Is Nothing Sacred? Wisconsin GOP Legislators Attack Native American Sacred Sites in New Legislation


From Encyclopedia Brittiannica:

Neofascism, political philosophy and movement that arose in Europe in the decades following World War II. Like earlier fascist movements, neofascism advocated extreme nationalism, opposed liberal individualism, attacked Marxist and other left-wing ideologies, indulged in racist and xenophobic scapegoating, and promoted populist right-wing economic programs. Unlike the fascists, however, neofascists placed more blame for their countries’ problems on non-European immigrants than on leftists and Jews, displayed little interest in taking lebensraum (German: “living space”) through the military conquest of other states, and made concerted efforts to portray themselves as democratic and “mainstream.”

As a lifetime Wisconsin resident I ask myself each and every day “how much lower can our state sink?” Unfortunately, each and every day I get an answer. Today was no different. Over the last five years we have seen a state that, although no stranger to brutality and sadism toward wildlife no matter who was in charge, devolve deeper and deeper into the politics of revenge, corruption, and blatant cronyism. When one thinks that we possibly cannot get any lower into the world of Koch-fueled neo-fascism a story like this comes along that even makes a jaded and pessimistic person such as myself sick to my stomach and questioning how I can even belong to the same species as these types.

New bill would allow excavation of Native American burial mounds

In the Wisconsin legislature a bill is currently being circulated that would allow land owners and developers to dig up ancient and sacred Native American burial mounds to “prove” whether or not there are human remains at the site. Not even sites of cultural and spiritual significance are off limits to the neo-fascist greed of Wisconsin’s Tea Party zealots and their ingrained hated of anything and anyone not like them or that align to their sick beliefs.

The bill from Sen. Chris Kapenga, R-Delafield, would force the Wisconsin Historical Society to allow property owners to excavate in order to prove whether human remains exist in effigy mounds on their land, but opponents of the legislation contend that allowing excavation defeats the purpose of mound preservation entirely.

In 2012 the Ojibwe Tribes of Wisconsin made it very clear that they would not support not allow the killing of their “spiritual brother,” the gray wolf, in Wisconsin. Despite this and despite the manner in which the Tea Party zealots in the legislature pretend to care about “religious freedom” they passed the most offensive and revolting bill against wildlife that this state had ever seen to spite both wildlife advocates and the tribes in the state. The bill, Act 169, mandated that each year the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources must facilitate a yearly killing season of gray wolves beginning October 15th of each year. The bill also mandated that hounds, traps, bait, electronic calls, and everything short of artillery be allowed against the species. The bill passed easily despite the objections of the tribes and wildlife advocates. Several so-called “Democrats” also voted for it despite their stated “reservations.” What followed was three years of mass slaughter where wolves were killed with the aid of everything listed above and each year the kills went over the allotted “quota.” This year there was no slaughter season because of the December 2014 federal court ruling returning Endangered Species Act protections to wolves. This ruling was partially due to the reckless “management” allowed by states such as Wisconsin. This reprieve may be short lived as Congress, including several so-called “Democrats,” is seeking to strip protections once again from wolves in the Great Lakes through the deplorable act of attaching a “rider” to a must pass spending bill. This despite the overwhelming objection of many scientists and tribal governments.

I have long advocated for tribal governments to challenge any gray wolf delisting and hunting seasons in federal court as a “religious freedom” case. History shows the significance of the gray wolf to their cultural and spiritual way of life. For the federal government and hostile states like Wisconsin to thumb their noses at the tribal belief system and what they hold sacred is an affront to not only the tribes but to all Americans. As an atheist I do not share any religious belief system with my fellow Americans, Native American or not. What I do share is a respect for the Constitutional right of religious freedom as long as government stays out of it and does not force it upon anyone. For states like Wisconsin to attack the spiritual beliefs of Native Americans in regard to wolves and their sacred burial mounds it should horrify all decent Americans. Of course we are talking about Wisconsin so decency doesn’t always come into play under the regime currently in charge.

The Tea Party zealots in charge of each and every element of Wisconsin have essentially declared war on every segment of our state that is even remotely “liberal,” “progressive,” or not lily white, Republican, or Christian . When even sacred burial mounds are not off limits to the money grubbing and greedy ghouls in charge of our government, I believe that we have crossed a line that should NEVER be crossed. How can these smug and arrogant zealots look in the mirror and not see the face of cold and dark evil greed staring back at them? Better yet how can we as Wisconsin residents stand by and let these affronts occur each and every day right under our noses?

When does basic humanity override the the pathological and frankly horrifying desire for money and power? What controls Wisconsin today should terrify each and every person with any semblance of decency. Even if you don’t care about wolves, tribal culture, or the sacred nature of their significance to the tribes you should be outraged and speak out. History has shown us what happens when people remain silent in the face of zealotry. If you think that this neo-fascist cabal in charge of Wisconsin will stop with wolves, teachers, union members, the tribes, the environment, free speech itself, and a myriad of other legislation designed to solidify one party control and to control us you are sadly mistaken.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely and nowhere has this ever been better exemplified than Wisconsin since 2011. If you think that they are done then you are also sadly mistaken. I fear for what else these people can do to those that do not share their extreme and twisted ideology. What kind of person thinks that ancient and sacred burial mounds should be dug up? What if the shoe were on the other foot and the tribes circulated a proposal to dig up an old Christian cemetery to “prove” if remains were their or not so that they could pave it over? The outrage would deafening and rightfully so. How about if the tribes decided that deer should be hunted with hounds much as they decided to allow night hunting? How would the anti-wolf factions, killing cartels like the deceptively named Wisconsin Wildlife Federation, Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, and a myriad of other wolf hating groups respond? Again the outrage would be deafening. So why is it different when tribal beliefs and traditional practices are under attack?

Wake up Wisconsin and wake up now. This is not who we are, is it? Legalized dog fighting? Legal corruption? Open racism and cultural denigration? Is this what we are?

Take the words of Pastor Martin Niemöller as a warning of what happens when we are silent in the face of extremism and zealotry. Wisconsin is not Europe in the 1920’s, 1930’s or 1940’s but the formula is in place and one must never ignore attacks on an entire culture or belief system by extremists using their positions of authority as justification.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

If these words sound like they could have been written today in Wisconsin rather than in post-World War Two 1946 Germany you wouldn’t be that far off. History repeating itself is a cruel joke that plays out in human society again, again, and again. Will we ever learn?



Wisconsin’s Dubious Wolf Population “Increase” and Taconite Tommy Strikes Again

The modern Wisconsin "sportsman." Still Wisconsin seems "shocked" that this offends people.

The modern Wisconsin “sportsman.” This is what Wisconsin’s calls “responsible management.”

Normally wildlife advocates would find news that Wisconsin’s small wolf population is allegedly growing to be welcome. However one only has to look at those doing the counting this past winter to see why there is major reason for skepticism in the increased numbers.

