the world has not seen since Europe in the mid to late Twenties. He is that dangerous. Walker is also dangerous because he is essentially a robot that will do whatever his big money benefactors wish and he doesn’t care who he steps on or offends in the process. A robot has more feeling and emotion than this guy.

Gutting Science and “Citizen Oversight” of the DNR

Because this blog is focused on wildlife issues I will let my above rant speak for itself and turn the focus of this post to Walker’s latest assault on the “management” of our public lands. Yesterday, Walker unveiled his “slash and burn” 2015-2017 budget. Along with cutting $300 million from the University of Wisconsin system and a myriad of other “red meat” elements for the extremist right wing there were continued direct attacks on what elements of “science” remain at the Wisconsin DNR and what little voice citizens have in environmental/wildlife policy.

The Wisconsin Natural Resources Board was developed to be a “citizen board” that oversaw Wisconsin DNR policy and approved or shot down proposed rules for the agency. In 2011 the Wisconsin Legislature made sure to stack the board with majority hunter and big ag elements appointed by the governor. Walker wasted no time filling open board positions with people like his campaign advisor, extreme hunting lobbying group founder, outfitter, and past head of various extreme hunting groups, Greg Kazmierski. The remainder of the board is filled out with real estate elements, a big ag representative that thinks “god” tells him to kill wolves, and a biologist for a bird killing group. Even though Walker has the board stacked with his own political allies that rubber stamps the vast majority of what he wants that still isn’t good enough for the dictator in training. This proposal was unveiled yesterday during Walker’s budget address:

The proposed 2015-17 budget announced Tuesday night would strip the Natural Resources Board of its authority and make it an advisory panel, reduce the DNR Bureau of Science Services, eliminate educator positions and assume authority for the citizen boards responsible for preventing development from harming the scenic lower Wisconsin River and the Kickapoo Valley.

Remember those “Sportsmen for Walker” signs that popped up everywhere during the recall in 2012 and this last election cycle? It looks like those “sportsmen” that voted for Walker may have been duped along with the rest of us as even the hunter stacked NRB is now being stripped of their authority and taking their alleged “citizen’s voice” along with it.

Of course in the same article I had to laugh at the irony of the former DNR Secretary and current head of the anti-wolf and deceptively named hunting group the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, George Meyer, making this comment:

“That’s terrible,” former DNR secretary George Meyer said of removing the Natural Resources Board’s authority. “It just politicizes natural resources management.

“The Natural Resources Board allows citizens who don’t otherwise have political clout and don’t finance political campaigns to have a vehicle to bring forward their ideas.”

Politicizes? You mean like how your group has a prominent spot on the anti-wolf DNR “Wolf Advisory Committee?” Not political like how your group wants Congress to pass legislation stripping wolves of Federal protections? How about when your kill everything representative to the Wolf Advisory Committee wanted to press for more mass overkill that would have killed almost half of the wolf population in one year? You shouldn’t throw stones in glass houses George.

Back to Walker and his continued gutting of citizen input and environmental rules and regulations. Walker not only wants to eliminate the power of the NRB he also wants to cut a large number of science based positions from the DNR. We can’t let a little thing like science and education get in the way of raping and pillaging the landscape now can we?

A budget summary issued by the governor’s office said 66 DNR positions “no longer serve the core mission of the agency.”

A spokesman said some of the positions were in the science division and others were educators.

The science bureau provides data and research to guide decisions on managing natural resources. The spokesman said 39 of the jobs are vacant.

Meyer, who is executive director of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federal, said science-based decisions are crucially important.

Except when it comes to wolves, right Georgie?

Aside from the usual hypocrisy of Meyer and his group, the Walker Administration has decided that science and education “no longer serve the core mission” of the DNR. Let that sink in for a moment. Walker is so hellbent on wining over the extremist anti-environment right wing that he is announcing that science and education play a lesser role or even no role in his DNR. This should horrify all those “Sportsmen for Walker” or anyone else that cares about our environment and wildlife. This kind of extreme slash and burn may play well with the far right Teavangelicals in Iowa and a portion of the 52 percent that voted for him but I can’t imagine that this kind of anti-science/anti-environment zealotry will play well on a national state if Walker makes it through the primaries once his true background comes to light.

But that is not the end of it. Just to get in one more little dig at the “tree huggers” and “non-consumptive” users Walker is raising fees on camping and state park permits:

On other conservation matters, Walker is proposing to raise fees by $2 a night for a campsite and by $3 a year for vehicle park stickers at state parks.

He would also take away $13.3 million in taxpayer funds from the DNR, requiring it to rely more on its reserves.

Remember this is the same guy that in his last budget made sure to cut the cost of a wolf kill license in half to appease the anti-wolf factions. Not only do you have to dodge bullets and traps in our state parks, you will now have to pay $3 more for the privilege to do so.

The Gutting is Not Done Yet

As an aside, what would be a Walker outrage without pointing out a potential Bob Welch connection? See if this proposal makes you feel safer?

