Man That Tortured Three Coyotes With a Snowmobile in 2009 Received $5000 in 2016 for “Hound Depredations”


Coyote photo via Wikimedia Commons

Last week I wrote about a hounder by the name of Michael Wood from Amery, Wisconsin that received $5000 from the Wisconsin DNR in 2016 for two hounds that were allegedly killed by wolves. In the post we pointed out that a subject with the same name out of Amery had a conviction on three counts of intentionally mistreating animals in 2009 out of Bayfield County.


Screenshot of OPEN RECORD from the Wisconsin Court System Circuit Court Access 

Upon further research we found that the same subject was also under open charges for poaching a bear and resisting a warden in September of 2016, two months after the alleged “depredation” of his hounds.


Screenshot of OPEN RECORD from the Wisconsin Court System Circuit Court Access 

Through an open records request we were able to obtain the original criminal complaint for the 2009 incident that Wood was convicted of and it is even more horrifying than we imagined.

From the criminal complaint:

Complainant is a Conservation Warden with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. She makes this complaint on information and belief from the records and reports collected and maintained in the ordinary course of business. On Friday, February 20, 2009 at approximately 4:41 p.m. Egstad was at the Bayfield DNR Office when she received a phone call concerning a snowmobiler chasing what the caller thought to be a wolf on the ice of Lake Superior on Bark Bay, west of Cornucopia in the Town of Bell, Bayfield County, Wisconsin. Egstad left the office and proceeded towards the site of the complainant. Egstad spoke by phone with Dan and Sharon Sheldon who stated that they had watched one person on an orange snowmobile chase around what they believed to be a wolf on the ice at Bark Bay and had hit the animal with his snowmobile. They observed the person pick up the animal and drive to the Bark Bay point boat landing. They stated that they had observed the snowmobiler chase the animal for 30 minutes at least and hit the animal a couple of times with the snowmobile. At approximately the same time Egstad was contacted by Mark Hanson, Bayfield Department of Natural Resources Creel Clerk who stated that he had observed a snowmobiler chasing coyotes and hitting them as well as picking them up when they were laying on the ice. Hanson stated that he had taken digital photos of the pick-up truck that the snowmobiler was driving. The plate of the vehicle came back registered to Michael J. Wood of Amery, Wisconsin, the defendant herein. Egstad had previously been advised that the truck in question was at a residence in the area. Egstad went to the location and met with Michael Wood. Egstad was advised by Wood that he had been out fishing on the ice during the day and had gotten three coyotes that were in his trailer. Egstad asked Wood how he had gotten the coyotes and Wood stated that he had shot them with his .22. Egstad observed the coyotes and believed them to be suffering from much more damage than if they had been shot with a .22. Wood denied using his snowmobiles to hit the coyotes but admitted to following them until they were tired and then shot them. Egstad observed Wood’s snowmobile and the track and belly pan had blood under the front end skis and track consistent with the animals having been run over. Egstad seized the three coyotes and subsequently had them skinned. No bullet hole was found in the carcass or skin or coyote number one, however, major trauma was located throughout the body. Coyote number two was also skinned and again evidence of severe trauma was located, however no bullet hole was observed. Coyote number three showed severe trauma throughout the body, however, trauma was also located in a restricted area near the location of one bullet hole.

Download the entire criminal complaint:

Michael Wood Criminal Complaint 2009

This person received $5000 of taxpayer money for two separate hound “depredation” incidents in 2016 despite having this type of history. Then two months after the “depredations,” Wood allegedly poached a bear and is also charged for resisting a warden. Did this stop the DNR from this year paying out the $5000 for 2016 AFTER the new charges were filed? No it did not. Once again we have not only a convicted criminal being rewarded for TWO separate incidents where his hounds were allegedly killed by wolves, but he still receives the payment from the DNR after allegedly poaching a bear and resisting a warden. This guy tortured three coyotes with a snowmobile and was convicted for it. Then he allegedly poaches a bear and resists a warden. Is it any surprise that he is also a hounder that recklessly puts his dogs in danger and gets two of them killed? That sure doesn’s surprise me.

Have we had enough yet Wisconsin? Contact your state legislators and tell them ENOUGH of this scam and ENOUGH of rewarding reckless hounders and convicted criminals for their behavior.

Find your legislators HERE




What Exactly are “Conservatives” Conserving?

No caption needed!

No caption needed!

I never understood why the modern incarnation of fascists choose to call themselves “conservatives.” What exactly are they “conserving?” They rewrite the 1st Amendment to make corporations “people” so that unlimited amounts of big money can buy elections. They want to twist the 2nd Amendment and turn it into an intimidation tool rather than as it was intended. How is that “conserving” anything? They want to rape and pillage the lands of minerals and wildlife for greed. How is that “conserving?” They want to rewrite every law on the books that help disadvantaged people and protect workers rights that have been on the books for decades. Again, what exactly are they “conserving?” They also work to penalize those that actually make an effort to CONSERVE energy by increasing their fees and taxes. Then they turn around and want to throw hundreds of millions of dollars to road builder unions. What are they “conserving” here? It sure isn’t money.

The only thing modern “conservatives” seem interested in “conserving” is racial hatred and their own greed. The right wing in this country are masters at twisting the meaning of words from their real intent. They use words like “freedom,” “liberty,” “prosperity,” and “family” in the names of their fascist front groups when they are for nothing of the sort. They want to control everything you think, believe, and teach your kids yet pretend that is somehow “freedom” or “liberty.” They want to eliminate science and freethinking from schools and replace it with superstitious nonsense to instill fear and bigotry into kids at a young age. Then when they make claims about “prosperity” they neglect to mention that there will indeed be prosperity but not for you. You will do the dirty work for a slave wage while the oligarchs get the prosperity. Just don’t get sick in the process and “conserve” your health because you won’t get any of that good “Christian” love to make you healthy because going to the doctor is evil “big government” unless you are a right winger in state government or congress and have the taxpayers pay for your golden healthcare benefits. Then they create laws like “right to work” legislation that sounds all fluffy on the surface but in reality means right to work for less. They take away the meager protections that workers have, cut their wages and benefits and then pretend that they are doing them a “favor” by protecting them from those evil “union bosses.” Again “conserving” money for the oligarchs at the expense of the workers.