In 2014, following the mass slaughter of 257 wolves by guns, traps, arrows, and dogs, the over winter count showed an estimated number of 660 to 689 wolves in the state. This was a 19 percent drop from the previous year. In the fall of 2014 the “great white hunters” slaughtered 154 wolves and shorty after a federal judge returned wolves in the Great Lakes to the Endangered Species List because of inadequate state “management plans” and lack of proliferation in historical habitat.

Immediately following the delisting of wolves in the Great Lakes the usual suspects of the anti-wolf cabal of killing cartels and big ag started pushing stories in the media of mass hordes of wolves decimating the livestock of the poor poor farmers struggling out in the prairie lands of Minnesota and Wisconsin. It would have been laughable of the gullible media didn’t print the anti-wolf propaganda and misinformation as fact. Almost immediately following the judge’s ruling the anti-wolf factions in congress led by Wisconsin Tea Party extremist (G)reed Ribble and fake “Democrat” Colin Peterson of Minnesota introduced legislation that would strip Endangered Species Act protections from wolves in the Great Lakes and Wyoming and forbid our Constitutional right of judicial review for laws and agency regulations. Apparently this bill and other even more extreme anti-wolf bills were not able to gain much traction as stand alone bills in Congress so the anti-wolf factions are now attempting the tried and true method of gutting wolf protections by attaching a “rider” bill to the appropriations bill for funding the Department of Interior and the Environmental Protection Agency. This tactic worked in 2011 when the disgustingly anti-wolf Obama Administration allowed and signed a spending bill with an attached rider removing ESA protections from wolves in the Northern Rockies. The anti-wolf zealots are now hoping history repeats itself this year.

That is a little background as to where our small wolf population stands now and how we got here.

Yesterday, near Wausau, Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources held an informational meeting to announce the results for this year’s wolf population survey. The DNR’s Large Carnivore Biologist, Dave MacFarland, announced that the DNR estimates that there are between 746 and 771 wolves in Wisconsin. This is a 13 percent increase over the numbers released in 2014. Immediately following the meeting the anti-wolf barstool biologist/killing cartel leaders started spreading their flat out lies and propagandist misinformation. Take for example member of the DNR’s anti-wolf group stacked “Wolf Advisory Committee” and head of the killing cartel and anti-wolf Wisconsin Bowhunters Association, Mike Brust, spreading his barstool biology for all to see:

“Wolves aren’t dumb. They’re going to go where the food is, the food for wolves is whitetail deer. So as they run out of their resource, their food source is up north. They’re going to move further south, and that’s where we’re running into conflicts,” said Mike Brust, Wisconsin Bow Hunters Association.

Brust fails to mention who and what these “conflicts” are of course. The greedy Wisconsin deer hunters apparently are upset because their on-demand killing now requires a little more work than setting out bait piles and waiting to arrow a hungry and unsuspecting deer. As with anything rural a scapegoat is required to account for all their economic and lifestyle failures so this time wolves make a convenient one for northern Wisconsin. Even the rabidly anti-wolf DNR made very clear that wolves have a negligible at best impact on the Wisconsin deer population.

The D.N.R. says each wolf can kill about 20 deer per year, but that’s still about 10 percent of what hunters take.

“Deer die from a variety of causes, including wolves, but again, wolves don’t seem to be a primary driver of the deer population,” said MacFarland.

Another reason for wildlife advocates to be highly dubious of the numbers released yesterday is because of just who is doing the counting. In 2012 following the passage of the draconian and sadistic Wisconsin Wolf Kill Bill, Act 169, a large number of professional wolf trackers resigned in protest at how the DNR was setting out to persecute this species with reckless killing seasons that included the use of dogs. Recently the DNR welcomed 50 bear hounders and trappers to the ranks of wolf trackers. You read that right. The Wisconsin DNR enlisted the rabidly and openly anti-wolf factions to be responsible for conducting the wolf surveys in the state. This list includes the most vocal and rabidly anti-wolf zealot in the state, Laurie Groskopf. Still trust those numbers? A year ago the population was around 660. Another 154 were “legally” killed last fall. These numbers don’t even take into account the numbers illegally killed, killed by trigger happy farmers, or those killed by the USDA’s Wildlife Services goons for alleged “depredations.” Yet, magically the population is reported to have INCREASED by almost 100 animals? You bet I am skeptical and will be taking a long hard look at how the DNR and their anti-wolf “trackers” came about these numbers.

Taconite Tommy Strikes Again

In a legislature and state government stacked with extremists and arrogant self important types it takes a special kind of asshole to keep making headlines for outlandish statements or actions. No shock that the special one is once again state senator Taconite Tommy Tiffany (R-GTAC). After throwing a hissy fit over not being able to kill enough bobcats and having his sugar daddy’s mining project pull out of the state, Tiffany set out to gut the DNR’s science division because they had the nerve to tell the truth and not what old TT wanted to hear. Now Taconite Tommy is demanding that the DNR ignore all this science stuff and focus on providing “opportunity for hunters.”

Senator Tom Tiffany supported the proposed mine, but says the negative analysis is not the reason he supports cutting the bureau that produced the report.

“This Bureau of Science Services – some of us just believe just went off and did their own thing at times and I think …it’s very important for them to stay focused on being able to offer more opportunities for sportsmen,” Tiffany says.

Tiffany says he’s most concerned about the time and money the science bureau has funneled into studying Chronic Wasting Disease – CWD – that has plagued the state’s deer herd.

“There’s been $45 million spent on CWD research in Wisconsin. And I understand early on, maybe 10 or 15 years ago, they might spent $10 million, even $20 million finding a way to eradicate it or find a cure. But after they weren’t successful they began to throw good money after bad,” he says.

Tiffany also blames the bureau with making recommendations that diminish hunting and fishing opportunities.

“And it’s not just deer hunting, the Minocqua Chain of Lakes now this year is shut down for walleye hunting. Imagine that, one of the premier chain of lakes in northern Wisconsin and you cannot keep a walleye on there; and it has a real economic impact,” Tiffany says.

He says enough with studies, it’s time to put money into rebuilding opportunities for sportsmen.

Enough with studies? Wow. The self serving arrogance of this man is astounding. Hunters account for an estimated 10 percent of the state population. Coincidentally Dane County also accounts for 10 percent of the state population. Guess which one Taconite Tommy and his ilk are catering to and which ones are being ignored and shut out of almost everything in state government?

Tiffany and those like them have remade the Wisconsin DNR into a “game farm” operation for the state of Wisconsin while weakening their statutory obligation to enforce environmental laws and set regulations. Later in the same article it is refreshing to see former DNR wolf biologist, Adrian Wydeven, finally speak up about the gutting of science from the DNR and how “non-consumptive users” are ignored.

Adrian Wydeven says it would be a mistake to decouple research and wildlife management. He is a wildlife biologist and headed Wisconsin’s wolf recovery efforts.

“There are different layers of scientists, and the people in the field are managers. And the managers don’t have time to do the research. That’s one of the benefits of having scientists within the agency. They’re very focused on doing research for the things that the managers most need,” Wydeven says.