Walker’s budget eliminates most third-shift tower guard positions at Wisconsin prisons, saving about $6 million over two years. The governor recommended instead using technology and ground patrols to keep the prisons secure overnight.

The budget also calls for transferring about $95 million in youth and family aid programs from the Department of Corrections to the Department of Children and Families. It’s a move meant to “align similar programs,” according to the governor’s office.

By shifting the programs and cutting guard positions, state aid to the Department of Corrections would fall from $1.18 billion in fiscal 2015 to $1.08 billion by fiscal 2017, the second year of Walker’s budget.

Let’s not forget who extreme right wing former state senator and current lobbyist, Bob Welch, counts as a client: the private prison firm Corrections Corporation of America. Who wants to wager that these cuts to the DOC will culminate in the introduction of legislation that allows for the state to “contract” with companies like Corrections Corporation of America to “fill the gap” and promote “public safety” by “outsourcing the cut prison guard positions?

You could call me Nostradamus, but I don’t need mystical powers to see the future. Anyone that has paid attention the last four years knows exactly how Walker is going to play this. His “big and bold” ideas are at the expense of our environment, economy, education, and public safety.

This is what 52 percent of our fellow citizens voted for. Enjoy it. You bought it now you own it. Unfortunately the rest of us have to suffer right along with all you “Sportsmen for Walker.” Scott Walker just took a “big and bold” dump on all of us in the hopes that his extremism will someday make him president. Let’s make sure the real Scott Walker is shown for the whole nation to see. I think that we can start by rekindling the protests of four years ago, only bigger and bolder. What do you think?

Fallacies of Balance, Barstool Biologists, and More Trolls

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

One of the most common arguments used by wildlife killers is that they are doing the rest of society a “favor” by “managing” wild animals. They claim that if they don’t kill them they will die. Yes, that is the “logic” that they use. They pretend that society owes them something for killing all these vicious wild animals and that they only do it to “help” us. The sad thing is that much of our society buys into this fallacy. Does anyone truly think that these people aren’t killing animals for sheer enjoyment or greed as in the case of trapper sadists? Or a little of both maybe? Why do these people have to be so dishonest? Why can’t they just admit that they get off on killing defenseless animals? Of course we know that those admissions will never come out because then society will see these monsters for the sick cretins that they really are. The killing factions have largely succeeded in brainwashing much of society with their propaganda and twisted justifications for the wholesale killing and torture of wildlife. But some of us are not buying it and it is up to us to expose the true sick and twisted agendas of these people.

Another fallacy used by wildlife killers and their exploiters is that they exist to keep a “balance” in nature. This is the justification that they use for the push to eradicate wolves in states like Wisconsin. Again this is another lie brought to us by the very factions that have turned Wisconsin into a giant “game farm” for “hunter opportunity” so that hundreds of thousands of deer can be killed each year. If “balance” is what the Wisconsin DNR and lying politicians like Wisconsin Congressman Reed Ribble want then it shouldn’t be wolves that they are looking to eradicate. This is the ridiculous response to an inquiry from a constituent of Ribble’s about his anti-wolf legislation:

Thank you for contacting me about delisting wolves across the United States. I appreciate you reaching out to me about this important issue.

As you know, a federal judge in Washington, D.C. recently struck down a 2012 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) decision to remove gray wolves in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota from the Endangered Species List.

Proponents of the court’s decision argue that gray wolves have not reached a high enough population to be removed from federal protection. Critics, however, argue that ranchers and farmers are seeing their cattle herds and other livestock being attacked by these wolves in large numbers.

While I respect both sides of this debate, I am personally opposed to efforts to return the gray wolf to the Endangered Species List. I believe, as you do, that it is critically important to ensure endangered species are carefully protected, and I recognize that the gray wolf was once in need of such protections. However, this species has made a remarkable rebound across the nation in recent years and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has had a program in place since 2012 to responsibly manage gray wolf populations. For these reasons, I do not believe it is necessary to keep the gray wolf on the Endangered Species List any longer. However, I will keep your thoughts on this issue in mind in the coming weeks and months.

I am thankful you made your voice heard, and I hope that you continue to do so. Our nation and its government are stronger when citizens are willing to engage with one another on the important issues.

This guy claims that our nation and government are “stronger” when citizens engage each other on issues. Funny that he says that as he apparently thinks that “engagement” is fine except through the courts as his proposed legislation strips the rights of Americans to challenge the potential wolf delistings in the Great Lakes and Wyoming. I would also like to know where this guy is getting this nonsense about livestock being “attacked in large numbers.” That seems to be the big ag BS line of the moment. Funny how these people NEVER back up this assertion with any facts. The DNR posts their “livestock depredation” reports yet the vast majority of alleged depredations are on dogs used to torment other wildlife. Where are these “large numbers” of cattle herds being attacked?