Then you have the ultimate twisting of words when it comes to the raping and pillaging of our lands and wildlife. Sport killing of wildlife is called “harvesting” and animals are not even given the dignity of being known as a life form. They are called “resources” that are “produced,” “recruited,” and then “harvested” by killers that call themselves “conservationists.” Then the ones full of “prosperity” go to continents like Africa and practice their “conservation” there while killing species already on the brink and twist it to pretend that if the “great white hunter” wasn’t there to “help” those ignorant dark people they would starve.

Amazing how humans, especially the right wing, can twist and distort words to mean the exact opposite of their true intent yet society apparently accepts it. These people are not “conservatives” or anything even close. They are the textbook definition of fascism and nothing more. How much damage are they going to be allowed to do before society finally wakes up to this grand deception?

It’s not “conservatism” or anything even close. Call it what it is:


an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.
synonyms: authoritarianism, totalitarianism, dictatorship, despotism, autocracy; More
(in general use) extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practice. (From Google Definitions)

Sound familiar? They only thing these modern “conservatives” are conserving is their own power, bigotry, and greed. All under the guise of being “patriots.” Remember the old adage about when fascism comes to America? We have long passed that point and it is already here wrapped in the very same cloak warned above. They just now call themselves “conservatives.” Words have power and those in power now are so arrogant that they even try to change what words mean right under our noses. If we as a country don’t wake up that “freedom” and “liberty” these fake “conservatives” are trying to foist upon us will destroy what is left of our nation. If there is anything left to save.

Of Trolls, Barstool Biologists, and more Trolls: The Shakespearean Musings of Anti-Wolf Trolls


I am no stranger to blogging about wildlife advocacy issues. I started doing this in early 2012 when Wisconsin began pushing the bill that has opened the door to the current wolf slaughter and making Wisconsin the ONLY state in the country that allows the use of dogs against those wolves. Inevitably whenever any advocate for a cause writes a story on a hot button issue the know it all “barstool biologists” and trolls come out of the woodwork in an attempt to “educate” or bully those that disagree with them. My posts about the massive Wisconsin overkill have been no exception.

Almost on cue the barstool biologists began to chime in with their usual BS talking points about wolves “eating every last thing on the landscape” and if it wasn’t for the “great white hunter” to save us they would be eating your grandchildren at a bus stop while huffing and puffing and blowing your house down.

Newsflash. This blog is a place for information to be presented that is backed up by established science. In case you didn’t notice this is PRO-WILDLIFE site. Not a pro-killing site. This is NOT a debate site for trolls to bully or for barstool biologists to think that because they dress up in camo they are some kind of an expert. If you want to troll and spread that “wolves are eating everything” fear mongering nonsense there are plenty of places for that to occur. This site is NOT one of them. This site is also not a place for those supposedly on the side of wildlife to come and make stupid threats and spread other nonsense. There are other places for that too.

For the trolls, barstool biologists, and those making threats your comments will NOT appear on this site.You are wasting your time even writing your drivel. The only exception are comments so idiotic and offensive that they WILL be posted here to shame you. This is an emotional topic but please do not stoop to the level of those on the anti-wolf hate sites. Let them be the monsters and ghouls. We don’t need to be.

This is an example of the type of comment that will be deleted immediately or as in this case posted to show what we are up against. This comment from from the world renowned wildlife biologist “Gav” showing a domain out of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. A city obviously buried in the “deep south” y’all.

“yall need to open your eyes and relive if there wasnt a season on wolves they would kill all the deer,rabbits,squirrels, and anything and everything, you guys cant live like that thinking its bad to kill wolves, if yall think its bad to then whyd you vote to reintroduce them into this state? Wisconsin would have been a million times better if they did bring them back, they kill everything. and im speaking from first hand accounts, ive seen 3 wolves kill half a herd of deer, they have almost wiped out the herd in the flambue river state forest by ladysmith, kill all the wolves then there wouldnt be anymore problems,” 

These type of comments come in hourly along with the barstool biologists presenting the same sentiment and misinformation only with slightly better grammar. Then they get upset because I will not post their comments. There are plenty of site out there to post lies and misinformation about wolves. Facebook is full of them with one solely devoted to promoting poisoning, poaching, and other anarchy against wolves right here in Wisconsin. You don’t need to come to this blog and post your drivel.

As I am writing this more of the Shakespearean screeds of “Gav” just appeared in my email. Consider yourself enlightened that the words of such an endearing scholar can be made available to you:


whats wrong with Wisconsin? your living in it
whats wrong with the dnr? nothing at all!
i have a heart, but i also kill wolves

You may “have a heart” but you damn sure don’t have a dictionary. Welcome to the spam folder “Gav.” Enjoy your 15 milliseconds of fame.

Thus is the life of a pro-wildlife blogger. The stupid burns………….it burns……..

Wolf Kill Update

The kill number shows 98 as of this morning. The DNR still remains silent on the mass overkill that occurred in Zones 1 and 2 this past weekend. Let them know that we want answers and not propaganda:

Call Center Staff Available 7 Days a Week (7 a.m.-10 p.m.)
Call Toll Free 1-888-WDNRINFO (1-888-936-7463)