He says weakening the science component could wreak havoc. “Which means there’s greater risks of over harvest of populations, over harvest in certain regions. But one of the other issues I also see there seems to be almost no voice right now for wildlife concerns beyond consumptive users,” Wydeven says.

Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you, Dr. Wydeven. With the often meek and middle ground comments we have gotten from him since he left the DNR I let out a cheer when I read this one. We NEED voices like Dr. Wydeven to speak up and call out arrogant and self-serving types like Taconite Tommy. While his comments were measured here and don’t call out Tiffany by name, I am heartened to see a emphasis on how LIVING wildlife advocates have no voice in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that Taconite Tommy cares one bit about over killing anything. The ONLY thing that matters to people like him is the killing itself and making more of it available for his bloodthirsty brethren.

In the meantime it’s time to bombard your local newspapers with letters calling out the actions of people like Taconite Tommy and those in Congress hellbent on destroying wolves and the Endangered Species Act in the process. Also please contact your representative and senators to tell them to leave their hands off of wolves and the ESA and NO DELISTING until the state take their responsibilities seriously and implement “management” plans that aren’t focused on near eradication and recreational killing. Enough is enough. Find your representatives and senators below.

Find Your Senators and Representatives

Yep, “No One” Wants to Eradicate Wolves and Wisconsin’s Killing Culture in Action


In addition to the hue and cry of wolves needing “management” by the great white hunters, anti-wolf factions constantly say that “no one wants wolves eradicated,” yet they scream about hordes of rampaging wolves, now protected from traps, packs of hounds, guns, and arrows, “decimating” livestock and “pets.” Your grandchildren aren’t even safe at bus stops from the thousands of wolves that apparently now know that they are back on the ESA list.

These are some comments made by representatives and lobbyists of anti-wolf groups about how they claim “no one” wants to eradicate wolves and they only want them “managed.” Take these comments from a 2012 “Wolf Stakeholder Meeting” about what their plan has been all along. This comes from Ralph Fritsch of the deceptively named hunting group, the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation.

“Wished long time ago it could have been delisted. It would have been a better process. FWS gave state authority back, not the whole issue. Need to be Federally  (congressionally) delisted to give states time and so that everyone does not fee l they are running into a revolving door. Not all in agreement, sportsmen in state that care, and I mean sportsmen not people who just go out and shoot animals, we were biggest influence that wolf population grew because we made an agreement with the DNR that we would not harass wolves despite the fact that the population is three times over what was agreed upon. Illegal shootings not done by sportsmen, done by slob hunters. Hunters support wolves.”

Where exactly are these “hunters” that openly support wolves? I would like to see and hear from them. I am not holding my breath. I also like the line about how the wildlife killers “made an agreement” not to harass wolves? Really? So now “agreements” are needed with so-called “sportsmen” so they don’t break the law? The arrogance of these people are astounding. They really believe that the laws do not apply to them if they are not in agreement with them. This is exactly why congress should not return management to the states with people like this having influence. Next we have the 2012 words from the lobbyist for the disgraced Koch front group “United Sportsmen of Wisconsin,” Scott Meyer, making this claim:

Scott Meyer, a member of the Bear Hunters Association and lobbyist for United Sportsman, went even further. He said, “”Seven attorneys were involved with drafting this bill to make sure it didn’t put delisting in jeopardy. The bill is not liberal enough, but unfortunately, these are the cards we’ve been dealt. The idea that we’re going to extirpate the wolves is ludicrous.”

Contrast those comments to what members of these same groups are saying on the Facebook hosted anti-wolf hate pages and news articles and tell me that “no one” wants to see wolves eradicated.

“This is so frustrating,the wolves have there place in the upper Midwest. No one wants to eradicate these majestic animals. The dirty little secret is their former range
was in most of Americans back yards including these misinformed or activist Federal

I would bet “activist judges” are just fine when they shoot down immigration proposals and the Affordable Healthcare Act, right? No one wants to see them eradicated huh?

“I still don’t understand why we need to have any wolves at all. What do they do to benefit us. If you can’t hunt or trap them what are they actually benefitting. Do we gain state revenue for someone taking a picture? Do you have to buy a license to take a picture? Where does all the money to do the studies on these things come from? There is obviously a problem here when the season can’t even stay open for half of the time allotted. It is a different world then years ago. There are not the huge tracks of undeveloped land in the north anymore. These animals are traveling farther from where they belong in search of food since they have pretty much cleaned out everything in their home range. It’s really funny to me that the people who are making all these decisions don’t have a clue about what is going on in the north woods and the state in general when it comes to wildlife.”

Don’t have a clue? Maybe they don’t because if they really did know what was going on in the north woods with the sick hounder culture, they would be even more horrified. What this is appears to be another barstool biologist spreading lies and misinformation about how wolves are “eating everything.” These people never stop with their flat out lies and propaganda. The DNR’s own predator/prey studies show that wolves have a minimal at worst impact on deer populations. The seasons end quickly because wolf haters bait known wolf habitat for months and then saturate the area with traps to kill them. That doesn’t even take into account the 24/7/365 hounding on wolves that allows the anti-wolf people to pinpoint their exact locations throughout the year. Then we have these comments from some of the “sportsmen” that indeed want wolves eradicated. Here is just a taste of all those “sportsmen” who apparently do not believe that “no one wants to see wolves eradicated, “misspellings and all:

“I love how these extremist liberals argue how protecting an animal that murders livestock with its face is a must. Shoot them all and make a nice duvee cover.”

“Looks like another tree hugger. Smoke a pack a day!”

“Let the lead fly take them all!!!!!!”

“Who cares what size they are, it’s a wolf KILL EM ALL”

“KILL THEM ALL I have lost a few deer to them damn wolfs and coyotes”

“I was stalked by one up there two years ago bow hunting hope they shoot them all.”

“there are too many of them, our ancestors were right to not have them, and eliminated them!!!…kill them all!!!”

“My coonhound thanks you all. Keep smokin them!”

“Wipe them off Wisconsin along with pit bull dogs.”

“About 10 miles from there now, watching the Wi badgers kick ass, love Wi, and love smoking a pack a day” 

This is just one small sample of Wisconsin resident comments taken from a Facebook hosted anti-wolf hate page over the span of a few minutes. Nope “no one” wants to see wolves eradicated do they? Is it really “ludicrous” that wildlife advocates believe that the wolf haters want the species extirpated? Take this comment allegedly made by the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation representative to the state Wolf Advisory Committee and you decide:

“Maybe shooting those damn things in the gut ain’t kind, but it sure is fun”.

Nope. Wolves don’t need federal protection. Do they?