The reality is that it’s not “balance” that these people are looking for. Wolves make a convincing scapegoat for simple yokels and the barstool biologists that fuel their hate. Wisconsin has suffered through some brutal winters over the past decade coupled with more and more unchecked deer killing encouraged by the DNR and pushed by the big ag factions and killing cartels that control them. The yokels like to claim that they “never” see deer yet see thousands of grandchildren eating wolves everywhere. But when pushed to provide evidence they only say that they have seen “wolf tracks.” Of course they see these “wolf” tracks often in areas frequented by rampaging packs of vicious dogs set loose by hounders going after every imaginable species in our state. Funny how the barstool biologists can tell the difference between wolf tracks and those of the thousands of hounds rampaging through our wolves yet even wolf trackers and the DNR aren’t always sure.

The argument that wildlife killers are doing is a “favor” is destroyed by this simple comment posted to a news article comment section:

“You sound like the fireman bragging about how wonderfully he extinguished the fire that he HIMSELF has ignited!”

The modern Wisconsin "sportsman."

The modern Wisconsin “sportsman.”

The Northern Wisconsin “Economy” 

The killing cartels and lying politicians like to pretend that the economy in Northern Wisconsin is exclusively based on money from wildlife killers. This may be true but not for the reasons that they think. From personal experience many of the people in Northern Wisconsin are openly hostile to those that they view as “tree huggers” or “liberals.” Why would any tourist want to be subjected to threats and intimidation by yokels that despise these people just for existing? I traveled through Northern Wisconsin on my way to hike in the Porcupine Mountains in 2012 prior to the Walker Recall. All I saw was “I Stand With Scott Walker” yard signs and “Ted Nugent for President” on a lighted sign outside of a tavern. Nothing says “welcome” like advocating for a draft dodger and convicted poacher for president. Yeah it seems real welcoming for any person wanting to partake in eco-tourism. Then they wonder why the only “tourism” revenue they get is from wildlife killers and destructive pursuits like ATV and snowmobile use? Non-killing wildlife tourism would be a goldmine for these areas but the openly hostile attitudes among many of the locals do not allow for this. How can any of us enjoy a hike in a state park or national forest in northern Wisconsin when packs of dogs are allowed to terrorize wildlife 24/7/365 and trapper sadists are allowed to set their torturous land mines almost year round on public lands? So I have no sympathy for the economic woes of northern Wisconsin and similar areas. If your entire economy relies on blood money and pillaging of the land then the locals may need to rethink their fiscal models and be more accepting to the “tree huggers” and “hippies” that could bring a financial windfall to these areas.

Barstool Biologist Stupidity of the Day

As I have made abundantly clear this website is a pro-wildlife place and anti-wildlife kill everything trolls will not receive a warm welcome here. The spam folder is full of all kinds of insulting, threatening, and just plain stupid comments from anti-wildlife trolls. I refuse to allow their bullying and offensive garbage to be allowed in the comment section of MY blog. As I have stated before Freedom of Speech is a wonderful thing that protects individuals from government censorship but don’t use that argument here. I am not the government and I will block and delete any anti-wildlife, threatening, or comment that I deem to be offensive. Don’t even waste your time posting that garbage here as no one will see it. However, every once and awhile a comment comes along that others must see for the sheer ridiculous nature of it. This is one such comment that was left by a “Donald Beechy” following my last blog post:

“I’d love to say, shut up. These people trap to get the furs and sell to name money. Plus they use all the meat up. I don’t see anything wrong with trapping. I see kids getting education on how to stay alive if needed. How to make some money. Peta. Get your nose out of everyone’s business. K? Thanks.”

Now I have to say that coming to another person’s blog and telling them to “shut up” takes some balls. Then to claim that trappers “use all the meat” is an even more disingenuous claim. Funny with all of the online bragging and snuff pics from trapper sadists not once have I ever heard of one eating the wolf, coyote, bobcat, etc. that they killed. Not once. And using sadistic traps filled with bait will somehow keep these “kids” alive? Really? Let’s see how they are able to tote along these metal torture devices and pre-manufactured bait in the post-apocalyptic world of your fantasies. Next we have the old standby “attack” from anti-wildlife/pro-killing factions by invoking PETA against those that care about wildlife. I have been a wildlife advocate for a long time and not one legitimate wildlife advocate that I know has ever been a supporter of PETA. I personally find PETA and like minded groups to be deplorable and the very definition of hypocrisy just as I do groups like the National Wildlife Federation. PETA likes to pretend that they care about animals and how they are treated while systematically killing the vast majority of animals that go to their “shelters.” This is no different than the NWF raising money on the backs of wolves and other “imperiled” wildlife while supporting kill everything and anti-wolf “state affiliates.” PETA employees have even gone so far as to take dogs from homes without permission and proceed to kill them. So no I, nor the vast majority of legitimate wildlife advocates, support PETA. HSUS yes. PETA no. As for getting “my nose out of everyone’s business?” Uh no again. It IS my business and that of every other citizen of this state. Wildlife is part of a public trust and therefore we ALL have a stake in how they are treated. K? Something leads me to think that the person making this comment probably wouldn’t tell anti-abortion, anti-immigration, or anti-healthcare dissenters to mind their own business. Would they? I highly doubt it.

K? Thanks and enjoy your email’s new home in the SPAM folder.