Need some more proof that this is a “jihad” against wolves and eradication is the ultimate goal? Take a look at the websites selling the skins of killed wolves in North America. Wolf skins appear to be selling anywhere from $500 to $1000. If what the Wisconsin DNR calls “harvesters” and I call bloodthirsty sadists, can get $500 to $1000 for each wolf they torture and kill, why wouldn’t they want more wolves on the landscape for them to “harvest?” We know that trappers are some of the most heartless and sadistic types within the hunting community so why wouldn’t they want an endless stream of income from making sure there are plenty of wolves to kill? This is an instance where sadism and ideology take precedence over money apparently. The comments on the anti-wolf hate sites, from anti-wolf politicians, and from killing cartel lobbyists show that they will only “accept” a token number of wolves on the landscape and only if try are able to torture, hound, and kill them pretty much year round. There is no other species in Wisconsin, or most other states for that matter, whose population is mandated to be kept at the bare minimum or next to nothing. Only wolves. Imagine if Wisconsin treated deer in the same manner that they treat wolves.

Just imagine if each year a panel of anti-deer lobbyists and loud mouth killing cartel representatives would sit down and demand that half of the deer population be killed for four and a half months, with dogs, traps, and everything short of artillery. Then when you can’t “kill” them, you can run dogs and bait them 24/7/365. Then automobile owners on the panel would demand reimbursement each time a deer is hit by a motor vehicle causing damage. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? But this is exactly how Wisconsin goes about “managing” wolves. How is it acceptable for a species, 3 years removed from being considered endangered, to be tormented by packs of vicious dogs 24/7/365, be baited, and be killed just for being “seen” by cowardly rancher types looking to make fast buck for their irresponsible husbandry?

Imagine if there were websites devoted to the eradication of deer. Imagine if there were politicians pining for deer to be killed off for no other reason than existing. Besides deer cause significantly more damage and kill many many more people each year than wolves ever have. The killing cartels would lose their minds because as their fallback they always point to how much money deer hunting brings to the economy each year. They NEVER take into account how much money wildlife watchers bring in and the fact that it more often than not dwarfs what hunters bring in.

Wisconsin’s Culture of Death and “Conservation” Congress 

We are mired in a culture of death in Wisconsin and nationwide. Animals are not living and sentient beings. They are “rack sizes,” “pelts,” and “game” to be tortured, killed, and used as backdrops for sadistic photographs from hardhearted people. All the while fluffy terms like “harvest” and “recruited” are used to describe this:

This is "sport" and "heritage" in Wisconsin.

This is “sport” and “heritage” in Wisconsin.

The days of hunting to “feed your family” or to “survive” are long gone. Need proof of this? Major newspapers put any “outdoor” or wildlife related news stories under the “sports” section. The non-human inhabitants of our planet are relegated to lesser importance than the box score for a high school basketball game. Maybe this is because if people actually looked at the bloody snuff pics on these pages that show grinning wildlife killers leering over a freshly snuffed out LIFE, they may be horrified. Dogs as weapons, traps, bait, electronic calls are just some examples of the techniques Wisconsin “wildlife managers” views as “ethical” and part of the state’s “heritage.”

What does this say about our state and our “culture” overall? Where killing other life forms has been renamed as “recreation” and an entire portion of the state economy is dependent on it? Wisconsin has some of the most beautiful landscapes and an amazing abundance of wildlife found in very few other places. Why can’t we seem to enjoy it without seeing it through a rifle scope or clamped down in the jaws of a dog, or trap? At no time during the course of a year is wildlife safe from harassment by dogs, getting acclimated to bait, or being killed during the multitude of state sanctioned killing seasons. When does the killing become enough? Apparently never because the Wisconsin Conservation Congress, like every year, is pining to allow more killing, in more ways, and of more species. This year they want to open a sandhill crane slaughter season, eliminate hour restrictions for trapper sadists, allow more bear killing with dogs in more areas for longer durations, allow the killing of white deer, allow the killing of more fishers, otters, and even TURTLES by trappers, open more lands for killing, and finally make the wolf killing season start at a later date. You may think the last one isn’t a bad idea, but the “devil” is in the details. Hounders are upset because they have had “minimal” opportunity to kill wolves with their dogs the last two years and this would allow them far more killing time before the season closes. The WCC questionnaire shows that Wisconsin is obsessed with killing more, for longer, and without limits. Only the fish people seem concerned about protecting and “conserving” the fish that they go after. That is certainly not the case with the shooters, hounders, and trappers and their destructive killing obsession.

The Wisconsin Killing Conservation Congress advisory votes are on April 13, 2015 at various locations in each county around the state. Make sure you attend to vote against Wisconsin’s killing culture and for once put wildlife ahead of the interests of the killing obsessed residents of this state.

The Real “Emotions” Dictating Wolf Policy in Wisconsin

Photo via: Wikimedia Commons

Photo via: Wikimedia Commons

One of the most important and misleading talking points among anti-wolf/wildlife factions is that advocates base their decisions and advocacy on “emotion” rather than “science.” The truth is that if any emotion is playing a dominant role in the wolf debate it is the emotion of hate and not the caring exhibited by wildlife advocates. The other emotion that is controlling the narrative is the emotion of irrational fear exhibited by anti-wolf factions. If you can stand reading a few passages and posts from the anti-wolf hate sites hosted by Facebook you will see that wolves are eating all the deer, snatching pets from front porches, and eating grandchildren at bus stops.

The wolf haters world

Fortunately thanks to the “science” presented by these sites and through the courage of the great white hunters there haven’t been any recent reports of wolves huffing and puffing and blowing houses down. Yet. But following the federal court ruling that reinstated Endangered Species Act protections to wolves in the Great Lakes there are reports of wolf packs amassing and working on lung exercises to immediately commence blowing down houses again along with tricking and eating grandchildren in the woods. I don’t know what the grandchildren of the world would do if we didn’t have people like Sen. Tom Tiffany (R-GTAC), internet comment trolls, and world renowned biology sites like Wisconsin Wolf Hunting (Smoke a pack a day!) to keep us vigilant. The grandchildren of the world owe these patriotic and scientific experts a debt of gratitude for not letting “emotion” cloud their judgement. Remember hate and fear are not emotions. Hate and fear are patriotism and for protecting grandchildren from the liberal canine hordes descending upon us.

Like the evil giant Canadian wolves foisted upon the citizens of Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming the evil liberal wolves of the Great Lakes only have a taste for the grandchildren, dogs, and livestock of the patriotic anti-wolf people. That is what make these wolves particularly dangerous. These cunning liberal wolves are so adept at what they do that they only make themselves visible to the poor great white hunter sitting in a tree stand over a bait pile only trying to “bag” that 20 point buck to “put food on the table.” Even more disturbing is how those evil liberal wolves target the poor docile dogs that are trained to only “trail” bear, coyotes, bobcats, and liberal wolves. These dogs, affectionately known as “culls” and “shiteaters,” are family members that are only trained to trail and tickle those animals and thus are being killed and persecuted by the evil liberal wolves. These poor culls and shiteaters are worth in excess of $20,000, yet the liberal wolf loving DNR only pays a mere $2500 for these cherished family members killed by the liberal terrorist wolves. How can a pittance of $2500 replace the love and companionship of the shiteaters and culls chained up in the yards of these great “sportsmen”only trying to harvest wolves, bears, coyotes, and bobcats to feed their family and protect their vulnerable grandchildren? Why do the liberal eco-terrorists hate these great Americans so much?


Sound ridiculous? Sound crazy? Sound “emotional?” Well this is what you get when you put all the fear and hate mongering from across the internet against the wolf together. With the exception of the “huffing and puffing” part all of the above are the kind of posts and comments from news stories, anti-wolf hate sites, and “press releases” from politicians that we see on a daily basis. These “boy that cried wolf” fear mongering types have the nerve to call wildlife advocates “emotional” and not “scientific” while they base their whole world outlook on religious dominionism dogma, European fairy tales, and modern right wing hate. The hypocrisy is astounding yet politicians and even supposedly “progressive” ones buy right into it.

No matter how often the hypocrisy and fear mongering is pointed out the anti-wolf zealots will continue to spread it. The old adage of “if a lie is told enough it becomes truth” has become part of mainstream hate media and among the extremists in our society. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the anti-wolf world. We are at a very dangerous point for wildlife, the Endangered Species Act, and for the Wilderness Act. We have a congress full of fake “Democrats” willing to sell out their base to attract the extremist yokel vote and a fake “progressive” president that has little to no regard for wildlife or wild lands and also will sell them out at any chance he gets. Never before has a president so brazenly sold out his supposed “base” and been allowed to get away with it. I find it astounding that people who profess to be “environmentalists” go out of their way to defend the most anti-wildlife and environmentally destructive president that we may have ever seen in modern times. It’s a sad day in America when a criminal like “Tricky Dick” Nixon is viewed as leaps and bounds more of an environmentalist than an allegedly “progressive” president is. We didn’t even see these kind of environmental sellout behavior under Reagan or Bush believe it or not. Now I fear Obama and his congressional allies will sell out the remaining meager protections afforded to the gray wolf nationwide. Fake Democrats like the two from Minnesota and the one from North Dakota will likely not hesitate to open the door for a second eradication of the wolf nationwide. Amy reckless Congressional action will embolden states like Wisconsin that already have reckless eradication “management” plans in place. We CANNOT let that happen. We cannot let the irrational fear of backwoods wildlife exploiters and bought and paid for politicians rule the day.

The anti-wolf zealots and barstool biologists would like us to believe that having positive emotions for wolves and other species is a bad thing. They would like us to be as full of fear and hate as they are. Having feelings and emotions for our fellow humans and other species is supposed to be what makes humans unique and worth emulating. If the hate factories spewing out anti-wolf lies and propaganda have their way we are to be demonized for that as well. Being “human” to them apparently means that we are supposed to be heartless killing machines that revel in death, fear, and misery. Those are the only emotions that they seem to think that humans should be able to have for another species or it isn’t “scientific.” Wars and genocide have sprouted from narcissistic belief systems like that. If being “emotional” when it comes to wolves and wildlife make me “weak” or “unscientific” then so be it. For me it is far better than the alternative.

The true Wisconsin "sportsmen."

The true Wisconsin “sportsmen.”

Anti-Wolf Factions Using the Media to Fear Monger and Spread Misinformation…..What Else is New?

Photo by Cindi Micheau

Photo by Cindi Micheau

In the two weeks since a federal court ruling returned the Great Lakes gray wolf to their rightful place on the federal Endangered Species List there has been an organized effort among anti-wolf groups, bought and paid for politicians, and their newspaper “editorial board” allies to paint the judge’s ruling as “out of line” and not “science.” The editorial boards from various right leaning newspapers pretend that the reckless “management” plans of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan are what is needed to “manage” wolves and that with this ruling endless numbers of farm animals, pets, and grandchildren will be devoured by the big bad wolf.

The hysteria started last week with a press release from the Wisconsin State Senator, mining company shill, and anti-environment Tom Tiffany. Tiffany (R-GTAC) is long known for being bought and paid for by the mining interests that hope to rape and pillage the Penokee Hills in Northern Wisconsin and for pandering to anti-wolf/wildlife interests in Northern Wisconsin. Now Tiffany (R-GTAC) has put out a “press release” that along with quoting himself seeks to spread more misinformation along with the usual fear mongering he and his ilk are famous for.

“It should be disturbing to our federal representatives that a D.C. judge with little wildlife experience is overriding bipartisan agreement and the Great Lakes states’ ability to manage their individual wolf programs. Wisconsin has been using sound science in its management, and this judge’s decision was clearly not based in sound science,” added Tiffany.

“I also would call on incoming members of Congress to review the Endangered Species Act,” stated Tiffany. The decision will greatly impact our state’s whitetail deer population, agricultural community and our northern economy.”

Tiffany neglects to mention that the DNR itself has shown that wolves have minimal if any impact on the deer population in Wisconsin. He also fails to mention that those “pets” that wolves are killing a dogs trained to attack bears, coyotes, bobcats, and now wolves themselves. But when have industry shill politicians ever allowed facts to get in the way of some good fear mongering?

What should really be “disturbing” to federal representatives is that the term “science” has been whored out in typical right wing fashion to justify the mass slaughter of a just “recovered” species through the legalization of dog fighting and through reckless kill quotas. Then Tiffany jumps into the usual right wing “states rights” talking points:

Republican Tom Tiffany from Hazelhurst says U.S. District Judge Beryl A. Howell’s decision calling the state’s program “arbitrary and capricious” is out of line. “We have built a wolf program here in Wisconsin that works for Wisconsin. Wolf numbers are at all-time highs, yet she’s saying now that the Great Lakes states, the wolf should be put back on the endangered species list, and there’s no justification for that.”

All time highs? Really? The wolf population plummeted by 19 percent last winter and following this years “legal” and illegal slaughter those numbers are expected to plummet even more. Apparently it’s those pesky facts getting in the way of another misleading talking point again.

Tiffany, like many landowners and lawmakers, believes the federal government is infringing on states rights under pressure from environmentalists. “I think it’s just a very important issue because it really is the federal government intervening to prevent states from being able to manage wildlife populations, and doing it in an inappropriate manner. It’s the extreme environmentalists who always run to the federal courts when they can’t get their way in a state Legislature.”

Funny how people like Tiffany (R-GTAC) seem to have no problem when federal courts intervene and shoot down laws that they disagree with (Obamacare, Hobby Lobby, etc.) but they have a major problem with it when the courts rule against their interests. This seems to be the overriding mindset among the modern right wing and especially in the one party ruled Wisconsin. The concept of “Separation of Powers” is an affront to bought and paid for politicians like Tiffany (R-GTAC). Tiffany (R-GTAC) also seems to have a major problem with control at any level of government unless it is from him. This is what you voted for Wisconsin so now this is what you are going to get.

In addition to the anti-wolf fear mongering from Tiffany (R-GTAC), newspaper “editorial boards” are now jumping to the defense of Wisconsin’s reckless wolf slaughter and pretending that “science” plays a role in how wolves are “managed” in this state. As usual the anti-wolf Milwaukee Journal Sentinel are masters at rehashing DNR talking points and rewriting history:

Since the gray wolf in Wisconsin was taken off the endangered species list, the state Department of Natural Resources generally has done a good job of responsibly managing the population and conducting three wolf hunt seasons. Now a federal district judge has ruled that the delisting was “arbitrary and capricious” and has restored all federal protections for the wolves.

Good job? Mass overkill in specific zones? Legalized 24/7/365 hounding? Exceeding the kill quota each of the three years? Stacking the “Wolf Advisory Committee with anti-wolf groups? Good job? Are you kidding me? Yeah they are doing a “good job” alright. A good job ushering in the second eradication of this species from the state. Even more disturbing is how these “editorial boards” seem to think poaching is something that “comes with the territory.”

That’s not good news for some farmers and landowners in wolf territory and it may not be such great news for the wolf. The ruling could result in further livestock and other losses due to a growing wolf population and more illegal killings of wolves by angry landowners. Landowners need to keep their tempers in check and authorities need to enforce the protections, but the ruling by U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell in Washington, D.C., needs to be revisited.

Later in the propaganda “editorial” the Journal Sentinel pretends that the wolf isn’t under threat but maybe there should be some changes to state law, like removing that little thing about legalized dog fighting. But overall they think that the bear hounder dominated DNR is doing a “good job” with gradually eradicating the wolf population for a second time under the guise of “management.”

The parameters set by the Legislature in establishing wolf hunts weren’t perfect; in particular in allowing the use of dogs. Some changes in the law are warranted.

But the gray wolf population is an endangered species success story. It has rebounded from just about zero to at least 660 wolves in late winter 2013-’14, down from an estimated high of 834 in 2012, according to the DNR. The return of the wolf is a wonderful thing for the state and its natural habitat; it shows we can restore some of the natural treasures that have been lost.

But it also comes with a price. Wolves have been responsible for some attacks on livestock and pets, and more of that is possible as the population grows. It seems to me that a state-managed hunt with quotas is a reasonable check on that growth, albeit with some changes in the state law. Refusing to allow the state any role in managing the population would be a mistake.

No. Allowing a state like Wisconsin to have ANY role in “managing” this species is the mistake. But the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel propaganda is nothing compared to a recent “editorial” that begs for some of that “big government” intervention to overturn the federal judge’s ruling and eliminate all ESA protections for wolves nationwide.

This time, the alarmists are not crying “Wolf.” They’re crying “Too few wolves.”

But the effect will be the same: a cynical public not only ignoring the calls, but also resenting the groups that keep raising false alarms.

Expect a backlash, in the form of Congress taking control of wolf populations out of the hands of activists and judges and giving it back to wildlife biologists, where it belongs.

It has happened before. It should happen again. And if it does, it’ll be well deserved.

Cynical public? The same cynical public that voted in Michigan to overwhelmingly support continued protections for wolves and the Wisconsin DNR survey showing widespread support here as well? That cynical public? Or like Tom Tiffany (R-GTAC) and the Wisconsin DNR is the only “public” that matters to this writer the extreme anti-wolf right wing? The author of this “editorial,” Tom Dennis, writes for the Grand Forks Herald out of North Dakota. North Dakota is known as an anti-wildlife state that has very few if any wolves. Should the opinion of this guy mean any more or less than that of the citizens that overwhelmingly support wolf protections in the Great Lakes? It shouldn’t but unfortunately it seems to be part of a concentrated effort by anti-wolf factions to put out tired and disproven talking points to undermine the decision by Judge Howell. This “editorial” along with several others seems to be taking the word of trapper and wolf biologist turned pro-wolf killing shill, L. David Mech as the only “authority” on this. Mech turned his back on wolves a long time ago and has since become one of the biggest voices that the anti-wolf factions like to quote to support their eradication and persecution agenda. Dennis then writes what may be the most insulting and inflammatory “opinions” I have yet seen in mainstream media on this topic:

Congress has intervened in this issue before. In 2011, lawmakers forced the delisting of gray wolves in Montana and Idaho in accordance with the Fish and Wildlife Service’s wishes, but over the court’s objections.

Today, lawmakers should offer up the same remedy, letting federal and state wildlife managers do the job for which they were trained: manage wildlife. When an animal no longer is either threatened or endangered, it simply doesn’t belong on the threatened or endangered species list, regardless of whether the animal’s numbers are back to where they were in 1492. Biological success trumps only-on-paper endangerment every time.

Nice that the word “biology” has been whored out to the anti-wolf factions as well according to this “editorial.” Like Tom Tiffany (R-GTAC) the anti-wolf factions in the media have their taking points and marching orders down to a “science.” This includes the “outdoors writers” like the kill everything, Patrick Durkin. Durkin is no stranger to insulting wolf and wildlife advocates with his inflammatory justifications for killing animals in every conceivable way but now he crosses into the domain of the rabid anti-wolf factions by calling advocates “wolf worshippers.”

We see examples of the wolf’s fabled influence in reactions to Howell’s ruling. Without bothering to read the ruling, some wolf worshipers declared that outdoors-folks “brought this on themselves” by hunting and trapping wolves, and pursuing them with hounds.

No “outdoor folks” didn’t bring this on themselves. Rabid hate filled anti-wolf sadists brought this on themselves. If Durkin would take the time to read the ruling himself it faults the entire process by which the USFWS issued the delisting of wolves in the Great Lakes and hidden between the lines are faults in how the states chose to “manage” the gray wolf. People like Durkin like to pretend that there are not entire websites devoted to the eradication of this animal. They like to pretend that poaching isn’t ignored by the very same state agencies that they carry water for. Finally people like Durkin like to pretend that agencies like the Wisconsin DNR will always do the “right” thing when it comes to “managing” a species. They do none of these things and Durkin damn well knows that. But again we can’t let facts get in the way of talking points. Durkin also makes sure to quote Mech, bring up the poaching angle, and also expects Congress to step in. Even more laughable is the same tired talking point that killing seasons on wolves breed “tolerance” for the species. Yeah we sure saw that “tolerance” grow with the past three years of slaughter, didn’t we?

Unfortunately, Howell’s ruling could have unintended consequences, such as turning wolves into symbols of outside interference and overreaching government. Poaching could increase if locals think the federal government favors wolf interests over theirs. In contrast, new research by Erik Olson at UW-Madison found that illegal behavior could be moderated with “responsible and effective wildlife management programs,” which includes regulated hunting and trapping.

It seems that the above “wink and nod” threat of poaching if the wolf haters don’t get their way isn’t just reserved for the likes of Durkin. Even more brazen are the words of Wolf Advisory Committee member and big ag shill, Eric Koens.

Eric Koens owns a cattle ranch in Rusk County and represents the livestock industry on a state wolf advisory committee. Koens said many landowners don’t think non-lethal ways of controlling wolves work very well, and are debating what to do now.

“Well, I guess everybody is going to have to do what they feel is best for their operation,” said Koens. “I certainly believe that we as livestock producers have a right to protect our interests on our property … That’s our business. We pay taxes on our farm to raise livestock.”

Am I reading this wrong or did this guy just advocate for the poaching of a species that is currently protected under federal law? Remember this is who Cathy Stepp and the Wisconsin DNR allow to control wolf policy in this state. Not content having committee members that allegedly bragged about “gut shooting” wolves, now we have this guy essentially saying that wolves can be illegally killed if that is what is “best for their operation.” And wolves don’t need federal protection? If the anti-wolf factions keep pumping out quotes like this then they are doing our job for us. Isn’t it obvious by now that the anti-wolf politicians, “outdoors” writers, and “editorial” shills don’t wish to see the gray wolf “managed” responsibly? They want to see the gray wolf brought down to the lowest possible numbers if not completely eradicated. They are laying out their entire game plan for all of us to see and we need to be ready for it.

All of these anti-wolf elements are parroting the same talking points and are pretending that the mass slaughter of the past three years was “responsible,” “scientific,” and uses sound “biology.” They neglect to mention that hate filled websites exist advocating for the poisoning, torture, poaching, and eradication of this species in between the racism and hate of all things “liberal.” They neglect to mention that the legislative measures used to authorize the state slaughters were done with political motives in mind rather than with the “scientific” ones as they claim. The very states that authorized mass killing over established quotas, state sanctioned dog fighting, and the exclusion of wildlife advocates from any decision making about this species now want to pretend that they are the “victims” and were wronged by this judge’s ruling? Really? Now they expect the hated “big gubmint” to come in and “save” the day by further weakening the Endangered Species Act? We cannot let them do this. No other species has such hate and vitriol directed their way. People like Durkin bemoan the emotions that “wolf worshippers” have toward this species while neglecting to point out that hate is also a strong emotion that is abundantly on display by the very anti-wolf factions that he seems to be sympathetic toward. Funny how caring and empathy toward another species is viewed as a “bad” and “unscientific” emotion yet hate and foaming at the mouth vitriol is apparently “scientific” and has a basis in “biology.”

The writing is on the wall that Congress and the Obama Administration will do everything that they can to undermine the protections for the gray wolf and further weaken the Endangered Species Act (ESA) along with it. It’s time for for the so-called Democrats in the Senate with any backbone to do what the anti-environment factions have been doing to them for the past few years. They need to stand up and block any and every “rider,” or legislation that seeks to remove federal protections for gray wolves or further weakens the ESA. The rabid right wing in this country likes to pretend that President Obama is this raging “liberal” when he is the farthest thing from it. The wolf haters should be huge fans of Obama because he apparently despises wolves and the environment as much as they do. We cannot trust him or his allies in Congress. We must be vigilant and stay ahead of the curve. It is clear that the anti-wolf factions intend to have a legislative “fix” to continue on the path toward eradication for the gray wolf nationwide. We cannot let that happen.

Contact your Representatives and Senators below and tell them that if they want support from their supposed “constituents” that the wolves, the ESA, and the environment should NEVER be used as bargaining chips to appease destructive special interests. In the meantime please remain vigilant and do not hesitate to call out the fear mongering and misinformation being spread in the media. I will do my part but I need to your help as well.

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Wisconsin DNR’s Conundrum: How to Eradicate Wolves and Pretend That We Aren’t

The true Wisconsin "sportsmen."

The true Wisconsin “sportsman.”

The wolf hating and bear hounder pandering Wisconsin DNR now finds themselves in a conundrum of their own making. The task at hand is to pretend they don’t wish to eradicate Wisconsin’s wolf population while continuing to pander to the bear hounders and the other anti-wildlife extremists that control their agency. The first mistake they made was to stack their “Wolf Advisory Committee” with rabid anti-wolf groups that continue to make more and more extreme demands to push our wolf population back to the brink. 

Their second “mistake” was the commissioning of their own study that showed overwhelming support for maintaining Wisconsin’s gray wolf population at the current level before the recent mass overkill. So now this blatantly anti-wolf agency and the extremist kill everything groups that control it must find a way to continue their eradication agenda while pretending that they care about public opinion. Here is what DNR Carnivore Specialist Dave MacFarland said before the special interest stacked Natural Resources Board yesterday:

MacFarland also told the board the agency plans to release draft revisions to its wolf management plan next month. That plan calls for a wolf population of 350 animals. The new plan presents four options — holding the population at its current level of around 650 wolves; maintaining the 350-wolf goal; holding the population between 300 and 650 animals; or setting a minimum of 350 wolves.

Gee I wonder which one they will choose? I put my bets on pretending that they are going to “hold” the population between 300 and 650. This means that they can continue their eradication program by wiping out the new born pups each year as they are doing now and still be able to provide targets for the sadistic trappers and hounders. This view was espoused by Natural Resources Board Member, extremist hunting lobbying group founder, Scott Walker campaign advisor, former SCI president, hunting “outfitter,” and former head of various anti-wolf hunting groups, Greg Kazmierski, at yesterday’s NRB hearing:

Board member Greg Kazmierski asked MacFarland how the agency could ensure the season lasts longer and whether the DNR’s quotas are too conservative. MacFarland said the DNR is considering assigning hunters to management zones next year rather than letting them roam the state and flood more productive zones. He also said the agency may limit permits per zone.

Considering that Kazmierski is the founder of the anti-wolf “Hunters Rights Coalition” that also employs Bob Welch, the lobbyist for the the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, wildlife advocates should be very concerned as to what this guy and his affiliated groups have planned for our wolves. The Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association is also part of the “Hunters Rights Coalition” that Kazmierski founded and pays Welch to lobby for. Welch then gives testimony before Kazmierski and the Natural Resources Board. Nope no conflict of interest there. Wolves certainly will get a fair shake from old “Kaz” and his boys……..

It is also concerning that only one member of this board showed any concern or interest in the fact that Wisconsin remains the ONLY state in the country that allows dogs to be pitted against wolves:

Board member Jane Burns asked MacFarland how many days hound hunters had this year and whether Wisconsin remains the only state that allows using dogs on wolves, but no other member offered any comment on dogs.

What I take from this is that the NRB has apparently decided to do nothing to set “training” rules or rules concerning the use of dogs against wolves. This is HIGHLY concerning considering that currently hounders can run their dogs against wolves 24/7/365 under the guise of “training.”

Apparently none of this matters to the citizens of Wisconsin because things like football games garner front page coverage while legalized dog fighting is ignored. The Wisconsin DNR also does nothing to counter the rampant poaching in our woods or the advocacy of poaching that occurs all over the anti-wolf hate sites on the internet. In fact the vitriol that used to be reserved for the anti-wolf hate sites are now featured prominently in the comment sections of major newspapers. Like this one from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: 

Wolves are indiscriminate killers and need to be totally eradicated from the state of Wisconsin. Wolves kill game animals, live stock, pets, and if given the opportunity they will kill children. This is why the settlers of our state got rid of them in the first place. The people of Wisconsin will need to take it upon themselves to do the same.

So where is the DNR to counter this kind of toxic vitriol and threats of poaching? Nowhere. Nothing. Absolute radio silence. They allow their kill zones to double the kill quotas and do NOTHING to address or stop it. Then they even went as far as to hint that they knew the kill number would go over the statewide quota which indeed it did. In fact the Wisconsin DNR’s own Facebook page allows these type of comments to be published:

Curt Anderson All I want for christmas, is less wolves and more deer
Like · Reply · 3 · November 28 at 6:52am

Troy Cunningham The complete incompetence of the WI DNR is astounding. The whitetail deer population is on the verge of complete collapse and they are only allowing 165 wolves to be killed statewide. S.S.S.
Like · Reply · November 29 at 6:19pm

The DNR allows threats and encouragement of poaching (S.S.S. = Shoot, Shovel, Shut Up) on their own page. Really? What does this tell you and how for one second can we trust anything this agency says or does? The anti-wolf extremists and advocates of poaching take right to the DNR’s own page and push for illegal activity and the DNR allows it. Be proud Wisconsin. This is the government that the majority of you voted for.

Public hearing are expected soon after the DNR unveils their eradication “management” plan. I will keep you updated here when this will occur. We need to be loud and we need to make sure that our voices are heard. So much so that they have to take the MAJORITY view into account and not just pander to the anti-wolf extremists.

Wisconsin Wolf Slaughter Goes Over Quota Again and Why I am a Wildlife Advocate

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Since Scott Walker became governor in Wisconsin in 2011 there are some things that are pretty much guaranteed each year. These include legislative paybacks for campaign contributors, job appointments of unqualified cronies and supporters of our esteemed Governor, and that the yearly sport kill/revenge season on wolves will exceed the the statewide quota. The “legal” killing season for Wisconsin wolves will come to an end today at noon after hunters, hounders, and trappers “reported” killing at least 152 wolves since October 15th. Not included in these kill numbers are the numerous illegally killed wolves resulting from the rampant poaching encouraged by members of the sham “Wolf Advisory Committee” and the numerous anti-wolf hate sites plaguing the internet.

News story comment sections are not immune to poaching encouragement and the spreading of anti-wolf hysteria and misinformation either. This comment appeared this morning after a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article about the ending wolf slaughter:

Kill them, kill them all and NEVER reintroduce them to WI again. Those that support the wolves seem to have this romantic vision of these predators. They think they are majestic creatures that “only kill the sick and weak” animals. The truth is they kill EVERYTHING. Deer, rabbits, grouse, bear cubs, etc., etc. On top of those wild animals they love to attack dogs. I was there when a friend lost two dogs to a wolf attack. When the warden came to investigate he said this was his 22nd dog kill investigation THAT WEEK. These are the one’s that were reported. How many people believe they’re dog ran away and for that reason did not report it to the DNR? Fact is wolves hate dogs so forget about walks in the woods with fluffy and spot because not only are they a target but so is the human with them. There have been several wolf attacks on humans, some resulting in death. Don’t believe me? Do a simple web search and the newspaper stories pop right up. Not uncommon at all.

For those that want to see a wolf in the wild, go to Yellowstone; they are alive and well there. Why we have to soil our woods with this predator is pure foolishness. BTW, did you see the article that said the deer kill was at a 30 year low? There are multiple reasons for this but one big reason is the wolves are eating them. They kill the fawns to train their young on how to kill and theye attack the mature deer for food for the pack. WI worked very hard to eradicate this killing machine. Now that they have been reintroduced we ought to kill them all again before they destroy our natural wildlife and Northern tourism with it.

Is this is an example of that “tolerance” the DNR and other wildlife “experts” claimed would follow the opening of a wolf slaughter season? I guess if you repeat a lie enough it becomes “true” especially in the world of wolf haters and right wing extremists. Unfortunately by stacking their sham “Wolf Advisory Committee” with people that share similar views to the nonsense posted above, the Wisconsin DNR seems to be endorsing it as well. The DNR has also done NOTHING to address the encouragement of poaching that appear all over the anti-wolf hate sites. What does that tell us? It tells me that at best they don’t care and at worst they are encouraging the behavior through their silence.

In the Shakespearean musings of the troll above they claim that 22 dogs were killed in one week? Really? Not according to the DNR stats. I guess anti-wolf smear artists like to take something and twist it to their own agenda as usual. There have been 22 dogs owned by hounders killed since January 1, 2014. These dogs were allegedly being “trained” to go after bears and each hounder receives a nice fat $2500 check from the DNR for the “sacrifice” of their “loved ones.”  We can’t let a little thing like facts get in the way of lies and propaganda can we? The only thing missing from the blather above is the tried and true line about wolves “stalking grandkids at bus stops.” That may be missing but every other cliched fear mongering tactic is included along with the usual poor grammar and misspellings. Remember that these are the type of people the DNR listens to and allows to sit on their sham committees.

So how do we fight this? Being a wildlife advocate is not the most rewarding cause that a person can undertake. You deal with someone of the most vile, violent, and hate filled cretins that walk this planet. You have to constantly screen for internet trolls and even take extra precautions for your own physical safety at times. If that isn’t enough we have to contend with many less than sane people supposedly on our own side. Okay, I mean we have to deal with raging nutballs that try to undermine any progress that we make to fluff their own egos.

So why do I and others do it? We do it because we know right from wrong. We do it because we share this planet with other species that deserve to live and prosper as much as humanity has. We do it because no species deserves to be exploited and killed for entertainment. We do it because no living species deserves to be tortured in archaic torture devices and brutally killed for their skin or for some sick sense of pleasure or revenge. We do it because dogs are our friends and NOT four legged weapons to be used against other animals for sick and brutal entertainment. We do it because we are the only voice that these animals have in a sick and sadistic world controlled by a twisted sense of dominionism that ignores the pain, suffering, and exploitation of our fellow inhabitants on this planet.

There is little if any reward for being a wildlife advocate. In fact there is mostly heartache and a constant feeling of doom and failure. While that is certainly the case it has also been 100 percent worth all the time, tears, and abuse that I have endured. If I can save ONE animal or change ONE mind it has all been worth it. Our opposition are some of the most repugnant and vile people that inhabit this planet. Unfortunately they are also inexplicably politically connected and have the voice that we have been denied. We will not change anything by appealing to our various government institutions, especially in the case of wolves. The state of Wisconsin hates wolves and most other wildlife and the same goes for the Obama Administration. We have to fight this on the ground and through the court of public opinion. The opposition tries to bully us into submission through trolling, threats, and intimidation. While discouraging for many I and many others like me will not back down. We also need to demand that the mainstream media stop glorifying the killing of wildlife and pay attention to how that animal gets “harvested,” “bagged,” or whatever fluffy or condescending term hack “outdoors” writers today are using. We need to demand that they tell the truth about hounding, trapping, and baiting and stop acting like these activities are something worth glorifying.

No one ever gained anything by giving up. I know that I will not rest until everyone sees what these diseased Wisconsin “traditions” are all about and how there is nothing “humane” or “sporting” in them. Just as killing is not a form of “conservation” sadism should not be celebrated as “heritage” or “tradition.”

The fight is just just beginning. Will you join me?